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ã 1999, 2000

Vol 1 No. 1 -- January 19, 1999
Contents: Conference, Information, Books, Conclusion

The 1998 BioAcousticsä Conference by Kathy Greene Fucetola

Yes a bit of time has passed since the wonderful BioAcoustics Conference in September 1998, but I still smile whenever I think of those days and the incredible energy we shared! Everyone was so focused and caring about the direction and purpose of this wonderful work! While we are very privileged to have found our way to Sharry Edwards' magic, I also do believe that we all have known each other and worked together in other places and other times. There are no accidents! This Bulletin is meant to follow-up on our discussions about the establishment of a research foundation to support BioAcoustics. The Sound Health Research Institute, Inc. was formally incorporated in October 1998.

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During the conference, I took notes of things I wanted to share with the group but didn't have with me. The following is a hodgepodge of info to use as you need. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll get back to you. You can email me at

Firstly, please check out NEXUS magazine ( It is a bi-monthly out of Australia, that is as much if not more U.S. oriented than it is Australian. It is available at Barnes and Noble Bookstores in the weird and wacky section (my home base!), but is best subscribed to. Subscriptions are $25/yr and the address is PO box 177, Kempton, Illinois 60946-0177. Besides a nice article on Sharry, recent issues have included well researched articles on food fats and oils; contaminated vaccines; health risks of soy products; reverse speech; risks of genetically altered foods; ultra tech spying; earth changes; the Banksters and ruling groups; weather manipulation; energy healing devices; free energy machines; secret histories; alternative therapies; and the list goes on! I keep my back issues in a locked closet!

Also check the International Advocates for Health Freedom website, John Hammell is Health Freedom's best friend and most untiring lobbyist!

Serrapeptase is an enzyme that "eats" through the cocoons of silk worms enabling the butterflies to escape. It eats away non-living materials while igoring healthy, living tissue. It is being used in Japan and Germany to remove debris from clogged arteries. Dr. Hans Nieper (best known for his work with the immune system) has been successfully experimenting with serrapeptase on heart patients. The only company I know of that carries it is Carotec, Inc (PO Box 9919, Naples, Florida 33941, 1-800-522-4279) Two to Four tablets are taken per day, half in the morning, half in the evening. A bottle of 100 sells for $18.00. Orders over $50.00 are shipped postage free.

Celtic salt is naturally evaporated ocean water sea salt that is loaded with minerals and rich in electrolytes. It is available from the Grain and Salt Society in Asheville, North Carolina.

Something to be checked out: Ed Sopcak, an engineer from Michigan used to manufacture a substance called Cancell (because of FDA interference, Cancell is now manufactured and sold from the Caribbean), which allegedly raised low immune systems and, in many cases, cured cancer. Mr. Sopcak guested on many talk shows where he was praised by those saved by cancell and ridiculed by the authorities. Cancell appears to be "water" and an audience member once asked Mr. Sopcak what energies he "put into" the water to make it homeopathic. He responded that he did not "add" to the water. He said that as water goes through its cycles, it picks up the electrical energies of whatever it contacts. As it passes through people, it takes on their disease and emotional frequencies. While it is cleansed of "substance" through its normal cycle, it retains the electrical input. He simply removes all electrical frequencies from water returning it to a "virgin" state. Virgin water is water from deep within the earth that is unused, It is said to be very healing. The frequency of pure water is 18.015. Possibilities?

Remember Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski? He is the Texas M.D. who developed a cancer treatment from "antineoplastins" found in urine (ah! back to the old tried and true!). Anyway, the FDA persecuted him for several years and threatened to put him in jail "for 300 years" for the use of unapproved medications and techniques. Anyway, a jury partially acquitted him in early 1997 and then a Judge threw out the rest of the charges. The sad thing was learning that Dr. B's patients were spending as much as $14,000.00 per month to get his treatments! (He did have a lot of legal bills!) A few weeks ago, a major supplement buying club ( contacted Ralph for an "Opinion Letter" on a substance they want to market. That substance is phenylacetic acid (it is a metabolite of phenylalanine). It is being studied by the FDA and is considered the "potent" part of Dr. Burzynski's cure. Its Frequency Equivalent is close to that of hydrogen peroxide. Phenylacetic acid is made by "refluxing benzyl cyanide".... Didn't laetrile's efficacy have something to do with its bit of cyanide? More to ponder.

