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Blog / Journal

These web pages are a Journal of our experiences with the Other - a Close Encounters Journal of UFO sightings, possible alien abductions, angelic encounters and other experiences with the Other.  This is an occasional web log.  Latest Additions.

The first section is a review of experiences occurring over more than thirty years. Following that are Blog Journal entries more or less as they happen, with hyper links to supporting and expanded information.

Rev. Esnur

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As though dreams, I remember, very early on, small visitors in the night. My earliest such dream memories are of small dark "gnomes" around my childhood bed some time in the early '50s. They faded and I believed, would not return. In '68 I met Kathy, but did not know, then, she had had alien dreams as well...


We were living together in the mid '70s in Parsippany when she started having more open experiences. Like the "man" dressed in black with sunglasses on at night, who she saw on the way to the laundry room. The dream, when I wasn't there, of something grabbing at her while she slept. And a neatly incised triangular patch of skin we found afterward on her leg, with a bit of flesh bloodlessly removed.


While we lived in Morristown from the early '80s until 1996 the experiences escalated. I remember returning home several times and seeing the digital clock flashing -- and Kathy's tales of black helicopters over our townhouse, and being "called" outside to see a silver oval ship, paced by one, gliding nearby. Odd lights shinning through the skylight.

In '85 Kathy was feeling depressed and a good spiritual friend gave her a Ramptha video set. She listened to the tapes twice that night - nearly 8 hours, mesmerized by the teachings of self-empowerment espoused by the Ram. At dawn she stepped outside, to a quiet Autumn morning, with tears of gratitude for the learning... The townhouse was set back from the street and sidewalk by an old stone wall that predated it. Built on a terrace, each had steps leading to the front door about ten feet above street level. As she stood there, she noted a "dust devil" begin to swirl the leaves in the gutter, climb across the public sidewalk, lead up the street steps, down the path and up the townhouse steps, to blow across her. The Ram teaches that he, when not channeled through JZ Knight -  www.ramptha.org - he is "riding the winds" as the ancient Lord of Winds.

In the late '80's I remember our toddler son's frightened reaction at seeing an image of a "gray" on TV for the first time. As though he had seen one before, but not on TV.

We worked a while with Dr. Bruce Cornet  in the early mid-90's when he had access to a very sensitive magnetometer.  He was testing some ideas of his regarding the Pine Bush, NY UFO hotspot and found anomalous measurements there that paralleled odd measurements he found under the Dr. Fred Bell pyramid set up in the extra room of our town house. What was truly interesting was this type of magnetometer measured changes in magnetic fields indirectly, by the twisting of protons in a hydrogen sample.  Since other magnetic field measurement devices were not showing the same odd readings, we concluded that other forces were twisting the protons and causing the readings.  Such twisting might have been on a quantum level and this would suggest the utilization of energy spectra other than the familiar electromagnetic field.  At least one half-minute measurement in the pyramid produced what might have been nonrandom numerical series -- communications.  Had Dr. C serendipitously stumbled onto a technology that might, in some circumstances at least, allow eavesdropping on alien communications?  We no longer have access to the very sensitive proton magnetometer and can only wonder what technology will eventually allow us to listen into what must be the Great Galactic Conversation among alien civilizations using spectra of energy greatly in advance of any in use by humans on Earth (in this, we are much like the remaining stone age tribes, watching the skies, seeing strange new lights, and not being aware of the hundreds of satellite TV signals beaming around our campfires, through our brains...).

Stealth Delta Craft

These events peaked on Saturday, a week after Thanksgiving, 1995. It was after midnight; Drew and I were watching TV in the family room while Kathy was doing dishes -- and zoning out, as she says. She was again "called" and went out the front door where she later told us she saw a large black delta ship gliding over the 4 story apartment building across the street and over our place. Her view was blocked by the roof overhang and the "spell" of silence which such sightings often impose was broken. She called into us to look outside. We opened the family room door, stepped onto the porch and looked up.

Directly overhead was the large delta craft. I remember the reflection of the street lights on its shinny black surface. Three large lights beneath it. The utter lack of any sounds. It slowly glided across the street, just above the tall evergreens there. Then... I forget. The dampening spell was in place and I am not sure how or when I re-entered the house, or what we said. It was several days before the three of us could discuss what happened. We each independently drew pictures of what we saw and compared notes. We saw the same vessel.

Healing Researchers and Close Encounters

It was in the mid '90s, at an annual Human BioAcoustics (SM) Conference, that Sound Health Founder Sharry Edwards, M.Ed., first publicly spoke about her Close Encounters as a child in SE Ohio.  When she completed her description of the experiences to a silent and stunned group of over 150 sound health researchers, I asked for a showing of hands of those present who believed they  personally had Close Encounters.  At least 80% of the room raised our hands.  See also:  www.soundhealthinc.com and www.soundhealthresearch.org.  While it is certain that one does not have to have had such experiences to be called to a healing avocation, others have confirmed to me that many alternative health researchers and practitioners are among those who often believe they have had extraordinary experiences.  Like the Shaman of old...

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We moved into the country to this wonderful land with its protective vortex and I thought such visitations would be at an end. And I truly believe there have been no unwanted "visitors" here inside the parsonage, protected as we are. Just after we moved in, though, Kathy did see a white "utility" truck in the woods, near no road or trail. The occupants, in hard hats and sun glasses, waved to her.

And, there have been several other events around and about us at the LifeSpirit parsonage over the past four years that suggest that we are being observed, from a distance at least.

Swamp Lights

One early morning the Spring after we moved in Kathy and Drew woke me up to see a strange display of lights. The parsonage is on a wooded hillside overlooking a wetlands preserve area -- no houses for a half mile or more. There, below us and beyond the street (thus, in the middle of a large open area of wetland and pond) we saw multi colored lights beaming from ground to sky. Over a half minute they silently shifted, modulated and disappeared. Some sort of alien damper must have been in effect. I remember being confused and wandering back to bed as Kathy called the local police to find out if there had been a fire or accident. Nothing had been reported.

Then there was a bright light -- too big for a flashlight beam -- that seemed to be probing into our bedroom late one other night. It suddenly stopped when Kathy went to investigate.

We have also seen a number of unusual lights in the sky. One cloudy night Leon and I watched the blip, blip, blip of something odd flit through the clouds and disappear.

Green Man

During Spring 2000 Drew reported to us that he saw a "Green Man" walking through the Glen by our Crystal Dragon Medicine Wheel one afternoon. He says the figure was tall and somewhat translucent, as though made more of energy than matter.

At the Summer Solstice Gathering, 2000, a group of us were at the Dragon Circle, dragoncircle.html medicine wheel, Om-ing and praying, when several people, standing in the drive above the Glen, noticed balls of Light dancing in the air between the trees, above the Circle. The phenomenon lasted several minutes.

During October 2000, watching the stars on a clear night, Kathy, Drew and I saw the dark shape of a disk ship passed just overhead, one steady ruby red light glowing beneath. It was accompanied by a droning sound that did not change pitch, like an engine would, as it passed. The light and sound blinked off, suddenly, halfway across the sky, directly above us. Almost like a joke...

The truth is everywhere...

