Sound Health - Human BioAcoustics
2009 Conference Report

2009 BioAcoustic Conference
Dedicated to Canadian BARA, Kim Thomson

As is custom, Tommy and I begin talking about the “upcoming conference”
about three months before it happens. We note hints dropped by Sharry – we
consider what research has been accomplished- and we attempt to guess just
what surprises Sharry might have in store for us. Sharry, however, is always,
many steps ahead- and so we are always amazed when she introduces entirely new
data at the event! The conference usually begins on a Wednesday and runs
through Sunday, by which time, we are all severely suffering eye, ear and
brain fatigue This year would be special for Ralph and me. Our son Drew had
recently taken Sharry’s basic course and was being invited to the conference
as an actual guest- not in his usual role of “Drew, go-for”!

We never make the Wednesday class. Instead we drive all night through and
arrive for Thursday’s session, eyes glazed, clothes rumpled and few minutes
to spare. I will rely on Tommy’s notes for Wednesday’s report. Thank you,

Wednesday Session from Tommy's notes:

The Wednesday morning session was for those who wish to teach BioAcoustics
and it opened with Sharry asking questions about BioAcoustics and giving
tokens for the Carnival (more on that later!) to those with the correct
answers. Next, she warned the class about "Brainfuzz" (and more on that
later!) and introduced them to "Brainstorm", frequencies that 'zap' it! She
continued by talking about BioAcoustics and how it will be needed to survive
the times ahead, and she introduced a new BioAcoustic class book.

After mentioning ideas from her book, "The Making of a Soul", Sharry began
lecturing on teaching and learning styles. She spoke of the different ways a
teacher may approach a subject and about the different ways students may
interpret those teachings. She talked about problem students: those who try to
monopolize a class session and those who quietly fall behind. BioAcoustics is
a complicated art/science. Some students pick it up quickly, some slowly and
some never do. It is important for potential students to fill out information
forms about themselves before a class so that the teacher has a better idea of
how to approach the lessons. Here, Sharry mentioned that Barbara Schroeder (a
new student) created a wonderful flow chart, sequencing BioAcoustic

Sharry continued with information on NeoVoice, a website several years in the
making. Because people were not purchasing microphones to do their
voiceprints, NanoVoice was created, and while it is less sophisticated than
NeoVoice, it has already been downloaded 20,000 times!

Now that more people are purchasing their own microphones, NeoVoice will be
released to the public. This program describes the user in detail and
describes what kind of a partner they would make and what kind of a partner
they need, making it a sort of "dating service"! Sally Jones labeled it,

A blog has been created for BioAcoustics where people who are interested in
learning more, can ask questions. Class information will be posted on it and
it will be updated each time there is new information to share. It will also
have space for Sound Health data and subscribers will fill out data forms when
they join.

Sharry continued by announcing that she has decoded the Swine Flu frequency
equivalents along with the related genes, activators and proteins. Apparently,
according to the numbers, this flu was designed to target people with weak
immune systems.

New programs were discussed! The Methylation Program will be introduced later
in the conference. Other programs coming out include subjects such as
infertility, teeth, pH, blood, ADHD and more. Baily is doing much of the
research for the database and she has found Hyperhealth to be very useful.

New class information included that the five-day Focus Course has been broken
into three, two day courses (over three consecutive weekends) for doctors.
Film students will taping portions of classes in the coming summer so that
these can be seen in satellite locations, where BioAcoustics is being taught.
These classes will be known as POD classes and will be larger in size than
the usual classes. Several dozen students will be taught at one time.

A Dr. Sinatra (who Sharry labels a progressive professional) and his wife have
become very interested in BioAcoustics which he has used to reduce his hip
pain. Dr. Sinatra is also including information on BioAcoustics in his
newsletters. This information led into a discussion on muscle weaknesses and
strengths and the frequency equivalents that relate to them.

Sharry is designing Advanced Classes which will include practice sessions,
research lab work, internships and invitation only teacher training.

Next Sharry discussed what I consider one of the 'highlights' of the
conference. She shared a frequency equivalent that can be used to enhance the
flavor of 'cheap' wine!!! You play this while placing the bottle on a
subwoofer. Rob Catania has created a plate with the architecture of this
frequency equivalent in it. As a lover of wine, reading about this lecture in
Tommy's notes had me ECSTATIC!! Everyone has their own special "niche'', that
which they like doing the most, in this art/science- I like watching
pathogens disappear! But this could be a really cool second!

(I took a break from writing and had a glass of wine.)

Sharry continued the class lecture by announcing that Dorrine's paper on
Oto-Acoustic Emissions (the Davis addendum to Tomatis work) has been
published in Medical Veritas and in the Journal of the Acoustic Society.
Valerie Rice is doing an internship with the PTSD information.

After a quick break, Sharry went into depth about reading a NanoVoice print.
She talked about what the various notes meant and how the colors within those
notes finetuned those meanings. She explained that the top of the graph
referred to the 'head', or spiritual matters, while the bottom of the graph
refers to 'gut' or emotional matters. She talked about how the placement and
layering of colors on the graph represented interrelating energies that
defined the person who made the print.

