By Lita Lee, Ph.D.,
Reprinted from To Your Health

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Lita Lee is a leading West Coast alternative and complementary practitioner who works with nutrition, enzymes and various energy modalities, including the BioAcoustics pioneered by Sharry Edwards, for whom she is a Certified Research Associate. SHRI reproduces several of her Sound Bites pieces from her To Your Health newsletter.

Jan '99, Missing Frequencies
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April '99, The Sound of Infection
April '00, The Girl Who Forgot How to Read
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July '99, Veronica's Headache
July '00, Sports Injury
July '01, Some Cases
Sept '98, Sound's Good to Me
Oct '00, Zinc Poisoning
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September 1998 Sound Bites

Sound's Good to me... and for me

I recently spent three weeks learning BioAcoustics from Sharry Edwards at her Sound Center. I learned how to analyze a vocal print to determine which notes (sounds) were high, low or missing. These problems with notes correspond to health or emotional problems. As part of my training, I also learned how to supply the missing note(s) and how to balance the high and low notes.

While attending this training, I experienced first hand the sound of healing. Seven weeks prior, I seriously injured my leg. To heal the soft tissue trauma, I did extensive enzyme therapy with TRMA (for infection, healing the wound) and MSCLR (relieve inflammation). I also cleansed the wound several times per day with tea tree oil. After 7 weeks the scab finally came off, but the wound was still swollen (pear sized!) and warm to the touch. Sharry looked at my wound and quickly determined the sound required - F#.

After testing the sound in her lab, Sharry prepared a tone box for my use. I began using the device at 8:15. Later I happened to look at my leg and was shocked to see that the swelling was completely gone and the wound was no longer warm. I checked the clock. Fifteen minutes had passed! The next morning the scab, previously deep and red, began to fill in and turn pink.


November 1998 Sound Bites

In September I went to the annual Sound Health Conference and, for four days, listened with rapt attention as top sound therapists from around the country presented their case histories. I learned from their incredible experiences and made many new friends. I was amazed at the varied backgrounds of the attendees: a radiation oncologist, neurologist, psychologist, nurse, lawyer, physical therapist, musician, teacher, nutritionist, skilled lay people and a chemist (me!). I heard and saw (video) many miracles, including:

Tremendous improvement in the condition of a 19 year old boy who, at age 12, was savagely attacked by a gang, beaten for 90 minutes and left for dead. He had severe brain injuries and could not close his mouth, talk, eat or move. I saw him stand up (with assistance) and heard him make sounds. Hearing his story brought tears to my eyes and the video gave me hope he would someday fulfill his dream to become a minister. Sharry Edwards.

Help for the severe leg injury of a tennis player who, after sound therapy, was able to return to the courts. Sharry Edwards.

Help for a 40 year old man with emphysema to the point where he could breathe without labor, walk and return to a normal life. Sandra Koppe.

Help for a chronic bladder infection in 1 treatment. Judy Chambers.

Help for a 7 year old girl who could not walk, sit, move her arms/hands and would scream/cry instead of talking. Medical diagnoses ranged from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis to polio. After 1 month, the depressed child became happy, walked, moved her arms, stopped screaming/crying and sat and talked into the microphone. After 4 months she received general sound tune-ups. By the 7th month, she was a normal child. Sandra Koppe.

Help for a man's severe, chronic herpes triggered by stress, sun, alcohol and certain foods. After 2 months of sound therapy the herpes was gone. After a vacation in the sun, with alcohol and unrestricted food... nothing happened! Sandra Koppe.

Help for a broken radius (arm) in 3 days. Dr. Mary Albright.

Complete healing of bulimia in a young woman who then entered college and became an excellent student. Rev. Carolene Heart.

A demonstration of toning - using your voice to move or adjust the flow of energy. This was a deeply moving and relaxing experience. It put me into a state of bliss and joy. Kaj Nagy.


January 1999 Sound Bites

Missing Frequencies

According to Sharry Edwards of Sound Health, balancing high and low notes and restoring missing frequencies is essential in sound healing. I am fascinated by missing frequencies (sounds) because if the frequency of an important substance (vitamin, mineral, hormone or enzyme) is missing, the body cannot recognize that substance even if it is given orally. What happens to that unrecognized substance? According to Sharry, the body either stores, secretes or reacts to it. Is this one of the secrets to allergic reactions?