Many people have had similar experiences. We all want to know what they mean. Are we being watched over by protectors? Are some alien exo-sociologists using us for their doctoral theses? Or maybe their junior high science projects (maybe that's why they keep on doing the same things, over and over, generation after generation...) What is going on here? We know we are in an era when much of what has been hidden will be made manifest. Surely even these dark secrets will be revealed in the times that are coming. And to counterbalance the dark, Light Beings await to embrace us!

Ralph Fucetola, 11/2000; 5/2008.

Only Love Prevails - Clearing - Latest Additions.

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Our Close Encounters; Communicants' Close Encounters


1. 11/27/00 - ANGELIC VISITOR - Newton, NJ, about 11:00 PM -- Kathy and I were soaking in the Center's Jacuzzi, praying aloud under a moonless, completely cloud covered sky, when we experienced the cloud cover roll apart in all directions from directly overhead (first revealing the Pleiades -- and the grand Jupiter/Saturn conjunction with the Seven), Orion close by. I could see the edges of the cloud rolling down and back, under itself as the "vesica pices" opened above us. There was no wind and no apparent physical cause for the opening of the sky.

This dramatic roll back of the clouds took about a half minute and as it reached most of the sky we noticed a strange glow on our parsonage chimney. There was a distinct humanoid shape in white - blue light seemingly spreading glowing wings. The shape remained gently pulsing against the chimney for perhaps ten minutes.

Kathy invited the Visitor to stay if it came in peace and love. We continued the prayer for protection, peace and prosperity. Then we closed the Jacuzzi and went inside to find a flashlight (noticing that the glow was still there), but when we returned, the glow was gone and the flashlight showed no markings on the stones of the chimney. The clouds had returned. The question remains: what was the message of this visitation?

Kathy and I both feel that the entity was a friendly and positive Visitor -- a true Light Being. We are told by one spiritual teacher we discussed this with that such visions are often harbingers of beneficial change. Of that we can be certain.

------------------------------------------- Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

Angelic Visitation Revisited - November 2001

Cloud Angel -- May 2, 2003

Angelic Visitation - November 2000

 A view of the Visitor.

Angelic Visitor Close Encounter


Side note:  12/27/03 - Looking up at the chimney, thinking that it would be neat to see again what we saw in November 2000, when a beautiful lone meteor zipped from the zenith toward the east horizon, directly over the chimney.  It left a streak of white afterglow, and scattered sparks from its yellow head, as it disappeared just above the chimney top. rf

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-------------------------------------------- Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

 2. 01/22/01 - TWO UFO's IN ONE DAY - Newton, NJ, about 3:30 PM Jeff saw a white, slightly glowing, cigar shaped object glide at about 45o overhead, going west, in a clear sky, several hundred to a thousand feet in elevation. No wings or contrail were visible. Then at about 6:30 PM both Kathy and Jeff saw a black delta shaped craft with blinking white lights at the three corners go directly overhead. This craft proceeded slowly north at an elevation of about twice local treetop level.

------------------------------------------- Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

3. 07/01/01 - EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE CRAFT OVER ROUTE 206 - Chester, NJ, about 9:45 PM, while driving north through a strong line of thunderstorms, sighted a craft appearing to consist of three circles of white light assembled into an equilateral triangle. The craft moved across the highway from northwest to southeast, roughly following the northerly edge of the storm, at about 30 mph, below the cloud level. The lights were not disks of light, but rather the light formed the thin rim of three, nearly touching circles of equal size.

------------------------------------------- Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

4. 07/25/01 -- BLUE LIGHT IN THE FOREST - Newton, NJ, about 11 PM, no moon. We watched a small blue light (about the size of a firefly) bob and weave in the woods for about 15 minutes. Appeared to be about 50 feet from us and traversed a length of about 150 feet through the woods. This light was clearly distinguishable from the fireflies which have a very different color and blink. This light did not blink. It seemed a pleasant enough Faerie Light and did not disturb our dog. This gets recorded as another example of an unexplained energy phenomenon in and about the parsonage.

------------------------------------------- Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

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An Interlude:  About September 21, 2001... Our Dr. Fred Bell Pyramid (that we've had the mid-80s) was moved to the basement a couple months before, as we assembled our Golden Apple Library there.  Setting aside a special space for meditation "under the Pyramid" was an experiment we had maintained for years (see comments above, under Morristown).

The Monad

Before the move to the basement, the Pyramid had always been in its own mostly empty, mostly white room.  Now, though, it was in a basement area near the new Library, with exposed beams and walls that did not reflect back its multicolored lighting.  The various lighting, with moving colored lights and glowing crystals, was part of the experience.  One of the lights, The Monad, had been created in the early 1970s.

While meditating there, I felt strongly the need to "bump up the power" by adding an energetic circuit to the negative ion generator and geometric antenna structures that came with the Pyramid.  I wrapped copper wiring around the legs of the Pyramid, bringing the circuit together at the corner of the pyramidal cap of the system.  In a perhaps "guided" manner, I sought a crystal to use in the circuit (Bell Pyramids come with a half dozen largish quartz crystals) and found, nestled between the twin points of one of the quartz clusters there, a nearly perfectly formed six-sided "slice" of quartz, of the type formerly used in radio transmission; it easily came away from the cluster, with no particular effort.  This sliver was mounted between the two ends of the wire and a red Laser light was focused on it.  The energy increase was obvious when sitting under the Pyramid.

However, a few days later, the refrigerator in our kitchen, directly above the Pyramid, caught on fire - causing some panic and consternation.  When the now useless appliance was hauled away, the trash collector commented that he had never seen a refrigerator burn like it did, with a fire "starting" inside the cold box and melting the rear plastic casing, without burning the food inside.  There was no electric damage and its motor still ran.  I disassembled the new circuit (the crystal sliver was added to the Monad; in the photo above, it is just visible behind the small amethyst in the middle panel).

------------------------------------------- Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola (03/06/05)

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 5. 05/19/02 -- WHITE LIGHT FLY-BY - Newton, NJ, about 10:45 PM, quarter moon low in the west; fairly clear, cloudless sky. While praying, a white light, very high up (about the size of one of Orion's belt stars) moved steadily, generally from north to south, until it reached the zenith overhead, where it disappeared in the clearest part of the sky. Witnessed by Kathy, MaryBeth and Ralph.  The phenomena lasted less than a minute.

------------------------------------------- Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

6. 05/02/03 -- CLOUD ANGEL - Newton, NJ, about 10:00 PM, no moon; initially, an even cloud cover.  While praying, the cloud cover quickly blew away, revealing a clear starry night.  Kathy was leading a prayer through the Golden Angels when we experienced the reversal of the "opening of the clouds" of 11/27/00, above.  This time, the clouds reformed, in a ring, stretching out as far as we could see, around an open area directly above us.  Then a gossamer area of cloud formed in the oculus, and I could distinctly see an Angelic shape in it, wings, legs, head -- sweeping its right arm to the north and west, in a motion of benediction.  As the Angelic image turned, the opening evaporated and the cloud cover resumed.