Since all of the BARAs present had done a NanoVoice test before the class
began, Sharry began interpreting those charts. Judy Chamber's voiceprint
showed that she is a multi-tasker and since she had certain colors in
abundance, she will reach eighty per cent of her audience, when teaching (way
to go, Judy!). She will teach by using facts and showing her students how
these facts will affect their futures. Sharry talked about her own learning
experiences and said that she is embarassed to think that anyone could believe
that she received her knowledge through normal academic channels. (Kathy
note- some of it may have come from other 'channels', perhaps- but definitely
NOT the mundane!!)

The lecture continued with Sharry defining the three ways people communicate.
These can be described as Judgmental Communication, Evaluative Communication
and Descriptive Communication. It is through Descriptive Communication that
you establish the best rapport with your students. Teachers must be flexible
to be able to adapt to their students' needs. Sharry then described each
note in the NanoVoice and how it relates to teaching style, and how each note
is affected by each of the colors revealed within it.

Based on their dominant NanoVoice notes, the class then broke into groups to
discuss the ways they would teach different types of groups of students.
These potential groups included prospective students, children with aADD, and
an auxiliary group from a zoo!

Sharry spoke more about plans for teaching at satellite locations. Dani Tilly
has completed a full student/teacher practice from application to training and
she has been doing some of the teaching of the online classes (I have heard
her teach, and she does so, beautifully!). Dani may take on the job of
coordinating teacher training.

Sharry has been doing shows for the Rumor Mill News, and she is planning to do
one for them in the near future about Swine Flu. More and more referrals for
BioAcoustic analysis have been coming from doctors who would like a deeper
understanding of their patients' symptoms and the root cause of same.

After reviewing a few more 'odds and ends', Sharry closed the Wednesday
session,telling the BARAs to "get plenty of rest"! There's lots more to come!
She wasn't joking!


Wednesday night we packed our bags and left Millie and our friends George and
Maia to watch the fifteen cats, the turtle and Tweety, the cockatiel (with his
soulmate, a golfball dubbed Mildred). When Drew was younger, we were forced
to suffer cassette tape after cassette tape of “Hank the Cowdog” and his
incredible adventures with his pal, a smaller dog, his nemeses, the cat, and a
pack of not so bright coyote. As Drew got older the tapes changed to ZBS
productions like “The Fourth Tower of Inverness” and tales of “Ruby the
Intergalactic Gumshoe”. Thus, it was nice when Drew put a movie soundtrack
on by Sting called “The Living Seas”. I highly recommend this music. It
was also nice that Drew did most of the driving!

Somehow, we always manage to arrive about 20 minutes before opening, with just
enough time to gulp down some strong coffee and fill up on the breakfast the
Staff has created. Sound Health is in a building with a kitchen and so most of
our meals happen right there during conference. It is wonderful showing up at
conference and seeing old friends, faces not seen since the last conference
and I wondered what it would feel like this year- many of the people who
attended for years would not be present and would be greatly missed. But there
were a lot of new faces nibbling on breakfast as we walked in, and soon we
were attaching names to them. Dear Tommy appeared for hugs and Drew was really
glad to see him. Tommy is a role model for all of us in BioAcoustics and Drew
is really impressed with his knowledge. Judy was there for hugs and I was
happy to see a familiar face and then June came out of the kitchen with a tray
of deviled eggs.

Sharry’s Aunt June is a very special lady. I remember clearly, when she
stopped by my first class with Sharry to say hello. Sharry introduced her as
“her bodyguard”, a surprise since June is a little, tiny lady.
Apparently, she is well trained in martial arts and packs quite a wallop of a
punch because she travelled with Sharry for years and protected her when the
crowds got too close. June is a sweetheart and I was very happy to see her

After taking a gulp of oj and grabbing a plate of fruit and my conference bag,
I headed, with Ralph and Drew, for the school’s former gymnasium where
conferences are held.In the hallway, we passed the sign-in table where the
staff was busy taking pictures of attendees and answering questions. Last
year, there were problems with echoes in the conference room, but this year,
someone had brilliantly suggested putting up a massive tent which affected a
lowered ceiling, and that solved the sound problem. We sat at long tables, 3
apiece, with electrical hookups for our computers and I sorted through the
green cotton conference bag that included all sorts of goodies including a
conference drink mug and conference info. I looked around the room. The theme
was “The Body Green”. Talk about being politically correct! There were
green signs about the room with statistics on them relating to the human body
and green balloons were strung along the tent.

Shortly after nine, Kevin Leery, a new face to me, opened the session. I
recognized Kevin’s name. He very kindly took on the job of reviewing the
Sunday classes for us and wonderfully writing them up for the online chats.
Kevin and his wife, Janet, are both enthusiastic students of BioAcoustics
and were thrilled to be at their first conference. Kevin had agreed to be
Master of Ceremonies for the duration, and now he announced some of the things
we would be learning over the next few days.

