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Dr. Rima's Fat to Fit HCG Diet Program

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Fundación de Soluciones Natural
Natural Solutions Foundation of Panama

Rima E. Laibow, MD - The Dr. Rima Institute
The Natural Solutions Center in Volcan
La Fuente 1 RA 10201 Sin ID Casa
Volcan, Chiriquí,  Panama

Volcan Baru 

Phone: US - 973-241-4386     Panama - 011-507-771-5059     
Skype: rima.e.laibow.m.d.
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Fat to Fit



The Dr. Rima Institute at the Natural Solutions Center offers natural solutions for discerning individuals. Some of you have heard about the HCG Weight Control Program. We are pleased to offer that program at the Dr. Rima Institute. And the first person on the program is Dr. Rima herself.  "I wanted to know whether HCG works and what the exerpience of a 500 calorie per day diet would be like. The theory sounds great, but I would not do something with a patient I did not understand fully."

You may have heard about the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) Diet. It employs a very low calorie diet (500 calories!) and allows people to lose weight without feeling hungry. Common sense would tell you that anyone will lose weight if they stick to a 500/day calorie diet. Common sense will also tell you that the person will be miserable, lose not only stored fat but, if they stay on that starvation diet for long, lose muscle mass as well, vitally important structural fat, brain, heart and other organ tissue and, in general, do yourself a world of harm. In addition to that, unless you are in a controlled environment, you would find it very difficult to maintain the required diet.

The HCG calorie restricted diet is fundamentally different, however, from what one might thinkg, or Dr. Rima would not be using on herself. The reason that it is different is that HCG injections daily (of this natural hormone found in thebody of every pregnant woman in the world) sends information (which is what hormones do) to the cells that store energy in the form of fat stores in your body (adipose tissue) that a metabolic 'rainy day' has arrived and it is now time to release the stored energy so that the body, which is only getting 500 calories in food, can safely and efficiently carry out its metabolic processes using that energy for its fuel.

Most interesting of all, your body will only digest away the fat deposits intended for that purpose and then, when your correct body weight (and shape!) has been reached, no matter how much more HCG you use, you will not lose additional weight! No muscle mass, no brain or other tissue damage, no loss of the vital fat pads that cushion your organs, make it possible for you to walk, support your eyes and so on. Well, that is the theory. Dr. Rima's personal experience with the HCG Diet is recorded in the Daily Blog she is keeping, and which you can read at:

Dr Rima Weight - 32 Days
Dr. Rima's Daily Weight for the First 32 Days of the HCG Diet

Which HCG Diet Program Is Right For You? 


Participate in a Basic Program Starting or an Extended Program


Basic or Extended Programs

  Choose Your Own Starting Date or Select One from the List Below

The Choice is YOURS!

 Basic programs for 14-46 days may commence when you wish, 
Subject to Dr. Rima’s availability

Extended 14-46 day programs for groups of 10 or more may
Commence at your choice of dates or on the dates below, 
Subject to Dr. Rima’s availability

  Create Your Own Group to Schedule Your Own Dates, or Participate in These Extended Programs:


July 11 to August 25: 46 Day Program, Class I

July 11 to August 02:  23 Day Program, Class II

August 03 to August 25:  23 Day Program, Class III


Crab Cucumber Salad
Crab Salad in Cucumber Cups HCG

Basic HCG Diet Program Includes

 Initial intake visit with Dr. Rima

Daily brief visit with Dr. Rima

HCG administration

All beverages, snacks

Housing and transportation on your own

HCG Diet individual participants may schedule their 14-46 day programs by contacting the Natural Solutions Center at 973-241-4396, or Skype, “rima.e.laibow.m.d.”.  All program schedules are subject to Dr. Rima’s availability.


Lobster Entree HCG
Lobster Entree HCG

HCG Diet Extended Protocol Includes

Initial intake, brief visit and weekly consultation with Dr. Rima

Classes, excursions, lodging and transportation as outlined below

Detoxification and nutritional therapies as outlined below

Participants may start their 14 to 46 day HCG Diet and Health Extended protocols depending on Dr. Rima’s availability.  They may either form their own group or participate in the scheduled Extended Programs below.  The summer 23 day programs start on July 11* and August 3**, 2011.   The summer 46 day HCG Diet Extended Protocol begins on July 11, 2011 and ends on August 25, 2011.

* Ends August 2

**Ends August 25

Shorter Extended Protocol programs (such as a 14 day HCG Diet Protocol) are open on a space available basis during the July 11 to August 25 period

For More Information, Chick out Our HCG Diet Protocol and Dr. Rima’s HCG Diet Blog at

 Shrimp Spinach HCG
Shrimp and Spinach Salad HCG

HCG Diet and Health Extended Program Daily Schedule

8:00 AM Morning meditation (optional)

9:00 AM Organic Tea or our All Natural Valley of the Moon Coffee,

[Note: all food service is provided by the Valley of the Moon Meet with Dr. Rima, weigh in, get HCG dose

 10:00 AM Healthy Kitchen Class: Cooking with Gail Monday, Wednesday, Friday

10:00 AM: TBA Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

 12:00 Noon Gourmet Lunch & Discussion Session

 1:30 PM Yoga and Health Movement Class

 2:30-6:00 PM At liberty (You may engage in light activity, such as walking around the grounds or area; use the Internet or read.) The Natural Solutions Center and Valley of the Moon Restaurant and Café are Internet Enabled for your convenience.