-------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

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7. 05/19/03 -- Red Light Fly-By - Newton, NJ, about 10:30 PM, clear sky, moon low in west.  Drew and I watched the Space Station glide by, SW to NE (small, steady, bright white light).  A few minutes later, very high, a steady red light moved from East to West and was quite distinct from the several airplanes with the white and blinking red lights that crossed overhead around the same time.  Since airplanes close to the ground (all we see are within 30,000 feet or so) are closely following the curvature of the Earth, their flight patterns looks different from the more distant objects, like the ISS.  This red light moved much more like the station than an airplane.  Only when making this entry did I notice that it was exactly one year ago that we saw a White Light Fly-By (see entry 5, above).

-------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

8. 06/23/03 -- White Light Flare-By - Newton, NJ, about 10:30 PM, clear sky, no moon.  I watched what may have been the ISS pass by, from SW to NE.  Small, steady white light, not larger than the average star.  As the object glided into the Northeast, it flared white suddenly, becoming brighter than any star for a moment.  A few seconds later it flared again, then faded from sight.  Total sighting, about a minute.

-------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

9. 07/03/03 -- Dimensional Visitor / White Light Fly-By - Newton, NJ, about 2:30 AM this morning Kathy went to question Drew about hearing the front door open and close a few minutes before.  Drew, appearing somewhat dismayed, reported to her that he had seen a ghost about the time she heard the sound.  He reported hearing a girlish laughing, opened his bedroom door and saw, in the hallway, a glowing with what appeared to be an arm and leg, also glowing, coming from it.  Within a few seconds it was gone, leaving a darkened hallway.  Kathy woke me up to describe what happened and worked a Clearing.  She felt the visitation was of a positive nature.  At about 11 PM tonight Kathy and I saw another white light fly-by, from SSW to NNE, quickly covering the area of the sky that we could see.  It might have been the ISS, but, since that object circles the earth every 90 minutes, it should have taken about 10 minutes to cover the approximately 45 degrees of the sky we could see.  Instead, it zipped by in less than a minute.

-------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

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10.  08/18/03 - Green Glow.  Route 81, PA, on the way home, about 1 am, on the Pa Turnpike, with Ralph sleeping in the back and Drew in the passenger seat, we saw something strange! The Perseid Meteor Shower is still going on (though the highpoint was the 12th.) and as we were driving, a bright florescent glowing green (slightly blue) perfectly round ball (golf ball size) came down at an angle and passed the right front of the car to the middle so we could see it clearly right through the middle and top third of my windshield. It was about 50 feet in front of the car and moving fast, forward and downward and about 50 (?) feet off the ground, when it suddenly disappeared. It just blinked out. I think if it had been burning (as part of a piece of meteor) it would have gone out more slowly, and it would have been more yellow colored. So I have no idea what it was. Where is a video camera when you need one?? Drew says it had to have been a piece of meteor- but I just don't think so.

-------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Kathy Greene Fucetola

11. 08/27-8/03 - Mars Close Encounter Double Fly-By - Newton, about 5 AM on 08/28, at the end of a Mars Close Encounter Ritual evening (see: marsencounter.htm) - Drew, Jeff and I were sitting in the hot tub when we witnessed a white light fly-by, moving with unblinking light quickly from north west to south east, across the zenith just east of the Pleiades.  We called some of the other revelers out, and about 15 minutes later, Kathy, Leon and two others saw a second white light move even more quickly across the sky, also from NW to SE, but about 20o further east.

-------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

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12.  10/30/03 ROSE AURORA - After a week of multiple X-10 through X-17 class solar explosions, the Auroras even reached south to the NYC metro area.  For about a quarter hour, from about 6:45 to 7:00 PM, the clear night sky displayed an awesome rose aurora, with pale while striations, through which the brighter stars glowed.  We could see it clearly here, 50+ miles west of the City and friends east of the City said they could see it too. Is this the Red Sky of the prophecies? The signal of the Changes?  Red Sky Aurora Gallery - http://science.nasa.gov/spaceweather/aurora/gallery_01oct03_page7.html.

Night sky, rose glowing
Shadow of Great Ra blasting

See: The Millennial Auroras
Also www.spaceweather.com
LifeSpirit Solar Storms and Cosmic Events page
Solar System Changes Lead to Earth Changes...

-------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

13.  05/28/04 Yellow Light - 4 AM, strange yellow light shining into our bedroom through a west facing window that only looks out to a steep wooded hillside less than 50 feet away - no light sources there.  The light was circular and fairly dim.  It did not seem to be spreading into a cone, but remained focused.  It lasted about 4 seconds.  One of the cats was startled, but our "guard dog" did not react; Ralph remained asleep.

-------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Fucetola from the description of Kathy Greene

14.  06/20/04 - Two Lights on Solstice - 11:02 PM, unblinking deep orange light moved steadily from west to east directly above Kathy and I, disappearing toward the eastern horizon.  Within 5 minutes, a brighter than any star white light appeared about where the orange light went behind the roof line.  The light moved slightly south and quickly faded from sight.

-------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

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15.  07/29/04 - White Light Fadeout - 10:50 PM.- "The magic hour has begun..."

Solar White Light


 Unblinking White Light appeared N-NW of parsonage, in a misty, full moon night (some stars showing).  The light rapidly grew to be about as bright as Jupiter on a clear night and then rapidly faded, without changing position.  The episode lasted 2 to 3 seconds and was spotted by Kathy, witnessed by Karen and Ralph.

07/30/04 - eMailed comment from a psychic frequency friend, relating to this sighting:

 This came in my meditation for you [Kathy] - It was imperative that I get this to you right away ... - "If tears are associated, it is meant to be." - was the thought associated - It has something to do with your Father and His knowing of your destiny - God here was shown to be all good (positive) things to all people simultaneously - There was a piece about haunting people who you judge as doing wrong because you have walked outside the rhythm - all must balance. The message from the Light is:

  The magic hour has begun -
  No need to take the sword to even one;
  bring it to the mind alone -
  see completion to create it from.

  You have known of this from birth
  (even from the new beginning)
  that you will be a part of change to earth.

  Rhythms, rhymes that course through time
  allowed an opening to your mind.

  Beyond man's hold on life's less treasure,
  return to God with mindful leisure.

 I don't know for sure but I think this is asking you to be/go beyond man's world, to exist in God's reality on earth for a purpose that deals with changing present reality.


 [I can now reveal this friend was Sharry Edwards, MEd. -- 23 March 2022 rf]

------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

16.  08/03/04 - White Deer Fawn sighted.  About 10:00 AM as I was bringing Drew to a paintball game by Swartswood Lake, we spotted a group of Deer in the woods.  One of the Deer was white with some brown splotches.  The White Fawn was with its Twin (normal dapple colored) and its Mother as well as a couple other Deer.  The Deer is Kathy's Animal Spirit and three have been on the Greene family crest for nearly a thousand years.  Those who have discussed this sighting feel it is related to the recent White Light sighting, "The magic hour has begun..."

------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

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17.  10/29/04 (updated: 01/01/05) - The Shekinah's Voice.  On the afternoon of October 29th Rev. Kathy Greene began to spontaneously, consciously channel a powerful Message about/from the Shekinah, entitled, The Developed

Example from the Message:  "Shekinah = Goddess portal . . .  The Shekinah is not in Iraq . . . I Am divided among the Chosen (by Bloodline or Mind Development) . . . The power of The Developed is like a beam of focused psychic energy . . ."