Kevin opened his remarks with a big smile and a loud “Welcome Home”. There
is a feeling of coming home with each of these conferences, probably because
so many that attend “think” so alike. He mentioned that while last
year’s conference was wonderful, this one would be “spectacular”! He
told us that a film crew would be filming the conference for a potential
documentary and mentioned that Sound Health is being mentioned in more and
more places, including an alternative medicine newsletter, that reaches many
thousands of people! He talked about the necessity of doing more individual
work to “hone the craft”. We discussed some of the things we must avoid as
we become more public. I spoke of the need to avoid medical terms and to stick
with frequency equivalents indicated in the voiceprint and the differences
between our analysis of energy needs and needs according to allopathic

Kevin continued the opening with a talk about the schedule (understand that
this is always written out nicely and never, ever, ‘followed’ as intended.
It is no surprise when, oh, perhaps two hours into a conference, Sharry or a
Staffer will announce a change in the day’s plans. These changes are the
rule throughout the entire conference) Kevin then announced that Sunday would
be mostly a review day.

Next, Kevin discussed some of the questions BARAs are asking about reading
various programs and some of the changes being made in them. He talked about
how those in a BioAcoustic business charge for their time. Ralph joined in,
discussing the legalities of such a business. He defined malpractice as
“operating out of the standards of one’s practice”.

At this point, Nickie and Kylie were introduced and they announced that while
planning the conference, they decided that some people deserved special
recognition and they had decided to have fun with that. They then called up
Tommy Priakos and crowned him and declared him “Friend of the People”. A
very surprised Tommy graciously accepted his crown. Next, they called in Miss
June, Sharry's Aunt, and declared her Queen Mother and crowned her with a
very ornate crown that ‘flashed’ her position. June wore her crown with
great dignity, the picture of a royal!

Two more had been chosen as conference royalty for the help they have been
providing to Sharry and Sound Health; Larry Cook was crowned "King of the
Conference" and Danielle Tilly (Dani) was crowned Queen of the conference!
Dani caught on to BioAcoustics very quickly and is now doing some of the
teaching at Sound Health. All were applauded and Sharry thanked them, noting
that Queen June had been "more than a mother" to her over the decades.

Next, the Sound Health staff was introduced: we met Bailey, who does the
templates; Patty, who works in administration and tries to keep things
organized; Amy, who does websites and signs and much production work; Nicki,
who has been focussed on researching and creating the Diet Programs;
Jennifer, the receptionist who helps organize the Open House and deals with
the media; Jen, the new bookkeeper; and P.J., who does video and radio editing
along with Bess. Sharry thanked the Staff for working so hard to put the
conference together.

Sharry continued, mentioning that those who missed the Wednesday session
should get copies of the paperwork handed out. She said that it would not be
"all work and no play". A Carnival was planned for Saturday night
entertainment and she would be throwing questions at us during lectures and
those with the correct answers would win tokens to use toward prizes at the
Carnival. Sharry talked a bit about past conferences. Dan, the gentleman who
films these conferences and I have the distinction of having attended every
Sound Health  Conference. Sharry announced that while Drew has been to many
Conferences (we dragged him along with us) , he was now here officially as a
new BARA, having taken the necessary class, and is the first "Second
Generation BARA".

It was time to get serious, there would be much to share, so Sharry opened the
first lecture with a discussion of methylation. She began by mentioning that
people who have A# and D in stress have digestive problems that relate to
enzyme problems and related that to the chemical dance in the body, called
methylation. Sharry thanked Chris Cordes for bringing her information of
methylation and introduced him to the group. He spoke about this subject and
shared what he had learned.

Chris had researched a great deal because his son Ethan had been labeled
autistic and doctors were misdiagnosing him. Chris found a new doctor, Dr. Amy
Yasko, who tested clients in unusual ways. Chris discussed the various
stresses that lead to disease. He then told us that Dr. Amy uses a system she
labelled Nutrigenomics, to study nutrients, various foods and how they work in
synthesis for health. Her testing is DNA based, and she found that the
methylation cycle is the ideal pathway to focus on for Nutrigenomic Analysis.
Methylation occurs in the body over a billion times a second. It is a big
dance of biochemicals, passing methyl groups from one partner to another.
Chris used a slide presentation to illustrate his lecture.

Because this biochemical process is so important, Sharry has created a program
for mapping same in frequency equivalents. This allows a voiceprint to be
compared to the methylation charts , showing just where problems occur.
Sharry explained that the program searches out the underlying genetic
susceptibility of a subject for a disease state. She went on to explain how
this all relates to the Kreb's Cycle. Chris mentioned that Dr. Amy has
developed supplements based on this work and they can be seen at her site,

After a five minute break, Sharry continued to describe the new Methylation
Program. She advised that, while using this program, when looking at something
low, do not interpret it as a minimal, and when looking at something high, do
not assume it as a usual high. When looking at a voiceprint, pick the extreme
highs and lows and not the minimal highs and lows and stay away from numbers
too near the grey grid. She then demonstrated the program, after which we
broke for lunch, nicely prepared by the Sound Health Staff.

After lunch, Sharry mentioned some places that info on Sound Health has
appeared. This included the Rumor Mill News website and articles by Larry
Triviari. She talked about Pat Kwandras, an artist who uses BioAcoustics to
create water paintings out of birthdate number charged waters and shared some
of her ink drawings with us.

