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SHRI Research Bulletin #7 (Vol. 1, No. 7)

2004 - 10th Annual Human BioAcoustics Colloquium

Launching Human BioAcousticsSM
Miracles of Non-Medicine
July 2004, Albany, OH


Photo Montage of Colloquium



Wow!  Last year our conference was held in the "big city"- this year we were out in the country!  But this year was special- not only was it our tenth anniversary conference- it was special because we were gathered at "home" - the Sound Health Center in Albany, Ohio. Meeting there gave us advantages we did not have in the past, like having everything we needed at our fingertips!  The staff was wonderful, gathering information as needed, making last moment copies, providing meals and in-between snacks at the 'BioAcoustic Cafe' and making us feel very welcome! We finally got to meet Jessica's BioAcoustic baby Jessalyn, also known as "Rosebud"- she is adorable, with huge beautiful eyes!  We were able to pin faces on Sarah, Susan and Darlene who we speak with regularly on the phone! And Sharry's wonderful Aunt June was also there to help out in any way she could. I knew this would be a "special" conference - Sharry had "very mysteriously" been dropping hints for weeks! So when we pulled into the Sound Health parking lot early Thursday morning, I was ready to be amazed! But I must digress. While the actual conference began on Thursday morning, Sharry reserved Wednesday as a day to discuss marketing techniques for those opening BioAcoustic Research Consulting  Practices.


I was not present on Wednesday, though Ralph delivered a "Question/Answer Session" via the speakerphone! However Kaj kindly provided me with her notes, so I can report on what took place. After signing in and the initial screams and hugs of recognition (not in the notes- but I know this happened), the group settled down to study press kits and press releases, writing their own for later review by Ralph. Sharry announced that she had been invited to provide the Townsend Letter with a regular BioAcoustics column. This is important since the Townsend Letter is read by so many involved in alternative medicine. Ralph reminded everyone that it is important to distinguish the fact that we are not concerned with a medical analysis- we are concerned with the optimal form and function of the body and its energies.

Sharry continued by discussing the Designer Sounds™ (tailored from templates to a person's voiceprint) that she would soon be sharing with us as the conference progressed! She then handed out the "Minding Your Own Business Handbook" and discussed various methods of getting information out to the public.  Bob Bethel talked about the language of BioAcoustics and advertisements as well as radio interviews and announcements.  Sharry reminded everyone that the various programs will appeal to different people and should be mentioned in interviews. She reminded everyone that the office has pictures of clients available that show the before and after affects of BioAcoustic sessions.

 Sharry reviewed the various programs now available both in Practitioner and Public versions and then she reviewed different types of press releases and showed how they would appeal to different audiences. Copies of press releases, a press video, a teaching power point and a public training power point were provided to each participant, along with a notebook containing ready-made, "fill in the blank" ads that were professionally designed and press releases that could be individualized with a research Practitioner's name. The package will make getting noticed much easier for new and old Practitioners alike! 

 The ride out to Albany felt strange this year because our son, Drew, was not with us. This is the second conference he has missed, but the last time he missed one he was staying home with his dad. This time he was in Maine with his girlfriend and her family- his choice, of course- so I did not pity him when he called and complained that he was doing too many "chick" things! I note we travel faster without him complaining from the back seat and we arrived in the early morning hours of Thursday.  The Sound Health Building is located on the edge of wooded campgrounds, which surround beautiful Lake Snowden. The lake, the grounds, and the Sound Health building are all the property of Hocking College, and you must use the road through the campgrounds to reach the Sound Health building. The speed limit is strictly enforced: 10 mph!  This was not easy for Ralph and it took all of his will power not to go faster, so driving back and forth over the several days we were there, was a great lesson for him, though it probably raised his blood pressure. Sharry was glad the conference was being held at the center because it gave her the opportunity to show us the newly designed and rebuilt classroom with attached sound room.

