11th Annual Human BioAcoustics Colloquium
2005 Conference held in Albany OH - 08/03 - 07/05
Unmasking the Secrets of BioAcoustics



Reported by Kathy Greene for the Sound Health Research Institute, with assistance from Tommy Priakos.


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Conference photo montage


Tommy and I begin talking about the conference on the phone –oh, say about – two months before it happens. We wonder what “new stuff” will be introduced and who will attend.  We wonder if new programs will be ready and then there is always that mysterious pre-conference hint from Sharry about “something special!”  But each conference proves to have its own flavor as this science/art of Human BioAcoustics develops, so we really can’t be sure of anything until we arrive.


On Wednesday, August 3rd, our house sitter, Greg (who calls himself, “Gregory the Wise”) showed up early and reminded us for the zillionth time that Drew could not have kids over while we were away (we learn later that he recanted and even took a bunch of Drew’s friends out for burgers). We reminded Drew that he is NOT to hassle Greg and he replies, “Maaa-  aam! It’s GREG! I HAVE to hassle him SOME!!!”  Rolling my eyes, we climbed into the car at about 9pm and made our way down the driveway to seek out the first Dunkin Doughnuts with really strong coffee and start that 10-hour drive to Albany!


Only 9 hours later (we note that we get places faster without the kid!), we arrived at the Lake Snowden Park entrance and remembered to slow down to a foot numbing 10 mph until we reached our destination and parked by the Sound Health building and then immediately fell asleep!  Two hours went by and cars began pulling in.  To hell with exhaustion—it was time for hugs!!!  Familiar faces were everywhere and names of new students were being attached to new faces. There were coffee and bagels and fruit and juice to wake us up and we found our seats as Sharry came in and the conference officially began.


I say “officially” began because while the yearly conference began on Thursday, Sharry made Wednesday available for those who were interested in spending a day studying various techniques that might be useful in marketing BioAcoustic services and introducing it to the public.  Fortunately, Tommy was there and I have his notes (“Geeez, Kathy, my note taking isn’t very good- I leave too much out!”) and what they may lack in detail is made up in style, so I shall write about Wednesday from them!!


Those attending the pre-conference class were Judy, Nancy, Karen Holmes, Rick Tidwell, Kaj, Patti Wooldridge, Tamara and, of course, Tommy. They were given a 35 page book (put together by Sarah Martin) called “How to Speak in Waves: Presenting BioAcoustics”. It came with two discs that included a Power Point Presentation, templates for flyers and checklists as well as pages of answers to technical questions.


Next, Sharry provided the attendees with a tray of fancy cookies and asked them to choose a cookie that they thought they would thoroughly enjoy. Each person sampled the cookie choices until everyone was satisfied that their cookie was scrumptious and a valuable asset to the planet.  (I note that Tommy has typed “Yum!” here in his notes and I must presume he taste tested several cookies finding just the right one!)


Sharry then asked each person to select an identical cookie to the one that they appreciated.  Now each person was asked to sell their cookie to someone in the building.  In this way Sharry was able to discern the “selling style” of each participant. Nancy bartered her cookie.  Tommy paid someone to take his cookie.  Rick quickly took advantage of Bob’s love of cookies and managed to secure an amount of cash from Bob that was greater than the original selling price.  Kaj immediately created a sales pitch that included the fact that the cookie was very valuable and was now on sale.  Patti used touch theory to cause Rick to willingly buy her cookie.  A discussion of each style was used to gain information about their marketing techniques.


Questionnaires were used to define and direct each participant toward what they really wanted for their practice and what they were willing to provide to make their practice a reality.


Several participants shared their experiences of demonstrating and explaining BioAcoustics to the public.  Tamara gave a short presentation of how she markets her practice and the things that she has done to promote herself.


Kaj talked about her experiences using BioAcoustics on an athlete at a local college and Judy talked about her experiences before various groups. She has found that bringing along mainstream articles on “sound” helps to open up any skeptics in the audience.  Sharry provided a quote from JFK that all metaphysicians will appreciate:


“The problems of this world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were…”


Various professional organizations were discussed, with the possible intention of aligning with same, but this is still under consideration.  Aligning a presentation with the needs of an audience is an important aspect of presenting BioAcoustics.  Sharry demonstrated and discussed several different approaches to presenting BioAcoustics and some of the tools and techniques that she uses.


Medical practitioners would be approached very differently than a group of parents.  Power Point slides were used to show the different approaches.


