Definitive Guide to Alternative Medicine lists
Human BioAcousticsä as being on the "Healing Edge."



The new 2nd edition of Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide includes Human BioAcoustics as a recommended alternative therapy.

This innovative alternative for health and wellness, pioneered by Sharry Edwards, was chosen to be listed after lengthy interviews and investigation. In addition to being listed as a recommended therapy, a lengthy article highlighting Human BioAcoustic methods and research has been included in the chapter on Sound Therapy. Sound Health, the research company responsible for developing the new field, now known as BioAcoustic Biologyä , is located in Southeastern Ohio near Albany.

BioAcoustics uses voice spectral analysis (Vocal Profiling) to identify and interpret the complex frequency interactions that constantly occur within the body.

"The frequencies contained in the vocal pattern provide a holographic representation of the body and its energy patterns," Edwards states. "BioAcoustics seeks to influence the systems within the body that produce, interpret, and use those frequencies in order to achieve and maintain sound health."

Only four techniques, chosen from the hundreds being researched, were featured in the Sound Therapy Chapter. Among those included was the Tomatis Method, a world-renowned program that assists deaf and hard of hearing children to regain listening and communication skills and Human BioAcoustics as developed by Sharry Edwards.

Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide was published to select the most efficacious and trusted programs in alternative health. Over 400 leading medical doctors, health practitioners, scientists, researchers and reporters investigated each program chosen to be highlighted and/or recommended for inclusion in the 2nd Edition. Over 600,000 copies of the first edition are in print.

The Stanford Center for research in Disease Prevention at Stanford University reports that in 1997, $27 billion was spent on alternative wellness methods. Recent studies translate this to mean an astounding number of people (2/3 of those living in US & Canada) now employ some form of alternative to achieve and maintain health.

Edwards and her work have also been chosen as a featured practice on the Alternative Medicine web site. Further information about Sound Health can be found at

Last year Edwards received the Scientist of the Year Award from the International Association of New Science. Her work continues to be the leading edge of frequency and sound research. Presently Edwards heads the research division of Sound Health in addition to her duties as an adjunct faculty member of the Capital University Program of Integrative Medicine.

Ms. Edwards' web site is at

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