Sound Health Research Institute

Report on 2008 Sound Health Conference


The 2008 Sound Health BioAcoustic Conference opened Wednesday, March 12, at the new Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and the Sound Health Center in Albany, Ohio. Practitioners gathered to enjoy what would prove to be the best Conference EVER! The Conference theme was “Mathways to Sound Health” in recognition of the evolving math matrix used in this art/science.  Many of us were visiting the Center for the very first time, so there was an additional air of excitement as we explored the premises, laughing that Sharry finally had the large amount of space (over 9000 square feet – three stories) she needed and wondering how long it will take for her to outgrow it. But I am getting ahead of myself, because I was not present for the Wednesday session, so I will turn to dear Tommy’s notes for reference!


Wednesday’s session began at noon with registration and no doubt lots of screams and yells of recognition as BARAs (BioAcoustic Research Associates) wandered in.  The day was being devoted to BioAcoustic Profiler teacher training, and BARAs who wished to teach the computerized Profiler programs to the public spent the afternoon absorbing information about learning modalities, teaching techniques and discussing the ways one speaks of BioAcoustics to the public. The Public Profiler computer programs may be purchased by the general public and are themed to research specifics. The additional subjects included are focused on such themes as recovery from stroke and trauma, PTSD, anti-aging, immune issues, drug resistant pathogens, insulin resistance, hypertension, Vaccinations, the Muscular System, Weight and Metabolism, Toxins, Pathogens and Nutrition. There are both Practitioner and Public versions of these Paired Programs.  Sharry announced that new programs would be introduced throughout the Conference.


While this was going on, I was busy packing a suitcase and preparing for the long drive to Albany with Ralph and Drew – our 19 year old son. Drew was excited because he had been officially “invited” to the conference by Sharry to help with the computer set up. Drew is looking forward to his own studies with Sharry and so he was very disappointed when the house sitter called just hours before we were to leave, and told us that a flood emergency meant that he could not housesit for us. A very disappointed Drew stayed home while we set out for the overnight drive.


Albany, OH


Albany is a tiny town just off Highway 50 in Ohio, about ten minutes from Athens. The old schoolhouse that Sound Health now inhabits is a large brick three story building with a castle motif on the front. It stood out as we drove along Route 50 to our exit and we wondered what it was, so we were surprised when it turned out to be our destination.


We parked in the driveway just as the Sound Health Staff was arriving to prepare a wonderful breakfast for conference attendees. They made sure the coffee was strong and trays of pastries, bagels and rolls, fruit and deviled eggs were set out on a long table, along with yoghurt and juices in a quaint little Bistro that became our “hang-out” throughout the Conference.  The Staff outfitted this room with a TV connected to the camera that was videoing the entire conference. That meant that we had room to cook special meals and grab snacks without missing any of the info presented.  BARAs began to show up and time was devoted to hugs and catching up with good friends. So it was not until a fashionably late 9:30 that Sharry called the conference to order.


The gymnasium was set with tables, all wired for computers, with seating for about 70 attendees. The walls of the room had been decorated by the Staff with large hand painted cutouts of flowers and Dan (‘the camera guy’)  was set up in the rear already videotaping the proceedings. Dan and I have the distinction of being the only two, besides Sharry and Bill, who have been present at every Sound Health Conference. Cool, huh??  Sharry announced that part of Saturday night’s entertainment was a Sound Health Casino where we could play with Sound Health tokens to win BioAcoustic prizes! She would be throwing out questions throughout the conference and the fastest answer would win the coveted tokens!! Then she turned serious and mentioned Rupert Sheldrake and Morphogenic Resonance and how BioAcoustics was likely using the idea that just as each plant has a distinctive resonance, so do humans and we express that through our voices. She welcomed us all by saying, “Welcome Home” and then explained that the Program Schedules we were perusing were labeled “Tentative Schedule” because we rarely stick to schedule! This is part of her opening speech at every conference, but the newbies need to know that we strive for understanding the concepts not just throwing out as much information as we can!  It is unlikely that we can ever cover as much information as has been prepared for us all throughout the year.  Staffer Heather Baker took the podium and announced the conference theme, “Mathways to Sound Health”. Heather has been Sharry’s sidekick on her radio shows on and she urged us all to participate in these shows.


Ralph Fucetola officially opened the Conference with a speech about new paradigms and Sound Health’s place therein. He talked about the quickening occurring, and how it is leading to a new way of thinking and a new way of ‘being’ and that Sharry Edwards’ work is leading the way to this change and how blessed we are to be a part of it.  He finished by urging us to join our harmonies in symphony to the Greater Good. Ralph also reminded each of us that Sharry's Sound Health companies are information producing businesses and that it is our sacred duty to protect the information.  More about that later as Sharry revealed where this information is really coming from – you will be astounded!


