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2nd Round Grant Applications Due 12/15/01

To Whom It May Concern:

The Association for Divine Intervention, an auxiliary of the Church of Divine Intervention, has adopted Rules for its Grant, Loan & Gift Program. These Rules, and the Application for Aid form adopted with them, provide the basis for accepting applications for funding. Rev. Starr Fuentes, as Overseer of the Church Patrimony Fund will review applications with the Associate Overseers of the Program to determine which applications meet the standards set forth in the Rules and are within the annual budgetary limits of the Program.

Upon completion of review, the applicant will receive a responding letter either accepting or declining the application. If an application that is declined is indicated to be within the general scope of the Program, the applicant is invited to resubmit the application for the following calendar year. If an application is accepted, an acceptance letter with a copy of the Program's form Funding Agreement included will be sent to the applicant.

Copies of (a) the Application for Aid, (b) the Rules of the Program and (c) a sample Grant Proposal are linked to this web page. The Program accepts applications that include interests such as spiritual, metaphysical, holistic and leading edge; sound, light and energetic technologies. The Program may make expenditures for the following purposes: religious, charitable, scientific research and literary activities; to support the Ministry; to make grants, loans or gifts to individuals and exempt organizations (including DI units) such as an auxiliary, church, or foundation.

The Funding Agreement provides expenditure limitations to the above stated purposes, regular reports on the expenditures and an obligation to tithe for charitable or other exempt purposes from any increase that the applicant receives as a result of the grant, loan or gift made by the Program. Rev. Starr considers the return of spiritual energies represented by tithing to be very important for the process of Divine Intervention and to permit the continuation of the Program for the benefit of the many.

With blessings,

Further Information: Rules, Application, Sample

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