Institute for BioAcoustic Biology

July 23, 2006 - The Sound Health Research Institute, Inc., an exempt, non-governmental organization
established October 1, 1998, has chartered a teaching institution known as the
Institute for BioAcoustic Biology.

Excerpts from the Chartering Resolution of the Institute are set forth below.
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The Dean of the Institute is Sharry Edwards, MEd.
The Institute is currently establishing its Board of Governors and Board of Advisors

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Sound Health Research Institute, Inc.
Chartering Resolution
of the
Institute of BioAcoustic Biology

          This Chartering Resolution is adopted as of the 23rd day of July, 2006.

          Whereas the Sound Health Research Institute, Inc. (SHRI) is a New Jersey not for profit corporation duly recognized under 26 USC 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service,

          Whereas the By-Laws of SHRI provide that its Mission extends to educational activities on behalf of Sound Health Research,

          Whereas the Trustees of SHRI do hereby Resolve that an Institute be established within SHRI as an educational institute and alternate name, and

          Whereas the Institute will be an integrated institute of SHRI under its nonprofit and exempt statuses, therefore,

          1.          There is hereby established a private, international non-governmental Institute known as the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology (herein, the Institute).  The juridical location of the Institute shall be in the State of New Jersey, United States of America or wherever the Governing Board shall from time to time determine by written Resolution, upon the request of the Dean of the Institute and consent of the SHRI Board of Trustees.

          2.          A.  The Institute is established exclusively for educational and scientific research purposes.

B.  The Mission of the Institute is, with respect to the Science of Human BioAcoustics, to:

[1] support efforts to discover methods to utilize the Principles of Human BioAcoustics to resolve pressing issues of concern to humanity,

[2] research the causes of such issues and conditions,

[3] develop (in an appropriate professional context) recommended technologies, therapies or treatment protocols,

[4] develop detection and correction methods and train scientists, researchers and healthcare professionals internationally on methods of early detection and correction,

[5] develop training facilities for scientists, researchers, doctors and health care or other professionals,

[6] develop teaching and training methodologies for appropriate  individualized solutions and self-care,

[7] create a public awareness campaign to inform people of BioAcoustic Biology,

[8] support current and ongoing research in areas of genetics, biomechanics, bioenergetics, biometrics, biomarkers, bioacoustics, vocal profiling, analog sound presentation and nutrition,

[9] develop and maintain publications and web sites for the purposes of the Institute , and

[10] develop a professional certification program for the Public, Practitioners and Professionals.

 C.  The use of BioAcoustic Biological therapeutic practices are intended to benefit normal structure and function and are not prescribed as treatment for medical or psychological conditions, nor for diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor to apply medical, mental health or human development principles.

           3.          A.  The primary governing body of the Institute is the Board of Governors.  The Board of Governors has overall oversight of the structure and mission of the Institute and through the Dean, oversight of the operations and programs of the Institute, and its future development and the day-to-day programs and activities.  The Board of Governors may invite appropriate persons to participate in a Board of Advisors to advise the Dean and Board of Governors.

B.  Appropriate persons or other entities may be invited by the Dean to participate in the Institute as Assistant Deans and Teachers, Advisors or Associate Members.  Such persons shall be appointed, and may be removed, by the Dean upon approval by the Board of Governors.  The Dean shall designate one Senior Associate Dean or Teacher as the Alternate to the Dean.  The Chairperson of the Board of Governors shall be appointed, at the pleasure of the Board, by the Board of Governors.  The Chairperson of the Board of Advisors shall be nominated by the Dean and appointed or removed by the Board of Governors.  Voting rights in the Institute are limited as provided herein.   * * *

          5.          The Dean is the Chief Executive Officer and supervisor of the Institute and shall oversee its educational and research activities, under Rules adopted by an absolute majority of the Board of Governors that are not inconsistent with this Charter.  Rules and amendments thereto may be proposed by the Dean or a majority of the members of either Board.

           6.          The Board of Governors of the Institute, or their duly appointed successors, subject to the oversight of the Trustees of the Sound Health Research Institute, Inc., shall have full and absolute power, control and authority over the activities and property of the Institute, subject only to the limitations expressly stated herein, including those expressed herein, and to do following:  * * *  

(9)          (i) To establish courses of study and professional requirements for BioAcoustic Biological practices by Rule; to certify Research Associates, Teachers and other persons completing any Board-approved courses of professional study (and to issue, suspend or terminate any Certification for cause) under the oversight of the Dean; (ii) to establish, or to contract or associate with, peer-review procedures and journals, web sites, educational institutions, associations, an Ethics Code and procedures, with the Institute’s participation under the oversight of the Dean, and (iii) to establish or adopt forms and structures for professional practices.  All Certifications shall be issued by the Dean under the authority of the Board of Governors.  The Institute shall participate with SHRI in the Ethics, Peer Review and Credentials Systems, under the Trustees’ Resolution of January 1, 2005, as the same may be amended from time to time.

          (10)          To sponsor annual or other periodic, public or private meetings of the Institute for educational, literary or scientific research purposes, under the oversight of the Dean; and

         (11)        To cooperate with the SHRI Journal of BioAcoustic Biology, or other peer-review research journals and online facilities.  * * *

Unanimously Adopted by the Board of Trustees of Sound Health Research Institute, Inc.

© 2006 SHRI
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