Encounters with the Other come in a number of varieties, some involving physical entities from other places, times and dimensions, others involving internal or non-physical entities and Archetypes, such as the Shekinah, the feminine aspect of God/dess.

08/28/05 Update: a version of The Developed has been posted, click Here.

-------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

18.  11/08/04 - The Aurora of 2004.  Magnificent Red, White and Blue (and maybe a bit of Green) aurora, starting about 11:15 PM EST and lasting about a half hour, in response to the earlier X-Class event on the Sun (reported visible throughout the dark sky parts of our metro area).  The sheets of light shifted and undulated from the midpoint (near the Pleiades) to the north and west.  Link to LifeSpirit Solar Storms Page: The Millennial Auroras.

-------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

19.  02/10/05 - The Skyline Aglow.  A small patch of skyline to the NNE of parsonage glowed a bright yellowish color for about a half hour, from 9:30 PM EST (this was not a light we had seen before).  Checking the direction on Mapquest, one looks above the Grove at the front of the property, then lower down across the street, an open wetland area of a half mile, then over about two miles of forest land to the regional high school (just beyond Balesville); after another couple miles of farm and woodland, Rte 206 curves across the landscape, but there are no developments along that part of the highway as it goes by several lakes toward a state forest.  I am not aware of what could have caused the glow.  If it was lighting at the school, we would have noticed it on other occasions.  This glow was along the horizon and not more than 20 degrees above the horizon.

-------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

20.  02/26/05- ABC UFO Cover-Up - copy of email to Peter Jennings.

February 25, 2005

To:  Peter Jennings, PeterJennings@abcnews.com

I am sure you will receive many comments regarding the ABC UFO Special last night.  I'd like to focus on Roswell.  One of the comments made on the show was that there were no credible witnesses to alien bodies in Roswell.  This erroneous statement ignores the late Col. Philip J. Corso who claimed to have seen the bodies and General Ramey who appears to have had knowledge of such bodies.

 "The Day After Roswell," by Col. Philip J. Corso (Ret.) with William J. Birnes, Pocket Books Hardcovers, ISBN 0-671-00461-1.
If this former White House military insider's revelations are not the "smoking gun" what would be?
The failure of the program to use review footage of this most senior witness is nearly as telling as the failure to talk about the contents of the telegram in Gen. Ramey's hand in the famous "Roswell balloon wreckage" photo that you showed - probably the real smoking gun?  The telegraph also appears to reference bodies. 
Your conclusion about Roswell as "myth" is not supported by these significant pieces of ignored evidence.
Ralph Fucetola

21.  03/06/05 - Another White Light or Two... Maia reports that at about 11:00 PM last night (03/05/05) she saw an anomalous white light while she was in the Center hot tub by herself.  The light was as bright as Saturn, starting below that planet and moving quickly from East to South East, low in the sky, disappearing as it reached some trees.  It lasted longer than a meteor might, had no trail and was very bright.  Shortly after, she noticed a flash of light against the snow in the woods just above the deck area.

-------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

22.  05/02/05 - Five Lights Together - 10:45 PM. Kathy and I were in the hot tub (why do we see oddities there... well, it's the best place to view the Universe going by...).  Normally we see a couple airplanes go by; (some small planes nearby, other larger planes at a medium level and some small blinking lights high up, or, occasionally, an unblinking satellite).  This night we saw no planes at all, until, after a few minutes of C&E, I noticed five small white blinking lights in the same general area of the sky, to the east of us.  They dissipated, more than moved away.  Kathy felt they were just planes, far up.  I am not sure, due to the number and no hint of red or green lights.

-------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

23.  05/13/05 - Just a breeze - Synchronicity about midnight, in the Jacuzzi.

Meditating on
Gratitude when "just a breeze"
Blessed midnight stillness.

-------------------------------------Submitted by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

24.  07/11/05 - Dimensional Gate

Master Teoh of WuTung Temple, China, visited the Parsonage and, after a wonderful discussion of Chi, guided us to a particular point in the LifeSpirit Prayer Grove (by a very old tree) on a direct north/south line from the center of the Dragon Medicine Wheel.  He felt strongly that a Dimensional Gate was "opening" there.  He asked us to "honor" the tree by it and to meditate there on manifesting a better world.  He was not then aware of the experiences, related in this Blog, that have occurred in and about the Grove, until after he communicated his observations.  We have, in the subsequent weeks, as the image shows, followed his spiritual advice.

------------------Submitted 08/28/05 by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

Far Gate Dimensional Altar


25.  11/14/05 - Big Foot in Sussex County?  - About 8:30 AM, in the woods looking for Merlin, our missing cat.  Kathy reports seeing a large, brown, hairy creature standing on its hind legs, moving along the forested edge of an open field in an area of a couple hundred acres of woodland and old fields, about 500 yards away.  We've all seen the local black bears and this creature did not seem to be one of them.

Lord Buddha and Magical Merlin

-----------------Submitted 11/15/05 by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

26.  02/25/06 - Stretched Time on Clinton Road, West Milford - Just after dark, driving to meet some friends, we found ourselves on Clinton Road, which runs through some watershed forest lands for ten miles or more north of route 23.  Kathy, Drew and I all commented on how odd the drive felt, how we wouldn't be surprised to see a UFO.  We didn't see any UFOs, but did experience a time distortion whereby the trip seemed to take at least twice as long as it should.  When we exited the road into West Milford, no extra time had passed and we forgot the incident until we spoke to some of Drew's friends recently who reminded us that Clinton Road is rumored to be haunted, and some of them have had odd experiences there as well.

-----------------Submitted 03/09/06 by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

27.  04/07/06 - A Lucid Dream and then some...  My 61st birthday.  Dreamt that we were having a LifeSpirit Gathering, but not here at the Parsonage.  That somewhere else was a small apartment, but not the ones we lived in years ago.  I was trying to maintain a brave face, but felt something was wrong.  Then I became Lucid -- realized I was Dreaming and could choose to "get back" to the Parsonage.  I focused on the Prayer Grove, feeling that I could return there from anywhere/when.  I realized I was laying down, asleep.  But, I was on one of the extra cots we have for guests, and it was placed on the grassy strip above the Grove.  I reached down and could feel the metal tubing of the cot, the grass surrounding.  So I opened my eyes and sat up.  I saw automobile lights coming up the driveway, many people entering the Parsonage.  But it wasn't the building here-now.  It was somehow larger, and I walked in among my friends and family.  Where the bedroom wing is now there was a large common room, with mostly older relations and others sitting around, laughing and chatting.  Where the main room is now there was a huge rugged space with my son and his teen friends bounding about.  Then I realized I had experienced a False Awakening and became Lucid again. Everything glowed with exquisite energy and I awoke in bed.

-----------------Submitted 05/15/06 by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

28. 08/22/06 - White Light Fly-by - Small white light fly-by, heading N/NE, turned sharp left (N) and then moved very slowly before fading out.

-----------------Submitted 11/11/06 by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

29. 03/23/07 - Another White Fly-by - Faint white glowing circle in the early evening sky, just before stars began to appear.  Running S of the parsonage, in a westerly direction, along the tree line.