Sharry has observed that supplying a missing frequency combined with giving the corresponding substance produces much better results than just providing the missing frequency. As always, we must be careful of overdosing.

Here are 2 simple examples:

Sharry Edward's client with multiple myeloma (bone cancer) had a very high level (frequency or sound) of an immunoglobulin or antibody called IgG. Additionally, the frequency of the enzyme papain was missing in his voice. Sharry discovered that papain "digests" the IgG antibody into important smaller fragments. No wonder this client had such a high level of IgG. To lower the IgG level he must be given the missing frequency of papain (giving supplements will not work as long as the frequency is missing).

The second example is from my research on psoriasis, the third most common skin condition for which no cause has been found. I used myself as a subject as I have psoriasis despite enzyme and thyroid therapy. I discovered that 3 substances important to preventing/curing psoriasis were missing at genetic (low) frequency levels in my voice print: cyclic AMP (required to make cells mature), progesterone (the anti-tumor hormone) and fumaric acid (important in the Krebs or Citric acid cycle - the major energy producing cycle in the body). Fumaric acid metabolism is known to be disrupted in people with psoriasis. After listening to these missing sounds for several days, they appeared in my voice print and my psoriasis improved.


April 1999 Sound Bites

The Sound Of Infection

Did you know that an infection shows up in your voice? In the computer voice print, the infection looks like an upside-down bowl, or, as my husband John says, a "hump". Others call it a "rainbow."

Recently my daughter, Veronica, had a serious flu with an array of indications (high fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, sore throat, cough and sinus congestion). She got sick on a Tuesday and couldn't eat or take her enzymes. On Thursday I did a voice print and, wow, I saw her infection... a big hump in her vocal range (one octave below middle C). From the note at the peak of the hump I calculated 3 possible sounds. She liked 2 of them and I told her to use them as often as she wished.

Before the sound work her oxygenation was poor and her pulse was rapid and erratic. With the sounds, she immediately started raising her oxygenation and lowering her pulse. She listened to her sounds 4 times that day for several minutes each time. After the first session she was hungry and this was the end of her fever, vomiting and sore throat. After her 4th session her oxygenation and pulse had returned to normal. On Friday, I rechecked her voice. The infection (hump) was gone!! On Saturday she went out for dinner and was ready to catch up on her homework.

On my recent 5-day trip to the Bay Area (just 7 days after returning from Puerto Vallarta), I had a major schedule: 2 TV shows, a book-signing / lecture, a radio show and 23 clients. I got sick the night I arrived, but didn't realize it until 2 days later when I awoke with a sinus infection, scratchy throat and deep bronchial congestion. In addition to my usual enzymes, I started hourly doses of the following regime: SvG (sore throat), Nsl (stuffy nose), Kdy (swollen glands), TRMA (infection), Rsp (coughing), and Citricidal (my favorite natural antibiotic)... and lots of herbal teas.

Although I made it through the hectic trip, when I got off the plane in Eugene, I could hardly breathe. When I got home, John immediately took a voice print. We saw 2 humps in the vocal range and a third in the middle C range. "No problem," I said. "Zap them all".

In the beginning, my pulse raged between 75 and 130 bpm. My oxygenation was poor (85-91%). The first day I listened to the middle C range. I felt better, but not well enough. My pulse was still erratic and my oxygenation still low. The second day I listened to the sounds derived from the vocal range humps. The humps (in my voice print) disappeared in 1 day! Again, I felt better, but needed more.

On the third day, we looked at my voice print and saw... the mother hump. This hump was so large we had not been able to see it earlier. We were amazed and excited. We programmed 4 more sounds into my tone box and I listened. After 15 minutes, my oxygenation had increased to 95% - a very good sign. From then on, my healing I progressed rapidly. I breathed more deeply, coughed less and was able to continue my 12 hour/day work schedule.

Because of enzyme therapy and sound therapy, I got well in 7 days without missing a single day of work.

Research Projects:

Can sound work support the elimination of infections that cannot be reached by antibiotics? This opens up an exciting new field for me. What about infections that result from root canals? And what about difficult to treat infections, such as Lyme disease and hidden viruses? What about the bacteria that cause "gum disease," that doctors say is "incurable?"


