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ã 1999, 2000

Vol 1 No. 2 -- August 29, 1999

1999 Bio-Acoustics Conference by Kathy Greene Fucetola

"Building BioAcousticä Foundations for the Future"

The fifth annual BioAcoustics Conference was held during the third weekend of August at the quaint Carpenter Inn, amid the rolling hills of southeast Ohio, in a conference center surrounded by extraordinary gardens in the full bloom of summer. Among other presenters were Lita Lee (, author (with Lisa Turner) of The Enzyme Cure, musicologist Kaj Nagy (, Bio-Acoustics founder, Sharry Edwards (, SHRI Counsel, Ralph Fucetola ( Ms. Edwards scientifically quantified the intellectual structure of BioAcoustics by presenting the concept of "frequency equivalents"ä . Kaj presented a deeply moving musical meditation based on BioAcoustic relationships. All the presenters added to this growing body of knowledge.

Ms. Edwards introduced several new areas of research for the coming year to the group of certifed practitioners and researchers present. Perhaps the major breakthrough announced has to do with recognizing frequency equivalents of pathological conditions. Ms. Edwards shared a proprietary technique to evaluate and remedy acute pathological frequency equivalents. The practitioners and researchers will be working with this approach during the coming months, with results to be shared at the Millennium Conference next year.

This technique, from the holistic basis of Bio-Acoustics, builds a specific roll-over of notes from certain stressed frequencies shown by the individual's vocal print. Bio-Acoustics does not diagnose or treat diseases, rather, it measures the whole person as revealed by voice spectral analysis, and then calculates remedial frequency sets.

Last year Ms. Edwards suggested research in the use of frequency roll-overs, made possible by the SquareOneä tone generator technology. Roll-overs are a series of related tones which are programmed into the tone generator to be repeatedly played in a specific sequence. At the 1998 conference Ms. Edwards shared her Spine Roll-Over and the participants reported back this year as to their findings supporting the benefits of this roll-over.

Ms Edwards announced that science researcher and author Robert Becker has recently published information verifying Bio-Acoustic's claim that the brain accepts analog information and turns it into digital --for body use, but cannot accept digital information directly. This confirms that using digital tone generators cannot produce the results possible using analog equipment. Only the analog SquareOne is qualified for the best results for certified practitioners.

Among the more important developments in Bio-Acoustics during 1999 was the founding of the Sound Health Research Institute, Inc. SHRI has been established and organized as a US Code Section 501(c)(3) tax-deductible entity to independently support the work of Sharry Edwards. It provides the means for Sound Health Research to accept bequests, donations and grants; to provide services and equipment to those with financial need; and to work with other educational and government programs. The Institute is a New Jersey not for profit corporation,

More info about Ms. Edwards is available at

"The state of your health is in the sound of your voice." Pam Fletcher

Much Love,
Kathy Greene Fucetola
Bulletin Editor

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