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The Frequencies of Love

Love as the Ultimate thread extension from the SVPVRIL Yahoo Group


1. Dale Pond poses the principal of Supreme Neutrality (LOVE)
2. Sharry Edwards questions Love without Action
3. Dale Pond responds discussing the Sympathetic Streams of Keely
4. Sharry Edwards concludes with the distinction between BLISS and LOVE
5. Dale Pond concludes with Being in Bliss.

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 1. Supreme Neutrality

Dale Pond wrote:

If a person is not in a state of Supreme Neutrality (LOVE) then they are in fear which is a manifestation of a belief in the illusion of duality.
We've already listed the many effects of this belief in separation; war, lack, aggression, sickness, etc., etc.

Life, Light, Love and Laughter,
Dale Pond
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
Sacred Science - Sacred Life
SVP Discussion Forum:

 2. Love without Action?

Sharry Edwards wrote:


Why do you feel that the statement "We already know Love is the most powerful force in the universe" is a true statement for everyone?

This is statement about a Universal Principle which is applicable universally; ie., to everyone and everything.

And what do you think the statement really means to people in terms of their behavior?

I feel like I'm in the dark here. Love to me is one of the most intense emotions - not a neutral one. I've heard many different definitions of
love. Here is one that I will never forget - it was in our local paper.

A man and woman were in Court in a messy divorce hearing. As they walk out of the courtroom (near but different doors), he pulls out a gun and shoots
her seven times in the head and chest. He then said, "If she ever comes to, tell her I love her." Love?

For a few months, several years ago, I toured with a group of well-known professionals. One was famous for his books on love as a way to let go of
fear. He claimed that love was all there is. We were on a train ride in the mountains of Peru - on a much-needed break - when we stopped to take on
water. They told us we had a 20-minute break if we wanted to stretch our legs. It was a bit chilly - I grabbed my coat. This fellow jumped out of
the train onto a small platform and was met by a small group of rag-tag, un-washed urchins - that looked to be around 3-5 years of age. None of them
had coats or shoes. This fellow began hugging each one of them - without permission, without so much as an introduction - there seemed to be no
parents in sight. One of his companions then proceeded to take pictures of the loving guy with these waifs - one after another and in bunches as he
could round them up. Loving Guy was full of big beautiful smiles - the kids wore perplexed expressions but went along with the gig. I was shocked. In
my opinion, what these very thin, rumpled kids needed was food, warmer clothes and living conditions that would allow them to wash their matted
hair and generally take care of their physical needs a little better.

We were told when we went on this trip that the average monthly wage was $17 per family. We were told that there was a severe lack of educational
resources, lack of clean water, electricity and sanitary conditions plus the fact that they loved American dollars. With that in mind, I had packed
large amounts of canned tuna fish, toilet paper, pencils/paper and American $1 bills. I went to a bench and began to lay out the tuna, paper/pencils
and $1. The kids meekly approached and looked at me meagerly. I motioned that they should take something. They took the paper and pencils FIRST!
Then they looked at the few dollars that I had put down. I motioned that it was all right. They each took $1 and then looked at me. I didn't exactly
know how I should act so I just stood there with lifted eyebrows (universal, I think, for what now?). One of them ventured toward me hesitantly. I gave
her the rest of the dollars. She hugged me quickly and then the group ran off - gibbering excitedly - and disappeared in what seemed to be a school
type building.

I knew that "Love is not all there IS" because in my early years I spent many hungry and cold days in the back hills of Appalachia. I didn't know we
were poor; I didn't have enough awareness to know any different. I just knew that I was hungry especially at school when other kids would eat lunch
and I didn't have permission or money to have food. I knew I was cold and that there was ice on the inside of the windows that made dazzling shapes. I
had recognized the same feelings in the depths of the face of those kids. [I'm fast approaching 60 years of age and there were NO lunch program back
then.] These waifs didn't care that someone loved them and wanted to hug them. They cared that they got PENCILS and PAPER and dollars. I would like
to think that pencils and paper represented their desire to learn, to create and have freedom to think. I would like to think the dollars represented
something, a bit of security- maybe, for their families.

It is a new perspective for me to think that LOVE is the ultimate. I still experience hunger but I never experience hunger without remembering the
taste of the food that the school cooks would sometimes sneak to me.

I'm still at the beginning - what is love? - Sharry


 3. Energies of LOVE
SVP Discussion Forum:
From: Dale Pond
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2003 12:51 AM
Subject: Re: [svpvril] Love as the Ultimate thread extension


Thanks for asking this all important question and giving some real life experiences.

To properly answer your question would take a book or two. Unfortunately I do not have time to properly address this. My clock is blocked out
solid for the next two weeks or so. But I'll give it some attention this morning.

The Love (caps) I mentioned is not the love you are describing. Such love as you describe is human egoic love and is born of duality,
personality, etc. It is our interpretation and application of what we think/feel Love is.