As an example use the slide that deals with the social aspects of the relationship between parents and teenagers.  Use the power point slide but add your own words and experiences to expand the ideas. She noted that the buildup of a note in a teenager’s voice that is the same as his parent’s makes him incompatible with them. 


In her Matrix article, Sharry notes: “Teenagers often build up an overabundant, intolerable level of the most common frequencies belonging to the parents.” This would indicate that the recalcitrant behavior, about which nearly all parents complain (amen!), is actually a design of nature to make the separation of parents and their children a relief rather than a grief filled experience.  The exception is the child who is of the opposite brain dominance. This child may never leave! (whew! not only has my child told me that he very definitely WILL leave, he has told me that he intends to put me in an old folks home……).


Next, Sharry went over some first aid frequency equivalents that should be checked in the voiceprints of those hurt in accidents.  Finally, the group broke into smaller groups, each discussing how to address a specific type of listener- from teachers, to ‘ladies who lunch’ to skeptics.  They then shared their information by each presenting a short power point presentation using the over 200 slides that had been prepared for their use.  Discussion of the different type of presentations finished the day.


So we are back to Thursday! (talk about time travel- but that is the BioAcoustics of the Future!!!). 


Sharry opened Thursday’s session with a reminder about the ridiculous 10 mph speed limit through the park and a warning that “they LOVE to give out tickets!!”  She talked a bit about what we would be learning over the next few days and she talked about how hard the office staff worked getting the conference together. This was especially true since there were computer problems in the office early during conference week, but these were cleared up and Karen Holmes showed up a few days early to help with any necessary paperwork and help to run the show. And- no surprise- she and the office staff did a fabulous job!! Sharry reported that Karen was a God send and that the conference went much more smoothly with her help.


Nathan announced that Pat Kwandras’ mom had an operation and that she is doing very well. He said that Pat was grateful for all the suggestions particularly those from Hope since her mom’s major problem was a viral infection.


Kaj told everyone about what they had learned on Wednesday and then Sharry told us about various developments at Sound Health. She will be chairing an international committee to develop standards for Vocal Profiling. They have published an article by Sharry but since they probably know little about Human BioAcoustics, they would be smart to learn from her.  She has already set the standard everywhere else!!


To better acquaint the new people with everyone, Sharry had created a crossword puzzle filled with hints and clues about past conferences, experiences and participants! This was fun – the puzzle included references to Karen B’s “funny face” joke (which we will never let die), and even to the “Orgasmatron” (Ha! you knew I would get that in- didn’t you??!! Laugh you skeptic! - this is gonna prove to be a BIG moneymaker someday!!!). There should have been a reference to that lady who lost her shoes in Cincinnati- but that was missing, huh, Liz???


Sharry next read a letter from the Ohio Governor’s office congratulating Sound Health on its revolutionary contributions to the Bioscience Community. Alternative Health and politics were discussed a bit, and then we took a break.


After the break, Sharry introduced a lecture she called “The Amoeba and the Octopus”. Sharry is concerned that, as the Research Associate group grows, we remain committed and focused on the same ideals and that we be open-minded and tolerant enough to work well together. Looking about the room, there were nutritionists, doctors, nurses, massage therapists, audiologists, teachers, - people from very different backgrounds, each specializing in “their own thing.”  BioAcoustics is a science/art in development. The information we gather in our sessions is part of its development as a research project. Thus, while many of us use other modalities or are more focused on one area of health (pathogens, homeopathy, toxins, enzymes, audiology, etc) we must all come together and be open to each other’s specialties (and idiosyncrasies) in order to move this practice forward. We must both blend and separate like amoebas, and have many interests or “arms,” like octopi.  Sharry talked about ancient peoples and their ability to communicate with each other psychically. This form of communication kept them closer as they “experienced each other’s experience”. Today, our language often keeps us apart. We must become more open to each other’s ideas and not try to dominate direction with our own narrow vision. We must be less critical of those who do not see things exactly as we do or we will miss out on much. Ultimately, we are all one energy- it is easier to flow together than to block the flow with controlling behavior. Sharry went on to list various controlling behaviors and she urged those who have not yet seen the movie “What the Bleep” (http://www.whatthebleep.com) to do so!  She urged us to monitor our own frequencies and to “keep our own sounds wholly/holy.”  She emphasized the importance of treating people with respect, kindness and generosity.  This is important because we plan to move BioAcoustics forward and must unit as a group before we approach the world.  We broke for lunch.