I love arriving at these conferences. There is a kinship and camaraderie among the practitioners that is so special- when I walk into the conference room, no matter where it is being held, I feel like I am coming home to like minded souls and the love everyone is feeling is just sooooo wonderful!  So as the world came awake Thursday morning and "the group" arrived, one by one, that wonderful energy just kept growing! I talk to Tommy regularly on the phone, but being able to hug him is better than great! And crazy Liz (who remembered to bring an extra pair of shoes after losing the one pair she had brought to the hotel last year -yes the hotel staff found her shoes and delivered them to Liz at the Hotel Bar, where we were all sharing memories the night before leaving!) was there, ready for whatever Sharry had to deliver! The faces were all so familiar and beautiful! One was missing! Dear Lita would not be able to make it this year and she would be very, very missed. Things are 'tightening' within this group! We all have great respect for this work and know that it must be protected from misuse. The information that we are privileged to learn cannot be handed about lightly- and the group present at this conference seems to share a level of integrity that insures the future of this science/art.


The room was getting noisy with greetings. Sharry entered and declared the 2004 conference open and we began by singing Happy Birthday to Leo Liz!  Sharry made some general announcements and then wrote on the blackboard,  "I couldn't wait for success, but I just went on without it" (Jonathan Winters).  Ironic since BioAcoustics has reached that point of big time notice!

Liz stood up to welcome all present and then she read a poem sent to her from a client:

"I invoke the spirit of Shamael,
Angel of Sacred Sound;
May the Sound of Light Surround me;
May the Sacred Sound come through me for the Harmony of All."

 Sharry handed out a Smithsonian Magazine article that discusses (surprise!) that our cells make sounds (No! really?!). It is nice to see that the rest of the world is only about 35 years behind us! Sharry held up a large cut crystal (a gift from Liz) and reminded us that this is the tenth year we have been holding yearly conferences and then she handed out a paper titled "BioAcoustics and the Bible Code". This listed BioAcoustic words and the many times they appear in the Bible. There are many Bible Code programs out there in the marketplace. Most of them are in Hebrew and are very difficult to use. Judy had come up with one ( that was easy to use and proved BioAcoustics' staying power! There is much ahead for us!

Sharry told the group that there is a sound that she associates with God. Phonetically, the word is sung as a combination of vowel sounds.  She has been hearing this sound in meditation and singing it for many years. She sang it to me several years ago, and I remember it sending shivers up my spine. So Sharry was stunned to learn, while examining the Bible Code, that this sound means "woman who finds voice" in the Saudi language. Because this sound is powerful and needs space, she walked out into the hallway and sang. I felt the familiar shiver and I am sure everyone else did also!  This is a haunting sound, that you feel into your scalp. It is very beautiful and its energies linger. The room became very silent. Sharry came back in and held up a model of  the Trimaster, a geometric shape that has been the symbol of her work for several decades and even appears on early stationary. She explained the harmonics that this form was based on and revealed that some them are incorporated into our new formulas. Then she showed us a picture of the Saudi  form that represents her "God sound", and it turned out to be very similar to the Trimaster shape! Talk about synchronicity! We took a break!

 Twenty minutes later, we settled down and a grinning Sharry introduced us to the new and wonderful ABACUS program! She had Kaj speak into a microphone and then she clicked  a button, causing the information from the voiceprint to spread across a chart. She "clicked" again, and  the ABACUS picked the 24 most stressed points in the print.  Sharry showed us that if we wanted to exchange a point for one not picked, we could easily do that, and that we could aim the arrow at each point to read its energy. Then she "clicked" again, and lifted the numbers chosen from the ABACUS to the Genesis Pro for analysis. She could also lift the points and install them  into the new Svani program.  The new programs will not only give us more information than we have had in the past, they will do it swiftly and accurately, taking less than three minutes from start to finish!  We cheered and applauded the new technology and Sharry just laughed and said, "Wait till you see what's coming!"

 We broke for lunch!

