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Dear Friends,

I wrote the following on May 20, 2002. Some of it will only make sense to my fellow "X-Files" fans. I hope the rest of it finds a harmonic in everyone.

The Truth is Everywhere...

Last night I watched the final episode of the "X-Files". It was very exciting, in spite of the fact that the story line made no sense at all. Yes, I do prefer SOME logic-- even when following a fictitious story line! As often, Chris Carter went 'darkside'. Although he appears to have access to real information, he often twists it into dis-information. He even interpreted December 22, 2012 (the end of the Mayan calendar) as the date of a final alien invasion. Most psychics and channels claim that this is the date of humanity's Ascension into a Higher Dimension. Of course my annoyance with Chris goes deeper-- I am still disgusted with him for killing off the Lone Gunmen characters in a recent episode. They were wonderful characters and it was disappointing that their spin-off show did not do well (if I recall correctly, the first episode featured a passenger plane that was being controlled by computer to crash into the Twin Towers... this was before 911... makes you wonder......).

Anyway, Mulder has used up nine whole years of his life in his quest for the "Truth". He has experienced nightmarish near-death many, many times. He has endured horrific Revelations that blatantly rival St John's apocalyptic vision. Story-lines have been complicated. The Brutal Truth has remained hidden no matter the costs! So when Mulder's cigarette smoking Daddy casually reveals "The Truth" (there should have been gongs, here!) as a (brace yourself!) -- "coming alien invasion" -- and does this in less than ten sentences and about three minutes of airtime, nine years of script twisting seem ludicrous!

Puffing away, Daddy says to Mulder that he "protected him".... "for this moment" (he really shouldn't have!).... "to see him fail". ALL THAT EFFORT--FOR THIS??!! Geez Mulder, we all guessed about the invasion about the second episode. Granted, Daddy is demented. So what rocket scientist decided that a whole series should be based on someone's dementia?? I mean, couldn't Daddy have been made a little more complicated? And what about all the others involved in this invasion?

Then there was that awful final scene wherein Mulder and Scully discuss his "failure" in a round-about, say-nothing way. Their words go nowhere, though that was necessary so that Chris Carter can continue the story line as a movie, or two or three movies. I hope that this happens. I just hope that Chris does not write them!

Because the ending was so contrived, it left me with as many questions as answers. Normally I would like that, but here, the questions and answers were too ridiculous to contemplate! So having been left unsatisfied with the "ending" of the acknowledged illusion, I began thinking about the "unacknowledged illusion" we know as our consensus reality. It isn't terribly pleasant right now. The expected alien invasion has been going on for eons and the "biggie invasion" is said to be on a shorter schedule than Carter's. The Illuminati, the Powers-That-Be, the Banksters, the Reptiles, the Ruling Bloodlines--whatever-- your choice--appear to be attempting to kill most of us off via chemtrails, toxic food, toxic water, chemicals, vaccinations, implants, wars, terrorism, petrie dish diseases, HAARP, frequencies, pollution, etc., etc... Too many humans are sleeping too deeply and the stress on those who have woken up is tremendous. We are still finding our own power. Having to deal with the doubts and negativity of "our own kind" makes the war with "our other own" so much greater.

Later, as I sat in the hot tub with Ralph (it was the first clear night we had had in weeks!) and stared at the stars, I asked "friends above" for a "fly-by," because I felt like I needed a "cosmic hug." I told them that I didn't need a visit or anything complicated, like a "low over the roof" kind of pass, just a "fly-by," because it would feel good. Five minutes later, a bright "star" sailed very slowly toward us from the northwest and crossed slowly passed us. As it reached a point above the house, it gently faded out. I blew kisses... glad for the contact. I knew more was coming -- a message of some sort. But I wasn't sure how it would come, so I went inside and searched the internet, hoping that something would be revealed. Nothing. So still feeling "antsy," I went to bed to meditate.

We all have been exposed to the metaphysical belief, "That which is outside of us reflects that which is within". Many of us have come to understand that a "War in the Heavens" is occurring at this time -- and the prize is planet Earth. Illuminati Hybrids were to prepare Earth for habitation by Reptilians. They have, instead, decided to keep it for themselves. Thus, we see Hybrids fighting Reptilians and others fighting them both. Neither Hybrids nor Reptilians care much for Humans, except to use us as they please. So most of humanity sleeps on, ignorant of the plots against them and unaware that they have bought into the Illuminati/Reptilian agenda.

Our position doesn't seem much better than Mulder's, so that cosmic hug really felt nice!

I sat in bed and closed my eyes and calmed my mind. "Whatever you are sending," I projected, "make it good!" Within moments I saw a flash of light and I got a 'knowing'. It is as follows:

Earth, as a "construct", is a reflection of the Humans living on it. It is beautiful, because at their core, Humans are very beautiful. The Reptiles want it. But if they simply kill us off, Earth will die with us. The Reptiles/Hybrids will be left with their own ugly Truth. The Earth they control will reflect their ugliness. Thus, they are killing us off 'slowly' -- through various means, in an attempt to keep this a lush planet, for themselves. It isn't working. Mom Earth's energies are OUR energies. Kill ten percent of Humanity and you kill ten percent of Mom Earth. Allow only ten percent of us to live, and you only get ten percent of Mom Earth.

So the Reptiles have left what is rumored to be one ugly, barren planet and they will create another just like it here-- that is, if they "win". What a "win"!! And the rumor that they wish to turn America into a preserve for themselves is unlikely to happen. They are energy. They reflect back only themselves.

So while I may share Mulder's confusion and his distress, the lesson is simple: "Wherever you go - there you are". Wherever humanity winds up will be one beautiful place!

Kathy Greene Fucetola

PS -- It is vital, at this time, that each of us put aside a portion of each day to meditate and reflect on the future we want. In spite of everything happening, we must "write the script" in our hearts, thoughts and words, for a wonderful future wherein humanity is free to develop its unique gifts, and experience the abundance of this very special planet!

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