After lunch, Sharry explained that, as usual, the written schedule is there in print for the left-brainers, and is never actually followed.  We nodded - we already knew that!


Attorney Ralph Fucetola began the afternoon session by catching people up on what is happening with the international Codex Alimentarius (Food Code) regulations that threaten to destroy our right to use nutritional supplements. He talked about our rights and limits as BioAcoustic Research Associates. He reminded us that by sticking with the voiceprint and doing our analysis from that, we are not practicing medicine - we are analyzing energies for research purposes.  Carolyn Borst, who does nutritional counseling, was asked by a woman to look in her voiceprint for the frequency for lyme disease.  She did not diagnose the disease, but merely read the energy. (we all know that when we see such energies present, we must advise the client to see a doctor for a diagnosis).  Carolyn was accused of making a “diagnosis,” but she explained that she does NOT diagnose or treat disease. She does research on energy. The Board dismissed the case. Ralph then distributed an article he wrote called “Human BioAcoustic Evaluation is Not Medical Diagnosis” and discussed it.  It is posted on the SHRI web site, Here.


Next, Lita Lee spoke about the attacks on her nutritional practice in the state of Oregon. Lita and Ralph have carefully kept her website and articles free of anything relating her nutritional practice to that of medicine, but because of a doctor complaint (NOT a client complaint!).  Lita was accused of practicing medicine without a license. While this attack was not related to her BioAcoustic research practice, it is important for researchers to understand that we must be proactive in protecting our research rights and status. It is our diligence that will keep us free to practice under the standards of BioAcoustics as established by us internally.


Ralph went on, answering questions and explaining various statutes.  Since doctors are now referring people to BioAcoustic Research Associates (who simply research energy - the Doctor does the diagnosis). it is important that the Associates be protected when working for same.  Ralph explained that an AMA Ethics Opinion in the 1990s allows doctors to refer patients to health care providers and researchers such as BARA practitioners when the services “may benefit” the patient.  We took a break.


After the break, Ralph moved on to the subject of credentials. The Credentials System was adopted by the Trustees of the Sound Health Research Institute.  The Committee is headed by Trustee Liz Longeren.  Ralph and Liz discussed the various committees, their structure, standards and rules, all of which are published on the SHRI web site.  The enabling Resolution provides, “There is hereby established the following Committee, subcommittees and bodies within SHRI: (1) a Credentials Committee, (2) an Advisory Board, (3) an Ethics Subcommittee, (4) a Certification Subcommittee (Certification Board), (5) an HBA Journal Editorial Board and (6) an Internal Review Board and such IRB and Peer Review subcommittees or boards as may be advisable.”  During another break, various practitioners who were interested in the subcommittees met with Liz and reviewed and revised the draft documents that make up the Credentials System, all of which are published Here.


A big “thank you” to Nancy Blachly, chairperson of Internal Peer Review Board for researching IRB standards and drafting the outline for same.  It is through peer reviewed and published research that this work will be standardized. After the break, this was discussed and Dorinne Davis talked about the differences between evidence based and research based standards. Ralph continued with the responsibilities of the Ethics Committee (chaired by Judy Chambers). Ralph finished by recommending a book by Dr. William A Tiller (another recipient of the O. Spurgeon English Humanitarian Award, given the same year as Sharry received her’s), titled “Science and Human Transformation” and read some references regarding sound from same.


Sharry then took the floor to resume teaching and mentioned the wonderful lectures given by Dr Tiller at a conference she had attended in Santa Fe in April. She said that Bruce Lipton had also given excellent lectures there and that tapes of both were available in the Sound Health Library for anyone who might wish to view them.


Bob Bethel next spoke about the new Toneboxes as well as new specialty Toneboxes that will be available to the public. These include back boxes, “Charlie horse” muscle boxes, and perhaps even facelift boxes!  The first of these, The Little Back Box is now available through a private company, nVoice.


Sharry continued, discussing miscellaneous items as they were brought up as well as new information that the Matrix has revealed, such as the relationship of Vitamin D-3 to all minerals. She talked about thimerosol relationships and differences in transitory and long-term toxins. She talked about frequencies that distort the perception of time. She finished the day’s session by talking a bit about the new Korg program and its possibilities, and announced that a Board of Directors meeting would be held upstairs in the remodeled classroom. Ralph and I headed out for dinner, joining a group of sound workers at the sedate Seven Sauces and then ended the evening at a rowdier venue across the street where we finally got to meet Kaj’s partner Marlo, a really outrageous lady!!