-----------------Submitted 04/14/07 by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

30. 07/04/07 - Vision in the Grove - Here is Will's report of his experience:

 "I was visiting LifeSpirit Center and was meditating by the fire pit in the Grove. I began to feel very strangely familiar. A feeling I haven’t had since last year. All of a sudden, a strong wind came by and took the smoke from the fire pit and twirled it around in a small cone shape that blew right into me. I felt a chill followed by intense warmth and then total numbness.  I couldn’t move or speak, but wasn’t afraid. I felt very at ease and at peace.

 I started to hear rustling in the trees around me but I couldn’t move my eyes far enough to the right or left to see what it was. I heard and felt ground pounding, as if something or someone large was behind me. Just then I felt intense breathing on the back of my neck. A large black bear then walked around me. It walked around the fire pit and stood directly across the pit from me.

 Then something very unfamiliar happened. I broke out of my numbness; I was able to move freely, something very new to me in states of vision. I immediately thought that maybe I should run away, but I decided not to, ‘cause I truly wasn’t afraid. I looked up at the bear across the fire; he seemed to be just looking back into my eyes at this point. He then looked straight up, raised his arms, and gave the loudest rumbling roar!

 Before his roar could end, a red-glowing streak shot right through his middle, from head to groin. He began to change color on both sides. The line grew brighter and wider, until the bear was split in 2. His 2 halves fell to the ground in 2 heaps. Both halves began to smoke and 1 figure arose from each heap.

 On the left was a woman. Tall, beautiful, wearing a long white robe, with a white hood, with armor underneath, holding a spear. On the right was a very large man. Tall, strong, muscled, armored, bearded, gray, with piercing green eyes, holding a spear also.

 They both looked down at me and they both simultaneously said, “Choose your path… You can only travel one... Left or Right... Choose.”

  I then stood up, looked back and forth at both and walked through the middle, through the fire pit and across.

 FREYJA and ODIN then looked at me and smiled. Both once again, simultaneously said, “Very good... Your insight has served you well... You have chosen the hidden path...that of a SHAMAN! This path is lonely but we are with you always. Though you are claimed by neither of us, you will choose which Hall to enter when you are reborn.”

 Odin then handed me 6 Runes. He said that I would need them and I should look to them always. They are WUNJO, ELHAS, OTHOLA, URUZ, TIWAS and THURISAZ.  Then Odin and Freyja walked into the fire pit and faded away. I was so overwhelmed by this experience that I laid down in the grass and contemplated everything. I dozed off next to the fire, after a few minutes.  It was intense… I’ll be meditating on this for some time.

-----------------Submitted 07/05/07 by Warrior Son of Odin

31. 09/13/07 - Two Lights and a Walkthrough - Our sensitive friend J was visiting for a couple days. She was chanting "Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō" in the parsonage main room. Here is what she experienced. Early on the 13th (about 10:30 AM) she saw a tall, thin, darkly dressed man who she did not recognize in the main room. The man seemed to notice that she saw him and he quickly walked away, through a wall. Very late that night, while she was in the hot tub, she saw two lights in the trees. One was bright red and seemed to be less than fifty feet away, in and among the tree leaves, perhaps 15 feet up.  The other was perhaps a hundred feet away higher up in another tree. It was a dull whitish.

-----------------Submitted 09/14/07 by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

32. 03/01/08 - Animal Ghosts - Will reported seeing a ghostly deer at the bottom of the Grove, in the twilight. It looked directly at him and then faded.  About a week before, we heard some passerby discharge a shotgun onto the parsonage property (quite illegally) and kill one of the nearly tame deer that hang around our woods, so the apparition does not surprise. When the sacrilege occurred I spiritually cleansed the blood puddle by burning Sacred Sage and I also offered some of the blood to the statue of Kali in the Grove (if one chooses, as we do, to have a statue of Mother Time among other symbols of the Ineffable, one accepts that some of any spilled blood belongs to Her...). A couple days after this incident Drew reported seeing ghostly images of two cats that have been missing from the parsonage. Molly disappeared last fall and Merlin had disappeared in '05 just after we were told about the Dimensional Gate opening in the Grove (see entry #24). I know Merlin found that "hell of a good universe next door..." as ee cummings put it, and hope Molly followed him. It does seem as though the veil is thinning.

-----------------Submitted 3/08/08 by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

33. 05/23/08 - Resisting Dark Forces - Rev. Kathy reports that she was called out behind the parsonage, where the patio runs up to the woods, about 2 AM. She often goes there late at night to pray. This time she saw a large dark and menacing shadow entity in the woods a dozen feet beyond. It seemed a dozen feet wide and a bit taller and it appeared to be reaching toward the parsonage. Kathy told it in no uncertain terms to depart, and though without her usual pendulum, it recoiled from her thrusting hand and dissipated. As she stepped into the house, I came from the bedroom complaining of a hiatus hernia attack and proceeded to vomit everything in my stomach. The next day, (not having told about the incident) while speaking to a psychically sensitive client, I was told that a "dark old man" was trying to harm me, through my DNA. It seems even in matters spiritual and psychic, eternal vigilance is the price of liberation... See: LifeSpirit Clearing Web Page.

-----------------Submitted 5/26/08 by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

34. 12/25/08 - Yuletide Close Encounter - This report is from our friend JG (age 20) who lives about a mile down a crossroad, cattycorner to the large open fields of Hampton Township's "empty quarter" (see the wetlands map of Entry 19 above). About 2:00 AM on Yule morning JG was outside overlooking the houses and trees of his country suburb neighborhood, with the hills of the Kittatinny range to the west and the line of Sparta Mountain to the east. While entering a meditative state he noticed a celestial light that did not move the same way the stars slowly moved. It seemed out of place and was moving slightly compared to the background sky. He felt some apprehension, but also felt some sort of mental connection (or "beam" as he called it) linking him to the light. He returned indoors and went to look out of his bedroom window, again entering a relaxed state.

That's when he noticed a second light coming over the local horizon. It was somewhat near the first but seemed much closer. He remembers white, red and amber lights that did not blink, unlike airplane lights. The lights now appeared to be an object that was roughly triangular with various lights beaming below it, somewhat like searchlights, shining on the ground on the other side of a small lake a few hundred yards away. He thought it was "looking" for him. At that point he felt frightened and sought to break the "mental contact" he felt, turning his attention away, playing with his dog. Then, still feeling apprehension, he uncharacteristically went to his mother's room to ask her to verify what he saw. She awoke in a sleepy state and did not collaborate what he still saw. She thought she was seeing some local house lights. JG is certain he saw an object that silently floated over the lake and came toward them.

He is not sure about exact timing but believes he went to his mother at about 3:00 AM and stayed with her for a few minutes. Then her realized it was 4:00 AM and feels he experienced some lost time.

Rev. Kathy interpreted the memories as having been arranged to cover a close encounter. She believes he and his mother may have had prior encounters and that he may very well have others.