Then a few weeks ago, Dan Rather announced that Sloan Kettering had finally given in to pressure and tested an old Chinese remedy for leukemia--- arsenic! They gave arsenic to 11 patients with advanced leukemia, drip-bag style, closely monitored. After several weeks all but one were in complete remission. A follow-up article was to appear in the New England Journal of Medicine. Got cancer? Name your poison!

An Oprah quote for the metaphysicians among us: "If you focus on what you have, you'll have more. If you focus on what you don't have, you'll have less." Or, to quote a line from South Pacific's Happy Talk, "You gotta have a dream-- if you don't have a dream-- you're never gonna have a dream come true!"

I recently came across an iridology chart that referenced brain dominance. Look into your clients eyes and compare the irises. The "busiest" eye tells you the opposite side of the brain is dominant. So if the right eye has more markings in it, the person is left brained, etc.

According to New Life magazine and other sources that we've all been exposed to, researchers are agreeing that grapes are high in anti-cancer nutrients. They contain a substance called resveratrol which nourishes the cell's ability to avoid turning cancerous and may feed the inhibition of malignant cells from spreading. The Merck lists resveratrol -3-B-mono-D-glucoside and refers one to polydatin which has molecular weight of 390.40 (frequency- 24.40). This needs some research, but may be useful.

Remember the late Dr Hazel Parcells? She died in '97 at the age of 107, alert and working right up to a peaceful passage in sleep. She was a pioneer nutritionist and mystic (she claimed to go in trance state to classes taught by Paracelsus. Many consider him the Father of modern biochemistry- he died in 1541). There is a Parcells Center in Santa Fe N.M.. I believe the Number is 800-811-6784. Anyway, Dr Parcells recommended the following baths: (1) for radiation detox (lack of oxygen, etc) fill the tub with the hottest water you can stand and add 2 or 3 lbs of Arm & Hammer baking soda. Stay in the water until it cools down to body temperature. Dr Parcells claimed that this would neutralize radiation, x-rays, etc.. (2) to neutralize hard chemicals, sprays and poisons from the body, the same hottest tub is used, but with one cup of plain clorox bleach instead of baking soda.

For anyone who needs proof that we can and do control our physical substance with our thoughts and emotions, a convincing video is available. Dr. Bruce Lipton has a Ph.D. in Developmental Biology from the University of Virginia and spent a decade as a Research Biologist at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, School of Anatomy. He has taught in Grenada at Offshore Medical School and was a Research Scientist at Stanford. He lectures about the country about the Mind's control over genetics and his articles are fascinating. For those who cannot get to a lecture, he has a 'videolecture', that I highly recommend. It is $32.00 (includes postage) and you can get it by writing to Bruce at 22300 Skyline Boulevard, LaHonda, California 94020. Bruce happens to be a fan of Sharry's!

And if you are already a believer but you need an occasional boost to keep those thoughts positive, write to Abraham-Hicks Publications, PO Box 690070, San Antonio, Texas 78269 ( 210-755-2299) and order their audiotape "G-8/24/96", "17 Seconds to Manifestation". It costs about $10.00 plus s&h and is a wonderful "up"!

Also, for the scientifically minded who need some diversion, rent the movie "Mindwalk" by Fritjof Capra. It takes off philosophically where "My Dinner with Andre" ended!

March 1997 Amateur Radio Today reports an experiment - 25 years ago - by S P Shchurin of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Novosibirsk, Russia. Two identical tissue cultures were placed in separate glass jars and one was infected with a virus. As expected, the second uninfected tissue remained unharmed. The experiment was then repeated, using a quartz divider between the tissue samples, instead of glass. Only one culture was deliberately infected, but the virus was able to travel via UV light to the other culture. In 1994 (at a Global Sciences Congress) Dr. Laurence Perry of North Carolina spoke of viruses passed by frequency through television and radio from satellites above. There may be a mechanism using quartz (for ill instead of good) frequency generation which can accomplish this nefarious assault. If the "powers that be" wanted, such technology could be beaming health and intelligence, instead!

