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ã 2000, Sharry Edwards

[Ms. Edwards replies to a web site where frequency information is posted.]

I find the discussion concerning tones, chords, sounds and the earth fascinating. I have been working in this area for quite a few years and have some information that may be helpful.

Each note (frequency) has a series of other frequencies that it "plays" with to create holistic balance within a system of the body.

Each note (frequency) has a series of harmonics that it "plays" with to create the harmonics we observe throughout the systems of the body.

Normally the harmonics are used to nourish long term, multiple systems that are in stress. For instance, I've seen frequency normalization and reversal ("spontaneous remissions") in some types of cancer (limited subject base) where we were using the harmonics of the Krebs Cycle to achieve and maintain a harmonious Voice Spectral Analysis.

Normally the frequency sets are used for one system or one issue.

Each nutrient, biochemical substance, organ and emotion has a series of predictable relationships that are mathematical in nature.

For example, the Frequency Equivalent
TM for Choline (a necessary nutrient) has an opposite or balancing frequency equivalent. These two frequencies work together to harmonize the body and the energy conversion system. If you subtract the numeric frequency equivalent of Choline from the harmonic (opposite) frequency equivalent of Choline, the result is the frequency equivalent of Acetylcholine. This is exactly the process that the body goes through when these COMPOUNDS are introduced.

In other words, what the body does with COMPOUNDS, can be predicted and shown mathematically. The body is a mathematical matrix of frequency interactions. Biochemical relationships are frequency relationships (since it is the valance electrons that govern chemical reactions, and "valances" are frequency shells around the nucleus of the atom).

Other interesting aspects of BioAcousticä (life sounds) work:

1. Different people respond differently to different sounds. I have yet to discover a universal sound that is beneficial to everyone. I did find that sky blue seems to be acceptable to most people no matter what the issue or location.

2. Different people respond differently to different sounds if the person is in a different geographical location. For instance, the sound I need to see clearly is around A. London puts off that sound. In London I don't need glasses.

This also leads me to state that each place that I have been on the planet has a different sound. Every person, every herb, every everything has a sound (I have doubts about plastic, I can't hear a sound from plastic). For those skeptics in the group, I can hear sounds from muscles, people, etc. -- and have been tested several times; by private and government groups.

3. The Earth Frequency. This would also give rise to the idea that the earth is a combination of all sounds which would be a frequency somewhere between F/F# (left) and B/C (right) respectively - depending on your perceptive brain dominance. We have shown conclusively that people with different brain dominance have different responses to sound and frequency.

For example:

Dinshah depicts Red as the note of G
Science depicts RED as the note of C
The Rosecrusians depict RED as F#

They are all correct: For the Left brain physically oriented person RED is C, for the right brained, physically oriented person, RED is F# --

For the non physical oriented person, RED is perceived as G.

For the whole brained person, the RED note is E.

When you consider that people also respond differently depending on the situation, you can quickly see that there are some complicated math issues. I've tried to simply it this way.

Use a note as a base - let's use C

Starting with C (RED)
RED's pigment frequency opposite is F# (green)
RED's light frequency opposite if G (turquoise)

If you are left brained, it is likely you will respond as below:

If you have a physical issue that requires C, you will need a shade of the note of C.

If you have a maintenance issue with your physical body that requires the note of C, you will likely use a shade of F#.

If you have a processing issues dealing with the note of C, you will likely use a shade of G.

This has been shown repeatedly to have efficacy.

For left brained persons, tone and color are opposites.

If you are left brained and need the note of C, that translates to the color Green.

For right brained persons, tone and color are the same.

If you are right brained and need the note of C, that translates to the color RED.

Not considering left and right brained preferences has caused the greatest problem for those who use color and sound therapy in combination. In this context, we must always remember the First Rule of Alternate Healing: "Do no harm."

4. Every muscle, emotion, organ -- everything has a frequency equivalent.
Compounds, herbs, etc have a frequency equivalent based on molecular weight.

Muscles have a frequency based on nerve interactions.

Emotional frequency equivalents are based on brain waves.

I believe that everything has a frequency and that everything is a frequency. (I'm suspicious of plastic but wonder if I'm just not capable of picking this up.) We have shown the unique link between substance and frequency from Einstein's famous formula, e = mc2 by recognizing that, in its expanded form, hf = mc2 (since e = hf) it shows a direct relationship between frequency (f) and mass (m) mediated by two Constants of Nature -- the Speed of Light (c) and Planck's Constant (h).

There is much more. This has been my life's work and I have seen the miracles happen that keep me looking for the simple answer how we really "work" as animated mechanical, thinking, emotional beings.

5. Earth Frequency Equivalent. If the earth's sound is B, then it can be expressed as F, its physical complement or opposite and as F#, its light reciprocal.

Each set of frequencies and harmonics have a corresponding system, organ and emotion set. One note can be expressed and perceived many ways.

The B, F, F# combo in BioAcoustics nourishes normal structure and function for kidneys, mineral distribution, high blood pressure and the system of fluid distribution through the body.

As an emotional frequency it deals with trying to do too much for others. Giving too much of the self. Life lesson - setting your own boundaries, learning that your care taking nature means that you also must take care of you.

6. Each compound has a another frequency that activates it. If Niacin is the note of B and you play the specific frequency equivalent of niacin (based on the molecular weight) - you will activate niacin. There is an additional frequency dealing with niacin that causes the energy of niacin to
be expressed. It is called the Energy Equivalent

For example, we can say the molecular weight frequency equivalent starts up (activates) the car but the energy equivalent puts the car in gear so that the car becomes animated.

Hope this provides some food for thought.

Thanks for the opportunity to share this fascinating subject,

Sharry Edwards
BioAcoustic Researcher

Sound Health Research Institute

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