Next, Sharry introduced Andrea Stern. Andrea wrote and produced a full length
movie over the past few years, called "Death by Chocolate" . This movie is
about a group of people who are driven to suicide (by wine and chocolate)
because of overbearing government regulations, particularly in the areas of
health and nutrition. Billed as a dark comedy, it won an award at the Cannes
Movie Festival in France and Sharry announced that it would be shown this

Sharry spoke for a while about the importance of the prevac program and
Dorrinne Davis talked about the use of this program on her grandchild. There
was some discussion on the measles vaccine creating peripherol neuropathy.

Moving on, Sharry discussed the HCG Diet, wherein people get shots of a
pregnancy hormone and ingest only 500 calories a day. The hormone deals with
leptin and insulin, DNA and RNA, and speeds up the metabolism. Sharry has
worked out a way of doing this diet with sound instead of shots of the
hormone. She said that the biggest factor preventing weight loss is
inflammation. She then named a substance, which, when activated, makes the HCG
work. She mentioned that Dr. Simeon (the doctor who developed this diet) has
created a nasal spray to use in place of the shot and she mentioned that there
are great side affects to the use of the HCG number. She said that men treat
women using this number better, and that it boosts sexual interest in both
you and your mate. She continued by speaking about a number that controls
muscle tone through hormones and is especially good after menopause. When she
finished, we took a break.

After a quick break, Sharry introduced Ben Powers, who is doing his film
dissertation about BioAcoustics. Next, she introduced her husband Bill, who
described some of the new tools available, as well as some of his own
BioAcoustic experiences and how he turned from a doubter to a true believer.
Sharry described BioAcoustics as the "RNA controlling the DNA" - Bioacoustics
keeps them in stassis.

Sharry next spoke on the conference theme - "The Body Green". She talked
about our concerns with ecology and the regeneration of the body and she spoke
about different ideas associated with the color green. She went on to talk
about auras and she demonstrated the aura cards that she created several
decades ago for a class.

Moving along, Sharry showed us a Sound Health video of three macular
degeneration cases. While macular degeneration is considered incurable, these
clients did very well in reversing their eye problems using the energies from
the sounds provided. The commonalities in these cases were discussed and the
role of cholesterol in these cases was discussed. Sharry also discussed
certain substances which BioAcoustic research has shown to be important for
eye health. Further, she discussed color vision problems, ways of testing
them and online resources for eye tests. She finished the session with, "We
really don't know what colors we are missing until we fix it!"

Though tired from the previous night's ride and a long day of lectures, Ralph,
Drew and I happily met with other BARAs at Lui Lui, a popular Athens
restaurant for dinner. We shared experiences over glasses of wine (must keep
those resveritrol levels up - "for science"!) and great food and then everyone
took off for a good night's sleep.

We have been coming to Athens at least once a year since 1994. While I stayed
at the Athens Motel (fondly referred to as the Bates Motel), when Sound Health 
was next door to it on State Street, we have mostly stayed at the Amerihost
Hotel. As we drove toward it, we passed the Athens Motel and noted that it
looked like someone had spent some money, gussying it up . I wondered if the
local students still brought the school mascot (a goat) there for parties.
Athens had changed a lot over the years, and is fast becoming a more
sophisticated center for the arts and good restaurants. Even the Amerihost
Hotel had been sold and was now The Baymont Inn. This was particularly
exciting to me, because (I hoped!) the new owners might have splurged on new
mattresses for the guestrooms!

I have had a long running war with the Amerihost mattresses - no actually with
the 'specific mattress' that (I swear!) they keep in a special closet and pull
out when they know I am arriving . This mattress was chopped out of a local
quarry and does not give even slightly for the natural curve of a spine and
refuses to be beaten into submission (I have tried). Thus, I get almost no
sleep during conference. I tiptoed into the room thinking that if it WAS the
same mattress, it might be sleeping and unaware, but it was ready and waiting.
Remember those old (and wonderful!) Pink Panther films where the servant Kato
waits for Inspector Clouseau to come home and then violently attacks him (for
martial arts practice)? That mattress has the same attitude as Kato. No
matter how exhausted I am, there is no way I can sleep on that hard surface
(at home I have a waterbed) , and I swear I heard the mattress snicker as I
laid down. After several minutes of hopeless tossing and turning, I cried
"Uncle", got up and arranged the upholstered chair as best I could , and "sort
of slept" there! Tomorrow night I vowed, I will defeat that mattress..........

Morning arrived much too quickly and the three of us rushed back to Albany
where hot coffee and breakfast was waiting. There was much to share, so
Kevin opened the morning session quickly. He introduced Ralph, who spoke
about Health Freedom and the laws being passed to restrict our right to good
health.  He urged all to go to and join the
Action eAlert list.

Sharry and I discussed problems created for BioAcoustics when (a
few) exstudents take old class information, twist it, add nonsense, and sell
it as their own. Generally, their 'students' and clients complain to Sound
Health that they have been ripped off and what they were taught or what was
used on them does not work. No surprise to us, but a nuisance to those of us
who would like to further this art/science.

Next, "King" Larry Cook demonstrated a method he uses to save client records.
He starts with a data page that can be moved about. He also uses a Tone Trial
Sheet that data can easily be inserted into . With a few added comments, these
pages could be sent to the office as case studies.