The first session began slowly – as always – as we began to work our way toward the Sunday information, always ‘special stuff’. Sharry likes to save this info until the end of each conference and then she giggles and smirks at us while we are blown away by the little ‘tidbits’ she just happened to discover. Now, however, Sharry talked about the Hyper Health program and suggested that we download the program to try it out. Nancy Blachly spoke about how useful this program is and Sharry demonstrated it for the group. She continued the session by announcing that upgrades are available for the Genesis Pro and these will include more templates. She talked about how easily templates are made (!) and the whys and hows of creating your own templates. Everyone in attendance was provided a FREE copy of the new GenPro advanced template program.



Discussion continued with reference to C reactive protein, Monsanto’s removal of thiamine from wheat and the use of bromide in bread as a softener and its effect on the thyroid. Some hormonal issues were also discussed.


After a short break, Sharry introduced the updated nVoice program, which is a much more sophisticated, computerized version of the old Korg program we were using in the early nineties. First Sharry talked about the differences in taking a voiceprint using the nVoice and the Abacus.  She showed how much more information is given with this program and how the use of color in the bars distinguishes between physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional vocal hits. I mentioned how much I liked using the Korg program before taking a voiceprint because it showed me where the greatest problems lay and provided a guide to the general body energies. Sharry explained to the group that learning from the Master Card makes this sort of analysis easy to do, and we ‘read’ a few nVoice prints. The new Advanced nVoice will include additional templates such as leadership, partnerships, criticism, and weak and strong influences of the voice.  We also learned some of the aspects of seeing how lying can be seen on an nVoice print.  There will be advanced classes about this on the new Sunday Internet Classes.  This is not a new program but a new way of looking at the graphs.  This is not new information to the people who used the Korg but will certainly be new information to the BARA’s who started out using nVoice first.


The Staff set up a lunch for us in the school cafeteria making it quick and easy for us to get back to class. The Staff was REALLY well organized—and with all of the stress they endured putting the five day conference together, they never seemed to tire out and were always smiling! Must be those frequencies……..


After lunch, Sharry continued to talk about the nVoice, showing how the system pairs revealed how to manage an organism. She demonstrated how the nVoice can help you tell if a person is truthful or lying and displayed the charts of various political candidates and politicians as examples. Dick Cheney’s readout showed physical activity with no thought attached and a need for self gratification. Obama’s readout showed naiveté (being much like Jimmy Carter’s) and Ron Paul’s print was very like JFK’s- showing great compassion and honesty.


Next, Sharry introduced Kim Thompson. Kim has been doing some very impressive work with BioAcoustics and much research. Today she was reporting on two cases of brain cancer in two persons (who, she mentioned, used cell phones a great deal prior to developing their cancers). Kim was in constant contact with these two clients, taking almost daily voiceprints for analysis and giving them the support they needed as their Doctors treated them. Her report to us was very detailed and showed the changes they experienced over time. Much was done to decrease their pain and nausea. Side issues, such as their gluten intolerance came up and how eating preferences were predictable from the Sonostat list. Square Waves were used to reduce fevers and rest was also helped along with sound.


The next subject, Tumor Markers, was put off to Sunday due to lack of time, and we took a quick break, after which Bob Bethel spoke about the move to the new building and all the problems they overcame to get here.


Bob announced that the State of Ohio has recognized Sound Health as an innovative biotech company and has awarded SH the honor of being one of 21 companies in Ohio whose stockholders can receive direct tax credits for buying stock.  SH is the only company in Southern Ohio to receive this formal acceptance of excellence.  Bob went on, talking about new products, including a new S2S program and, after discussing the problems we have had finding amplifiers that are able to play frequencies correctly and are well calibrated, he introduced a new Sound Health subwoofer, which is now available to practitioners; call the SH office for details, 740-698-9119. He gutted speakers that were purchased inexpensively at Wal-Mart and refitted them to our specifications.  Actually the cabinets could be bought at Wal-Mart as a speaker much more cheaply than they could buy the same cabinets wholesale!


There are currently three models: a small portable speaker that is light weight and convenient for lending to clients and for mobile practitioners; a larger version that Bob personally made of ash -  it was beautiful and sounded wonderful; and a still a larger version that had a built it tone box and/or SMAD.– It was made of walnut and ash and sounded awesome.  Having a built in SMAD will allow practitioners to conveniently have a SMAD for their own use that doesn’t require that they carry around so much equipment for set up.  Bob will be taking orders for these more elegant models, which will be made as people order them.  We will likely be posting pictures of these and other new products on the forums.


