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Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling and Sound Presentation
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Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling & Sound Presentation, at present, is an emerging research modality that has the potential to provide pre-diagnostic assessment using a predictable Mathematical Matrix of frequency-based protocols.  JBAB strives to set forth the theoretical basis of the emerging science of Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling and Sound PresentationVocal Profiling offers interpretative information that stands independently as a valuable assessment tool.  Sound Presentation provides the management phase through brain wave entrainment using low-frequency, ambient sound.


The emerging “Mathematical Model” being assembled from Human BioAcoustic research data has the potential to allow Vocal Profiling to be used to predict health issues; from the very first cries of a newborn through the frequency foundations of disease and aging.


The Journal of BioAcoustic Biology (JBAB) is sponsored by the Sound Health Research Institute, Inc., a duly recognized exempt organization (SHRI).  This Journal has been established in response to the calls for a peer-reviewed venue for the publication of articles and practice notes on the subject of Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling.


The SHRI trustees responded by adopting, as part of the Credentials System sponsored by the Institute, authorization for the establishment of this Journal.  According to the enabling Resolution, “The Journal publishes in the area of HBA as established by the research initiated by Sharry Edwards…” articles and practice notes subject to the oversight of the Peer Review Subcommittee.


These Submission Standards are adopted in furtherance of the Peer Review Standards adopted by the SHRI Credentials Committee and are subject thereto.  Peer Review Standards.  The Journal homepage is located [Here].


Instructions for Contributors


Manuscripts should be addressed to the Editor, Kathy Fucetola, 58 Plotts Road, Newton, NJ, 07860 with a copy by email to  Submit an original and three (blind) copies together with a letter of transmittal including:

  1. the name, telephone number and email of the author(s);
  2. the title of the paper and a statement of its main point;
  3. keywords to be used for indexing;
  4. the total number of words (including text, references, and figure and table legends) in the manuscript;
  5. a statement or request from the author(s) allowing publication under the auspices of the Journal
  6. relevant manuscripts published by you in the past.

The email cover letter should also include the above information.


    By submitting a manuscript, an author accepts the responsibility that all those listed as authors of a work have agreed to be so listed, have seen and approved the manuscript, and are responsible for its content. Submitted papers are reviewed in depth by two or more referees as well as other warranted parties, legal evaluation for instance, as indicated.


Reviewers are expected to return their comments within four weeks. It is the policy of JBAB that reviewers are kept anonymous. Authors are notified of acceptance, rejection, or need for revision, usually within 6 to 10 weeks. Papers cannot be resubmitted over a disagreement on interest level or relative merit. 


Condition of Acceptance


    When a paper is accepted for publication in JBAB, it is understood by the editors that any materials and methods necessary to verify the conclusions of the experiments reported will be made available to other investigators under appropriate conditions. The paper will remain a privileged document and will not be released to the press or the public before publication. If there is a need in exceptional cases to publicize data in advance of publication, the Journal Editor (973-300-4594 – must be consulted. 


Selection of Manuscripts


    In selecting papers for publication, the editor(s) give preference to those submitted by certified BARA researchers that are well written, well organized, and intelligible to lay persons as well as BioAcoustic professionals. Manuscripts containing Proprietary BioAcoustic information or nomenclature will not be published in the public version of the JBAB, without redacting such nomenclature or information.  An attempt is made to balance the subject matter among theory, research and practice but any well conceived BioAcoustic based or associated topic will be considered if the premise, writing and conclusions are solidly developed.


    Categories of papers include: general, experimental, clinical, theoretical, reports, correspondence, technical comments, book and software reviews, column ideas, perspectives, and policy forums. All papers should contain a title, an abstract, key words, and include, where relevant, an introduction, hypothesis, procedures, protocol, results and discussion sections with brief subheads, references, and appropriate notes and footnotes. Remember that the most read articles can tell the story and draw conclusions by the headings alone. Sometimes this is the first and last chance to interest your reader.

Manuscript Preparation


    The guidelines for manuscript preparation are:


Printing and Publication


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