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How to become a LifeSpirit Minister Practitioner

Ministry Training is handled by the LifeSpirit Theological Seminary
Through the Lightwing Ordination Program.

The Lightwing Ordination Program is here:  https://lightwingcenter.org/minister_ordination/

The Seminary home page is: www.LifeSpiritSeminary.org


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            This is the Offerings Page for the LifeSpirit Seminary.

             The Independent Institutes of the Seminary will post some of their webinar, CE and other training and educational materials, below, on this web page. Some of these will be posted without charge.

              You can see the full offerings of the Institutes at their main pages, here:

Institute of Applied Metaphysics
Institute of Wholistic Theology
Institute of Spiritual Theology
Institute of Sacred Theology

The special offerings below on this page are a sampling of the full courses and presentations from the various Institutes.  For further information on the other presentations, please contact the individual Institutes.



Institute of Applied Metaphysics: Odiyana Khandro Ling
Dean: Rev. Dr. Orest Pelechaty
Assistant Dean: Rev. Susan Pelechaty
Chaplain: Rev. Susan Pelechaty

Institute of Spiritual Theology: LifeSpirit Center LCC
Dean: Rev. Ralph Fucetola JD
Assistant Dean: Drew Fucetola
Chaplain: Rev. Kathy Greene

Institute of Sacred Theology: Light Wing Center LCC
Dean:  Rev. Dick Weber
Chaplain: Rev. Nancy Weber

Institute of Wholistic Theology: Northeast Holistic Center LCC
Dean: Rev. Barry Rosenstreich
Chaplain: Rev. Barry Rosenstreich

Offerings from the Institutes

[1] Mises and the Buddha:

[2] Alchemy, Homeopathy and Frequency:

[3] Vaccination Pastoral Counseling Training

[4] The Ministry and Alternative Practices

[5] Ministers' CAM Practices

You may obtain access to this webinar and the accompanying ebook for $25 by using this payment button:
You will be referred to the private webinar page by your browser upon payment.
You must copy that link for future access to the webinar and ebook.
The ebook may be downloaded.

Webinar Contents


Interview with Lightwing Center's Revs. Nancy Orlen Weber and Dick Weber

[7] Offerings from Lightwing Center

This is an interview with Monique: "My First Years with Nancy Orlen Weber"

Psychic Detective Nancy Orlen Weber

Emotional Mapping
Based on Gary Young’s workshop
Saturday, March 9th, 2013: Emotional Release with Essential Oils

[8] The Legacy of Rev. Caroline Bayard

The Legacy of Rev. Caroline, Holistic Synergy, includes extensive teaching materials available to the serious student at the following link (free will donation requested).


Further offerings to be posted.




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