Kevin announced he shared a birthday with the next speaker, Karen Bainbridge,
and Karen discussed one of her (always interesting) cases. This was about a
woman who had COPD, diabetes, sciatica and vitreal detachment. Vitreal
detachment is the detaching of a gel like substance in the eyes. She also had
floaters in her right eye. Karen did her voiceprint and then used frequency
equivalents that we associate with two substances found in skin. Karen took
two voiceprints and loaded them into the Svani noting those two frequency
equivalents and then prepared her client's tonebox. Now Karen read a letter
from the client stating that the floaters (which were large and made her feel
like she was peering through gelatin) were gone! Karen noted that the client
had listened to the sounds for just a few weeks, for about five hours each
day. Sharry joined in the discussion and pointed out the closeness of one of
the numbers to a hormone's frequency equivalent that might have added to the
affect and she also noted that another number used was close to a mineral
that is good for the eyes. A discussion of eye floaters followed.

Kevin then introduced Dorrinne Davis who shared a case involving male pattern
baldness (cheers from Ralph!) . She had a 44 year old male client who had
cardiomyopathy, sleep apnea, and muscle burning sensations (he was a runner
and athlete). He listened to sounds for four months and then returned with
some of the same issues but with the addition of male pattern baldness. His
new voiceprint showed a lot more information and was clearer to read.
Dorrinne put a rollover in his box, that related to hair development. He has
been using that rollover for about nine months, and his hair is coming in
nicely. Sharry mentioned that Sound Health has a tonebox dedicated to hair
growth called "Hair Apparent".

After a ten minute break, Drew introduced the program he has been creating as
a website that directs the public to sound practitioners, giving each a page
to describe their practice. This would be a referral service that only
certified BARAS would be allowed to use. There would be a testimonial page and
links to sites such as Nutrasounds. Drew demonstrated how the program would
work and talked about possible additions.

At this point, we broke for lunch which we brought back to the classroom to
eat as we watched Andrea Stern's film, "Death by Chocolate". This is a dark
comedy, filmed on a yacht on the beautiful Chesapeake, about a group of people
fed up with a system that is destroying their health. They decide to "party"
out! It won awards at the Cannes Film Festival and Andrea is now working on a
follow-up film!

After the film, Sharry talked a bit about schedule changes and a new project,
named "immune rise", that is aimed at revealing and dealing with autoimmune
diseases. Sharry went over certain numbers that show up in charts of
autoimmune problems, and mentioned a specific chart that seems to "cover all".

Next, Sharry announced that certain pharmaceutical companies were now
consulting her about their products. She then spoke of a website where the
user could choose his/her issue to be tested against. She reminded us , "If
you want to speak to the brain, you have to speak math!"

A few questions were raised with regard to problems using programs and Tommy
was referred to for answers. Sharry went on to speak of plans for new classes
both for practitioners and non-practitioners. These will include programs
that describe a personality from a voiceprint.

Kevin then introduced Chris Cordes who demonstrated a portable recorder he has
been using successfully. He explained how he transferred voiceprints from it.
Then Dani demonstrated a CD that she created that is actually a class review.

Finally, Sharry took the microphone and led a session on the swine flu and
what she has been discovering about it using BioAcoustics. According to her
decoding of this flu, it is most easily activated by certain conditions and
substances. These include candida, mercury, and DHEA (found in soaps,
lotions, shampoos, etc). She discussed certain protein activators present in
swine flu and talked about what happens when this flu moves into your body and
takes over.

She continued her discussion with a brief description of what she has decoded
about the newly popular health substance, resveratrol.

All shared in a brief discussion of government plans for population reduction,
and then Sharry ended the session so the room could be arranged for the Friday
Evening Open House, held to introduce people living in Albany to Sound Health 

We needed to pick up a few things at a store and so Ralph and I drove into
Athens to do so. By the time we reached the store (it's a 7 minute drive) , I
was falling asleep (finally!) and so Ralph did the shopping and drove us back
to Albany where I continued to sleep, waking up a while later in the shape of
a Chevy Malibu passenger seat.The Open House was going well when I stumbled in
and visitors were having their voices read by BARAs. After the Open House, we
drove over to Rikki's house (she is Sharry's daughter) , where several people
were 'camping out' in various rooms and sat listening to some interesting
music that Andrea brought as we shared experiences, cheese and wine (just to
keep up those resveritrol levels!) . Drew decided to stay with the campers for
the night, so Ralph and I drove back to the hotel and I was soooooooo tired, I
just knew I would fall asleep even on that granite mattress!

Did you know that the passenger seat of a Chevy Malibu is more comfortable
than the mattresses at The Baymont Inn? Of course, my back was still twisted
to match the the curves of the seat and there was that indentation in my ribs
where the door handle was located , but together the pain they provided was
still less than the pain that that mattress could inflict. It was a long
night and when we left for class the next morning, my eyes were only
functioning, one at a time. Fortunately, Sharry's staff knew to make STRONG
coffee which provided enough buzz to make me THINK I was awake.

