LifeSpirit Congregational Church
Rev. Nicholas Cremato
Ministerial Counseling and Affiliation Coach


Rev. Nicholas Cremato has been a spiritual counselor for over 8 years. He is a certified singles relationship coach, a certified natural health professional and is currently a mentor coach at Relationship Coaching Institute.

Rev. Cremato is an ordained and licensed Minister Practitioner of the LifeSpirit Church and as such is authorized to "holistically minister..." privately to persons in need of ministration and counsel, as Expressive Association activity.


Ministerial Counseling Services are provided only with the Informed Consent of the participant, see:

An obesity survivor, he understands that our happiness is greatly influenced by the relationships in our lives, not just with the people we love, but everything we touch. One participant said, “Nicholas has helped me find the missing pieces to my life’s puzzle.”

 “Most people live their life on the surface helplessly tossed about by every ripple of the ocean, never going deep enough to find the origin of the waves.” - Rev. Cremato

You are invited to initially contact Rev. Cremato via email; he is located in the NYC metropolitan area and works with people worldwide.  Rev. Cremato's ministry is supported by free-will donations, suggested at $100 per hour.

Rev. Cremato is also available to perform weddings and other change of life religious ceremonials from multiple cultural perspectives.

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 The Minister Practitioner does not provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor does the practitioner apply medical, mental health or human development principles, but ministers to the suffering by prayer, spiritual, religious or mental means, without the use of any drug material remedy or physical manipulation.

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