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Rev.  08/06/05, 10/23/05

These Peer Review Standards are adopted by the Human BioAcousticsSM Credentials Committee for the internal use of JBAB, the Human BioAcoustics Journal and the SHRI web site.

1.  The Purpose of the Peer Review Standards is to guide the Peer Review Board, Editorial Board, Editor-in-Chief and the Webmaster in reviewing Articles and formal Notes submitted for publication.

2  The Editorial Board shall publish the HBA Journal on line (and downloadable) at the SHRI site and may publish hard copies of the Journal.  The Journal may accept Articles and formal Notes in the area of HBA, as established by the research initiated by Sharry Edwards M.Ed., that have been subject to Peer Review as provided in these Standards. 

3.  The Peer Review Subcommittee approves Articles and Notes for publication under these Standards. The Articles and Notes shall be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief who shall forward them to the Sharry Edwards and the Chair of the Peer Review Subcommittee.  The Chair will provide copies to at least two Certified Human BioAcoustics Research Practitioners for Peer Review.  The written comments of the Peer Reviewers will be provided to each other, the writer, Chair, Ms. Edwards and the Editor-in-Chief; resubmitted Articles and Notes shall be submitted again to the Peer Reviewers and no Article or formal Note shall be published until the Editor-in-Chief is satisfied that it has been adequately Peer Reviewed.  The names of the Peer Reviewers shall be published with the Article or Note, if they have approved the final version.

4.  The Standard for Peer Review approval is that the Article and Note accurately reflect or advance scientific knowledge in the field of Human BioAcoustics.  Articles and Notes that meet this Standard and have been subject to Peer Review under Sections 3, 5 and 6 of these Standards may be noted as "Peer Reviewed."  Where submitted Articles involve human subject research, the research should generally meet the requirements of the SHRI IRB system, SHRI-IRB.htm.  Additional specific standards for the submission of articles to JBAB are found at the Submissions Standards.  The home page for JBAB is at SHRI-JBAB-homepage.htm.

5.  Letters, practice and informational or informal notes, general statements and news articles may be published in the Journal or on the web site with the approval of the Editor-in-Chief or Webmaster.  Where the Editor-in-Chief deems it advisable, such writings may be submitted for formal Peer Review.

6.  Articles and other writings submitted by Sharry Edwards shall be reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief and published as directed by Ms. Edwards.

7.  Appeals:  All Appeals of any decision of the Editorial Board, Editor-in-Chief or Webmaster shall be made in writing to the Chair of the Peer Review Subcommittee, with a copy to the body or person subject to appeal.  That body or person shall respond in writing within 5 days and the Chair of the Subcommittee shall make a written decision within 5 days thereof; all such communications should be by electronic means.  The decision of the Chair shall be considered a decision of the Peer Review Subcommittee.  All further appeals of such decisions or other Peer Review Subcommittee decisions shall be as specified in the Ethics Code.

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