Here, I should insert a mention of conference "brain fuzz". This is a
condition, usually achieved by every BARA present, by Thursday afternoon or
Friday morning, tops! It is a condition where your brain numbs from total
saturation and begins to weep and scream, "no more! no more! I'll never
remember all this info!" And then, just to annoy, it teases, "But yes! more
info please! did you know I am a masochist??" Well, Sharry anticipated this
and created a "sound" to counterract (as in "beat up") brain fuzz. By
Saturday morning, everyone was passing those brain fuzz fizzle boxes around,
and eyes would blink "awake" for at least a decent while!! Saturdays are
always loaded with info. I used the fuzz fizzle AND got a second cup of

A wide awake looking Kevin (must be the resveritrol - or my eyes were so
glazed, he just LOOKED wide awake!) announced the day's plans, and Sharry took
the podium and continued her discussion of swine flu, noting that her notes in
her computer appeared to have been tampered with overnight. There are always
such tamperings at conference time, so we know that this work must really be

Sharry continued with some general info about commonalities in whole notes and
frequency equivalents. She spoke again about resveritrol and the best type of
grapes that it is made from. She warned that the pills do not remain potent
for very long, and then she spoke about recognizing the differences between
chemical and natural structures of nutrients.

More questions arose about the swine flu and information was shared regarding
evidence that the swine flu was deliberately created in a lab and a pandemic
would be no "accident". The fact that Big Pharma was so quick with vaccines
for this flu, indicates that they knew its 'recipe' in advance.

At this point, I got to experience one of those 'special' moments a mother has
when she realizes her child has a 'unique' talent. A fly was buzzing around
Sharry and she casually called Drew up to 'deal with it'. So I was
overwhelmed to see my son stride up to the podium, tiptoe over to the fly, and
set his hands apart and to its sides. I watched him, barely breathing, stare
the fly into submission and then slap his hands together, sending the fly off
to 'fly heaven'! I held my hand to my heart and shook my head in wonder.
These are the moments a mother dreams about - my son, "The Fly Killer"! Sharry
announced that Drew had killed several flies for her the day before (I was
ecstatic!), and smartass Drew responded, "Yeah, and I only got 5 carnival
points for them!" Laughing, Sharry gave him twenty more.........

Sharry continued the general discussion, with a talk about nutrients that
clean the liver. She also continued the earlier discussion about flu
activators and mentioned the common papaloma virus as an activator. Since this
is in a cervical cancer vaccine the establishment has been pushing, this
activator is widespread. Vaccine problems were discussed, particularly the
contaminated vaccine Baxter had sent out to be used. Fortunately, someone had
thought to test this vaccine and the contamination was discovered.

Sharry shared a book with the group, titled "God as Math". The author writes
that our brain and our biology are hardwired to respond to the basic
principles of math. She also shared the book, "The Brain as Math" by Brian

Sharry believes that we each "scan" other people with our fingertips. This
idea shifted into a discussion of the Tricorder, used to diagnose and heal on
the Star Trek show (Sharry is a huge fan of Star Trek!). Sharry said a good
Tricorder would measure frequency, create waveform and provide the needed

Sharry continued the discussion with information about ATP, the first chemical
created during conception, and she mentioned other items that share its
frequency equivalent. She offered that everything that keeps us in stassis,
goes through the parasympathetic nerve bundle. Thus our voice changes with
our condition as well as with the situations and beliefs we take on.

At some point during this discussion, Sharry was asked to sing the "God Sound"
- the sound that she associates with God. This is a piercing, brilliant sound
in the electrical spectrum that will quickly quiet a room into focus. There
is a quiet ecstasy that this sound produces in the listeners, so I lost track
of "what, where, when" - but know this happened at approximately this time.

Sharry spoke about "becoming real" - "knowing one's self" and living that true
being. She said that many people who have trouble sticking with this work, do
so because the work reveals to them, more than they can handle about
themselves. Sharry continued with a discussion about the connections between
science and metaphysics and frequency and creation. She laughed that science
ultimately substantiates what we feel free to create.

Sharry is written about in the book "Keepers of the Holy Grail" as one of the
modern Grail Keepers. The author, Silvia Franke, states that Sharry's
frequency work is part of what the grail actually is. A smiling Sharry
stated, "God is sentientness in one pot!" She spoke of String Theory and DNA
Strings and about how people are waking up to these new ways of realizing all
that is. She said that she would like to legitimize a new science, the science
of Sonistry, around BioAcoustic Mathways. She spoke of Biomagnetic problems
likely having to do with electrolytes, Bioelectric problems likely being
genetic and Biochemical problems being related to levels of a certain
substance. She spoke of emotional and structural levels as different octaves,
going back to some of the early teachings of BioAcoustics. She defined
'creativity' as "that which others have not thought to think".

