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Private Expressive Association Communications

The Livestreaming Link is posted on our Facebook page prior to each program: 

Here is the link to the LSCL Archives:

Livestreaming and Podcasting are generally on Fridays and automatically archived to our YouTube Channel.

Introductory Video: 

Our intent is to have interesting conversations with LifeSpirit ministers and other interesting people. For example, the first program, recorded on June 26, 2015 featured Rev. Nancy Orlen Weber, RN and Rev. Dick Weber, of Lightwing Center --

Each of the LifeSpirit local units, the Congregations, focus on differing aspects of Ministering, whether Meditation and Retreat, Raindrop Technique®, HumanBioAcoustics, Holistic Synergy, or a number of other ways for "the ministration to, or treatment of, the sick or suffering by prayer or spiritual means, whether gratuitously or for compensation, and without the use of any drug material remedy..." NJSA 45:9-21. We want to highlight each of the techniques and introduce the practitioners.

Other areas of focus for LifeSpirit Conversations will include discussions of Spirituality and Spiritual Practices, Sacred History and Hidden History, church doctrine, such as our Religious Injunction Against Abominations (vaccination and similar violations of the Body Temple), and other topics that involve Religion, Ethics and Morality.

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Note . . .

Following-up recent ministerial private talks about church activities on the Internet, we are estalishing a monthly one hour livestreamed event. I have experience with a two hour weekly Internet radio program (with Dr. Rima). I think we should keep our events to an hour, except for special occasions. The idea of LifeSpirit Conversations Live is appropriate within the context of our church documentation, since part of the religious expressive association activities in the documents is the sacred discussion or conversation. It is part of our private expressive association activities.

Over the past few months I have taken several church publications and set them to images, posting same on our Home Page, YouTube and Facebook. LSCL will continue this process.

Rev. Ralph Fucetola JD
June 23, 2015