 Graphics technology has zoomed forward during the last decade, and this has proven very beneficial to Sound Health as it has made information easier to understand and appreciate. The ‘visuals’ at this conference were particularly outstanding. This was partly due to the fact that equipment needed was ‘there’, convenient and ready to use, and mostly due to the hard work and creativity of the staff! Many weeks were spent putting together presentations so that they kept our attention! Many thanks are due the staff! 

 After lunch we watched a recorded presentation with more details on using the ABACUS and practiced a bit with this new program and then Sharry pulled out the new Svani and gave a quick demonstration of the wonderful things this new version of the program can reveal! Bob Bethel introduced Tom, the Human BioAcoustics Tonebox maker and then went on to discuss protecting intellectual property and the various agencies and companies who are showing an interest in Sound Health and BioAcoustics. Bob introduced a new product for Sound Health, The Little Back Box which will feature sounds to deal with various back-related energies ( Then Bob amazed us with the new and improved Tonebox, with lots of new features! Besides an increased storage capacity, holding hundreds of numbers, this box has a display window where descriptions can be typed in for the numbers used! The new box was passed around and Bob promised that it would be available shortly! After some discussion, we broke for the day, and those involved, attended the Stockholders' Meeting and the Board Meeting. The Trustees of SHRI also held their annual meeting.

 Athens has changed a good deal in a good way since I first visited. There are many more restaurants and shops now and the selections have grown in sophistication. So a group of us got together for dinner and headed for the Blue Gator on North Court Street where they feature a creative menu and a relaxed atmosphere. Liz had her husband and her son, Jimmy with her so we finally got to meet him and he got to spend some time with his mother's crazy friends!  By the time we got back to the hotel, we were exhausted!


Friday morning everyone was still alert (brain fog had not yet set in!) , which was fortunate because in Ohio, they have this thing about coffee not being a food group like it is in New Jersey. The office staff did a wonderful job of supplying bagels and doughnuts and freshly cut fruit (a staple throughout the conference) but not being thoroughly into the drink, they actually served (ouch!) fake powdered cream with the rather weak coffee, so Hope, Ralph and I, who are thoroughly addicted, suffered greatly. Ralph did attempt to strengthen the stuff by pouring the coffee through the grounds a few extra times when no one was looking, but this did not make up for the lack of light cream or half and half. Fortunately, the conference was so stimulating that it made up for this problem, but next year, I am in charge of coffee!!!  Sharry has been informed that the office NEEDS a Saeco cappuccino maker and she made sure that she spelled it right!  The other food group we need more of next year (Hope kept up the supply this year!) is chocolate. It is only a matter of time before the world realizes that this is a vital nutrient that contributes to longevity and brain function and while its "spot within same" has not yet been discovered, I suspect it is an important player in the Krebs cycle.  It also tastes good. Do we have numbers on it?????

 Anyway, following breakfast  Sharry spoke a bit more about the "Little Back Box" and explained that it focuses in two directions, utilizing two sets of back frequencies. These developed because Sharry discovered trauma based back information from her work on clients referred by various physical therapy clinics. One set works with stress related energies and the other with trauma related energies. Sharry continued by opening the conference to a general discussion of biochemistry and then turned the discussion to the business end of BioAcoustics for the benefit of those of us who were not present on Wednesday. She passed around a copy of "Miracles of Non-Medicine", a beautifully compiled collection of outstanding cases gathered from Practitioners around the world (with a painting, Ancient Sounds, by Paul Klee, on the cover). She introduced us to the newly improved and expanded “Muscle Book”, with its wonderful cross-references and illustrations! Then she introduced the new (bells and whistles added!) improved and updated Svani Program! This program is largely expanded and includes Templates and Toolbars so that information can be gleaned quickly and easily!  It is very versatile and allows the user many choices while decoding the data. Sharry showed us that rollovers are not always 'read' the same way- there are certain markers in the numbers that indicate a "different" approach or direction to a rollover to make it work.  She discussed the various Templates and showed us how to update them and best use them.

