Sound Health Research Institute

Guardians of the People

 A private, international, nongovernmental, expressive association...

 Establishing Resolution and Mission Statement

 Whereas the Sound Health Research Institute (SHRI) is a recognized, exempt  non-governmental organization established to support sound health,

A. The Trustees, considering the voluntary, private, expressive association choices of those associated with SHRI, hereby establish an integrated association activity within SHRI to be known as the "Guardians of the People Association" or “Guardian Association Network” with its primary web site at: .

B. The Mission of the Association is:

 1. To Do No Harm.

 2. To facilitate the private, expressive association communications and activities of the Associates who enter into the Private Association Pledge (the Guardian Associates), to the end that they may achieve and maintain a status of sound health for themselves, families and communities (together, Universal Sound Health).

 3. To provide educational opportunities, free or low cost computer programs, facilities and other access to the ways and means to achieve and maintain Universal Sound Health.

 4. To engage in private, expressive association communication and activities, in collaboration with the Guardian Associates, including webinars and other educational activities, to achieve and maintain Universal Sound Health.

 5. To provide mutual dispute settlement and to maintain the private database of those who have engaged in their expressive association rights and have taken the Private Association Pledge, which states:

 "As a Health Care Professional or other Health Care Worker or Giver, Student, Administrator, Support Person or Health Care Recipient, I Swear My Talents, Skills and Knowledge Will Not Be Used to cause Harm, Coerce any Person, Force any Person to receive any Vaccine, Drug or Invasive Procedure, Perform Eugenicide or Destroy the Rule of Legitimate, Ethical and Humane Law. I will only act with private, informed consent, for mutual benefit, in private expressive association, with all who enter into this Oath, under the rules, mediation and arbitration of the Guardian Association Network which may be established from time to time by Resolution of the Trustees and posted on the web site."

6. To cooperate in private association with other nongovernmental organizations to achieve and maintain Universal Sound Health, to collect and disburse reasonable and necessary fund allocations to accomplish these Missions.

7. To call, periodically, online and in person private Guardian Association Consultations among the Guardian Associates and allies to develop Guardian Association programs and activities, to engage in private expressive association consultations with any person who has taken the Pledge, and to guide the Trustees in the governance of the Association. All communications among those who have taken the Pledge are private, expressive association communications.

8.  To keep Confidential and Private, except to other Network participants, the activities of the Guardian Network unless expressly permitted by the Trustees; to arbitrate under the Rules of the Association all disputes among participants.

9.  To honor by law, intention and deed the intellectual property entrusted to me for the task of supporting the goal of Health for The People By The People.

10.  To provide each member at least twelve Public Vocal Profiling Software Programs and accompanying training developed by Sound Health and Sharry Edwards that will be made available each year.  Each program will be assigned one, and only one, registration.

C.  Participants are accepted under the Rules adopted and amended by the Trustees upon acknowledging the Private Association Pledge as set forth in the Mission Statement and shall also acknowledge the voluntary nature of the Association by agreeing to the following:

“I acknowledge that I may cease my participation in the Guardian Association Network by written notice or bringing to an end any obligated monthly dues.  At such time Institute has no obligation to continue my membership or privileges.”

Monthly Dues may be assessed from time to time by the Trustees to meet the expenses of the Association and Institute; the Trustees shall determine and may change the privileges and benefits of participation by Resolution.

This Resolution was unanimously adopted by the Trustees of the Institute.

Adopted : 04/23/2010 (rev.04.23.10)