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The 2002 O. Spurgeon English Humanitarian Awards

October 5, 2002 -- Diamond Club, Temple University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  A Meeting of Beautiful Minds...

The 2002 O. Spurgeon English Humanitarian Award recipients --

Sharry Edwards, MEd, Capital University of Integrative Medicine
John Forbes Nash, Jr.
, PhD, Princeton University, Nobel Laureate
William J. Rea, MD, Capital University of Integrative Medicine
Doris J. Rapp, MD, State University of New York at Buffalo
Joan Amtoft-Nielsen, MD, PhD, DC, Ludwig Maxmillian U & U of Copenhagen
C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, Duke U., Holos University Graduate Seminary
William A. Tiller, PhD, Stanford University
Oscar G. Rasmussen, PhD, Capital University of Integrative Medicine
James S. Gordon, MD, Georgetown University
Esther Pearl Roberts, MD, Fisk University & Meharry Medical College
Vijendra K. Singh, PhD, Utah State University
Betty Bloomer Ford, former First Lady

 Photographs of the Awards are linked below.

The Humanitarian Awards are named in honor of Dr. English, for 34 years, head of the Psychiatry Department at Temple University, and are granted to leading physicians and scientists who have made major humanitarian contributions to human welfare.

SHRI is especially appreciative to Clancy D. McKenzie, MD and all those involved in sponsoring, creating and conducting the 2002 Awards for recognizing Sharry Edwards (, founder of BioAcoustics, as part of such an extraordinary gathering of luminaries in the most advanced areas of medical and scientific research. Both the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine ( and Capital University of Integrative Medicine (CapitalU) were well represented at the gathering.

The event included a day-long series of presentations and discussions at Temple University in historic Philadelphia, culminating in an Awards Dinner where the recipients were awarded metals and proclamations. Each received the acclaim of the audience.

To this observer, the most exciting moments were those of intense intellectual interaction among those present. During the breaks in the agenda, the honorees exchanged their thoughts and visions with the attendees in ways that will stimulate research and thinking for years to come.

Ralph Fucetola, JD

Pictures are posted below:

Vocal Profiling Exhibit - vocalprof.JPG

Award Recipients Dr. VK Singh and Sharry Edwards - sesingh.JPG

Ms. Edwards receives her award - seaward.JPG

Sharry Edwards shows her plaque - seplaque.jpg

Liz, Eric and Bill admire Sharry's medal - semedl.jpg

Dr. John Nash and Ms. Edwards pose by the Awards Poster - senash.JPG

After banquet conversations, Dr. Nash and others - talking.jpg

Kathy talks metaphysics with Dr. Tiller - drtiller.jpg

Sharry Edwards and family - edwardsfam.jpg


PS - A few years ago Kathy announced to a gathering of alternative minded friends that she was tired of "our" manifesting a world in which good things like chocolate were "bad" for you and bland things like soy were "good" for you, so she decided that should change... and, as we know, now the possible dangers of soy are being discussed, while chocolate is becoming a health food!

When we were at the above noted Awards Dinner with Sharry Edwards, Kathy had a chance to relay her message to Dr. Tiller and his wife. They too agreed that a chocolate friendly world is just the place to be!

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