As you all know, Viagra (the drug that increases blood flow to a man's brain!) has killed dozens of men. Yet it is still on the market. L-Tryptophan has never hurt anyone, but was banned by the Feds when the adulteration in some from Japan caused a death a decade ago. While you can't get L-Tryptophan for yourself, I am told that you can still get pharmaceutical grade L-Tryptophan for your dog or cat from BIOS Biochemicals, 8987-309 E Tanque Verde, No 340, Tucson, AZ 85749-9399 (520-577-4935). Call for a price list. It is illegal for these people to sell L-Tryptophan for human use, but you can purchase it for a nervous pet. Woof! Woof!

If you are using a Bob Beck Micro-Amp Stimulation machine, beware of the electroporation effect. This is where medicines, herbs, enzymes, etc. that you have eaten can have their effects magnified 20 to 30 times. Beck particularly warns against the use of garlic with his machine because it has sulfonhydroxyl, a deadly poison in it (it is used by organic gardiners in place of DDT). It used to be rubbed on bullets to insure death and it kills brain cells. Pilots are warned not to ingest garlic before flying since it slows down reaction time. Save garlic treats for when you are finished with the several weeks of treatment! Also, when you use a machine, a tiny bit of alcohol makes for a whopping hangover!

Are you feeling "squeamish" from an overload of electromagnetism from the frequency changes we are experiencing? Gordon Michael Scallion recommends Black Ash Tincture (very specifically made) as both test and cure for this problem. The tincture is available from The Heritage Store in Virginia Beach, Va. (1-804-428-0100) for just a few dollars and it is properly made. "As to application and test, take temperature orally and record. Then take 2-4 drops of tincture in 4 ounces of water. Wait a few minutes and measure temperature again. A drop in temperature indicates toxicity and results. (Taking the substance is both the test and the cure.) No shift in temperature indicates no electromagnetic toxicity exists. Continue once a week if toxicity is found, testing as given until no shift in temperature occurs." (The Earth Changes Report, 1/93)

Another curiosity! You noted at the conference, that most attendees were whole-brained? Well I was talking with Sharry a few weeks ago, after she had had another "let's see how wierd she really is" voice test (this was The Discovery Channel people). Most people speak in harmonics that measure in fifths. Sharry doesn't. She speaks in a harmonic that creates the base and reciprocal of whatever note she is using. Perhaps that is why whole-brained people are so drawn to this stuff. We are "stuck" on her voice! No matter what notes she is speaking in, she is balancing ours!

MSM has become so popular almost as a sort of "cure-all". I keep hearing stories of arthritis and diabetes cures and people reducing insulin, etc.. You can purchase your MSM wholesale and save lots by purchasing from Rich Distributing, PO Box 33830, Portland, Or., 97292 (503-761-7450; fax-503-761-5383). The bottle I paid $23 for at a local health food store cost $10 (including s & h) when I bought a dozen. The MSM eyedrops that were $6 at the store were $1.25 by mail!

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Some interesting Books:

1. Beginnings- the Sacred Design by Bonnie Gaunt (ISBN 0-9602688-4-7) Bonnie has a series of books on Sacred Geometry. I suspect that someday, Sacred Geometry will become part of our studies at Sound Health! It all ties in!

2. Nature's 12 Magic Healers by L Rolfe and N Lennon (ISBN 0-97983-800-0) a decent one on cell salts.

3. The Language Crystal by Lawrence William Lyons (ISBN 0-942121-18-X) a wonderful, wonderful book about the messages and encodings in the words we use! As Lawrence writes, "To hear is to heal..." -- do read this!

4. Jumpstart Your Metabolism by Pam Grout (ISBN 0-684-84346-3) a fun book which claims that we can jumpstart our metabolisms simply by doing certain breathing exercises each day. Haven't tried it yet, but it sounds like more fun than giving up Godiva! Believe, chocolate is a health food!

5. Biobalance by Rudolf A Wiley, Ph.D. (ISBN-0-943685-05-2) a very controversial book about acid/alkaline balance. Dr Wiley argues that if your ancestors ate an acid diet, then you must also, to maintain health. He claims that about two-thirds of the women on this planet need a more acidic diet and explains why. This book is quite interesting.

6. God's Secret Formula-Deciphering the Riddle of the Universe and the Prime Number Code by Peter PLichta. (ISBN 1-86204-014-1) Wonderful, complex book which I am still figuring out!! Much here.