After Bob spoke, Sharry announced that several Phenomenal Cases would be presented while a Stockholders’ meeting was taking place upstairs in the new classroom.  Those who had to attend the meeting left and Tommy, Nicki and Kim ran the show! Tommy presented a case he handled in Oklahoma (Tommy’s getting to do a lot of traveling with BioAcoustics- as I write this, he is landing in Japan!). He called it “Baby’s First Kick” and it involved a young mother-to-be with endometriosis and emotional issues. The mother was very concerned that there was no movement on the baby’s part.  One of the gentle sounds he presented coincided with an incredible awakening of the fetus.  The substance most needed turned out to be Choline.


Karen Bainbridge worked on a burn victim with a severely burned arm. Epidermal growth factor and magnesium phosphate were most important Sonostats according to the voiceprint, and with BioAcoustic support, the burn took only nine days to completely heal.  Karen mentioned that this client also suffered from a genital itch, which she did not have time to study.  That is probably good. After all, the numbers surrounding such affliction must remain secret so someone does not play them somewhere, like in Congress, causing all those Congress beings to feverously scratch at their private parts. This would be wrong even if it turned out to be their best work in years……..


Lilias Curtin came all the way from Scotland where she runs an alternative healing center. She has taken to BioAcoustics enthusiastically and she talked about Williams Syndrome and the missing elastin gene.   Nicki Byrd, a staff researcher, talked about plastic water bottles and asthma; and Mary Bauer (BARA) finished the session with a well researched talk about toxicity from cell phone and wireless systems, which she described as being like microwaves, cooking everyone near them. It’s time to get rid of the wireless! 


We spent the evening with a bunch of BARAs as well as Judy Baylenstern’s mathematician husband, John (who has excellent taste in wine!), at the dining room at the University Inn where the waiter overheard us and wanted to know more about BioAcoustics. We happily educated him and urged him to visit Sound Health!


Finally, after a day and a half of no sleep, Ralph and I dragged ourselves up to our room at the Amerihost, where, (no surprise!) it was obvious that they were expecting me because they had dug out the special cement mattress that they keep in a closet, where it waits for my visits, and placed it on my bed. I recognized it immediately, by the hisses and growls it made as I shuffled into the room. It was only the first night of three- and I was very tired and not up to giving my best punches and kicks. So the bed won the first night, causing great pain and damage- but there would be two more nights- and I was determined I would leave my mark!!!  Ralph, of course, slept soundly.


Friday morning showed up much too quickly, but we managed to get over to the School in time to enjoy more of those very tasty deviled eggs and some lovely fruit and that really strong coffee before Sharry called the session to order. I have to state here, that there is a (probable) pathogen known as ‘Brainfuzz’ that overcomes attendees at these events when they are not noticing and have dropped their protective armor. Brainfuzz causes the brain to glop and morph into something resembling Jello, only without Jello’s ability to think clearly. Brainfuzz is cunning and sneaks up on people very individually, never hitting the whole group together, but taking us out one by one. It can wipe out comprehension, cause one to babble or drool, and also does funny things to the eyes. High intake of strong caffeine (and maybe some still unexplored possibly illegal drugs) are all that one can use to fight Brainfuzz and as far as I knew, we hadn’t found the proper numbers yet, to hit it with sound. So, I was certain from past experience, that one must stay on one’s guard when attending these conferences, and be wary of sneaky Brainfuzz.  Thus, I was amazed when Sharry talked about "BrainStorm" apparently commonly used in the week-long Pro class to prevent attack by this devious brain snitcher!


Sharry started to open the session, but several members of her Staff interrupted and walked to the front of the room, holding a package.  They announced that they had been discussing how much they were enjoying working at Sound Health and Sharry’s dedication had impressed them and they wanted to show their appreciation so they had purchased a gift for her. They wanted us to know that this art/science takes up all of Sharry’s life and we are lucky to be learning from someone so dedicated. Sharry was so surprised she could not talk-- a rare event, usually requiring a strong bout of laryngitis-- so she just got teary, and while we applauded, she shared hugs with her Staff.


Still flustered, she opened Friday’s session with promises of great things to come. Then she introduced Jeff Latham who spoke of his daughter and her son and vaccinations. This led to a general discussion as others joined in with their experiences. Somehow, this led to a discussion on earphones and Liz Lonergan talked about some earphones she was using successfully that she purchased from Circuit City. These were made by JVC and Liz provided details.


Sharry introduced a subject that she had been considering. She called it Electromagnetic Genetics and its relationships between two or more people that are Frequency Related, not family or bloodline related or related by common ancestry. These people share frequencies and also share interests. They have much in common. Sharry said that the people in our group seem to have this kind of relationship. This is true – we share thoughts and ideas with each other that we cannot share with people generally. Most of us are whole-brained, while whole-brainers only comprise about five per cent of the population.  And we also have a common drive to see this art/science forward. Do we stimulate stem cells? Sharry says that we stimulate somatids (see Gaston Naessens) - a crystalline substance generally ignored by mainstream science.


