The BioAcoustic Sounds of Cancer

(Ms Edwards responds to NY Times article about The Sounds of Cancer)
Posted by Sound Health Research Institute - 12/21/04
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A colleague at Capital University sent an article to me about James Gimzewski written by Clive Thompson that was published in the NY Times (Dec 04) concerning the Sounds of Cancer. He invited me to respond to this very important issue. Below is my reply:

I have been in touch with Dr. Gimzewski and find his work fascinating. Gimzewski goes directly to the cell to obtain frequencies; we use vocal analysis - through which the 10th cranial nerve provides a direct connection to the brain via the vocal cords. Both techniques consider the relationships of frequencies to the structure and function of the human body.

Listed here are a few of our observations concerning cancer and BioAcoustic sounds so far: EVERY case of cancer has the frequencies of Vitamin A/ACTH and Catalase in stress. At least two vocal samples are compared for such a serious issue. Please note that a frequency can represent more than one biochemical/gene/toxin/pathogen. I list “Vitamin A/ACTH” in this way because they are so close in frequency that we do not know which to consider in stress.

The way the word "fault" is used in the following explanation is much like a sour note in a song. It is the note that does not belong. Since math has basic principles that need to be followed for accurate results, we have found a way to find the "fault" - the sour note - in the biochemical processes of the body. The knowledge so gained has allowed a number of people to experience reversals of cancer that some call “Miracles of Non-medicine.”

Just as there are biochemical pathways that become blocked, we have found that using a mathematical MATHWAY™ helps us determine which pathway is locked/blocked.

We have found cancer related frequencies to be involved with the body in several ways:

1) Hormonal imbalance - the most common of these is the inability to process nitrogen and hormones - this pathway is most common with breast cancer and involves particularly the BRCA-2 type breast cancer. Asparagnase-aspartic acid-pepsin/papain -sulfur/sulfur based enzymes, pyruvate and amino acids are often involved.

The frequency of a sodium cell salt is often one of the root frequencies, along with a nitrogen fault. There is a cross-over connection with AIDS type immune deficiency with this type of cancer.

Emotional based cancer can be seen here - we are using a program to research the identity of the specific emotional defaults that can trigger a cancer episode. In addition, this type of cancer often shows DENIAL as part of the vocal print.

2) Toxicity - the body's ability to detoxify itself is of major importance - it depends on the poison but it also depends on the body's ability to fight - we have traced down many allergens along this path. A good example is the wheat/lysine connection - in most people with wheat allergies, there is a lysine fault. This fault has also led us to genetic issues involving toxicity and aging.

In most cases, reactions to toxins are individual. What is toxic at some level to one person may be handled aptly by some one else. BioAcoustically this can be traced to how an individual utilizes proteins. Issues with milk protein and xanthine are often a part of this type of cancer and cross over into diabetes, thyroid issues and arthritis

3) The Krebs cycle is intimately involved - particularly the part NAD plays in the Krebs cycle. The biochemical cascade of niacin and the production of 5-HETE (considered a “cancer food”) is intimately involved mathematically and can easily be seen in the voice.

This type of cancer also includes the tryptophan/niacin connection that is seen in so many fast acting cancers.

Cancer feeding foods such as 5-HETE are manufactured by the body, for the most part, as a fault mechanism of arachidonic acid and hydrogen peroxide. Catalase is used in this process. Glutathione peroxidase also has a similar response to hydrogen peroxide in that it changes the hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water - rendering it harmless. The glutathione connection is involved more in the nitrogen based type of cancer.

Mathematically the production and use of catalase is intimately involved. When the Krebs /NAD cycle is compromised, so is the ability of the body to produce/utilize catalase. Yes vocal analysis can be used to compare a voice against any one biochemical, choline for instance or a series of issues, like the Krebs cycle.

Human BioAcoustics does not diagnose, prescribe for, or treat any medical condition. Our approach is to protect the normal structure and function of the healthy cell and starve the cancer cell. When you learn the sounds of cancer, the metabolic pathways that are revealed through these Mathways are the basis for nutritional intervention therapies that may be beneficial to the patient.

Thank you for inviting me to respond to this very important issue.

Sharry Edwards M.Ed.
Director of Research
Sound Health Alternatives

5 HETE reference

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Dr Kane, Have you heard of this. Would be pretty neat if one could find
the difference in sound for people with healthy and unhealthy cell
membranes and changes as they are treated with fatty acids (4:1),
Phosphatidy, Choline and etc.

Sharry, As our sound lady, I'd guess you were all over this. Can you
duplicate such sounds? As CUIM teachers, wondered if you had any
comments on this?

David J. Krizman, MD, Capital University of Integrative Medicine

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