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Saturday, June 2, 2001

Ms. Edwards Discusses Frequencies and Departed Loved Ones -- the Signature Selfä


Thank you, Moe. Now I feel on the spot. I was just going to share some of
the experiences that have happened to my family and to the clients that we
see. These are examples of how the loss of someone close to you can affect
a personal energy pattern.

The first one is from a recent posting to SV.

1. In the case of my husband, he dropped his D note completely when his
father died. His father was a consistent high D and so was my husband but
it took almost 2 years for my husband's D to return full force. Outwardly
my husband did not seem disturbed by his father's death.

This caused stress for our relationship because I was accustomed to "using"
my husband's high notes of D for my own energy purposes. When his D dropped
out, we started to be very uncomfortable with each other but we didn't know
why. Our vocal prints revealed the issues. For many years, he was a high D
(meaning he had a disproportionately high percentage of D in his voice) and
now that note was totally VOID.

How we solved this: One of our granddaughters is a major D note. We had
noticed that when she was in the house that we "disagreed" less. When we
put all three charts together, it created a very balanced chart. She was a
buffer (or her energy pattern was) and it worked out fine for her to stay
with us for a while.

2. Death of a spouse - An older gentleman who had recently lost his wife to
cancer came to us because his son thought we could help. His son was also a
crystal vendor. The father was not convinced but went along to please his
son. When we played his wife's birth note, the gentleman started to cry.
We were concerned that we were making things worse. He assured us that he
was very happy, overjoyed because he could feel his wife's presence and it
gave him comfort. His son used an analog tone generated to "program" a
crystal for him. He carries it today, several years later, and takes
comfort from it.

3. Genetics - I'm adopted. My voice print nearly always has a specific
frequency in stress - a shade of D. When I met my genetic mother, I
discovered that the frequency I had in stress was her EXACT birthday note
and I was married to a man that had the same birthday as my biological
father. I was separated from my mother before I was 6 months old so I don't
actively remember her energy but my body remembered and wanted her energy

4. I was recently called to a hospital to meet with a gentleman who had a
severe stroke. He was not expected to live. I visited with him - he was
barely conscious and went back several times over the next few days. I sat
with him at night. I was in the room with him just a few minutes of his
death. I was the only NON staff person with him. Shortly after this, I
started to experience his symptoms. My medical physician (a very enlightened
man) verified that I was indeed experiencing some of the indicators of this
type of heart disease. Blood tests revealed that my biochemistry was indeed
unlike my past labs. My vocal print also exhibited indicators of heart
disease. It took a lot of meditation and clearing for me to shake the
symptoms. I used sounds to stabilize the ACTH, homeosteine and cortisol.
In this case it was an adding of energy instead of a taking away as in a
death situation of a spouse or loved one.

5. Death of a father, for a young son - the voice revealed that the father's
birthday notes were gone - The young son was afraid to go to sleep because
he was afraid that he was going to die. We used music that had a dominance
of notes of the father to help the situation.

The wife in the situation needed something totally different. She was
relieved that the husband had been killed (he was in to the drug scene).
She felt very guilty that she felt relieved. She needed the total opposite
of the husband sounds. Like colors, sounds have complements.

6. In working with domestic violence, we find that the spouse that has been
abused will often go back to the situation because the abuser has the notes
that they are missing. When we provide them with music or colors of those
missing notes, they have the strength not to go back. People seem to want
to seek from others what they have missing from their own Signature Self.
Once the notes are turned on through alternative sources to the person who
abused them, they seem to be able to more easily generate the frequencies

7. A small baby was brought to us because she had symptoms that could not
be identified through medical channels. Sorting out her vocal print showed
that she had two very complicated diseases simultaneously: mucopolysacaride
toxicity and cystic fibrosis. We were able to sort this out by using the
parent's birth notes. The mathematical difference of their notes was the
required notes for the baby. The mother admitted to us that she hated the
father and did not want to be with him. This was a late-in-life baby and it
was obvious that the baby was a representation (energetically speaking) of
the lack of energy compatibility between the parents.

The following are my personal beliefs:

It is my belief that during the first hours of conception that our energy
pattern is formed. From those moments forward, we seek to balance that
pattern through our actions, our thoughts and our relationships. The more
balanced we are, the more we can offer to others because we have a strong
foundation from which to work. Every action, every thought, every color,
every smell, everything that becomes part of US as a person experiencing
this dimension, has a frequency designation.

Our bodies are actually a mathematical matrix. We are on the way to mapping
those fundamental frequency sets that can be identified as emotions,
disease, body parts, etc.

The loss of someone close, whether by death, desertion or choice causes a
change in the balance of our own pattern. That void can be filled with
things that have the same energy designation- food, colors, other people,
drugs, activities, locations, sounds, music, tuning forks...

We seek to balance by being drawn or repulsed by those things that come into
our path. There will be a time when society realizes that we have a system
of Electro Magnetic Genetics (like energy not like physical traits). That
system is the crux of what astrology attempts to do by matching mates for
producing more energetically perfect off-spring.

All of our bodies (bones, muscle) are similar in frequency. It is our
processing (our biochemistry and emotions) that is so very individualistic.
It is our choice to have different experiences and thus add or subtract to
our Signature Self. A few examples of how we get into trouble:

a. We expect everyone to be like us and have the same pattern as us. Those
who are not comfortable with them selves will try to change others to be more
like them.

b. We stay in a situation that we are not comfortable with and further muck
up our patterns. We fail to confront the situation or the people with
gentleness to allow, willingness to see and be different and the cooperative
attitude to allow choice.

c. We produce children with a person that is not compatible with our
patterns causing more disease and stress in the world

d. We fail to clear our frequency centers with those around us for fear of
not being seen as cooperative or loving

e. We fail to leave a situation because we don't know what "out there" will
be. We put our energy pattern under stress because we don't want to take
the chance of change.

f. We judge and hold on to patterns that we are uncomfortable with

All sentient energy is one pot is perfect. Everything is required. What we
do about it, to learn or judge, is the important part. I believe that we
become what we judge because we are holding on to the energy pattern of that
which we judge. When we allow things to pass through, we are truly free.

There is a difference in "I don't care" and "I don't mind". In one you
judged and decided not to care. In the other you let it into your mind but
didn't keep it active by judging it?

If you love ice cream, you needed it. If you hate ice cream, you needed it.
It is only when you don't mind that ice cream is on the planet, or not, that
you are free of its influence.

We each have parts that run our lives: PARENT who commands and expects
others to follow our opinions. The CHILD who demands that they be served
NOW. The ADULT that provides options. Providing options to allow others to
fulfill their energy pattern in their own unique way is a most precious

Thanks for letting me share - Sharry

>From: Moe Darling <>
>Subject: Re: [svpvril] Re: Tolerance & Love
>Date: Sat, Jun 2, 2001, 4:25 PM

> I defer to Sharry, due to lack of experience. Besides, I'd rather hear
> what Sharry thinks, too.
> Thanks Sharry,
> Moe
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>>Lynda: would you mind if I contributed to your question to Moe?
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>> >Subject: [svpvril] Re: Tolerance & Love
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>> >
>> > Moe... I have a question for you... Can a person's voice change when
>> > their mates die? The Octave range?? I had occasion to watch family
>> > video tapes recently and mine HAS.. It was even commented on by
>> > others watching the video that I sound different now. Perhaps it is
>> > just getting older..:-) But your input would be appreciated.
>> >
>> > Thanks, Lynda


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