Sharry continued with some of the early class information . She talked about
physical vs processing numbers and colors. She talked about the history of
BioAcoustics, her early experiences and how this art/science developed. She
spoke of geometry, the Templars, the Maltese Cross and how she has used
geometry in this work. She summed up the lecture with the statement: "The
body is a predictable mathematical matrix." Heads spinning, we headed for

After lunch, Sharry discussed various disease states and how they are seen in
a voiceprint as well as mixtures of frequency equivalents that deal with
things like lactic acid. She talked about the Krebs cycle and how it relates
to disease and what to look for from the Krebs cycle in a voiceprint. She
talked about biochemicals that feed cancers and the substances that neutralize

Then she pulled one of her 'stunners'. Sharry announced that she is writing a
paper titled, "Time is Bio-Chemical". It explains how we can distort the
perception of time with frequency. Now I should not have been surprised by
this announcement, because Sharry has had Ralph experiment with time
perception numbers and he was amazed at the amount of work he got done using
them. He says he felt like he was in a "different space". When these are
released, there will be no excuse for not finishing one's homework........

Those of us who have been with Sharry through the years, know that she updates
her frequency equivalent lists regularly, as she discovers new items to
consider in her decodings. Thus, we are always working with the very latest
of Sharry's formulas, while those out in lalaland who have taken her courses
and then sell her lists of formulas (as their own) are selling "old stuff".
So for about the sixth time in twelve years, Sharry changed her bone formula
and passed it to us.

She continued with the reasons (from the matrix!) that hair turns gray. She
then turned to the analog/digital question and spoke of Ron Bauer, an expert
on this subject. She finished her talk with a mention of BBS Radio (which is
giving Sound Health its own band for an early warning system for BARAS) and a
discussion of the future of BioAcoustics.

Everyone who knows Nancy Blachly, knows that she is brilliant and likely to
come up with something extra super for conference. When I first met Nancy, she
seemed so quiet. Little did I realize that her brain is a super computer,
going kachinkachink 24/7. So when Kevin introduced her to the group, I knew
she would be wonderful. On the other hand, I still have my copy of her email
about her experience with a gaul bladder cleanse, wherein it wasn't until the
second round that she realized the epsom salts should be mixed with a liquid
before ingesting.......... that one had me on the floor in stitches!

Anyway, Nancy blew the group away with some discoveries she made about the
spine. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to reveal her research here or the
formulas she came up with, but we were so amazed that the room became
completely quiet and every mouth was open in the "Oh wow!" position. After
she showed us the mathematics she had discovered, Nancy showed us cases where
she used this information successfully. This certainly will become a whole
new branch on Sharry's BioAcoustics Tree. Nancy, I am awed by both your
knowledge and your integrity. Just stay away from those epsom salts......

Sharry applauded Nancy's research stating simply, "Math is God". This is
something you catch onto quickly as you study BioAcoustics. You view the
world very differently when you study this art/science. You understand why
NASA sends out Math as messages into space and you realize it is a universal
language that this work allows us to better understand .

Next on the (very much changed) schedule, Kevin introduced Carol Lorenger from
the Lorenger Research Institute. Carol spoke about iodine. She spoke of
iodine's discovery in 1811 during a search for a new type of gunpowder. She
spoke of the various uses for iodine and its importance as a nutrient. She
also mentioned the iodine substance atomodine, which is a liquid iodine that
has electricity run through it. Edgar Cayce recommended this form in some of
his readings.

After a brief break, Sharry tested us with general BioAcoustic questions. She
also spoke about genetic issues in a voiceprint and how to recognize them.

Next, She spoke about Carol Ritberger, who had been a guest on Sharry's radio
show several times. Carol has studied color and its effect on us and its
meanings. Her book, "What Color is Your Personality?" is out of print and a
collector's item. Her other book is "Your Personality - Your Health". Sharry
compared how Carol uses color to our use of sound.

It had been a long day, and at 4 pm Sharry closed the session so that the
Staff could come in and create a casino for the evening's festivities. We
rushed back to the hotel to rest (I stretched out on the floor..) and at 7 pm,
everyone gathered for the Conference Banquet.

The Staff had been doing an exceptional job feeding us breakfast and lunch at
the conference, and they had even provided gluten free goodies. Now they
outdid themselves, with risotto and baked chicken and tulapulo served with
steamed string beans and dinner rolls, and a rich chocolate mousse for
dessert! Following dinner, Sharry stood up and announced that Suzanne Johnson
had said something to her that made her feel wonderful. It seems that Suzanne
is a social worker and she has had to attend many, many, many conferences over
the years. She told Sharry that this was the best conference she had ever

Sharry continued by thanking the Staff for their excellent work in organizing
this conference and seeing that it was run smoothly. The Staff , in turn,
surprised her with a gift, a very beautiful scarf, and then left to finish
preparing for Carnival.

Sharry gave out the certificates and made several special announcements.
Tommy was noted for giving several months of study to various computer
languages so that he could finish some of the conference programs.

Then Sharry told us that she had some very sad news. She had just learned that
Canadian BARA Kim Thompson was in the hospital with a late stage cancer, and
things were not looking good. We said a quiet prayer for Kim.

Tommy and Sally brought our spirits back up with their performance of
"Something's Coming". Quiet Sally can really belt out a tune when she decides
to! She is very talented. Then Nazeeha (which means "God's purity") Howard
and Tommy performed some soothing, mystical sounding music and Naheeza sang.
It was a gentle ending to a very pleasant banquet.

