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ã 2000 -- For a group photo of some of the conference participants, click here.

Vol 1 No. 3 -- November 27, 2000

Celebrating the Genesis of BioAcoustics

The Second Year 2000 BioAcoustic Conference, aptly named "Celebrating the Genesis of BioAcoustics" began on Thursday afternoon, November 16, with a warm welcome from BioAcoustics Founder Sharry Edwards. The setting for the conference was the historic Blennerhassett Hotel in Parkersburg, West Virginia. We note here that the art/science of BioAcoustics is developing so rapidly that we needed two conferences this year! And while some BioAcoustic Research Associates were only able to attend one conference, those of us who attended both were lucky to both review info learned in August and be amazed and enlightened by the newer material.

I have always referred to my "Forum II" class as a "religious experience". I cried my way through parts of that class as the mathematical relationships between energy and matter became so apparent. It was "God Stuff". It was the universe organizing itself, all over again. It was understanding what notes mixed with what produced just what! It was realizing that the sounds of the universe created the substances and shaped the forms that became "us" - and everything else! I also realized just how privileged I was to be able to learn from someone so brilliant as is Sharry Edwards. And I found myself re-experiencing that wonder all over again as Sharry revealed her explorations of genetics and DNA at this conference. But more on that later!

The Blennerhassett is a large old hotel with a 19th century ambience. It is polished dark woods and gleaming brass and very high ceilings. The weekend of the conference it was also filled with dozens of wonderfully decorated Christmas Trees, donated by local businesses to be auctioned off for charity. The warmth inside was so in contrast with the bitter cold outside that all senses were heightened! Our brains were "on"! We were ready for shellshock!

Sharry Edwards first handed out a very full class schedule and then asked each of us to introduce ourselves and discuss our hopes for the conference. She handed out copies of her wonderful article in the current Nexus Magazine ( about using sound to decloak pathogens and about the mathematical matrix she is building from the harmonics of frequency equivalents. The article is excellent. It discusses the nature of frequency equivalents, warning those who are using "yesterday's frequencies" that same have mutated many, many times since their discovery and this must be considered before using them in any research. The article also warns of the use of digital sound in any soundwork, since the brain has trouble accepting same. It is important that we continue our work with analog equipment in order to get the best results. Those delivering sound on CDs or digital toneboxes are probably wasting their subject's time and/or money!

We each received a packet of papers to refer to during the conference. Right on top was a letter from Tommy Priakos explaining that though he could not make the conference, he was "with us in spirit"! Tommy, you were missed! Donna Young was there with her superb voice, making up new "Sound Health Practitioner Tunes" and all that was lacking was your musical magic! I think that we should make your presence and Donna's presence mandatory at all Sound Health conferences! You MUST make the next one!!

Thursday was mostly review. A Sound Health brochure developed and used by 4 of us in NJ was handed out and offered for use by anyone else who wants to have it printed out with their local info added to it. The brochure describes a Sound Health session in detail as well as a synopsis of Sharry's development of BioAcoustics and its possibilities. If you would like a copy of the brochure, contact the office.

Sharry talked about some of the questionable energy devices making the rounds and stressed the importance of knowing the capabilities of the equipment we use as well as having the integrity to use only the very best. She announced that she had developed an astrology program (with references to Pythagorus) which determines the frequency equivalents affecting us personally each day and she also announced that she and the office of astrologer Linda Goodman will be collaborating on a book about sound and astrology.

Office Manager Wanda Edwards was introduced along with Karen Almashy, a BioAcoustics Researcher working with Sharry in Ohio, who has done some impressive work. Karen reviewed finding what appear to be infections in a voiceprint and the importance of distinguishing between pathogens and antigens when providing balancing frequency equivalents. Sharry and Karen also discussed how long these frequencies should be played as research as well as how often they should be provided. Differences between infections and inflammations were discussed.

Karen went on to discuss different ways to look at a vocal print. She talked about coherence and weak points and spent a lot of time demonstrating her approach to slices. She explained just why these are so important in the overall vocal pattern, and why we should focus on same.

Sharry reviewed "Back pain in a Hurry", how to make high, unused frequency equivalents assimilable and reading a Sonastat Data Report and Stress Note Summary. She discussed some of the mathematical relationships among the numbers the Genesis provides and how to look for same. Sharry went on to discuss other relationships, spending time on estrogen/progesterone ratios and tiered formulas. Then she went on to discuss the way magnets work and their relationship to electrolytes. Use of the new microphone, designed for Sharry by Radio Shack was reviewed and several books were recommended.

Karen is an excellent teacher and she must read minds, as well! Without our having to ask for them, she came prepared with printouts of all the information she taught! We ended the Thursday session with a lecture from Karen on tonebox programming problems and then made our way to the Dining Room, where we exchanged ideas and experiences and much laughter!

Friday morning opened with a lecture from lawyer Ralph Fucetola on the Nondisclosure Forms that we filled out. Sharry introduced some frequency equivalents that are not in the database and then she spoke of "Signature Sounds" as being a representation of all that you are. If you have drawn your signature sounds from persons and things outside of you, you are in a constant state of flux and you vacillate, because you lack a strong foundation. Those whose sounds come from carefully considered inner values are more stable Think about your life. What do you value? What standards have you set for yourself? How do you treat your fellow human?

Next on the agenda, Sharry introduced the Genesis II Computer Program, which is to replace the Genesis Program that we received in July! Obviously, things at Sound Health, Inc. are moving along at a very fast pace! Sharry went over questions we had developed from using the Genesis and then showed us how much more we can do with the Genesis II. This program is absolutely brilliant and saves soooooo much time! Anyone who has spent many hours analyzing a vocal print will love this "root problem" program. It analyzes the relationships among the sonastats pulled from a voice and finds their common denominator/s. You are handed several mathematical sets to test and all of this is accomplished in mere seconds at the push of a button!