Universal Love is sympathetic vibration/oscillation on Cosmic and Quantum scales and everything in between. Every centralization (some
call 'particles') vibrates and oscillates eternally. These frequencies create harmonics as you know. Among these spectra of frequencies are
sympathetic attractions and repulsions which extend among and between all such centralizations. As one centralization vibrates/oscillates they
all vibrate/oscillate. What affects one then can and does affect all the others - they begin to vibrate/oscillate AS ONE as though they were One.
This is LOVE (caps).

Keely referred to this domain of activity as Sympathetic Streams* and called its activity Sympathetic Force:

"There is a celestial mind-force, a great sympathetic force which is life itself, of which everything is composed." Keely

I'll have to get to this subject later. Dale


*Sympathetic streams are the highest attribute of matter of the physical
Universe. The origin of all these streams or sympathetic flows is the
"Center of the vast realm of the compound luminous." From the "Celestial
Intermediate" that is, the stellar aggregates composing the "Brain of
Deity" proceed the sympathetic flows that give vitality to the polar
terrestrial flows, in other words, to all the earth currents.

The sympathetic stream from the sun to earth, by its positive and
negative interchange with the earth's neutral center, keeps intact the
magnetic force in the "polar envelope" making this "polar envelope" a
great magnet of itself.

All Nature's forces are MIND FORCES governed by the triune streams
of celestial affinity (attraction for exterior centers). Each neutral
center responds to the triple thirds by alteration or corpuscular
motion. Sympathetic streams are only modifications of the ONE FORCE in
Nature, each stream being of a triune nature, i.e., consisting of triple
flows, the intensity of each being in a certain harmonic ratio. The flow
in the terrestrial envelope is controlled by the dominant as shown by
the static position which the magnetic needle assumes. The harmonic and
enharmonic portions of the magnetic flow are here, obliged to coordinate
themselves to the controlling dominant.

The substance which acts as the governing medium for a magnetic or
sympathetic flow is of such tenuity that odor particles, which exist in
the atomic subdivision, are crude in comparison. The tenuity of the
medium of the sympathetic flows, or of the magnetic flow, comes to and
above that of sound.

An explanation is necessary of the triune laws governing the
propagation and transmission of the triune sympathetic streams, and the
triune conditions governing "corpuscular aggregation" before we can
understand the response by inducted "magnetic antagonism" of that
sympathetic medium which interconnects all matter. Otherwise we cannot
understand the laws governing the propagation and transmission of the
disintegratory vibrations.

"All sympathetic streams are triple, whæther cerebellic, gravital,
magnetic or electric and are the governing agents of all "celestial" and
"terrestrial" orders of positive radiation and negative attraction.
There is no flow of gravity, which should instead be spoken of as
"triple connective links" as its transmission is instantaneous.

"The power and velocity of the sympathetic streams as they focalize
towards the neutral center and the propagation from the neutral center
of its sympathetic outreach by means of these streams, exceeds by
thousands of times the power of our highest explosives. An atmospheric
stream moving with the velocity of these sympathetic streams would
atomize a steel warship. As these streams come from celestial space they
come in contact with the earth's dense atmospheric envelope and by their
infinite velocities and inreach for the neutral centers, wrest from
atomic confinement those latent energies we call heat and light."

"The relative frequency of all sympathetic streams is in the ratio
3:6:9. Those whose relative frequencies are 3:9 are mutually attractive,
while those having the relation of 6:9 are mutually repellant."

"I do not recognize light and heat as coming from the sun, for I
have found both to be the emanations from atomic and inter-atomic
interference when molecular vibration is induced by the "celestial
attractive" (dominant) through the medium of sympathetic etheric
vibration. Physicists have not taken into consideration the sympathetic
evolutions of Nature. They have been working in the wrong direction. I
see nothing phenomenal in my explanation or theory, it only seems
phenomenal to them from their theoretical view point of mechanical

"The attractive vibration of the solar sympathetic flow is
"coincident to" and diverts, the terrestrial magnetic sympathetic flow.
This force is the "celestial current" (dominant) the prime third of the
triune electric flow. This "celestial current" induces "aqueous
disintegration" and "thermal concentration" which "two prime conductors"
display a "coincident sympathetic chord" with the "celestial current".
"Aqueous disintegration" and "thermal concentration" are the link with
the celestial (etheric dominant) without which there would exist nothing
but a luminous radiance like the Aurora, a reaching out for concordance
without an answering "sympathetic attractive diversion" to create
"unstable equilibrium" of terrestrial magnetism, resulting in the polar
current. Were there no "aqueous disintegration" and "thermal
concentration" to link the etheric dominant, the absence of the sun on
one side would result in terrestrial magnetism and electricity remaining
static or stable - the highest degree of chaos."

"Disturbance of equilibrium" and "sympathetic equation" are the dual
powers by means of which all forms of motion and of terrestrial life are
governed. These two dual forces are in turn moved and regulated by
electricity and magnetism."