July 1999 Sound Bites

Veronica's Headache

My daughter, Veronica, was complaining of headaches. I asked her when they occurred, and she replied "Well, the one I have now came after I ate." Aha! Knowing my daughter's history of gallbladder problems (fat intolerance symptoms) with frequent burping during and after meals along with occasional nausea after eating certain foods, I recognized this headache as a gallbladder headache. Though Veronica takes enzymes for fat intolerance (HCL or Bil), she still has problems.

Sharry Edwards had just told me how she used the note of F to help relieve gallbladder symptoms. I took Veronica into the sound room and gave her this sound while monitoring her pulse rate and oxygenation (to be certain this was a good sound for her). After I turned on the sound, I asked "How is your headache?". Amazed, she replied "It's totally gone!" Not more than 2 or 3 minutes had passed!

After she had listened to this sound for a few more minutes, I asked if she had any pain. She said the back of her neck was stiff. This is atlas pain and the enzyme formula is Sym (plus a good chiropractic adjustment). The pain-relief notes that Sharry had given to me flashed before my eyes - frequencies derived from calcium.

I popped these sounds onto the sound instrument. She loved it! I loved it, too!! She did not want me to turn it off. Neither did her boyfriend. Our dog, Sky, who moments before had waggled into the room looking for strokes, was now snoring. When I called him, he was so relaxed he could hardly muster a tail wag!

Several minutes later, Veronica reported "My neck isn't stiff and doesn't hurt any more." Wow! What a great way to eliminate a headache and stiff neck!! The headache did not return the next day and Veronica was "burp-free" after dinner.

When I see results like these, I am in awe of Sound Therapy. I have tremendous hope for the future. I do not believe suffering is necessary and now I have yet another tool to relieve pain and suffering.


October 1999 Sound Bites

Sound Health Conference

I just returned from the annual sound conference positively humming with excitement. Every year brings great advances in the technology of sound health with improved computer programs, new miracles and an increasing number of sound health practitioners sharing their results, ideas and therapies. At this conference we were asked to share how we, as health practitioners, integrate sound into our work. Here are some of my favorite true stories.

Heather came to see Kaj because of life-long trouble with ear and sinus infections. Kaj analyzed her voice and found that Heather was deficient in the note "G." Kaj put this note into her tone box (to deliver the tones) along with about a dozen other notes. Heather listened to the tones for several days and then called Kaj to report that she was experiencing loose stools. When Heather returned for a reevaluation, she told Kaj "The white stuff that is always on my tongue went away after about 2 days of listening. It came back a few days later, but while I was listening it was gone." Kaj then realized that Heather had Candida albicans (white stuff) and the deficient note (G) was the antedote!

Kaj Nagy, Worcester MA 508-757-6001.

Debbie came to Judy Chambers for relief from an athletic injury to her knee which had required surgery. Prior to the surgery, she had been a very active woman. Now she was in a lot of pain and limping. Her orthopedic surgeon said that she would limp the rest of her life and that her knee would never be normal. Judy gave her bone regeneration formulas derived from the sounds of calcium and magnesium plus nutrients related to bone health that were low or missing in her voice print (glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate). She also gave muscle sounds that were related to her injury. In three months, her knee was totally healed and functioning normally. Her doctor said that he had never seen an adult heal from this particular type of knee surgery.

Judy Chambers, M.A., Boca Raton, FL 561- 852-8322.

Bob, a tennis coach and lawyer, came to Sharry 4.5 years after a motorcycle accident that severely damaged the bone and tissue of his right lower leg. Bob had not practiced law or coached since his accident. He refused to have his leg amputated, so the doctors transplanted muscles and other tissues to fill up the missing part of his leg. He was told he would either be wheel chair bound or need crutches the rest of his life. Then he started sound work. At first he could stand, then walk, and now he can play tennis without hurting his injured leg or even limping. His therapy is on-going, due to the serious nature of his injury, but he now reports that he is leading a normal life. Bob came to our banquet and I got to see him in person.

Sharry showed videos of others who came to her in terrible pain following injuries; told they would never lead normal lives. Witnessing these grateful people telling their stories and able to walk will be a lasting memory for me.

Sharry Edwards, Albany, OH 740-698-9119

This is a very interesting story about a woman who channels at least two angelic beings. When she channeled the beings, her voice (and voice print) became completely different. Both channeled voices had accents and the changes in the channeled voice print was astounding. Neither of them looked like human voice prints. No skeptic could argue with this!