6:00 PM Gourmet Dinner

7:30 PM Evening Entertainment - Movie, lecture, discussion or concert


EXCURSIONS Include Transportation and Meals

Finca Dracula

Week 1 Dracula Orchid Farm

Valley of the Moon Coffee Finca

Week 2 Visit to the Valley of the Moon Coffee Farm

David, Panama

Week 3 Visit to David for shopping, etc


Boquete, Panama

Week 4 Visit to Boquete

Sito Barrilles 

Week 5  Visit to Sito Barrilles

Hot Springs

Week 6 Visit to Hot Springs


Once –a -Week Therapies Included in

Extended HCG Diet and Health Program:

Far Infrared Sauna
Meyer's Cocktail IV Drip
Oil-Free Massage
Private session with Dr. Rima (30 minutes)
uantum Trainer Session
Additional Sessions and Therapies Available at Additional Cost


Basic HCG Diet and Protocol Overview

One HCG treatment per day, beverages and 2 meals plus snack per day, HCG administration and oversight included, minimum 14 day program, 23, 46 or other HCG program duration by prior arrangement 

Extended HCG Diet and Health Program Overview

One HCG treatment per day, beverages and 2 meals plus snack per day, lodging, local transportation, one treatment session for each modality as mentioned above, all excursions, HCG administration and oversight included; either 23 day program or 46 day program.

HCG Diet and Health Extended Program Participants Save Money On Treatments


Treatments Cost Separately:

Acupuncture $40
Sauna $60 per hour
 Meyer's Cocktail IV Drip $45
Nutrient IV Price varies
Chelation IV $80
30 Minute Session with Dr. Rima $50
Quantum Trainer Session $75


Extended Program Participants Save $270 per week compared to regular prices

23 Day Extended Program Participants Save More Than $810

46 Day Extended Program Participants Save More Than $1890

 Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert at the Center
Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert

Additional Clinical Services Available by Appointment to All HCG Diet Program Participants

Intravenous Nutrition
Far Infrared Sauna
Quantum Training
Frequency Modalities
Intravenous Chelation
Nutritional Counseling
Clinical Consultation and Care



Tax Benefits?

This from our Financial Adviser, MBA Larry: "If you have a diagnosis from your doctor which is weight related [What that pretty much means is that your Doctor has suggested you lose weight and written it down along with a diagnosis of obesity based on your BMI - REL] the IRS says that certain related expenses (which are not covered by insurance) for losing that weight could be tax deductible. Each peron's circumstances are slightly diferent, but much of the expense of the Dr. Rima Fat to Fit HCG Diet should be deductible!"


Checken Salad HCG
Chicken Salad HCG
HCG Diet Basic Program Pricing

Length of program varies according to individual need by prior arrangement

Minimum stay 14 days: BeyondOrganic™ Food, HCG treatment - $75/day

HCG Diet and Health Extended Program Pricing:

 1.     All Inclusive:  BeyondOrganic™ Food, lodging, treatment, all classes including cooking and yoga, transportation:  $150/day - 
                        $3540 for 23 days, $7080 for 46 days

 2.     Special Discount: Lodging and Transportation on your own, Full Program Participation, Excursion transportation included: $110/day $2530 for 23 days, $5060 for 46 days

 BIC* Participants:  Full Program Participation including lodging and Transportation $95.00/day $2185 for 23 days,$4370 for 46 days

*For More Information on how to become a Beneficial Interest Certificate (BIC) participant, please visit , Protecting Your Retirement Funds at the Valley of the Moon -, James Matthews on Sustaining Your IRA/401/Trusts During the Dollar Collapse -, Valley of the Moon Update: ttp://

 “On Your Own” Lodging ranges from $12 per night in clean, safe hostel up to $180 per night in lovely hotels. Please enquire for a list of hostels and hotels.

 Transportation from lodging to the Natural Solutions Center, to excursions, and back to lodging is included for Full Participation and BIC Participants. Special Discount HCG Diet and Health Program Participants provide their own transportation except for excursions which are included for all HCG Diet and Health Program Participants.


Welcometo the Center
Welcome to the Center ...

After the HCG Diet and Health Program


Each participant who completes the HCG Diet and Health Program receives written instructions for eating out, eating while traveling and eating at home, to stabilize weight loss.

An online Forum, monitored by staff, allows the participants to continue to focus on weight control, health and maintain motivation!


Natural Solutions Center
Natural Solutions Center

VotM BeyondOrganic Dining Patio
The Dining Patio at the
BeyondOrganic™ Restaurant