"The course of the magnetic flow comes under the "first interatomic"
and as it is governed by the full harmonic chord, moves in straight
lines, its sympathetic transmission free from molecular interference."

"Electricity is the result of three differentiated sympathetic
flows, brought together by combining the celestial flow with the
terrestrial flow through a certain degree of "negative attractive
assimilation". Electricity is one of Nature's efforts toward restoring
"attractive differentiation" for it has the highest degree of
assimilative affinity."

"All electrical action of any character is born sympathetically of
the "polar harmonic current" by the "intervention" of the dominant
(celestial) as all sympathetic flows are triune. They achieve
association only near the "junction of terrestrial interference". The
great vacuous flow between the planetary ranges (orbits) holds this
portion of the etheric flow free from all antagonism until the
associative point is reached, when instant electric evolution occurs as
the dominant seeks its terrestrial negative attractive center. "This
intervention" I call "atomic, intermolecular and molecular density".
When the triune sympathetic stream combines with the same medium light
and heat are evolved as the resultant of these "corpuscular
conflictions" with the "sympathetic celestial" and "the focalized
terrestrial centers" of "neutral radiation". Light is an etheric
evolution propagated by "sympathetic conflict" between the "terrestrial"
and "celestial" outflows - terrestrial condensation against solar
tensions. True luminosity is induced in no other way. The solution of
the mystery of light and heat, which are interchangeable and in a
certain sense one and the same, is that the sympathetic etheric stream
bombards the dense portion of the molecular in seeking the
sympathetic-concordant-focalized-neutral-center of the mass, whether it
be planetary or molecular. Light and heat can only be accounted for by
considering sympathetic streams under high velocity as being
interchangeable both to and from the focalized negative attractive

The triple flow, or triune structure of any sound cannot be detected
by the human ear, but since this also is a sympathetic flow, and
likewise governed by the triune laws of sympathetic flows, it must
correspond in having a threefold structure. If the sympathetic flow in
acoustic vibratory transmission were not triune, polarity could not
thereby be changed and rotation caused in the magnetic needle as
demonstrated in Keely's experiments.

When a chord is transmitted through the Trexar, the molecular triple
is carried along sympathetically in inducted differentiation and in turn
excites high sympathy with the "polar terrestrial stream". The polar
terrestrial stream is triune in character and requires a triune
sympathizer, which is satisfied by the constitution of the Trexar. When
this Trexar is properly sensitized by "any chord on the dominant" the
sympathy inducted by molecular differentiation approaches magnetism in
character, but without the presence of actual magnetism.

He constructed instruments for the purpose of determining the triune
vibratory nature and laws of the "polar terrestrial stream" in its
sympathetic association with the "celestial stream" - the "luminiferous
track" or "compound etheric field". He thought the polar stream or
"magnetic electric terrestrial envelope" with its "high vitality" to be
necessary to the existence of all organisms." [Snell Manuscript]


 4. BLISS and LOVE

Sharry Edwards:

We are just using different terms to describe the same thing. What you are
describing as LOVE, I call BLISS. When I reach this state I feel as one
with everything and everyone. I've also learned that to live in this world
successfully, I must find a balance between BLISS (what I describe as a God
state with the Universal concept that ALL IS ONE) and man's law (that which
keeps order while other people learn to trust and exercise Universal law).
It is my belief that the only reason Man's law exists is that not everyone
has been touched consciously by Universal Law) - It is hard from both
directions - Those who have touched LOVE/Bliss have a hard time
understanding why others don't live there. For someone who has never
touched LOVE/Bliss, they lack the trust to even think it exists. - Thanks
for taking the time to answer - S


Being in Bliss

From: "Dale Pond" <>
Date: Fri Nov 28, 2003 8:34 am
Subject: Re: [svpvril] Love as the ultimate thread extension

Yes, you are correct. Regardless of the name applied to this state or
condition it is a natural phenomenon born of energy in motion/inertia.
Bearden sometimes calls it "seething vacuum" or "scalar potential"
(depends on the state/condition). Russell calls it motion-in-inertia or
Idea. Cayce calls it Cosmic or Christ Consciousness. This state or
condition of universal sympathy is or may be classified as a physical
dynamic yet it also applies to the human consciousness because these
energy ranges are of the "Mind Stuff" (compound interetheric and above)
which creates and maintains the universe. As above so below. The
interesting part is this state is manipulable and engineerable, as
Bearden et al are demonstrating and I feel my physical demonstration may
come on line soon just as the mental/spiritual side has already been
witnessed in and around Atlin.

Being in Bliss/Joy/Love/Peace Profound is a prerogative of everyone.
Usually though knowledge of this state of mind has been deleted from our
religions, educations and libraries. It sounds so foreign to most
westerners yet this state of Cosmic or Christ Consciousness is our
natural state of mind. We just forgot about it. We are beginning to


Note from Editor:  Only Love Prevails.


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