Sound Health Research Institute
BioAcoustic Equipment Charity Program Resolution

Whereas one of the exempt purposes of SHRI is to engage in charitable activities,

Whereas the Institute accepts donations of funds and equipment, and

Whereas the Board of Trustees has determined to enact an appropriate Rule for the acceptance and disposition of donations of equipment,

Be it hereby Resolved by the Institute Board of Trustees that the following Rule for the BioAcoustic Equipment Charity Program is adopted:

BioAcoustic Equipment Charity Program

1. Any individual, company, charitable or other organization may donate equipment useable in BioAcoustic Research to the Institute.

2. Such equipment may be (a) purchased in the name of the Institute or (b) donated to the Institute after purchase by way of a Letter of Gift setting forth (i) the name and address of the donor, (ii) the equipment being donated, and (iii) the purchase price and purchase date of each piece of equipment.

3. The Director of the Institute is authorized to issue an appropriate Donation Receipt for any such equipment donation.

4. Any individual, company, charitable or other organization may suggest the name, address and condition of any person who may be in need of BioAcoustic equipment. The Director must determine that such use is in conjunction with research being conducted by any duly certified BioAcoustic Research Associate and that loaning such equipment to the person would further BioAcoustic Research. The Director may then loan equipment to the person, upon such person (or person's guardian) signing a Receipt Letter setting forth the equipment loaned, the lending date, and an undertaking to return the equipment when it is no longer needed.

5. The Director shall keep a record of all equipment donated and its disposition.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees as of October 15, 2000.

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