Sound Health Research Institute

Media Release - For Immediate Release
January 1, 2004

Sharry Edwards Featured in New Book on Health

Sharry Edwards, M.Ed., known for her innovative approach to health and wellness, is again being acknowledged as one of the nation's visionary health care professionals in a new book published by Tarcher/Penguin. Health on the Edge by Larry Trivieri dedicates an entire chapter to Edwards' pioneering work with Human BioAcoustics.  This field of study is based on the principle that the body has the ability to diagnose and prescribe for itself through Vocal Profiling.

Just as law enforcement agents can glean information using the voice as a Lie Detector, BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling uses a computerized sample of the human voice as a holographic representation of the human body.

Trivieri noted in the forward of his book that his interviews with the twelve experts in the book were designed to help him answer the question as to what the future of our health system holds. To respond to this concern he wanted "to speak to experts in the vanguard to find out from them where their research is leading us." His search for a legitimate leader in the field of sound therapy lead him to Edwards and her company, Sound Health,
which is located in Albany, Ohio (

Examples of Edwards' work that brought her to the attention of Trivieri included toxicity evaluations for World Trade Center engineers and firemen who worked at ground zero; the development of a computerized pre-screening for vaccination risk factors and pain relief through the presentation of low frequency brain entrainment. Since the interview was conducted nearly two years ago in preparation for this publication, Edwards' current projects with insulin sensitivity, aging, infertility, the identification and timing of labor/delivery plus her work with sexual dysfunction and enhancement were not included in the book.

Over the last two years as the results of BioAcoustic research increasingly having caught the attention of governmental agencies, Edwards has been invited to work with a wider range of frequency based health related paradigms. Her work with pathogens, particularly nanobacteria, was a well-received topic at a national conference this summer. Edwards' has not only decoded the frequencies associated with nanobacteria but has shown a predictable mathematical matrix relating tooth plague to the early warning signs of heart disease associated with nanobacteria invasion.

At that conference, Roman Chrucky, MD credits Edwards' decoding of the frequencies of nanobacteria with helping his body reverse not only his heart condition but his prostate cancer as well.

For the past 25 years Edwards has been known as a person who is always on the edge of change and innovation whether it be local politics, health care reform or human rights.

"Sharry has always been in the lead, always the person who gets attacked because she shows the way to make room for change. I have been following and reading about her work for the last 10+ years. She is always about 20 years ahead of the rest of us! It must be challenging, frustrating and ultimately rewarding for her to know that the abuse she suffers from a few of her contemporaries, who resist crediting her but often take her work and claim it for their own, does not deter her from continuing to make a difference for everyone else without taking the abuse personally," states Ralph Fucetola, an attorney who has supported freedom of choice in health care,

The preliminary work for BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling was part of Edwards' undergraduate work at Ohio University. She now works in cooperation with other educational institutes and is a faculty member of the Capital University Integrative Medicine Program (W.DC.)

Edwards has created the primary foundation for a highly innovative approach to health and wellness. As she works with medical professionals to increase awareness of the effects of frequency on the human body, Sharry enthusiastically and tirelessly works to bring this information to the public. As a service to humanity, she provides the premier expertise for health and wellness professionals who want to explore the healing potential of low frequency sound presentation as a method of body entrainment.

The emerging field of Human BioAcoustics has been developed with a minimum of support from the medical community, the government or private funding. Had it had not been for the courage, tenacity, determination and just plain fortitude, that is the basic nature of Sharry Edwards, Human BioAcoustics would not be a part of our future. The evidence speaks for itself! Human BioAcoustics can help the body identify and reverse its own disease. Sharry Edwards' work has provided a monumental leap into the next evolutionary step in medicine and wellness care.

Trivieri choose well and wisely when he elected to present Sharry Edwards to the world in Health on the Edge. Other books by Trivieri include: Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide (Ed) and The American Holistic Medical Association Guide to Holistic Health and the coauthor of The Complete Self-care Guide to Holistic Medicine.