Two programs are being created involving fractals, those dimensions “in between” major points. Some of the mathematics of fractals were discussed.  Sharry talked about a few side issues including the problem of not being able to purchase etiocobalamin, a form of B12. Intrinsic Factor is made in the stomach from cysteine and it is Intrinsic Factor that, in normal cases, will make B12 used for normal metabolism.  Etiocobalamin is the form of B12 used by muscles.  Roche Pharmaceuticals owns the patent for this form of B12 and refuses to release it. Laughing, she informed us that there was one way, besides sound, to get this form of B12, but it required drinking a tea made from ‘buffalo chips’ (use your imagination here- you are probably right!).


Next, Sharry showed a film the Staff made about three case studies of macular degeneration. Similarities and differences in these cases were discussed and Sharry noted that one of the three people involved had had macular degeneration for nine years and it only took eleven days to reverse it. Sharry went on to discuss cataract issues such as lack of oxygen and the numbers that show up in these cases.  She discussed the healing affects of carotenoids for eye health, and then we took a quick break.


After break, Sharry introduced her niece, Nicki Byrd, who has been working with Sound Health for the past year and has focused her research on weight issues. Nicki had pulled all the biochemical info together and created the BioDiet Paired Program, which Sharry has been using on her radio show to analyze weight problems of those who call in. Using the Matrix as a guide, Nicki has divided weight problems into categories relating to nutrients, hormones, genetics, proteins, neurotransmitters, receptor sites and body chemistry along with symptoms and habits of the subject. The BioDiet program is one of the new Paired Programs and will soon be made available to non-conference members and the public. Nicki introduced the four biochemicals that have been identified as being the major culprits for weight management. She trained people to identify these biochemicals using the nVoice program – even by phone.


Sharry announced that something special was being planned for Friday evening. Since moving into the school building, many of her local neighbors had become curious and began to ask just what Sound Health does.  So Sharry and the Staff organized an Open House night with music and refreshments and tables set up so that people could come in and have their vocal prints analyzed and talk with practitioners. She asked those who wanted to use the BioDiet program on these people to stop by during lunch for a quick training in use of the program.  Then she announced that the entertainment would be very special, and we broke for lunch.


Following lunch, Dr Alan Greenberg, who has been such a help to us on our chats, spoke about getting rid of toxins.  He explained that the World Health Organization says that 82% of chronic degenerative disease is due to toxic metals. Dr. Greenberg has created a heavy metals detox system that works in 2 phases. Phase 1 activates enzymes so that they can be made water soluble.  Then in Phase 2, chemicals and metals are bound to render them more water soluble and less toxic.  Dr. Greenberg’s product is made from natural substances and has been very effective at ridding people of problems related to this toxicity.  His website is .


Chris Cordes spoke next, introducing the new PreVac Elite and explaining his experience with the need for this program.  He is the father of an autistic child, apparently harmed by vaccinations. The new PreVac Elite includes the entire Mathway for methylation, the process by which substances are prepared and used by the body.  These systems are often in error for people who have mental disorders, ADD like syndromes and acute immune stress.


After a short break, Nancy Blachly discussed some things she had discovered about the spine rollover.  Nancy happens to be brilliant and she “thinks weird”, so she looks for odd relationships in the numbers.  While playing with her calculator and some back related frequencies, she discovered a whole new relevant wheel that relates to hormones and organs. I cannot say more about this in this Report, but it is possible that this discovery may lead to some very exciting stuff!!  She has also found a specific number for depression and she discovered that using one of our formulas on neighboring vertebrae may cancel pain. Nancy has committed to a Sunday Online presentation about her new information.


Next, Sharry quickly demonstrated what she calls Quick Charts, a quick way to do appropriate charts. While she demonstrated this technique quickly, I shall have to study it slowly to ‘get it’. Sharry quickly demonstrated two charts for us and as I looked about the room, I suspect there were others thinking the same thing. We’re gonna have to do some studyin! I know there have been some Quick Chart demos during the Sunday classes.  I really MUST find time to attend more of these.


By now it was late afternoon and the room needed to be prepared for the Open House so we removed all of our ‘baggage’ as the staff began turning tables about.  Sharry’s husband Bill got things moved quickly, and the Staff brought in trays of nibbles.  Those who had volunteered to take voiceprints set-up their computers. We were all willing to be volunteers since the position earned extra tokens that could be used at the banquet Casino to win some of the fabulous new computer programs.  In the middle of this, a tiny, very exotic lady swept into the room and Sharry faced her and grinned. Mortonette had arrived!