 After a quick break, Tommy discussed the reports coming in and we watched his reports on Biotin and Spingosine. Sharry rearranged the conference schedule (this happens every year- the printed programs are just for decoration!) to demonstrate the "45 Minute Session" (using the new programs) and since it was only midday Friday, and my brain was not yet mush, I became convinced that I "got it". Everyone else seemed to "get it" also and we were thrilled at the thought of shorter client sessions! Of course by Sunday, we were in complete fog-- but I mustn't skip- so on Friday, things were looking good!

 At this point we broke for lunch and we all began talking about how much we all missed Lita. Sharry walked into the lunch area with a videotape sent by Lita, showing us her new home and offices and a recent parade that she and her drumming band had participated in! She also lectured us on the importance of using coconut oil! We decided that we HAD to call her so we did, sharing the speakerphone and insisting that she never again miss a conference!  More about Lita at

 After lunch, Sharry led a discussion on new developments in our information about the Krebs cycle and the breakdowns that occur in same. Much has been researched relating to the Krebs cycle and the spine. Nutrient imbalances were discussed and questions and answers were shared. Sharry took the group upstairs to see the newly rebuilt classroom and sound room (VERY impressive!), and she and Liz demonstrated the video hook-up they have with Liz's offices in Chicago. This hook-up will enable them to teach BioAcoustic classes in Chicago from Albany! The conference ended for the day, and some of us went back downstairs where I showed slides of former conferences (sorry about the ones that were upside down!)  and Sharry brought out old albums where we all looked a lot younger! I think it's time to get going on those anti-aging templates!!  Kaj opened up her computer and played a video of her recent wedding and so we finally got to see Marlo!!!! The wedding was sooooo joyous and Marlo is outrageous (that lady can dance!) , you could not help but get caught up in the excitement of the day!  Some of us decided to go for dinner together so we filled several cars and drove back into Athens to eat at Lui Lui. The food and conversation were wonderful and we got to meet Judy's publisher husband , John, who fit right in!


 By Saturday morning everyone seemed a bit fuzzy -- I am sure it was not just me. But we persevered and Sharry discussed details in the new programs and new microphones and then she began to discuss our frequency-based universe. This is the discussion that brings tears- you cannot help but see God at work as you study the relationships between frequencies and within harmonics. You can almost hear the sounds echoing through the vastness of the universe and then condensing into the matter their mathematical recipes determine. Why are we carbon based? Because a certain carbon sound was dominant, that's why! In the beginning was the word......

 After a break, Sharry discussed some of the items we had asked about, including hair color and hair loss. Only because Sharry needed a voiceprint, and not relating in any way to the condition of his hair, Ralph's voiceprint was chosen for the "lack of hair study". Various numbers came up on the ABACUS and they were loaded into an appropriate Template in the Svani and Sharry pointed out the specific rollover that had to be rearranged because of a certain marker. This was done, faults were rearranged, and choline, lysine and thyroid showed up as the culprits!

 Next, Sharry discussed the conference disc being created and introduced the Nutrition Profiler Program. Liana Alexakis shared a Hepatitis-C study with us, where the voiceprints clearly showed the replication and mutation of the virus. Liana has worked hard to restore the needed energies in this case and because of her efforts, it has developed  very well! This is a very interesting case study and Liana's research and commitment are impressive.

 Sharry reported on Meredith, a child with muscle abnormalities who is responding to sound energy. She discussed the biochemistry of certain muscles as they related to genetic factors. She also discussed common biochemical markers seen in children who are frail and weak.

 We had been discussing what words are used to define this work and Judy suggested the use of the word "document" since we simply take information from a voiceprint and do not diagnose any physical state. She also suggested use of the word "consultant" and she and Ralph, with help from Sharry, put together the following: "Human BioAcoustic Consultants are able to document biochemical and physiological events and pathways within the body, discovering discordances and restoring equilibrium through information management."

 Ralph reviewed the advertisements written during the Wednesday marketing class, recommending disclaimers and disclosures to better present the Consultant status of the research program, and we broke for lunch.