Sleeping on a hotel mattress is always difficult for someone who sleeps on a waterbed. I inevitably get into a physical battle with the mattress (yes, that includes a lot of punching!) and I generally lose. So Friday morning, I was feeling that “all-over everywhere” sort of pain as I entered the conference room and I must say, seeing all the beautiful faces of people I have grown to love over the years, made the pain easier to take!


Dear Lita, who we missed soooooo much last year, recommended two books on coconut oil by Dr. Bruce Fife. Sharry recommended a book on “Creating an Abundant Practice” by Andrea Adler, and then announced that various Sound Health clients would be sharing their stories with us later in the day. She said that author Larry Trivieri (who features Sharry in his book) was to attend, but had to attend a funeral instead. She also announced that the usual Saturday Night Banquet would be held tonite (Friday), instead, and we had all been told in advance to come in costume. Sharry went on teaching miscellaneous material discovered in the Matrix numbers, and handing out papers describing same. She discussed relationships seen in nerve degeneration, antioxidants, protein sugars, new templates for reference, newly decoded hormones nutrient assimilation, new ideas for sound presentation and much, much more! Bob Bethel discussed the previous night’s Board Meeting and announced that Kaj had been elected to the Board (much applause!).


Next Sharry went over improved Svani techniques, comparing mundane and specific issue prints. She and Dorinne discussed Brian Butterworth’s book “What Counts - How Every Brain is Hard-Wired for Math”. Math has always been the universal language and, of course, we use it specifically to define each energy we research and use. Hard-wired or burnt out - brain fuzz was beginning to set in! We broke for lunch (and Ralph and I rushed off to a costume shop in Athens!).


After lunch, at the VIP Press Conference, we listened to the Sound Health experiences of Bill Crumb (Willie’s dad), Dr. Russ Rudy, Marlo McDonald and Romola Hopkins. All four had interesting stories to share.  Bill Crumb went first, describing his initial meeting with Sharry and recreating the very strange sounds she made as she studied his son Willie’s energies!  “I thought she was calling hogs!” he shared while we laughed, recognizing the sounds.


Dr Russ Rudy, an emergency room doctor, was injured in an accident (more so than he realized at the time) and did not know what was causing his downhill spiral. Finally in severe pain and wheelchair dependent, he visited Sharry. She was able to show him what had happened to his body in the forgotten accident and using BioAcoustics techniques, was able to help him regenerate the nerves of the legs.  EMG’s substantiated the enervations which is an incredibly unusual event.  Next, Romola Hopkins talked about her hearing problem which developed after the removal of a tumor 18 years ago. Sound Health found the energy block and her hearing was restored.  Finally Marlo stood up and talked about her fight against breast cancer and the energy research Kaj was doing to help her overcome same.  She had the audience laughing with her and appreciating the miracles we’ve all seen.


Sharry then introduced Dr. Janet Burns who has worked with her on various cases and Dr. Burns discussed her feelings and amazement at this new science of BioAcoustics and her desire to see the University with which she is associated take on substantiation studies. Next, Nathan spoke about what had been learned in an HIV study he did for Sound Health. Finally, a new PR video on BioAcoustics was shown. This film was made by an independent company and featured music by Tommy Priakos and was a nice orientation to BioAcoustics! Sharry closed the day’s session and we rushed out to prepare for the barbecue/banquet!


Twenty minutes later, Ralph and I were back in our hotel room smearing green goo on our hands, faces and artificial Spock ears.  A couple of deely-bopper antennas, a touch of green lipstick and practice speaking on one note (“We-are-from-Poughkeepsie-we-are-humans-just-like-you!”) and we were ready for the party! So we were not at all surprised when a green-skinned relative who goes by the name of Yoda (Sharry) showed up! We took a family portrait! [Conference photo montage]  The costumes were great! Liz wore a stunning renaissance gown; Tommy was a “walking overture” tonebox (he won first prize for his innovative BioAcoustic product costume); Carolyn wore an Arthurian court outfit; Judy was a 1920’s Flapper; Lita wore her drumming outfit; and Nathan flipped his hair about and called himself “Cousin It.” Jessica’s daughter, just an infant last year was walking about, looking adorable!  Kaj and Marlo have a big mushy very mixed breed very fat dog that they brought along and he spent the evening staring at food (until he got it!) and salivating. It is incredible just how focused a dog can become over a cookie!  Bob Bethel set up a ‘casino’ (we had been receiving “chip rewards” during the conference for correct answers!) and the gambling instincts in some of our associates surfaced!  Something was still missing- so Ralph and Tommy pulled a car close to the tables and put on the Mortonette Jenkins CD.  So Mortonette - it was sort of like having you and your wonderful voice there with us! [http://www.mortonette.com/] After too much wine, we went back to the hotel and I resumed my battle with the mattress!