-----------------Submitted 01/01/09 by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

35. 02/10/09 - Hampton Hum - About 4 AM we noticed a low frequency "hum" pervading the house. Kathy and Drew went outside (clear night; temperature just below freezing; ground snow covered). They heard the sound as far from the house as they walked, without diminishing. We continued to notice the sound in the house until about 6 AM.

36. 06/15/09 - Two Light Hover-Bye - About 3 AM; Drew and JG on the back patio, noticed a stationary white light to the east low over the trees. After a minute or so, a small white light separated from the main light, circled up and over it, and was reabsorbed. Within a half minute after that, the light disappeared suddenly.

-----------------Submitted 06/20/09 by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

After a Hiatus of Eleven Years, More Blog Entries Starting in 2020

Our experiences with the Unusual seemed to fade away starting as Kathy/Kate reached menopause and Drew exited his teen years.  The Energies changed.  This lessening of "interest" by Whomever as people age is a phenomenon noticed by others.  Poltergeist phenomena, for example, occur most often when there are young teenagers around.  Alien encounters sometimes are linked to "egg harvesting" and similar experimental practices.  We may have experienced the same. For whatever reason, it has been quiet around LifeSpirit Parsonage.

Not entirely so.  My friend and mentor (Maj. Gen.) Bert Stubblebine left his body behind on his 87th birthday in 2017, after 158 days in a New Jersey hospital where his wife and my co-trustee at Natural Solutions Foundation, Rima E. Laibow MD fought heroically for his life; at one point we had to obtain an order from a New Jersey Judge allowing her to put nutrients in his feeding tube.  

Shortly after Bert's passing I got a call, for the first time in several years, from a psychic I know, Rhonda ( https://lenair.com/ ) who channels one's Higher Self and produces wonderfully poetic Poemantras (poetic mantras) for her clients.  She told me that as she was meditating she got a message from someone called "The General" who had a message for me.  

Did I want it? Of course, I said.  The message was, "Seek me on the horizon; seek me in stillness."  Did that mean something to me?  Oh yes it did.  It was a succinct description, poetically, of Bert's protocol for Remote Viewing, a process he brought to the US Military in the 1980s. Bert wanted to communicate from "over there."  And so he did.  

Dr. Rima and I have received thousands of pages of powerful information, claiming to be from General Bert doing "Very Remote Viewing..  Two books have already been published.  Those and more can be found at www.GeneralBertSpeaks.com -- an example of what he is transmitting is here:

“All Dimensions are fictional, they are the epiphenomena of being in reality. You have to have something to stand on if you are going to take a walk. You have to have probability planes, fractal planes, infinitely intersecting and bifurcating and twining if you are going to have free will. To do that you have to have something to free will into another form or format. And that requires the artifice, it is only an artifice, love, it is not reality, of the dimensional. And that means that there is no dimension that is not created in service of the utility of having it, it is not basic to the nature of reality."

Bert is teaching us that Consciousness (and its handmaidens Intentionality and Frequency) are forever.  

And thus we return to Close Encounters in 2020 as the world staggers through a Year of the (Declared) Plague.  www.OpenSourceTruth.com

37.  08/15/20 - Unexplained Sound  from the Cave -  Last Saturday about 7 PM.  Leon, his wife, Kate and I were sitting on the back patio. Behind the patio is a wooded hillside with a small cave; with a golden Buddha and crystals in it. From the area of the hill we heard a strange "popping" sound, like someone popping corn, but more regular.  It continued for perhaps a half minute and then stopped.  There are no houses in that direction within a quarter mile.  Just woods.  

What is truly curious, however, is what occurred the next day.  Several of the "guys" got together at the parsonage to play board games for a few hours.  We played Illuminati.  During the session I mentioned the strange sound and got a response from Robert Goodman, PhD.  Dr. Bob said that he heard a similar sound at perhaps the same time out the back of his house.  He lives ten miles from the parsonage.  

So, what is the origin of this "Sussex Sound" and does it portend further encounters?

-----------------Submitted 08/22/20 by Rev. Ralph Fucetola

38.  06/02/21 - Loss and Hope in the "Year of the Plague" - Several dear friends have passed over the past nearly two years, including Nick Cremato and Bob "Finn" Youngman.  Two days before her 71st birthday (which would have been April 16, 2021) my dearest wife Kate suddenly collapsed after a short illness that we thought was a self-limiting stomach virus.  She was rushed to the hospital where she passed after about 15 hours, from sepsis and multiple organ failure.  She tested negative for COVID but some holsitic practitioners feel that this could have been a second-hand COVID gene-altering  injection adverse reaction.  She was exposed to several friends who had chosen to receive the jab.  Kathy passed, in the end, peacefully, while I held her and played for her The Book of Passages.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZpctdxD_oU

I am devastated.  I suspect that the only thing that kept me relatively sane over the past month is that I worked on completing the publication (on LuLu) of the booklet Kathy had just finished, The Parallel Timeline Syndrome, as well as a collection of her children's writings and finally, a 423 page The Collected Works.  They can be obtained here:  https://www.lifespirit.org/Founders%20Legacy.html

I am left with memories, our son, and her words.  Those words are powerful and you ought to read them

Kathy The Journey

I also have her Pendulum which is responding to me like no other pendulum has ever responded.  I'll post here any messages I receive.

Dr. Gisela and I are continuing with our weekly prayer circle in which Kate had participated, using here Collected Works for bibliomancy:  http://www.lifespirit.org/LifeSpiritPrayerCircle.html

39.  07/09/21 - Lights in the Grove - Drew stayed a week over the Independence Holiday.  We had a great time and were joined by nephew Jeff and other good friends.  The last night before Drew returned to Texas the "boys" (his high school friends) were hanging out on the front porch, indulging.  As Jeff reports it, odd lights appeared over the Grove, descending like slow motion lightening, leaving a ball of energy floating over the Dragon Circle before fading. I have only the vaguist memory of what should have been an interesting experience.  Kate's ashes had been returned to the Mother in the area of the Grove just beyond the Dragon Circle that decades before had been identified (by Hannalora, the Definer of the Dragon Circle) as the place where the Energies would most appropriately rest in peace. Our companian animals' ashes are there too.

40. 12/03/21 - Lucid Dream

"Discord" Message to Drew:

RalphFJD — Today at 8:17 AM

I had my 1st lucid dream since Kate passed.  I thought I heard her voice in the family room. This may have   actually happened last night or it may have been the opening of the dream. Then I was with Kate in the townhouse in Morristown and I was looking into her eyes and I was saying to her this is a lucid dream, we are both together. That faded and I hear the line from Dune: "The sleeper awakens." I felt peaceful and sad.

RalphFJD — Today at 9:31 AM

More pieces.  The word Kate said to me in the Family Room here was "Shush" and in the Townhouse we went into the kitchen where the oven had been dismantled, with some rusty piping exposed. I thought "They are repairing it." Kate did not speak but I said to her something like, "Let's not waste this time together." I realized I was experiencing a lucid dream and was in contact with her.

41. 12/21/21 - Message from Kate through N.O.W.