 After lunch, Kaj reported on a muscle study she did along with a University Sports Doctor, on a young woman who had damaged her left hand.  Kaj used a dynamometer to measure changes in strength  as she used various nerve and muscle related sounds on the client.  This study proved so successful that she is now approaching coaches at local colleges to research the use of sound on sports related injuries.

 After years of BioAcoustic studies, one should no longer be surprised and overwhelmed by the miracles, but I still get goose bumps when Sharry phones up with "the latest", so I felt very curious when, just before introducing the next speaker, she turned to Ralph and me and whispered , "what has been found out through him will change the world!" Then she introduced Nathan, a new BioAcoustics Research Associate who had shown up at Sound Health only 6 months prior to the conference, needing to research his own physical problems. What Nathan reported of his experiences was of such significance that I cannot make it public at this time- it is still being analyzed and receiving expert review. However I will report that by the end of his lecture, we were sobbing (Sharry had handed out boxes of tissues and paper towels during same) , applauding (he got a standing ovation), cheering and overwhelmed by what he had accomplished.  While already confirmed by medical testing, his research is being reaffirmed and expanded through further study at Sound Health.  There are many millions who may benefit from this revelation! Since the conference, we are encouraged by further lab reports from Nathan and we are still thrilled by the implications from his case study. Many blessings to you, Nathan!

 As we calmed ourselves down,  Sharry introduced Dr. Russ Rudy, an Emergency Room Doctor who has been practicing medicine for twenty years. Two years ago, he began to develop symptoms that he thought might be MS related. These included weakness in his arms and legs,  problems getting about, various pains and he began to see doctors who were perplexed by his symptoms. Some said he had MS and some said "no". One doctor convinced him that he needed neurosurgery on his spinal cord, but after having same, he got worse. He had many, many tests and scans and was put on various drugs and was diagnosed by some as having "Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis", though others still said "no".  He went to the Mayo Clinic (by this time he was using an electric scooter to get about, wearing braces and losing weight) , but they were perplexed by his condition and could not label it. Finally, in desperation, he went to see Dr. Patricia Quinlin, who was incorporating alternative modalities into her medical practice and she insisted he could get better and he did not have MS- but she did not know what was causing his problems. She worked to detox him and added massage to his regimen and finally she suggested that he see Sharry Edwards. The first thing he wanted to know from Sharry was "Do I have MS?"  Sharry told him that the numbers in his voiceprint were inconsistent with the numbers shown in our MS research, but had he had some sort of trauma to his back in the recent past?  He remembered, "yes!"  He had had an accident just before getting sick- his back had been pushed in hard, putting pressure on his spine, his nervous system and vagus nerve!  He began doing sound. Over the following months, things turned around for him. His muscles got stronger (he appeared at our conference using only a cane, the scooter is no longer needed), he gained back his weight, got off of medication and went back to work. We applauded his success and hope that cases like his open the medical community  to the possibilities available from BioAcoustic testing and usage!

We took a quick break- the afternoon had been an emotional one. The next presentation was by Dorinne Davis-Kalugin, of the Davis Center in New Jersey. Dorinne is an audiologist and she has brought various sound therapies together under one roof. Dorinne put together an audio-visual presentation in which she discussed the science of sound and listening, the physiology of the ear, Tomatis, Berard and various programs to improve hearing, speaking and learning skills.  She announced the publication of her book Sound Bodies Through Sound Therapy (author listed as Dorinne S. Davis), and compared the various modalities she uses to parts of a tree, the "Tree of Sound". Dorrine has been busy, traveling about the world, spreading the message of  Sound. He book can be obtained at her web site,