You can hear Mortonette on her site, or on


Mortonette is a WONDERFUL songstress. She has an amazing range and a voice loaded with emotion and experience. She has sung backup for Linda Rondstadt and Elton John among others, and I think she’s sooooo good; she should never be background for anyone! Years ago, she showed up at a lecture Sharry gave and the two became fast friends.  She has studied BioAcoustics and she showed up to sing at our Cincinnati conference a few years back. When Mortonette sings, you feel it everywhere- she’s like a vocal spine rollover! So we were thrilled to know that she would be singing both Friday night for the Open House and Saturday night for our banquet.  Her husband Lee was with her- he is a really nice man with twinkly eyes and a wonderful smile. I found a chair and sat back as Tommy arranged her accompaniment.  And her voice?  Mortonette’s soprano soared! I remember looking at musician Kaj and smiling- we were both thinking the same thing- “what a voice!” After Mortonette sang, Jeff Latham and Will Hadley played the electric mandolin and the guitar together, continuing the evening’s entertainment. These two were also wonderfully professional and many got up to dance to their bluesy, folksy, sounds. You could tell that these two have an intense love for their music and their instruments.


The mayor of the city and other local officials attended the event.  The parking lot was overflowing even though it has three levels.  People lined up to have their vocal prints taken and the BioAcoustic media and time line displays were superb. Ralph still had hair in that early 90’s pic and Sharry’s high school pic was gorgeous! Several BARAs had tables displaying their “stuff”!  Susan Gingerich and her husband Norm, had an herb table; with Susan dressed as an ‘ole time herb lady’.  Nazeeha Howard, Dr. Alan Greenberg, students for Ron Paul and Kaj had booths stuffed with information, services and wares.



Russ Rudy, MD, gave a talk about his broken finger that he healed using BioAcoustics and also about the biochemical troponin [biomarker for heart damage] that was found in his and his wife’s vocal chart after they had a car accident. He also answered questions about his relief from MS using BioAcoustic techniques. After the show, BARAs talked with some of those visiting as well as with each other.  Kaj had cassettes available of her French horn harmonics and I grabbed two of them (they are really super!- Kaj plays a very mellow horn!), and I got to talk with Dr. Al and learn more about his heavy metal cleanse. A bunch of us were getting hungry, so we agreed to meet at Lui, Lui , an avant garde restaurant in Athens. There we had a wonderful dinner and shared more laughs and info.  Hours later, Ralph and I dragged ourselves back to our hotel. Knowing the mattress had had the whole day to prepare for our nightly battle, I tried to tiptoe in, but I distinctly heard it snicker and knew immediately it was awake, aware and ready for warfare.  So after a quick shower, I leaped on the bed (ouch! shoot! - or something like that) and proceeded to beat the crap out of the mattress. Ralph, of course, fell asleep instantly.


Numb from lack of sleep, I dragged myself up on Saturday morning and we managed to reach the school and some coffee just before Sharry opened the day’s session. There was an image of a twirling woman on the screen in the front of the room. I had seen this before- the direction you see her spinning in, indicates your brain dominance. Most of the BARAs happen to be whole brained – something we have in common and perhaps part of our draw to BioAcoustics. Sharry claims to be whole-brained, but I am convinced that she, like Ralph, has never had a left-brained thought in her life. I can make that spinning lady switch direction in seconds and if she were alive she would be quite dizzy from my observation alone. I’m sure with the whole room focused on her; she would be experiencing the 60s all over again!


Heather (this lady must have a good mattress because she is perpetually happy) welcomed everyone to the Saturday session and talked about the new things available for sale.   Sharry made some general announcements and then spoke a bit about brain dominance, something those working with energy sometimes overlook. Sharry referred to the PreVac and reminded the group that it not only predicts risk factors for vaccinations, but it shows damages already caused by previous vaccinations.  Ralph spoke about forced vaccination and how the States use the Center for Disease Control’s advice to push vaccinations. You can learn more about this at:


Ralph then spoke warnings about working with clients so that BARAs are protected from unfair attack by the FDA, Big Pharma, the medical establishment owned by Big Pharma and the media. BioAcoustics as taught by Sharry Edwards is a scientifically based research project. BARAs do not diagnose or cure anyone. We read energies and determine ways to balance them in the body so that the body can deal with its own problems. It is an art/science in development and we make no promises and record all we do. Sharry reminded the group that they must always test sounds before putting them in a tonebox and that clients should be retested after receiving sound. I suggested that since the sounds may relax people, that clients get up and walk about and get some fresh air occasionally, so that the practitioner‘s judgment is not confused by the sleepy state of a client.


We had some wonderful games and quizzes in between sessions.  .  One was to list all of the rules of BioAcoustics.  Susan Draughon came up with the longest list. Everyone participated because we knew we would win more tokens to spend at the Casino!