Robert Bonham, Walland, TN


January 2000 Sound Bites

Some Basics

For new readers, here is a brief introduction to sound work as taught by Sharry Edwards of Sound Health, Inc. During the last 20 years, Sharry has developed sophisticated techniques for voice analysis to detect sounds or notes that are in stress. Stressed notes in your voice may be too high, too low, missing or too thin. By too thin, I mean that the voice suddenly falls from a high level to a low level. We look at the voiceprint from zero to 1000 cps (cycles per second) to find these stressed notes (also called "hits"). A certain note may be stressed at more than one octave. For example, assume the note of C is stressed at 5 different octaves. That means we have 5 hits of the note of C. The more hits we get, the more important that stressed note becomes.

Next we develop a sound program to balance the stressed notes. This may sound easy but there are about 1,700 notes in a voiceprint and we can give a maximum of 15 notes. The needed notes are entered into a "tone box" which delivers the sounds (analog, not digital) to the listener via earphones. Listening to these notes causes the brain to start making the needed notes itself. When the brain starts making the needed sound(s), the client no longer needs to listen to them.

Sound therapy is truly a cutting edge new field of research. We discover new healing sounds every day and share them with the growing group of sound practitioners.

Remember, a voice print is used to determine if any tones (notes) are low, high, unbalanced or missing. Sound therapy is used to adjust, balance and/or supply these tones. In general, people like the tones they need.

Case history by Lita Lee: Bitten by a brown recluse spider

This case illustrates how I combine enzymes with sound to promote optimum health. I received an urgent call from a man who had been suffering for 8 months from a brown recluse spider bite on his ankle. His skin started oozing on a large area at the site of the spider bite. It spread until his whole body was affected, causing terrible itching. I knew the spider bite venom was a protein, so I gave him TRMA, which is high in protease (digests protein) and is for soft tissue trauma. I added the DERM formula, which is high in amylase (a potent enzymatic antihistamine) and is used for allergic skin reactions. His condition improved significantly. I added Kdy, thyroid glandular and a multiple digestive enzyme to his regime. A month after his first appointment with me, he reported that he was quite well, feeling good and strong and playing golf. He reported that the itch was about 95% gone.

I offered him sound therapy and he was delighted to try it. His most unbalanced note (a slice) was C (corresponding to sulfur). This didn't surprise me as sulfur is very important for immune system and skin problems. Another note of C was way too high. Sharry suggested I check the note of F# and, sure enough, it showed up in his voiceprint as very stressed. His voiceprint showed a lot of pesticides and a toxic level of iron, which he told me had been confirmed by blood tests. I did not work with sounds for the pesticides or the iron but gave him only the notes to balance the stressed C-note of sulfur, the high C note, and F#. In 5 weeks he returned for a re-evaluation, reporting continued improvement and hardly any itching. The second voiceprint showed that sulfur was still stressed and stressed notes that I had not yet worked on still appeared. I adjusted his new program to encompass these changes.

What impressed me the most was that his toxic iron level had disappeared (confirmed by a blood analysis) even though I had not worked on it. This tells me that, as with enzyme therapy, some conditions self-heal, due to the profound effects of the sound (or enzymes). This story is not yet complete. I haven't interviewed him since the second voiceprint, but I wanted to give you a glimpse of how sound therapy helps to balance notes in stress when combined with enzyme nutrition.


April 2000 Sound Bites

The girl who forgot how to read

(a case history from the files of Sharry Edwards)

For new readers, please see the January 2000 issue for Sound Therapy basics. Andi, a top-notch first grader, forgot how to read during her summer vacation. Her mother could not understand why. It had been an especially beautiful summer for her child: they had been able to afford a real home and this was the first summer that Andi's mother had been able to spend time with her since being in college as a single parent.

Andi's teacher decided that Andi should be put into a special reading class, but this embarrassed Andi and she became reluctant to go to school. She either cried or pretended to be sick every day. The classes were not helping. One day while riding in the car, Andi wrote a note to her mother. It read, "Mommy, I feel so stupid. Why can't I read anymore?" Her mother pulled over onto the side of the road and they wept together, embracing and sharing the frustration.

