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SCIENTIST OF THE YEAR Awarded to Sharry Edwards

The International Association of New Science (IANS - -- CapitalU) awarded its top honor to Sharry Edwards, Research Director of the Sound Health Research Institute, at the September 2001 IANS Conference in Colorado.

Recipients of this prestigious award are chosen for their dedication, innovation and leadership in a field of study. Edwards pioneered the field of Human BioAcoustics which utilizes voice spectral analysis and the use of low frequency analog sound presentation to promote wellness.

Laverne DeWilde, Executive Director of IANS, states that her organization has been following Edwards' research work for many years and feels that Edwards' contributions deserve recognition and support from the scientific community.

Edwards has long been recognized as a leader in Sound Research. Two documentaries have been completed about her work: Sharry Edwards Energy Medicine and The Sonic Apothecary. Edwards recently appeared in a third documentary that was produced by an English film company that treavelled to Ohio to film Edwardsı at the Sound Health Center in Athens County. Edwards has been contacted by a Japanese film company that will film an additional documentary in Athens during October.

Edwards has been the subject of hundreds of articles published throughout the world and her work has appeared in several books and Journals. A writer for Alternative Medicine Magazine will feature Edwards as a leading pioneer in the field of energy medicine in a book due out next early next year.

Edwards makes appearances throughout the world at the invitation of complementary health groups. Edwards has trained thousands of persons to use her techniques which are offered through Capital Universityıs Integrative Health Program. She has written hundreds of articles, several books and has made numerous radio and TV appearances.

Edwards states that, "Everything starts with an idea. Not data, not statistics. An IDEA! Iım very honored that my peers have accepted my work as I follow my intention to make a contribution to the idea of SELF HEALTH."

Edwards and her husband, William, traveled to Colorado to participate in the 11th annual conference of IANS held in Fort Collins where Edwards appeared as a keynote speaker. The award was a surprise to both of them. Says William, "She deserves that and more. It is nice to see her get recognition after all the hard work she has done. The major contribution of BioAcoustics , and what I see as being accepted first, is the value it offers as a diagnostic tool". William Edwards is employed by Verizon in Athens, Ohio.

Edwards is the daughter of Dessie and the late Victor Perry of Meigs County. Her graduate and undergraduate work was completed at Ohio University.

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