Nancy Orlen Weber is a LifeSpirit Minister and renowned psychic who has worked with the Morris County Sheriff's office and been featured on television stories.  She has been a good friend for decades and when she has a message from the Other Side it should be taken seriously.  She told me today that she had a brief message from Kate for me.  The message was: "Look at the blue dress." and the feeling from her was one of "delight."  N.O.W. tells me she does not know what that is about.  I know.  Look above at the image from the back of Kate's Collected Works.  The blue dress was what she wore at our wedding 48 years ago.  I am so grateful for those years.

42. 03/20/22 - Kate's Favorite Perfume

I was up late and my housemates were asleep.  Suddenly, while sitting in the family room with the cats, I smelled a strong flowery aroma. It reminded me of Kate. I called out to her hoping for a response.  Later when I opened a bottle of her one-and-only favorite perfume in the bathroom it was the same aroma: Fleur de Rocaille. That bottle had not been opened since before her passing.

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Claudia - mid '70s close encounter
Jeff - 06/29/03 - summer evening dialogue

3. Jeff's Experiences Since 1991

20 January 2021
My first UFO encounter... I don't think I've ever been asked about when or  how I "woke up", so I never talk about it... But I think it's very important. My situation is highly unusual, most definitely far different than how most end up waking up... It was during the late fall of 1997, back when I was 17 years old.

It was while the "Hale Bop" comet was outside and at its closest, so I was watching the sky often at that point. I went outside one night on the front porch to let the dog inside, and I noticed a bright white light in the sky probably around 4-8 miles away and it was just hovering there. I then stayed on the porch and sat down to watch it. After about 15 minutes, my sister came out and asked what I was doing. Over the next 30 minutes, two other lights appeared and the 3 lights appeared to coordinate with each other, staying in a straight line, perfect distance between each other at all times.

Both me and my sister were amazed at that point. We also eventually noticed that there was ZERO traffic on our road which was unusual because it was normally quite busy. One of the lights eventually came close, and went to a house that was about a quarter of a mile away. I then climbed a 50 foot tree in my front yard so I could get a clearer view. At that point it was no longer just a light. It had definition. It had a glow to it. It was saucer shaped, like your typical "UFO" and about 70-80 feet wide. It hovered at about a 45 degree angle above and next to the house. Within a short time, I saw what I could only describe as a fluorescent purple floodlight shine on the house coming from the UFO, but the light came from directly under the UFO, so only about half the house was lit up, and about 75% of the light landed on the property to the right of the house. I then saw a white somewhat thin "mist" travel from the UFO of which went into the house, and then I saw a mist seconds later leave the house and go back to the UFO. I then saw two cars for the first time in over 45 minutes, drive down up road, and then park next to the house (but not in the driveway). Seconds later, a bright light (as though someone is shining a flash light directly at you) appeared from right outside one of the two cars, which at that moment made me believe that they could somehow see me from a quarter mile a way while I was up in a tree at night.

My guess was that they had infrared tech (big surprise). I then began to get brave, so I climbed back down, opened the garage, got my bicycle and started to ride it in the direction of the UFO. As soon as I got to the corner, about 2/3 of the way there (about 500 feet from the house), I got a scary thought in my mind of being taken by aliens... So I turned around and went home... Me and my sister then went on to observe helicopters flying over the area, circling it for the next hour or so... Shortly after a small airplane flew directly above our house a few hundred feet above, shining a spotlight on our house, while me and my sister were watching from our bedroom windows. It was quite a bonding moment to witness that together. Within 10 days of that sighting, I had a very unusual nightmare, unprecedented in many ways for me. In my "dream", I was sitting in my kitchen like I do every morning. Every detail was exactly as it was in real life, which is unusual for a dream. And for the first time in a dream (and last) there was a white blur on the outside of my vision, as though it were digitally inserted like it were a movie, to make it obvious for the viewer that it was a dream. I was sitting in my kitchen and the doorbell rang. The second I turned around to look, I froze up. I couldn't move at all... This is also the FIRST and LAST time this ever happened in a dream (me not being able to move an inch). I could see through the shades on the front door the outline of two "greys". My dad then walked downstairs with his eyes shut, and unlocked the door. He then walked back upstairs. 
There were two of them. One was about 5 feet tall and he was staring at me with those terrifying, soulless eyes. The other one was about 2-3 feet tall and he never looked at me. He was looking up at the larger one the whole time.

My dog in the dream was freaking out, constantly barking. I couldn't see the dog though so she was probably to the right of them at least 5 feet away. They seemed to hover towards me (I couldn't tell if they were walking or not). and when they got about 5 feet away, I woke up... At that point it was afternoon (which was unusual for me to oversleep). The front door was unlocked (my dad never leaves the front door unlocked when he goes to work) and my dog was still freaked out, hiding under the couch (which was very unusual). Years later, my aunt who is into all this UFO stuff, told me that the larger "greys" are clones. I didn't see another UFO for at least a couple years. At that point I was diagnosed with an incurable kidney disease after getting a biopsy, and told I have ten years to live. I then moved in with family and used Sharry Edward's "sound bioacoustics" to cure my "incurable" kidney disease. This was in the year 2000. I was told they lived on a "UFO hotspot" and over the next 3 years I must have seen about 20-30 UFOs. I still often see a UFO when I go up to visit every month, and sometimes on the ride home (a couple years ago had the craziest close encounter of my life, even crazier than the other ones). Once while living there, a huge 150 foot black triangle flew directly above us going about 40 mph, with a low pitched "hum" sound". Probably the only UFO I've seen that was actually military...

The claim is that these aliens breed us, and they focus on certain bloodlines... It seems to me like our lives kinda resemble the game "The Sims" in that sense... I've seen some of the craziest things imaginable. Most people who read this probably won't believe me, but it is what it is. I once interviewed an author who wrote paranormal books and she said I was "a magnet for the paranormal". Sounds about right... I believe I was abducted in that dream. And I also believe I was abducted about 10 years ago during another dream of which was highly unusual, and painful. I documented the dream right after waking up, and posted it on youtube. Shortly after recording this video, I noticed that there was a red mark on the exact spot on my head, that I was talking about in this video, and it was also sore. They for the most part leave me alone now. The only times I ever see a UFO, seem to be peaceful. About two years ago I was driving home from my family's (it's an hour drive) and 5 minutes after leaving I saw 3 UFOs in a line... I put my hazards on because I wanted to watch from a safe distance but they apparently saw me because the one on the end started to come towards me. I freaked out turned my hazards on and began to drive at a normal speed, begging them to leave me alone. 
There's nothing more scary when they are coming towards you and they won't stop no matter who you cry out for (I even called out to Jesus that time but they did not stop). My experience is that it's only the good ones that will stop, because they are simply respecting your wishes. You could pretend to be a wizard, hold your hand up and command them to stop, and they will stop (I've done that before). But this time they did not stop. The second it got directly above my truck, I was "teleported" 25 min down the road, right to where the highway begins (for the second half of the ride home). I didn't look at my clock, but as far as I'm concerned they instantly teleported me 20 miles down the road and I liked that, because it's a boring drive. They could be angels and demons, yes. But people are fooling themselves to believe that they are ALL demons. If demons have that power, then angels most certainly do as well. And back in the year 2000, I had a confrontation with a few UFOs of which I"m 99% were 100% angelic. If the gov eventually does come out with "declassifying" UFO related intelligence, I wouldn't trust it for a second. I suspect what they say is true and our gov made deals with them for technology in exchange for being allowed to abduct us. That's what my personal first hand experience tells me from what I witnessed in 1997. What they say about some of them (reptilians) eating us could be true as well. I really doubt our government is going to tell us the actual truth. I think we deserve the truth. And I also believe that we can most certainly handle it. So what... Humans aren't on the top of the food chain... As if that would be the craziest thing in existence to have learned... I'd rather know the truth than live a lie, like a child.