The group moved quickly to the gym, where Carnival games were set up and music
was playing. Tommy's version of "Sharry" could be heard, and I have to insert
here, that when I am feeling a bit low, all I have to do is listen to that on
YouTube and I am brought right back up! Dear Mortonette was not present in
body, but her voice sure filled the room, with her recording of "He's Got the
Whole World in His Hands", and as the music climaxed, the duck pond game
broke, washing water across the very spot that Mortonette had recorded the
music the year before. Sharry decided that this was a cleansing blessing!
BARAs played the various games set up into the late evening and super prizes
of tech toys and programs were awarded based on points accumulated!

It was very late when we arrived back at the Hotel and we were very, very
tired. Even so, that durn bed would not allow sleep. I punched it, I kicked
it, I bounced up and down, but it would not give, so I went to sleep on the
chair, dreaming of my waterbed!

Sundays at conference are filled with all of the things that got mishmashed
from the schedule on earlier days. There is never any logic to the order of
information and it comes at us super fast. We rushed through fruit and coffee
and got seated to see the figure of a dancing ballerina spinning on the large
screen in the front of the room. I had seen this dancing figure before, and
knew that the direction you saw her spinning in indicated your brain
dominance. Not to brag, but I can control her spin, back and forth in both
directions every ten seconds or so! And I suspect most of the people in that
room could also, because most of the people attracted to Sharry's work are
whole brained.

Kevin stood up at the podium and welcomed everyone back . Gwen Rogers spoke
about choices we have and how we perceive things. Then Sharry opened the
morning session mentioning last night's carnival and showing one of the
carnival prizes which was a hand cranked and solar emergency radio that also
charges cell phones. "This is something everyone should have handy," Sharry

Next, she introduced Pat Kwandraswho spoke about her mom's heart condition.
She shared her mother's voiceprint which was very unusual looking in that it
had the look of an EKG test.

Dr Bill Leer and his daughter Kimberly are BARAs and Dr. Leer spoke about how
impressed he is with the way we are all concerned about each other . He has
experienced many groups where the members were very impersonal and
uninterested in each other.
He shared his experience of a house fire the previous fall and how Sharry's
staff made a point of setting up a computer to use (his had been lost in the
fire) . His daughter Kimberly had also been helped after hurting her back.
Then, on vacation, the Doctor had a mild stroke and his daughter called from
Florida and told Nikki what happened. Nikki got his voiceprint from her and
within a day sent them back frequency equivalents to work with. The office
sent regular emails checking up on him and within two weeks he was much
better. He was very impressed by this and said he was proud to be part of
this family.

Sharry's computer had stopped functioning and, while Drew was busy working on
it, Sharry shared information on a supplement she considers excellent.

Next she told us that as "energy/frequency" work is becoming more popular, we
must be careful of what we read in the mainstream. She mentioned that one
alternative healing author who is quite popular had formed an association with
a former student of her's and gotten numbers from him - but used them
incorrectly when he included them in his book. She also mentioned that there
is a "mystery number" being passed about the internet, and she gave us the
number and said it is being passed off as a "love" frequency, a gene
activator, and even a number to repair DNA and that all of this is incorrect.
She warned that this number actually relates to a substance that can raise
blood pressure, and she reminded us to "always do your research"!

She continued, mentioning what she referred to as the "two love chemicals",
because they are made by the body when in love. Of course, that brought up
questions about when the orgasmatron would be ready for sale.............
(hah! you thought I forgot, huh?!)

Next, Sharry compared three hip joint pain cases and then spoke of
Hyperhealth, a site that gives great info for templates. She talked of
frequency equivalents that are showing up as very useful in certain cases and
conditions, and she focussed on a case involving epilepsy. She went on to
speak about conditions such as edema and carpel tunnel syndrome and nutrients
such as zinc and copper.

Then Sharry turned to a subject we are all excited to hear about- life
extension. Sharry has been doing research in this area and decoding various
substances and she discussed her study of telemers and telemeres. She also
discussed frequency equivalents that appear to stimulate muscle tone and the
muscles associated with wrinkled skin. She referred back to the weight loss
hormone she had discussed earlier in the conference and mentioned its affect
on muscle tone and she talked about other substances that also have an affect
on muscle tone.

There was still much to share, and Sharry talked a bit about the military's
interest in BioAcoustics and the work she is doing with sick soldiers
returning home. She spoke of scaler light lasers, and working with light
reciprocols, and genes that affect the DNA, anti-aging and insulin resistance.
She spoke of a gene that affects inflammation and its antidote and she shared
a list of things that "keep the body from rusting". She finished the session
with a this 'n that list of frequency equivalents and relationships, and new
ideas, which, because of their content I cannot write about. And then she
closed the 2009 BioAcoustics Conference with a phrase she had used earlier:
"We are so lucky because we touch Truth. Others may never get near it. Thank
you." And we Thank YOU, Sharry, for making it clear to us!

After applause and many hugs, BARAs gathered up their notes and bags to head
home. We piled into the car for the 10 hour drive ahead, wondering what could
possibly beat this year's conference. "Next year's, of course!" stated Ralph,
nonchalantly. I'm sure he will be proven right!

May all your Frequencies be Beneficial...

Kathy Greene Fucetola

© 2009