A few questions came up about a few ex-students who misuse Sharry’s work (sometimes going as far as putting their own names on programs and selling them for many times more than they paid for them!). These people give BioAcoustics a bad name, and, by law in this country, we are forced to go after them, so they are a nuisance to Sound Health and a detriment to BioAcoustics. One of them tells people that she invented BioAcoustics in a dream (she must have been sleeping in those classes she took from Sharry!) and that she "taught" Sharry Edwards!! The programs these people use are very outdated and even though they are simple programs, their buyers are taught to use them incorrectly for whatever ends the ex-student means to achieve. So we get complaints,  and the behavior of these ex-students is loathsome (and no doubt, driving downward, their own body frequencies!)


But this is something we must deal with to protect this art/science. Of course, Sharry’s work is always far ahead of what they ‘sell as their’s (!)’  since she is the innovator.  Some of them watch what she is developing and then follow with bad imitations -- but none of them show any originality since they do not have Sharry’s genius. Still, they must be taken to task legally to protect Sound Health.


Sharry continued the session by talking about a project she is doing for the Army on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, common in those returning from Iraq. She has created a new program to test for this syndrome. She is also working with the Army to help them deal with brain concussions due to the myriad of small isolated explosions that were designed to just take out just a few people at a time.


Next, Sharry talked about the new quantitative Abacus (Abacus Q) and how to locate specific substances on it and then answered questions about pregnancy numbers, isolation charts, insulin receptors, insulin proteins and activators. You could hear a virtual symphony of Brainfuzz in the room, so we took a shake-out break!


After the break, Sharry talked about another project/program based on Sex, called "These X Factors." Now I don’t know where they got such a dumb name when they could have called it something neat, like, oh hey, maybe, “The Orgasmatron”????????? But I kept my mouth shut partly because I had fought the mattress to a draw the night before and the jaw and everything else was unusually tired.  But I know that anyone out there looking for a program explaining their sexual condition is gonna logically purchase “The Orgasmatron” over “These X Factors” [actually TheSEXFactors-  I misheard due to lack of sleep) any day. Especially if they’re not getting any…….(I will add here that The Sex Factors is also a very boring name…)


At that point, Ralph asked to read aloud a message he had just received from someone familiar with high places stating that there was concern that the avian flu might become a pandemic in late spring/early summer. Sharry has decoded these pathogens and will be decoding additional mutations and they will get the numbers to us as needed.


Other things discussed were peripheral neuropathy (numbness in fingertips) which traces back to measles shots on the matrix, as well as to a lack of that B12 mentioned earlier. Various foods were discussed, including my drug of choice, cola, which apparently suppresses the immune system and according to one BARA,  may keep transplanted organs from being rejected. This I will look into. I like to think that my bad habit is good for something!! 


More questions came up about that Sex program, ‘watchimacallit’, and Sharry said that it would be sold in pairs, one for Practitioners and one for clients who might want it.  She mentioned the importance of carefully reading hormone levels, since too much of something is as bad as too little. After a few more questions, we took a lunch break.


The afternoon session was filled with goodies. However Ralph and I were supplying the dessert course for the evening Banquet and so we missed this session which is annoying, because I must now remember to go to Sharry for those wine improving numbers she shared with the group!!  I had baked about eight really, really dense dark chocolate cakes before leaving Joisey, along with nut cookie bars. Saturday afternoon, Ralph and I cooked up a big bowl of zabaglione (an Italian pudding made from egg yokes, sugar and Marsala wine) and mixed it with a lot of whipped cream (yuk, yuk- to lighten it!) and then we made a rich chocolate frosting and then spread out a lot of plates in the school kitchen. After frosting the cakes, we placed a slice on each plate along with a nut brittle cookie and a small cup of the pudding with fruit.  Thank you, thank you to new BARAs Sally and Duane Jones, who helped us with finishing and plating dessert! 


While we fixed dessert, much was happening back in the classroom!  Sharry announced that she and BioAcoustics were discussed in a new book by Sylvia Franke titled “Tree of Life and the Holy Grail: Ancient and Modern Spiritual Paths and the Mystery of Rennes Le Chateau”.  This book examines centuries of esoterica, sacred geometry, spiritual movements, and the cutting edge of each era. Franke talks of BioAcoustics as one of the Holy Grail mysteries and claims that our Sharry is a former Templar and one of several beings sent here to service the world with unique information. Others include Rife and Tomatis.  Sharry began receiving information about this several months ago, from people who knew about the book and wanted Sharry to have access to Sylvia’s writings. Finally she got in touch Sylvia who made her assertions clear and explained to Sharry that she receives some of her work psychically and was drawn to Sharry by higher sources. I have always believed that Sharry is very special (mutant ears and all!) and that teaching this work is her mission in this life.  We are all here to help her and to protect this work from misuse. Sylvia made an appearance at conference via Skype and talked with many of us personally as she answered questions from the audience.