Then the mother remembered Sharry Edwards' pioneering sound therapy and how she used low frequency sound to help another little girl in her neighborhood reverse mental retardation. She made an appointment with Sharry. Sharry found that Andi's voice was missing the note corresponding to the color pink. When Sharry gave her the missing note, the child was able to read clearly and without hesitation. The vocal print showed that Andi had been poisoned with formaldehyde. Suddenly, her mother remembered the formaldehyde warning on the mobile home she had moved into during the summer. The warning had said that formaldehyde levels in a new mobile home could be a health problem. In fact, this is so common that "mobile home syndrome" is a term to describe the health problems arising from formaldehyde poisoning.

Andi began a sound therapy program to restore her missing note and an air filter was installed into the mobile home. Andi's teacher noticed immediate and striking improvement in Andi's behavior. Andi's self esteem returned and she became a bright, cheerful, intelligent seven-year old again.

Andi's mother is very grateful. She writes: "Sound Health has an ongoing research project using vocal analysis and sound to try to find the causes of reading and learning problems with other children. It is a non-intrusive program using a vocal print. Every child with a learning problem, no matter what the cause, should have access to this technique. I would encourage any parent of a child with unexplained symptoms to have their child tested. I'm very lucky. My child was helped. She won't grow up branded as "dumb" even by her own opinions because we, the adults, have failed to make our world a safe place to nurture, emotionally and physically, our most valuable resource: our children." By Ronna Douglas, mother of Andi.


July 2000 Sound Bites

Bioacoustics and Sports Injury

Sports medicine is a billion dollar industry. The loss that team owners and managers are forced to bear when one of their star players is injured is enormous. More than 59,000 clinics have been identified as specifically dealing with sports and sports-related injuries in the USA. The use of BioAcoustic Sound Therapy to balance stressed notes in people with muscular and structural related injuries has led to the mapping of each muscle as it responds to low frequency sounds. Using low frequency sounds, Sharry Edwards has been able to strengthen weak muscles and weaken over-stimulated or blocked muscles as well as reduce pain and recovery time.

Combined with physical therapy and sports medicine, BioAcoustic Sound Therapy is the wave of the future to overcome structural injuries. Think what it would mean for millions of people suffering from back injuries, sports injuries and crippling muscular problems to find freedom from pain to the point of returning to a normal life.

Here is just one of the many case stories in the files of Sharry Edwards.

"William is an avid sports fan who continually overplays his body and then is irritated when his joints protest. He enjoys soccer, handball, racquetball, softball, basketball, skiing and tennis - activities particularly hard on his knees and shoulders.

In 1988, William was diagnosed with synovitis and prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug. His doctor suggested that he curtail his sports activities temporarily, advice he did not want to accept. In 1991, when his knee problem recurred, the medication became too expensive and the blood tests a nuisance. William turned to BioAcoustics for help. William's knee took about six weeks to heal, but at that point he could play without pain and restriction. The most appreciated aspect of BioAcoustics for him was that he was not required to slow down or to restrict his movements.

In 1997, William returned to Sharry's clinic with a torn rotator cuff, diagnosed earlier as a chronic injury. Again, a voiceprint was taken and a new sound therapy treatment begun. Within 16 days, his shoulder was pain free with no restriction of motion. (reprinted with permission from Sharry Edwards.)


October 2000 Sound Bites

The Man Who Survived Severe Zinc Poisoning, Thanks to Sharry Edwards

This is a true story and has aired on national television. A young welder got severe zinc poisoning when his mask developed a leak. He went home and could not get up the next morning. He went into a coma and was placed in intensive care in a hospital. X-rays showed his lungs filled with zinc. In the hospital, he suffered five strokes, kidney failure and several clots in his brain. Doctors did not expect him to survive and claimed that if he did live, he would be incapacitated for life.

At this point, his father called Sharry Edwards to the hospital. After 15 minute's exposure to sound therapy, the young man's vital signs stabilized and, less than 12 hours later, he was listed in stable condition. The doctors were very skeptical about sound therapy and turned off the sound. Within minutes, the patient's condition reverted to critical. The doctors quickly allowed continuation of the sound therapy and the zinc left the patient's body. Where had the zinc gone? It became obvious when the man's hair turned red and wiry that it had gone into his hair! After one month of additional sound therapy, the young man went home and was back to work one year later.


January 2001 Sound Bites

An excerpt from Sound Health's "Vision of the Future"

BioAcoustics: the results speak for themselves even though the definitive underlying theories are not clearly understood. Further research is mandated based on the fact that considerable relief of symptoms is now available by the proper application of this technology. Diagnostic pre-management is a reality that will be a major focus in the near future.

