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 There are over a half million private, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the United States.  They are in the fields of religion, charity, education, scientific research, sports and literary activities.  They range from national church denominations, research centers, professional associations and major foundations to local congregations, museums, institutions, Police Athletic Leagues, Buyers Clubs, schools, "Y's" and Book Clubs.

 Many people in the nonprofit arena are not aware of the financial resources available for organizations to meet the Goals of their Missions.

 Tony Sikora, with Concord Mortgage, a Licensed Mortgage Broker* has a number of programs available for Churches and other nonprofits, allowing them to borrow funds for such beneficial activities as setting up day care centers, facilities for the elderly and infirm and other related activities.

 Find loans for - Church building purchase or re-financing, expansion, addition, remodeling, a Church camp, a classroom, new school, a retreat, new sound system, furnishings, construction loans, financing for church and school equipment -- practically everything needed to achieve your Exempt Purposes.  Often, Church and other association members can also benefit when the organization to which they belong establishes a good credit relationship with a top level lender or financing broker.  It is our experience that loans can be arranged for between $100,000 and $5 million, up to 75% LTV, fixed rates, 20 year term, with no personal guarantees, no prepayment penalties! 



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About Tony

Tony Sikora has over 25 years experience in residential and commercial sales in construction, real estate and financing of all types.

A man of faith and former Marine, Tony has a B.A. in Financial Management.  He is responsive to your needs and is honest and enthusiastic about trying to help you.  Tony offers the highest level of integrity and courtesy.

Using the nation-wide resources of Concord Mortgage*, he can design a loan program for your organization and even help you with the parsonage mortgage or refinancing for your members' needs as well.

How to Contact Tony, below.


What to Do
How to Contact Tony Sikora

  If you are the Pastor, a Trustee or Officer of a Church or other private association and you want want to explore lending opportunities for your organization, please contact me at your earliest convenience.  I can be reached at - my direct line is 1-201-889-5864.

  When you contact us at that email address, you will receive back an "auto-responder" email, asking you for some basic information about your organization or you can go to this page: Loan Questionnaire -- print it, fill out the information and fax it to us at the fax number on the page.  With that information, I can recommend appropriate sources of funding.  Often, a combination of institutional borrowing and a donation program can generate needed funding. Your members' pledges of future giving can support the financing you may need to realize your Mission Goals expeditiously.  Your first step is to contact us at

*  Mr. Sikora is an associate with Concord Mortgage, a Licensed Mortgage Broker and Mortgage Banker in New Jersey; referrals made through Concord Mortgage Company in other jurisdictions.  This page is part of the web site.

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