While Sharry talked about Sylvia, the staff set up a water and light show, so Sharry could demonstrate Cymatics- the science of sonic frequency shape through light (or other substances). Various frequencies were played and each produced its own unique dance. Some of these shapes are being used for experimentation with frequency, shape and blood changes.


Sharry covered the new quantitative program, the Abacus Q which allows us to quantify data – how high is the cholesterol, insulin, etc. This will be important to the new armed forces project which requires that we quantify the amount of brain damage that a soldier has sustained.  Sharry has decoded a bio marker that shows that the brain has been damaged.  This is much like the troponin that she decoded that helps determine the degree of heart damage after a stoke or injury.


As part of the stand against inflammation that may have its roots in insulin resistance, Sharry gave each of us a template for the insulin receptors, proteins and activators for insulin resistance.  She discussed a substance that is the commonality between insulin resistance and heart disease – two inflammation issues that are closely linked.


Sharry introduced another new Paired Program – ReVoice – which was created to recover the voice after stroke or trauma – Sharry shared with us that she had a mini stroke last summer and that losing her ability to talk and be understood was disturbing.  She used her own situation and others who came to the clinic to create the program.  Since she was using face muscles, she also stumbled onto a muscle set for wrinkles, which she shared with us.  Her own situation allowed her to add a lot of additional items to the heart and muscles databases.  She also gave us a template for hypertension.


It was soon Banquet time and so we trooped to the cafeteria where baked salmon and beef stroganoff awaited us, along with veggies, salad, and drinks. Our desserts were happily received, and made sweeter with the performance of a new musical team, Mortonette and Tommy!!  Together they gave new life to the 60s “Sherry” (Can you decode tonite??) This is up on the net for all to enjoy. They also performed a lovely duet and then Mortonette took the mike and wowed us once more with her lovely voice and her very uplifting songs! Mortonette has a talent for doing some special thing with her voice during a song that really touches the listener who is thinking, “She can’t possibly beat that”- and then she does!!  She created a very special BioAcoustic edition of her songs for us Her website is www.MORTONETTE.COM .  Buy a CD and enjoy! 


See and hear Sharry, Sharry Edwards on YouTube:


Sharry had handed out our Certificates during the dessert course and she also thanked Bob Bethel and local commissioner Mike Hobbs for the enormous effort they put into procuring the use of the school building for Sound Health.  Sharry thanked everyone for their support of BioAcoustics and she especially thanked Bill for being there as her anchor and support. After Mortonette sang, Jeff and Will et al (Nazeeha, Oded and others) got out their instruments and continued playing and many of us visited the BioAcoustics Casino, a room wonderfully decorated Las Vegas style by the Staff, where we played those tokens we had earned during conference.  I noted there was a lineup at Bob Bethel’s roulette table, where it was rumored the house was losing!!


Mid-evening, Ralph set up a computer so we could Skype with Dr. Rima Laibow and General Burt Stubblebine, Trustees, along with Ralph, of the Natural Solutions Foundation.  This organization is leading the fight for Health Freedom in Codex and Washington, where all the new FDA regulations being dumped on the population are further eroding our basic human rights.  BARAs asked questions and Rima urged them to sign on to the organization at  to help increase the number of email blasts we send to Wash DC. You can join the Health Freedom eAlert list, the largest in the movement, at: -- Ralph also blogged from the Conference about some of what he learned about local Ohio freedom threats at:


Late that night, we made it back to the hotel and we climbed into the monster Jacuzzi to wash away some of the mattress induced injuries!  It was tempting to sleep right in the tub- but that would have meant admitting defeat to the mattress, so I climbed out of the tub and once again attacked the mattress until, finally, I got a little sleep. Ha!  Ralph, of course, instantly fell asleep.


Sunday morning, we packed quickly and I bid the mattress ‘good riddance ‘til next time’ and when we left, they put it back in that special closet that has my name on it.  We hurried over to class where BARAs were exchanging email addresses (I had finally met Susan Gingerich and Susan Draughon who I had been emailing and having phone calls with for many months).  Many were missed at this conference. Lita- you must be at the next conference- you missed an awesome event!  And I so enjoyed Kaj’s partner Marlo, when we went for dinner at the last conference and when I visited with them, that  I missed her presence at this one.  It was good seeing Liana (who always looks about 25 to me) and Karen (who I will always picture with that twisted, funny fat-face joke thing she does so well) and Liz, Sharlene and Judy, three of the oldtimers, and there were others there from NJ, including Dorinne, and Dr. Roman Chrucky, who moved to PA, and Dr. Cortney Witherspoon.  Karen Holmes and her excellent astrology reports were missed, and while this conference was the best yet- I hope everyone can make it to the next one- that will make it even better!