Saturday morning happened way toooo fast!  But we made it to the conference on time and discussed the previous day’s events.  The afternoon’s lectures had been organized beautifully but the party was without chocolate.  Yours Truly volunteered to cook next year (yes there will be chocolate!), so reserve the trailer for me—I’ll need the kitchen!!


Saturday was loaded with miscellaneous info!  Sharry spoke of frequency equivalents found present during pregnancy and childbirth; 92 different types of arthritis; and the reports we hand in on clients.  She singled out “newby” Kim for her great reports and excellent research!  Sharry discussed decoding proteins and genes for the eyes. Lysine, Catalase and other nutrients were discussed. New templates were introduced. Also submission of articles for peer review was discussed. Marty spoke on an article called “The Density of Neural Firing” and then we broke for lunch!


After lunch, Kaj gave a detailed presentation on her work with Marlo’s cancer and the wealth of information that came out of same.  Next, Sharlene and Tommy demonstrated their tone trial spreadsheet.  Carolyn Walker gave a very organized lecture on toxins, a serious problem, often overlooked by the medical establishment. Carolyn is a nurse practitioner focusing on hormone imbalances. Kim Thomson presented a case in which she had discovered carbon monoxide poisoning in a client and the client’s child. Finally, Sharry took the floor and discussed the updated Abacus as well as the new Korg program! (Some students remained the following week to learn this new program). Elise Madison volunteered her voice for an example session on the Korg and Sharry discussed system pairs within the Korg. The session ended and we broke for dinner and some rest.


Unfortunately for me, Ralph’s “hiatal hernia” (which, according to the numbers is actually a gall bladder problem!) acted up so after Sharry checked out his numbers, we went back to the Hotel to rest. Everyone else, I understand, went out for dinner and had a great time!


Sunday morning I was really tired having spent the night taking care of Ralph’s stomach! So I arrived a bit late for the last session and kept falling asleep!!@!!  Somehow, I still managed to get notes down and Tommy’s notes have filled in the empty spaces!!  First thing discussed on the agenda was Ralph’s gallbladder- sorry I missed that- I could have added some comedy (sorry, Ralph!) to the drama.  Again, the numbers revealed what medical tests had missed.


Next, Sharry talked about recent research that revealed which nutrients affect the nausea of chemotherapy and how certain proteins are involved.


Dr Alan Greenberg talked about Chanca Piedra oil for use with stones. Sharry has found that stone problems are created by an imbalance of magnesium, calcium and vitamin C. Herbal frequency equivalents were discussed with their relationship to pods. Alan gave everyone a bottle of his Chelorex, an oral chelation product that he developed and asked us to report our experiences of it back to him. He also discussed detoxification. Bruce Lipton’s book, “The Biology of Belief” was referred to and recommended.


Lita Lee and Carolyn Borst discussed salt heat lamps and the wonderful ions they give off.  There are currently several types of healing modalities that use “tapping” on various body points and these were discussed.


Next Nathan Michael gave a very thorough report on the HIV project he did for Sound Health.  He discussed comparisons of charts and pathogens. He discovered a relationship between Liothyronine and Nicotine that may prove quite useful! 


Sharry took the floor and began by discussing water’s living qualities. She went on to discuss metabolic, hormonal and heart related issues and what has come up with the new templates and matrix for each. She used various cases as examples of her findings.  Finally, Sharry finished the session by announcing a new database for reports to come through.  The 2005 Conference came to an end among great new programs, incredible new information and an organizational plan for research and standards that are being put in place. 


Several students stayed an extra week to learn the new Korg (as yet unnamed) program, and Sharlene will be reporting on what happened in that class! The rest of us gathered our belongings, shared hugs and good-bys and took off for home!  And Ralph’s stomach?  Well he has these attacks about three times a year and they generally last three days, during which time, Drew and I take turns listening to his whining and waiting on him hand and foot! Hah! No more of that! Sharry’s sounds appear to have reduced his suffering to 12 hours. He was hungry by the time we reached Maryland!!! 


Much love to you all!  Kathy


ã 2005 SHRI