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Overriding Frequencies and Sound Research
The Frequency Overload Blues...

We have explored bioenergetic modalities for over twenty-five years. During that time, we have experienced many practices, from Reiki to Body Electronics to Homeopathy and Core Energy Work. LifeSpirit Center has some fairly advanced bioenergetic equipment and we have popularized the idea of Bioenergetic Nutritionä. We have been students of Sharry Edwards' BioAcousticsä from the mid 1990's and consider her work the most powerful bioenergetic research of all.

The power of Ms. Edwards' technology was conclusively shown to us by events transpiring over the last couple weeks of the Summer of 2000 at the Center. We returned from the 6th Annual BioAcoustics Conference really excited about the new techniques and advanced BioGenesisä Program released there. The technology of BioAcoustics research has entered a new stage, with both analysis and remedy now readily ascertainable through three program steps.

This sophisticated approach uses (1) standard Windows' technology to record a voice .wav file then (2) a standard frequency analysis program to identify the stressed frequencies and (3) the new BioGenesis Program to complete the Voice Spectral Analysis by identifying Root Cause and the Frequency Equivalentä series which will reharmonize it, allowing the whole person to achieve and maintain a healthy status. This is a purely non-medical technology which does not intend to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human disease condition.

So we started researching with the new program as soon as it arrived, amazed at how logical and user friendly it truly was. First we analyzed a young man who suffered from a feeling of depression. Root Cause was in the note of C#, the Frequency Equivalent of a virus linked to depression. The frequencies we had him put into his environment seemed to help. Then we tested three members of a family and found the same Root Cause (within a few thousandths of a frequency); but, they might all have been exposed to the same disharmonies. Then we tested a few others... and ourselves... with the same results!

We immediately consulted with Ms. Edwards who recognized that there was either an overriding frequency at the Center, or, an unrecognized epidemic in the metro area! Ms. Edwards recommended several research steps to take to identify the problem. With the help of a number of other students of bioenergy (and with special thanks to Don S. and Karen H.) we began to systematically analyze the situation.

The first step was to open older .wav files and re-analyze them with the new program. Doing this allowed us to determine that at least six months previously the overriding frequency was present, but never apparent. However, a file from nine months before did not have the frequency. We then ran the tests using a known pure tone (we used a Korg piano tuner to produce Middle C) and found the overriding frequency in that test as well. We tested voices using other computers at the Center; same results. We borrowed a new laptop and ran the test with the same results, whether the laptop was connected to our power supply or on its battery. Although the individual frequencies we imputed appeared quite different, the BioGenesis Program recognized their relationship and identified the particular frequency in the C# range as Root Cause. Then we turned off all the electric power at the main circuit board switch -- and the frequency was finally gone!

This told us that the overriding frequency required the electrical system, but, since direct contact with a socket was not needed, the signal was being broadcast throughout the Center. Voice tests taken outside did not produce the overriding frequency. We began running voice tests with one electric circuit after the other turned off. After many such tests with various circuits and equipment turned off, we were able to isolate the source and identify the "culprit." It was an old stereo system which, for various reasons, was almost always on! Although forty feet from the computer where the tests were run, this one piece of equipment was putting out an overriding frequency so strong that it appeared in every test.

And, of course, the new BioGenesis Program is so sensitive that it could identify an overriding frequency that did not show up on our ELF meters. What has this research taught us? (1) In bioenergetic work frequency distortions can come from many unexpected sources, (2) We now have the start of a protocol to identify such electromagnetic pollution by its distortion of sonic spectral analysis, as revealed by the extraordinary sensitivity of the BioGenesis Program. And, of course, we learned to turn off the HiFi before doing a voice test!

Submitted by: Ralph Fucetola, and
Kathy Greene Fucetola, on September 5, 2000.

Reference: Bioenergetic Nutrition,

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