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At LifeSpirit Center we have been interested in alternative wellness research for thirty years.  Human BioAcoustic research has proven especially interesting, in our experience.  The Little Back Box, a product of that research, produces pure sound frequencies to be played through speakers or headset. It provides tones to the environment and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, prevent, mitigate, treat or cure any disease, medical or psychological condition.  For stress relief and meditation.

The Little Back Box is a small electronic device which produces a mixture of audible low frequency, low volume tones administered either through supplied headphones or an optional powered subwoofer. Many consider the sounds to be very pleasant to the ear, and they can be played in the background, even while carrying on a conversation or watching TV. Some research subjects experienced relief of back stress and discomfort over time and even in as little as ten to fifteen minutes.

Disclaimer:  Human BioAcoustics, as originated by Sharry Edwards, M.Ed., does not diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor does it claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions.  HBA researchers do not provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor apply medical, mental health or human development principles.


Sequenced Frequency Oscillations Entrain Brain to Support Back Relief

Excerpts from press release; full release here:

Hundreds of trials conducted over the last four years have culminated in the discovery of two sets of sequenced frequencies that demonstrate the ability to support significantly decreased, and in a limited number of cases, alleviate discomfort for research subjects reporting various degrees of back involvement.

The idea of frequency oscillation is not a new concept of relief as evidenced by devices such as the TENS unit which attaches to the body and is able to block signals, but in this case the frequencies are delivered absently (through the air) via a speaker. Headphones can be used but subjects report relief to be five times more effective and faster if the frequencies are provided through a speaker.

"[B]elieve that the brain can be entrained to provide signals to muscle in such a way that the body relieves its own pain - not only back but other muscles as well are influenced. I've experienced the relieve for myself," states Barbara McNeil, a chiropractor with a practice in Marietta, Ohio. These results may not be typical and research continues.

During tone trials, the experimental frequency sequences were delivered using an experimental device called a "Tone Box" which connects to a speaker. Subjects were asked to listen to a set of frequency tones for threeto five minutes. Many of the subjects were confounded, yet pleased, by the fact that listening to a sound could support relief. Individuals who reported pain from trauma as well as everyday muscle stress were used as test subjects.

"We did attempt to include a set of control frequencies during the double blind phase of the project, but it was not hard to figure out which subjects had the valid sounds because a subject would often refuse to give up the tone box even though they have only experienced the sounds, sometimes, for only a few minutes. I've had people threaten me if I took the tone box away," one of the lab assistants laughingly added when he was asked about the controls that were built into the research protocols.

It has been shown that the two sets of sequenced tones have the ability to support entrainment of the heart and brain rhythms to work in synchronization with one another. The Heart/Math Institute in Colorado has demonstrated that when the heart and brain work in synchronization, healing can be a result.


As interest grows and additional researchers volunteer to help gather the much needed substantiating data, the tone box used for the back experiments has been dubbed "The Little Back Box". As testing continued, a specialized computer program was developed that may be able to predict back stress before actual pain manifests. There is potential to relieve not only back stress but economic stress due to loss wages, rehabilitation payments and medical costs associated with back concerns.

This biofeedback method, when made available to the public, as other than a research modality, is expected to fall under the category of integrative and complementary therapies, that, under AMA Code Section 3.04, may offer benefit to indiviudals. The Journal of Manipulative Physiology Therapy reported in February, 1999 that experts favor alternative therapies for acute and chronic uncomplicated back issues.

The Yale Medical Group specializing in the back estimates that 70-85% of all people have back pain at some time in their lifetime. Often neither the standards or the experts agree as to the exact cause and diagnosis of back concerns. Dr. James Weinstein, head of orthopedics at Dartmouth Medical School and Dr. Richard Deco, professor of medicine at the University of Washington state that 85% of patients with lower back pain often cannot be given a precise diagnosis. Non specific terms such as strain, sprain or degenerative processes are commonly used to describe back issues.

Experts and economists do agree that back complaints are the most frequent cause of activity limitation and loss work hours. Various sources estimate as high as 100 million working days are lost each year due to back pain. Direct medical costs to treat individuals with back pain accounts for $26 billion a year or 2.5% of total health care bill in America.

The implications of biofrequency markers continues to expand into unpredicted venues. "We were astonished when degenerated discs began to restructure themselves while subjects were using the tones", declared Liz Lonergan, RN and founder of the Body and Soul Health Clinic in Chicago. "What this one case revealed is the ability of the frequencies to assist the body to restructure discs that had been fused and appeared to be irreparably degenerating. These biomarkers for back issues will certainly expand the options that health care professionals have to offer to those who present with complaints of unremitting back complaints. Research has begun in the use of the frequencies as a preventive measure when back concerns seem to be on the horizon for one of my clients. Indications are that some generic frequencies exist but for someone with a specific or surgery related issue, specific tones can be created. We use frequency oscillations with subjects with respiratory failure and for the clearance of mucous. It is only logical that these "Designer Frequencies" options will be incorporated as part of the growing field of frequency based medicine," concludes Lonergan.

"The body mechanism for the relief of back stress through the use of sequenced oscillating frequencies is not yet fully understood" states Sharry Edwards, M.Ed., long term director of the project, "but people who are no longer complaining don't care how or why the technique works. They only care that it worked for them."


Difficulties with the way the experiments were originally designed surfaced when there was an attempt made to include subjects who were receiving disability payments due to back pain. One such study was conducted by Kaj Nagy in cooperation with the State of Massachusetts rehabilitation program. "A participant in the study was adamant that nothing would help her pain," reported Nagy. Even though it was obvious to Nagy that mobility had increased and the pain had significantly subsided, the subject insisted that no pain relief had occurred. The only conclusion that could be drawn was the secondary gain that was involved with denying pain relief. Nagy attempted to rule out the fact that the tones had no effect but the evidence was so strong in the opposite direction that Nagy has now moved toward incorporating a measurement that would show biochemically that pain had been influenced.

These reported results may not be typical and others' results may vary.

During August 2004, Sound Health made a few experimental Little Back Boxes™ available on loan to Chiropractors and other professionals (such as massage therapists) who kept clinical research data on their clients' response to the LBB. Initial anecdotal reports, as of October 2004, were also promising.

After research test marketing, The Little Back Box will join other products being developed by Sound Health, an educational research facility in southern Ohio. The facility is dedicated to the study of low frequency sound and its influence on biological function and terrain.  You can obtain the research version of the LBB Here.


"Human BioAcoustics" is a trademark of Sharry Edwards, M.Ed.  "Little Back Box" is a trademark of the manufacturer, Little Back Box, LLC, manufactured under a research licensing grant through Sound Health Research Institute, Inc.  This page is posted on the Internet by LifeSpirit Center, an independent research and educational institution.



Please call:  1-740-698-1771 and tell the people at Sound Health that LifeSpirit Center sent you (so we receive credit for the contact).  They will make all necessary arrangements.  There is a $249.00 cost reimbursement that they need to collect from you.  If you are a health care professional, please let the staff know, so they can tell you about the professional model.

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