SHRI Bulletin #3 Update #1 -- August 15, 2000

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Frequency and Physical Brain Dominance

Two weeks after the Year 2000 Sixth Annual BioAcousticsä Conference, and I am still so excited with all the new info! But an experience last week reminded me that the "old info" is still timely and VERY important. I want to share that experience with you.

The night after we got home, several friends visited. I told them about Sharry Edward's new Regeneration Series, and since we are all "maturing" faster than we like, and since all of our children are beginning to make very unsubtle comments about "senility" in the family, hair loss and parents who can't keep up with them, we decided that these regeneration sounds were extremely important and that we should begin to use them, --NOW!!

Ralph programmed a Square Oneä tone box with the specific frequencies we received at the Conference, and we began to take turns listening. Almost everyone present was left-brained and they really loved the sounds. My husband Ralph, however, is "textbook" right brained. After 30 seconds, he complained that the sounds were ugly and made him feel tired and ill. Since I realized, immediately, what was wrong, I grabbed a calculator, did the math and we programmed the tonebox with a second set of Frequency Equivalentsä . Ralph described these sounds as "pure bliss" and he smiled a lot. It was difficult getting the tonebox back from him.

The lesson? ALWAYS RECOGNIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF BRAIN DOMINANCE WHEN CHOOSING FREQUENCY EQUIVALENTS!! With all the new techniques and programs available, remembering to switch that Frequency Equivalent from left-brained to right-brained or whole-brained is still a chore, but it is a very necessary one! Someday we will, -- no, the "program" will -- determine brain dominance as part of a voice test. In the meantime, we must remember that when you feed a sound to a left brained subject, they accept that Frequency Equivalent. If you feed the same sound to a right brained person, they will REJECT that Frequency Equivalent and take in its opposite, or reciprocal.

Twice, in the last three years, Ralph has complained of lower back pain. Using the Korg program, I was not surprised to see his F and F# at extreme lows and his B and C at extreme highs. Because he is right brained, feeding him the F and F# that he lacked, would have PULLED MORE F AND F# OUT! Feeding him about 20 minutes of a cusp B/C, equalized the notes in his chart and the pain was gone! If I fed him what he "appeared to need" the pain might have gotten worse! This is a mistake commonly made by people not trained by Sharry Edwards in the proper use of BioAcoustics.

I recently came across some advertisements for "sound therapy" from therapists not associated with Sharry's work (though at least one of them has taken some of her early work, and is using it incorrectly). Not only are these people "selling frequencies" and not considering the brain dominance of those who will use them, but many of them are selling these sounds on CDs! Since the brain is analog and has difficulty using digital sounds, people purchasing these CDs are wasting their money! Their brains are not likely to activate the Frequency Equivalents. The bright side is that they are better off NOT getting the frequencies because the creators of these "toys" feed everyone the same frequencies, regardless of individual brain dominance and Voice Spectral Analysis!

Then there is calibration. With what we learned at the conference, I would want to calibrate the frequencies coming from any "toy" I might buy, just to check the accuracy!

The sad part about all of this is that our very careful research is damaged by such misuse of sound therapy. When people buy toys that don't work, such as CDs or digital toneboxes (Sharry's toneboxes are analog only!), they are turned off to the paradigm, generally. They mistakenly assume sound "doesn't work." Our growing research shows that it most definitely does work! But only when applied with accuracy and integrity.

Please check back on this web site often since we will be posting Bulletin Updates as our research provides more information. We are especially excited about the new BioAcoustics Genesis Program! More about that as we experiment with it!

If you would like us to post any reports on practitioner experience on this site, please email the Sound Health Research Foundation at so Sharry can review the information before it is posted, to insure its accuracy and relevancy.

May all your tones be harmonious!

Kathy Greene Fucetola
SHRI Bulletin Editor

Ms. Edwards can be reached through her web site,

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