Sharry went on to introduce her BioAcoustic Astrology Formulas which combine a person's birth frequency equivalents with specific dates to determine what may affect you at that time. Sharry was not "pro-astrology" when she began this work. The math (and Pythagorus!) kept screaming back at her, however, that there was, indeed, something to it and Sharry's form of astrology is very different from the astrology found in the daily newspaper. She has been working with these formulas for some time and following them in the charts of her subjects. The results have been extremely accurate and have amazed her as much as everyone else. These formulas will provide some very interesting research!

Friday afternoon, we reviewed the different rules for the many types of rollovers we have been using for the past several years. Sharry developed rollover formulas many years ago, but it wasn't until she invented her tonebox that she could use them in any practical way. Now, years later, they have become a staple and it is hard to imagine doing this work without them!

Next, Karen gave a demonstration on "pulling points" from a vocal print. Karen is "The Master" of point pulling and she willingly showed us some of the tricks she uses to decipher a chart and know "just where to go"! She showed us how to recognize areas in a chart that indicate parts of the body not communicating with each other! She demonstrated just how she determines where to "zero in" and what to ignore. This is an area where we all need more practice. Perhaps at the next conference it should be a workshop instead of a demonstration. (we could each bring in a few cases and share them with the group and discuss, as a group, where to focus?)

Friday evening, Sharry gave us a test to determine each of our metabolic types. She then suggested a project for all of us to share in as a study of metabolic types. We will each be sending in a vocal print to study against our tests. (If you have not yet sent in your print, please do! The results are bound to go very far beyond what the "diet gurus" are finding!)

By Saturday morning we were (all of us!) mentally "fried" but determined to go on! So when Sharry introduced the seminal work she has been doing for the last decade (yes, 7 years ago, she shared some of this stuff with Ralph!) on "Electro Magnetic Genetics", we simply shifted gears into "overwhelm". I have signed a nondisclosure contract and cannot say much here about this information. As we watched Sharry fill a blackboard with much multi-digited math and listened to her explanation of "constants", waveforms, and wavelengths, and tried the math therefrom, I found myself crying again, just like in Forum II, as energy took shape on the pad on which I scribbled. Math has always "made sense" to me as a language. When I was young, I had no use or interest in math, though I tested high in mathematical ability. Then I considered it a waste. Now I am so grateful because of the insights it has given me to this work. Patterns became very apparent. The possibility of reversing aging -- with sound -- is very real, and very close. We all volunteered for the research!

By Saturday afternoon, we needed a mental break. Instead, we delved into "Genetic Pods". Years ago, we used podding a great deal, as a means of zeroing in on issues. Since programs have been doing that for us, we have been doing less podding. Genetic Podding is different and a bit more complicated than the podding we used to do, but it also points out genetic problems which need to be researched with bioelectric/biomagnetic frequency equivalents. Using these pods can save much time when genetic issues are being considered.

Next, Sharry introduced the new Korg program. This program not only gives an "in-time" Korg reading, it does a psychological analysis of the subject according the note combinations. I am looking forward to using this program since the Korg attached to my computer "died" a few months ago. The Korg program is wonderful for providing a picture of the "shape" of the voice. It helps the practitioner get an advance idea of where to look for problems in spectral voice analysis. It is also super for retesting.

Karen handed out more info and then spoke about migraines and the frequency equivalents associated with them and then Sharry showed a videotape of a client who suffered from B12 deficiency and then discussed Isolation Charts and the podding related to same. Several more videos were shared and Eric Kaligom and Dorinne Davis discussed their NJ center and suggested ways to draw people to BioAcoustics.

Dr. Terry Bugno spoke about the practice he and Liz Lonergan have established. An Oncologist, he talked about their work with cancer cases and he discussed the presentation they recently made to introduce their work at a health conference.

The Conference Banquet was held Saturday evening and Sharry handed out yearly certificates to those who did not receive them in July. A "winged goddess and lyre" trophy was awarded to Wanda Edwards, "Guardian of Sacred Sounds". Another was awarded to Karen Almashy, "Goddess of Point Pulling". A plaque given to Sharry, declared her "Mom of the Matrix", "Sage of Sacred Sounds" and "Founder of BioAcoustics". Donna Young and Tommy Priakos entertained us with their very original "Calibration Blues" at the last conference. Donna promises development of "Wake Up Little Square Wave" and "By, By Old Korg, By, By STS, Hello, Genesis" at the next conference.

Sunday morning, the group had shrunk as several participants had to leave that morning. We began with a lecture by Sharry on Bioscriptions, which mix certain research frequency equivalents. Sharry released eye charts with frequency equivalents for study and discussed different ways to look at eye problems. Ralph and I discussed finding "overriding frequencies" and talked about the problems we had tracing one to an old hi-fi system. I spoke about a case I am working and demonstrated the importance of retesting. While retest is easiest with a Korg program, it is extremely important to retest, even if you have to redo a voice spectral analysis chart and compare numbers. Also, on retest, remember to get your subject to dance about a bit and come back to life before testing. If the sound they had was successful, they probably are feeling very relaxed and will give you a poor quality retest. Wake them up!

Karen Bainbridge shared a case with us about a child with learning disabilities who is turning around with sound, and Karen Almashy shared her easy sound card calibration (yes, she also had it printed out for us!). Sharry wound up the conference with a review of Decloaking Resistant Pathogens, and we watched Sharry's video of the protective protein around a pathogen being dissolved with specific sound. Hugs, kisses and pictures later, we, each of us, set off for home with much to contemplate and study.

At this rate, Heaven only knows what Sharry will be teaching us next spring!!!

Kathy Green Fucetola, Editor

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