Association for Divine Intervention -- Applications for Second Round of Grants Due 12/15/01.

Grant, Loan & Gift Program Rules [v.1.1 - 11/01/01]

1. (A) There is hereby established the Divine Intervention Grant, Loan & Gift Program. The Charter of the Association for Divine Intervention (ADI) provides authority for the Overseer of the Patrimony Fund to expend ADI funds for various purposes, "providing... reasonable allowances, fees, commissions, salaries and expenses, as well as paying professional and other proper expenses..." and:

(1) for religious activities, (2) for charitable activities, (3) for scientific research activities, (4) for literary activities, (5) to support the Ministry, (6) to make grants, loans or gifts (a) to individuals and (b) other exempt organizations (including other DI units) such as an auxiliary, church, or foundation.

(B) All Applications for grants, loans or gifts shall be limited to expenditures permitted under these Rules and shall be made upon the Application for Aid form attached hereto, with such attachments and additions as may be necessary to support application. Copies of declined applications cannot be returned unless submitted with a stamped, self-addressed return envelope.

(C) The following areas of concern are also deemed to be within the scope of the Program: spiritual, metaphysical, holistic and leading edge, sound, light and energetic technologies.

2. The Overseer shall establish Patrimony Accounts pursuant to the provisions of the Charter of the ADI and may appoint Associate Overseers to assist in the maintenance of the Patrimony Accounts and distribution of funds. The Overseer may provide for multiple signatories on the accounts, but the signature of the Overseer shall be necessary to release funds under these Rules.

3. The final decision regarding any Application for Aid is within the discretion of the Overseer. The Overseer may delegate review and consideration of any Application for Aid to any Associate. No decision is final until the check is issued.

4. The Overseer and Associates shall be guided by these Rules in the making of grants, loans or gifts under the Program for the purposes set forth in Rule 1 (A) pursuant to an Application for Aid made in accord with Rule 1 (B). They are not obligated to, but may, consider need or ability to repay in determining when to accept an Application for Aid and issue funds to the Applicant. They may require any recipient to enter into such agreements and assurances they deem appropriate.

5. All decisions of the Overseer and Associates are final. The Program does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual preference, disabilities or age.

The ADI reserves all rights, UCC 1-207.

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