Sunday morning, Sharry revealed some of the research she has been doing on anti-aging and age-reversal. She talked about numbers to look for in voiceprints that indicate accelerated aging and she gave us some cosmetic numbers to test in research. She went on talking about the immune system and Krebs cycle research and gave us a number that appears to help people quit smoking. She talked about repairing telemares to extend the lifespan and a new program called “Rejuvenation- a Regeneration of Life”. Kaj raised her hand and noted that there were bets as to when I would bring up the Orgasmatron (I had no idea they were taking bets!). The orgasmatron is a machine lifted from Woody Allen’s film Sleeper that one will climb into, speak a few words and get a complete BioAcoustic analysis and session. Of course in the movie it was used solely for cheap thrills-  but I am sure we can accommodate!


The session went on with Sharry talking about new pathogens such as MRSA. She went over pathogen waveforms for the new BARAs and talked about the Maltese Cross and how and why it was the symbol for healers. The new Sound Health logo is a modified version of the Maltese Cross.  This got us into a discussion of Sacred Geometry , and Oded Mansura, who came all the way here from Israel, talked about the shape of the Hebrew letters in relation to meanings and the Star of David and its relationship to the Maltese Cross. I mentioned that Stan Tenen had done a lot of work with the Hebrew letters and Ralph related some sacred geometry esoterica. Susan brought up similar info from Pleiadian channeling’s and Sharry talked about harmonics that the Catholic Church outlawed. These happen to be sounds that could be used for healing.  Oded talked about special numbers for this holy week and their meanings.


Sharry continued the session, talking about the importance of tumor markers.  She gave us a template for same.


Sharry next shared that SH has been asked to test products and that has proven very productive and fun as new partnerships are being formed with many new companies.


Sharry also talked about depleted uranium numbers and numbers to look for in diabetes and insulin resistance cases and then Tommy demonstrated the new “Mathways” (Genesis Elite) program. This contains lots of new templates and the ability to see which template is the most bothersome.  Tommy continued by presenting an Ethics Committee Report and asked us to report any problems to Judy Chambers. Internet classes with Sharry are growing in popularity and we discussed using a new private server for these classes. Tommy showed some more of the updated Genesis features, including some of the new easy click options. Sharry announced that the new Abacus Q program had just come in, but they must test it before it becomes available. The Abacus Q was developed to allow a practitioner to quantify frequencies so that readings such as cholesterol and insulin could be monitored.


Sharry talked about the new Bio-Hazard Marker Paired Program that includes bird flu, MRSA, SARS and others health hazards – that program will be available in about 30 days but we can submit .gns files if we want someone evaluated.


Echo Wright talked about a new form she had developed and will make available to conference participants. The form allows a person to put in a Frequency and all possible levels of the formulations that Sharry developed are automatically set up – Echo acknowledged that her form was an adaptation of a form that Sharlene Simmons had developed earlier that is being used in class to create light formulations.


Tommy presented a High and Low form of the Nutrient Assimilation Chart that allows you to click on the substance to get to the frequency.  Kaj presented a project she did over an issue she had with back pain. She created a chart showing relationships among inflammatory and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, which makes sense of the way that they work.  (I’m sure Kaj will share this with other conference participants who are on the new 08 forum!)  Several more questions were answered by Sharry and the conference came to an end. We applauded the wonderful Staff (I hope they take a few days off after so much work!) and they deserve recognition for all they managed to to! So Thank You, Nicki Byrd (Practitioner Liason), Nicki (Bailey) Bailes (Clinical Cordinator), Heather Baker (Media Coordinator), Kylie Collins (Special Projects), Stacy Skinner (Financial Services), Renee Swanger (Shipping/Receiving/Production), Julie Haislop (Receptionist), and Bob Bethel (COO). Five days had slipped by so quickly!  We gathered our stuff, and after hugs and kisses, and experiencing that strange sense of leaving a family of like souls, we started the trip home.  This conference will be remembered as the one hard to surpass!!   - Kathy Greene Fucetola


PS:  Each time new information was presented, it was made available for download – including templates for insulin resistance, MRSA, hypertension and others.  New Videos and press releases were also downloaded.  For those of us who attended conference, significant discounts on purchases of tone boxes and computer programs made it seem like the price of the conference was given back to us.  All of us especially appreciated the upgrade for GenPro templates that was provided to all of us on the first day. Do keep up with the online classes!!


I’m sure the office will begin to list the new programs, speakers, charts and teacher training ideas as soon as they get back to business as usual,  although I don’t think Sound Health will ever again be as we used to know it. I remember talking with Judy and Lita, years ago (I think it was the year that Liz lost her shoes), that there would come a point when things would change dramatically and we would have to be versatile enough to adjust. We also lamented the eventual dissolution of our tight knit group- - but great news! The change has arrived due to tremendous activity at Sound Health and the new BARAs are wonderful! This year has been exceptional for Sharry and BioAcoustics- and with all of the new recognition from important places, there are no limits in sight for this wonderful art/science!!



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