Evaluation and Detoxification with Sound

Kathy Greene Fucetola,
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ã 2000

I have a friend named "Mary" who spends her time taking care of everyone around her. She does superb massage work and occasionally teaches Neuro-Muscular Therapy on behalf of the St John School of same in Florida. She also is trained in cranial sacral massage as well as the very unusual visceral massage. She is constantly taking care of sick people and, as is true with many healers, she has let herself go, giving her time to the demands of others. She is 44 years old and has a 10 year old daughter.

In recent years, the lack of attention to her own needs has begun to get the best of her. She suffers with severe chronic fatigue and depression. She has horrible boils that regularly appear in lymph areas. Mary has gained weight and has had a hard time losing it. She smokes, and has difficulty giving up that habit. She eats relatively carefully, supplementing mostly organic food with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and the miracle nutrients of the moment. Her energy levels, however, are very low and she began to be concerned that unless she makes changes, she may not live to see her daughter grow up. A few months ago, she decided to get various tests done to determine her state of health.

Voll devices read states of health from galvanic skin response to certain frequencies maintained in a computer program. There are many such devices, including the Interro, the Lis-ten, the Avatar, etc. Mary learned from Bioenergetic Evaluation that she had many parasites and toxins, was likely becoming diabetic, had oxygen deprivation, was not absorbing many, many nutrients and was developing several serious chronic illnesses. She had a hair analysis that showed excessive strontium (measuring 'off the chart'), high calcium (research indicated that strontium pulls calcium from the bones and takes its place, eventually causing serious problems. The calcium leached remains in the blood, where it, too, causes problems), and low manganese.

Live Blood Cell analysis revealed many parasites, including live worms that had managed to invade her red blood cells. It also revealed moderate free radical damage and high yeast. Iridology revealed a toxic liver and blood tests revealed high cholesterol and high glucose levels. Different tests were revealing different aspects of her problems, but she needed an overall picture to decide what to do.

I suggested we do a vocal analysis of her condition. She agreed and we spent a Saturday afternoon analyzing her frequencies. I have worked with Sharry Edward's programs many times, but I am still amazed to see the accuracy of the results! Mary's vocal analysis identified the problems revealed in earlier tests and then went further -- the frequencies revealed by Voice Spectral Analysis showed interrelationships between them that may explain the bodily conditions.

Knowing how these conditions relate to each other is important in their remedy. Blood tests may have revealed "excess calcium" but understanding the relationship between strontium and calcium and phosphorus (by the numbers!) indicated that Mary is actually calcium deficient. Her "excess" calcium is in her blood and is not being absorbed where it is needed. Her voice test reflected her hair analysis: her highest high (off the chart!) was the frequency equivalent* of strontium. This is very frightening for Mary. Her father was in the Marines and may have been exposed to radiation; strontium can be passed from one generation to the next. One of her brothers died at age seven from leukemia and another died at twenty-one from lymphoma. The excess calcium in Mary's blood has created many problems including arthritis and soreness in the muscles and joints where the excess calcium is laid down. Sharry's programs are so accurate that we laughed as we recognized frequency equivalents of the very muscles and areas where Mary most feels pain. Mary also suffers from severe menstrual pains. By the numbers, she is very frequency deficient in a substance that deals with uterine contractions -- and also relates mathematically to strontium. Mary is low the frequency equivalents of St. John's Wort and substances that deal with depression and in the equivalent of dopamine (studies have shone that low dopamine is commonly found in smoking addiction). Other frequency deficiencies that showed up are for substances that create "diabetic symptoms" but not necessarily diabetes. Mary now has the option to have these possible medical conditions explored by a Medical Doctor.

Sharry has taught me several methods to pull the strontium frequency from Mary's body and we intend to focus on this over the next week. We will then retest and go from there [Note: a week later, her high frequency was normalizing]. We are also using a Beck device for the parasites and we are using frequencies to build up Mary's very weak cellular oxygenation. We will be using special harmonics that Sharry has been creating involving frequency equivalents of substances strengthened by cofactors. Mary is thrilled. While other tests indicated problems, Sharry's work shows relationships and where to best attack those problems, using Bioenergetic Nutritional approaches. Mary says that she "thanks God for giving us Sharry." Mary's case reconfirms my belief that Sharry is THE outstanding developer and creative genius in the field of "sound health." Period.

The Sound Health Research Institute (SHRI) is interested in hearing from those who wish to contribute to this research.

BioAcousticsä is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any disease. *The term Frequency Equivalent is a Service Mark of BioAcoustics and Sharry Edwards.