7. The Family of Light by Barbara Marciniak This is the latest from the Pleiadians and is, in fact, directly channelled from them, (though it has been alleged by some that Barbara's channellings are coming from a New York State government facility and not outerspace!) I certainly hope the channellings are real--they are inspiring!

8. The Complete Book of Enzyme Therapy by Dr Anthony Cichoke (ISBN0-89529-817-1) Just got this as a gift-haven't read it yet-- but it looks impressive!

9. The Conscious Ear by Alfred Tomatis This has been out of print but a new edition is said to be coming out shortly. It is a wonderful book about Tomatis sound therapy and middle ear problems. The ear is the first organ to develop in the womb and the sounds it receives greatly affect the rest of development. As Tomatis says, "Sound is the food of the brain"!

10. Sound Therapy for the Walkman by Patricia Joudray. This book is not endorsed by Tomatis Clinics because they consider Joudray's tapes a rip-off of Tomatis work and not as effective as actual Tomatis work performed in a clinic. However, unlike Tomatis work, the tapes are reasonably priced and can be purchased by working class families who have children with learning problems and can't afford the high Tomatis fees. I do not like rip-offs and would prefer that the Tomatis people come out iwth their own "home use" tapes, but they haven't. And since I also dislike greed, I recommend these tapes to those who need help. I used them on my son with great success. Tape purchase is discussed at the end of the book. If you order, tell them you have a 'sound business' for a discount.

11. The Enzyme Cure by Lita Lee After listening to Lita at the conference and then reading her wonderful articles when I got home, I was really impressed! This has just come out and I am ordering it from her-- it has got to be great! So this is a "pre-review"!

12. Neurospeak by Robert Masters (ISBN 0-8356-0707-0) I have this book and am intrigued by it though I haven't yet taken the time to "use" it! "Neurospeak" allegedly radically changes you simply by sitting and reading the book. Reading the book, described as a body game, integrates and coordinates the brain and body to heal and release and move forward. It is recommended by Deepak Chopra, though that was a negative for me, since the man hasn't an ounce of originality in him! Still, I am curious and may just do this one, one snowy day!

13. Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (ISBN 0-441-00325-7) A very, very, funny paperback novel written by a couple of Brits with wonderfully wry, slick senses of humor, about the apocalypse. It stars a demented cast of humans. supernatural and apocalyptic beings, antichrists, fallen angels and one Crowly, "an angel who did not so much fall as saunter vaguely downwards". You will laugh out loud, and the only disappoint will be that the book eventually must end! I do hope they write another!

Consider: "...there is no reason why the electromagnetic signals of our bodies should not be penetrated, disrupted or interfered with by other fields outside the body. It has, for instance, been shown in experiments with volunteers exposed to certain Very Low Frequency (VLF) ranges that the body suffers almost immediately from fainting, nausea, or loss of control under such exposure. On the other hand... if classical music is played during the experiment the ill-effects attributed to the VLF waves are nullified. So we are given here an idea of harmonious sounds forming a kind of interceding vibratory architecture around the body, protecting it, so to speak, from disruptive or imbalanced environmental radiation..." Robert Lawlor, Ancient Temple Architecture in Rediscovering Sacred Science, Floris Books, 1994. Back to Top


We hope to see you all at the next BioAcoustics Conference, to be held during Summer 1999. There will be more about the development of the Sound Health Research Institute and much more about the developing science of Bio-Acoustics, a new science being led into the next Century by the seminal work of Sharry Edwards.

Finally, on a recent trip home from Ohio, we stopped in Warm Springs, Virginia to experience the wonderful 98.2 degree "Perrier" like water that comes out of the ground there in the Allegheny Montains (I keep nagging Sharry to move Sound Health there!). Thomas Jefferson soaked in those waters and the buildings that house the springs are much the same as they were in his time. Further north, we stopped at the very elegant Luray Caverns. The caverns exit into a large shop with a massive stone fireplace in its center. On the fireplace was a bronze plaque engraved with the following quote:

"I am an old man now. I have seen lots of trouble. Most of it never happened."

I believe that this is a Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens quote, though I have yet to research. Since I believe that we are creating this shared dream-every bit of it-- I pass this on for you to enjoy! Let me know what you think about this Bulletin. We will be sending one two to four times yearly. Also look for our web site, to be established, to provide further means for intercommunication.

Much Love,
Kathy Greene Fucetola
Bulletin Editor

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