Millions of people take vitamins - guessing every day as to the exact vitamin need and dosage. BioAcoustics can supply the information needed for definitive nutritional needs. Already, BioAcoustics has added information to the interaction of nutritional and biochemical reactions within the body by analysis of the frequencies in the vocal spectrum. The ability to efficiently and independently assist in the movement and strength of muscles has eluded medical science. BioAcoustics offers a non-intrusive methodology to interact with the brain and muscles to help create movement and control.

Advancements are moving toward using this technology to monitor and affect physiology from a distance. In the very near future, a person will be able to pick up a telephone and have his/her physical status checked wherever they may be located.

The ability to affect the disease process is a reality. Further data and information is essential to move BioAcoustics into the public. Sharry Edwards has demonstrated that through computer technology and her guidance, the technology has the potential to become fully standardized and available for use by all practitioners as a standard procedure.

Millions of dollars are spent mediating diseases that can now be affected by Signature Sound Techniques. Organized support, training and education is essential to bring this dynamic technique to the attention of any person or facility invested in the promotion of health and the prevention of disease. As we read reports indicating bacteria, germs and viruses are becoming immune to current medical remedies, we find the laws relating to BioAcoustics are immutable. Attempts to control viral and bacterial infections through low frequency show promising indicators. The laws of BioAcoustics can be discerned, studied and understood by students through careful observation, experimentation, research training and education.

Case History - Bioacoustics is Predictive: Michael was on his way to a secluded research facility to demonstrate a new product. He was intrigued, wondering if this new technique he had heard about, BioAcoustics, could really reveal the physical condition of the body. Michael was given a tour of the facility and quickly accepted the offer to have his voice analyzed. His vocal print revealed that he might have a serious thyroid problem. To be sure, it was suggested that Michael visit his medical practitioner. The lab results taken a few days later indicated nothing abnormal. Both Michael and his doctor were pleased that nothing was wrong. They had a good laugh about this new technique and went back to business as usual.

Several days later, Michael collapsed with a set of mysterious symptoms that stumped the local doctors. His heart was erratic, he was sweating profusely, anxious and disoriented. The doctors were puzzled, but Michael remembered the vocal test. As it turned out, a serious thyroid condition was indeed the problem. The vocal print had revealed, nine days prior to any physical symptoms or lab results, that his thyroid was in stress.


April 2001 Sound Bites

A Case History From Sharry Edwards at Sound Health Inc.

Using low frequency sound to relieve muscle pain, strengthen muscles and exercise muscles without movement has been the subject of experimentation for several years by the BioAcoustic Research Center in Ohio. Projects have included pilot studies on tennis knee, back pain, joint pain and muscle integrity. In several cases, the studies have helped those who have had strokes regain the use of muscles more quickly and more efficiently.

One of the ways that BioAcoustic techniques can be used in our everyday lives can be demonstrated by a quick vocal print. A woman came in with a sore shoulder. She said that she was lifting a heavy suitcase and hurt her shoulder. She thought she might have torn a muscle in front, directly below her clavicle near the shoulder.

A vocal print showed that her C-6 (cervical) was in stress three times. The only shoulder muscle that was in stress was the Pectoralis. During my usual logic trip, I tried the frequency for the Pectoralis, but it didn't work. I went back to the computer program and paid attention to what it was telling me. I played the C-6 frequency. On the whole brain formula for C6*, the pain totally subsided. I asked if she had recently had any pain in the neck region. She said that yesterday, she was lifting a box into the car. The door moved and she ran the box into the side of her face so hard that she heard her neck crack. When I showed her the report, she was amazed that the program could show the root cause even when she hadn't reported it to us.

As I looked at the chart, I quickly saw that the two highest notes were the C-6. This just goes to support what Sharry teaches us in class. When someone is in pain, go to the highest note and that is generally the cause of the pain.

A whole-brain formula is the highest frequency (of C6 in this case), plus its mathematical reciprocal, played simultaneously. Sometimes left-brain formulas (highest frequency) work better and sometimes right-brain formulas (reciprocal of the highest peak) work better. That is why all frequencies must be tested to get the most important one(s).


