Rune Poem for the New Age
The Elder Futhark
by Rev. Esnur
ã 2000

FEE is first, outside
Energy to me -
To receive and then to give.

AUROCH, primal beast.
Power from the earth -
I stand and am never moved.

THORN, Hammer: direct
Energy to where
Will imposes true order.

OS, secret voice
Of the All Father
Inspiring what I am.

RIDE, the radius --
The center holds right,
My arm's reach is just and true.

KEN, fire torch of mind.
I open, I burn -
Bright is light from mine eyes.

GIF gives together,
Joining two as one,
Lovers for mutual help.

WYN is joy for each
One who knows life's truth --
Victory must come justly.

HAIL strikes hard, laying
Flat all in its path.
Align with power to win.

NID - necessity,
Source of invention,
Spur to what we can become.

ICE is clear and sharp.
Nothing moves frozen.
Time to wait and to resist.

YEAR, any cycle,
Coming back again --
We reap what we sow, and more.

YEW is strength of wood
And this world's axis --
Where He hung to win the runes.

PERTH, the gaming cup --
Another chance, yes,
Even if another life.

ELK offers its Self
To its Higher Self --
Mystery of what protects.

SOL, our source of light.
Victory for Self,
Power to illuminate.

TYR, the strength of arms.
The manhood rising --
The power that flows through life.

BIRCH is She who waits,
Knowing Spring must come,
Then She blooms over again.

HORSE - twins together,
Energy riding,
The tide pounds on -- higher good.

MAN is what we are,
And the help we seek.
From community comes life.

LAGU, water flows,
Magic all about.
In that flow there is no wrong.

ING is source of fire,
Not just flame itself,
But God's inner fire for us.

DAY must break through night.
Dark cannot abide
The light from one's true God Self.

REALTY enclosed
Is our line's old way --
To have and to hold to us.

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