1. Submitted by Claudia Monteleone, www.webmavin.com (email received 01/25/01)

It was a summer evening in 1976 -- possibly 1977. Brandon (former husband) and I were in our Brooklyn, NY apartment about 8 PM when I had this urge to go out for a walk. It was unusual for me to want to go out without a destination. I'm not given to random walking, but the impulse was rather intense. Brandon objected so I had bribed him with ice cream.

We went first to Carvel where I fulfilled my promise, then we walked over to the park. We lived not far from the edge of Prospect Park where there was an area called the "Parade Grounds", now used as a ball field. As we walked, I kept looking up at the sky. Brandon asked what I was looking for and I shrugged and replied, "I don't know. I just feel like looking at the sky."

The Parade Grounds had a cyclone fence around it with a gate on one side which was open. We stopped by the gate and I noticed that there was a red light on top of one of the apartment buildings way across on the other side of the field and probably a block or so further. I commented that since the apartment buildings around there were no more than 6 stories high, there was no need for a red warning light. No sooner had I spoken it when the red "light" began moving towards us. As it approached, we saw that there was a band of "portholes" around its perifery and that it was rotating. The red light, which was actually a glow from the top and bottom of the craft, began changing colors. It seemed to go through the whole
spectrum, at least I remember red, orange, yellow and maybe green. Don't recall if there was any blue or purple.

Anyway, it came right over the ball field and hovered there, still rotating. Brandon threw a rock in its direction to try to judge how high it was. We guessed it was pretty low, probably less than 100 feet from the ground. I got excited and wanted to run out into the field saying, "Maybe it will land!" but Brandon, not as eager as I, said, "Now wait a minute. We don't know who they are or what their intentions are." I couldn't argue with that!

We walked down the block along side the field looking for others to corroborate our sighting. We wanted to make sure we weren't sharing some kind of hallucination. As we approached a bunch of people playing frisbee, we didn't say anything, we just kept looking up at the ufo. Finally, one of them followed our gaze and saw it too and said, "Hey, what is that thing?" and we replied, "We don't know. What do you think it is?" He just shrugged his shoulders and said "I don't know." and continued playing frisbee.

It was incredible to me that no one else was interested or curious, but at least we got confirmation that we weren't seeing things! The ufo then just moved off and kept going.

The questions I still have about this are:

1) Did I just intuitively know that there was something out there that I wanted to see?

2) Was I deliberately "drawn" outside? In other words, were they putting impulses into my head?

3) Were they testing some sort of brain wave frequency? Like, maybe they tuned their "machine" to different frequencies -- as we would a radio -- just to see who'd respond.

It's #2 that really scares me. I also wonder why I was the only one out there. Like, why me?

There was one other time that I saw the same kind of ufo and that was about 6 or 7 years prior to this incident (1970?). I was in a car with 3 other people driving down an avenue in Brooklyn at night. I believe it was the driver who pointed it out. It was just above the building line. We pulled over to watch it. It lingered a few moments, then flew off.

Haven't had another incident since.

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2.  A Summer Evening IM Dialogue, June 29, 2003

JG: hey Uncle Ralph!, ... a friend and I stopped by late last night...  We walked through the Glen in the dark and stood by the campfire.. was very strange too... we both saw some interesting things... I didn't want to tell her all the things that we've seen there before we got there 'cause she'd be all scared... so I told her as I was leaving and I saw something very scary, but at the time I didn't feel threatened.. unusually clear sky, no moon... only things lighting the ground and where we were walking were the stars...

RF: I never feel anything but positive energy there, even in the middle of the night. Powerful, but positive. So next time, come earlier and let us know you're coming by.

JG: ok.. very powerful.. we saw white lights, orbs everywhere.. shooting stars.. strange bright lights flying through the sky.. and as we were leaving.. I was talking about how there are 4th dimensional beings that pop in and out of this reality and u can see them in the dark.. I told her that I believe they are slowly trying to contact us.. that they are connected to us on some psychic level... and as I was telling her.. right in front of the parsonage.. on the opposite side of the mailbox, there's a little spot on the side of the road where u can park

RF: I know the spot.  Your mention of "orbs" reminds me of Summer 2000 when several people standing on the driveway above the Glen saw orbs dancing above us there as we were Om-ing at the Dragon Wheel.

JG: about 15 feet in front of that, there's a little shrub/plant coming out of the side going half way into the road... as I was telling her this part about these beings wanting to make contact, I had no fear in me.. and she was looking at the marsh, but I was looking in front of the car.. about 15 feet in front of the car, I saw a weird creature.. about 4 and a half feet tall... reddish orange coat of fur.. almost looked like it had a bald head, but I saw it clear in the light for about a second.. and it got behind the bush and just disappeared because when I passed it to turn around it wasn't there... it had been standing on it's 2 legs

RF: Hey, I thought the Jersey Devil lived in South Jersey, in the Pine Barrens...

JG: lol!

RF: Must have been visiting his north Jersey relatives :)

JG: !! but it was creepy.. she and I had walked up the driveway at first and a weird fox-like creature appeared by G's car... a little bigger than a dog.. we both jumped a little bit... it looked at us and just disappeared into the dark.. then Bob the cat, came up to us and scared my friend.. and was showing an amazing amount of affection.. he just kept purring.. was so friendly...

RF: Bob has been getting friendlier & remembers you. You may remember that Drew saw a Green Man in the Glen several years ago. This spring I added an Orgone Fountain to the Dragon Wheel and the energies seem enhanced.

JG: omG.. just walking up the driveway we could tell that... because my friend can see auras.. she's real sensitive to these things

RF: The fountain was the one I constructed a couple years ago -- three plastic pipes cut to Fibronacci lengths, each wrapped in alternating layers of cotton and steel wool -- just brought to the Glen.

JG: nice.. I must see.. I'm definitely coming up in the next few weeks... we decided at about 12:30 last night to do it.. way too late to call.. I said if I saw anyone awake I'd get their attention... should have come by earlier...

RF: Well, as you know, Kathy's usually up last... but our guests left about midnight last night and since Drew was out "painballing" today (yes, I removed the "t" on purpose), even he went to sleep...

JG: nice

RF: Even Leon doesn't get here after 11 PM on Sat. -- he wasn't here, or Kathy would have been up when you arrived. Right now Alec and Drew are paintball target practicing behind the window...

JG: fun... heard he got a nice new gun

RF: Tippmann A-5 with powered ball feed.

JG: I'll say.. I was amazingly calm for seeing something like that approach the car as close as it did... but I felt it had to be a peaceful encounter because of what we were talking about and the positive feelings we were sending out...

RF: Always something new... But always, we need to question our experiences of reality, especially when they involve close encounters!
Miracles Revisited)

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