July 2001 Sound Bites

Some Cases

Sound Therapy was developed over a 25-year period by Sharry Edwards of Sound Health. By taking a voice print, notes (frequencies) that are out of balance are revealed. These can include notes that are too high, too low, missing or slices (meaning a note that falls suddenly to a different octave). The voiceprint also reveals pathogens which look like humps or rainbows (upside down cups) and missing frequencies. When the needed frequencies are listened to by the client, magical things happen, as described in the following success story by Kaj Nagy, a certified Sound Therapist. This case illustrates that it is important for all frequencies (notes) of your body to be balanced and this includes the frequencies of muscles and bones. Sound therapy can balance these frequencies by raising notes that are too low and lowering notes that are too high. The needed frequencies are programmed into a "tone box" that the client listens to until the sounds are no longer needed.

Ringing In the Ears (Tinnitus) and Arthritis: Case Study by Kaj Nagy 3/9/01, Worcester, MA (508) 791-7307

A 69-year old female had ringing in her ears for 30 years and arthritis in her hands that made it impossible to bend her fingers to make a fist and difficult to pick up anything.

The first voice print revealed issues with a jaw muscle on a slice in the "now" (present time) range. Also in the "now' range was a high note which correlated to an esophagus muscle. Two other slices in the muscle range were pharynx and infraspinatus (shoulder) muscle. Another high frequency (note) was hippuric acid, which, when unbalanced, can be a trigger for arthritis. The Genesis software's primary answer was the sternohyoid muscle (neck) as the root cause.

After listening to these tones for 2 hours a day for a week, the ringing in her ears was diminished and she was able to pick up the soap in the shower, which made her very happy.

The second voice print revealed long term issues with both masseter (jaw) muscles. In the "now" range were slices at the pterygoid medial and pterygoid lateral (bone(s) in jaw or roof of mouth). A low note in the biomagnetic range corresponded to C-2 (second cervical vertebra). I programmed these into her tone box along with the frequencies of C-1 and C-3 to support C-2 and kept the opposite of the frequency of hippuric acid to balance this high note.

By the end of the 2nd week the ringing in her ears was gone and her arthritis continued to improve in her hands.

We did one more voice print a week later to work on some hip/thigh/knee issues and she turned her tone box back in a very happy person. The ringing in her ears was completely gone and though there was a very slight "ocean" sound in her ears, she was happy that the ringing was gone.

Veronica's migraine: Case study by Lita Lee submitted June 2001

Here is an example of how I combine sound therapy with enzymes and hormonal balancing. My daughter, Veronica, developed a migraine headache during the first day of her menses. This is common in many woman and is due to a surge of estrogen which occurs at ovulation and menses which is why I call them

"estrogen migraines" or "cyclic migraines." For this, I gave her 10% natural oral progesterone. I used three essential oils topically as well: Mi-Grain (a drop on each temple for headaches), PanAway (rubbed on the back of her neck for muscle pain), and Di-Tone (rubbed on the belly for abdominal discomfort and feeling queasy).

In addition to the estrogen migraine, her neck was out and this can cause severe headaches as well. For this I gave her 4 caps of Sym (enzyme) to nourish the upper cervical vertebrae (C1 or atlas, C2 and C3) and 4 caps of VSCLR (enzyme) indicated in people who suffer from migraines.

Then I tested the following sounds for her headache as she lay in the sound therapy room on a massage table:

Two notes for neck muscles (C#), the sound for progesterone (D#), and a general pain formula (the note for calcium in two octaves, G and E). She was very quick to know which sounds she liked and which she didn't like. She liked one of the neck muscle notes, C#, the base note and its reciprocal, G and the whole brain formula, C# and G together. She only liked the whole brain formula of the second neck muscle sound but not the base or its reciprocal. She didn't like the note for progesterone which didn't surprise me because she had just taken some but she did like the whole brain formula (D# and A together). She also liked the calcium formula (two octaves of calcium, G and E, together). As I was popping her sounds into a portable tone box so she could move about and still get her sounds, I asked her how her headache was, not noticing that she had fallen asleep. I had been giving her only the first three sounds, C#, G and C#/G from the SMAD in rotation for about one minute each, while putting all the notes on her tone box. Not more than 10 or 15 minutes had passed. She opened her eyes and said, "it's gone. I fell asleep!" I gave her the tone box anyway and told her to use it if she needed it. She listened for a short period of time. The next morning, still no headache and she didn't take the tone box to school with her. I advised her to get an adjustment from her chiropractor.


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