Saturday evening is "Banquet Evening" at our conferences, but this year we were far from banquet halls- so we had a "Banquet Barbecue- with a touch of Hawaii " thrown in!  The campground offered the use of a large "outdoor room" with tables and a large barbecue pit. The office staff decorated the room with lights, Hawaiian decor and set up a Karaoke machine at one end. Sarah and Kelly cooked ribs and hamburgers and a table was set up with various condiments, corn on the cob and salads and desserts. Some of Sharry's early case studies  showed up, including Ann (leaky gut)and Cindy (foot operation). Special Guest was John Butler from the University Sound Lab. He and his students have been using and supporting Sharry's work for many years.  "Rosebud" cooed happily from her playpen , and Emcee Tommy set up his electric piano near the karaoke machine. We opened with various BioAcoustic tunes and then sang a new song dedicated to the Abacus! (to the tune of  'When You Wish Upon a Star' - 'Sharry Edwards found a way - to make sounds say what they say - now she's turning work to play, oh Aaaa--baaaa-cuuus! ', etc, etc) . Tommy's voice has really developed and he does a super falsetto, singing  homage to Sharry! Sharry's daughter Ricki has moved back east from California with her family and so little Jocelyn, Sharry's autistic granddaughter who has obviously benefited immensely from BioAcoustics, proved she could ham it up with her brother, Jasper, and her cousin, Samantha. Ricki, whose voice and style reminded me of Janis Joplin, got into the act, along with Kaj , Liz and Mary Louise,  who has a really pretty voice and does great show tunes!!  Judy's husband, John,  is a great fan of the Bard as am I - so we recited Shakespeare to each other (I can do all three witches from Macbeth by changing pitch and tone slightly for each one!). The weather was pleasant and so we sat drinking wine by candlelight, late into the night.


Sunday morning, we were beyond handling anything complicated, so Sharry continued discussing various templates, unusual cases and answering questions. She reviewed temperature as a gauge for timing sound as well as general rules for same. She amazed us by discussing the biochemistry of a frequency equivalent she has found that appears to make muscles incredibly strong. She has been testing this and other muscle sounds and we watched films made of these sounds working. Using professional testing equipment, she has found that in some cases, she has been able to triple the strength of a muscle, using sound! This could be very useful to anyone involved in sports! She is working with several sports managers and researching the biochemistry that these sounds may trace out. She has also recently discovered a substance that allows cells to breathe. This could be very useful in many areas of medicine and is in research.  

The sports related topics led to sex related topics (hey, our brains were mush by now!), and Sharry explained various hormonal biochemical relationships and she shared that she has decoded the biochemicals for erectile function and even supplied a detailed report showing how to use the data with any vocal print. She is also completing a major study about diabetes and insulin resistance. She has verified, through the numbers, the dangers of Aspartame and the damage it does to the body.  She was happy to report that many of her research papers are now being reported in the general press and she supplied us with dozens of printouts of new discoveries (via the matrix!) that she has been working on. She invited us to use this information and report back whatever we find relating to same.  

Next, Sharry discussed death and dying and she shared the template she is creating that shows that the body is programmed to die -- and, HOW THAT PROGRAMMING MAY BE INTERRUPTED! She had saved this incredible "bit" for last - after three days of gorging on new BioAcoustic info, she fed us this overwhelming news, grinning at our reactions! And while I cannot pass this information on, I must tell you that the formulas will undoubtedly be expanded to include chocolate! 

When asked, Sharry discussed problems created by those who misuse BioAcoustics because they are poorly trained or do not keep up with development or simply do not understand how it works! And yes, there are those who, for no logical reason, or for their own ego's sake are teaching poor imitations of this science/art, prompting Ralph to remind her "the brighter the light - the darker the shadow!"  She talked a little more about projects she is working on and hinted at great wonders to come! While most of us gathered our things together to leave, about fifteen of the group stayed to do a follow-up workshop the week after the conference. Sharry had managed to outdo herself this conference by turning BioAcoustics down a whole new and amazing path and exposing whole new layers of information to us! I am thankful we have Sharry's brilliance to light and reveal new directions and brand new ways of thinking and  I am glad for such wonderful travel companions - I am certain that the journey ahead will be spectacular for us all!!   

  Much love!     Kathy

© 2004


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