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 Help you determine and set up your company's legal structure

Corporation (and which state in which to register)

Forming a Company

 Protect your intellectual property through:

Patent / Preliminary Patent Alternative
Non-Disclosure/NonCircumvention Agreements

Internet Injunction Lawyer Website
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 Regulatory compliance for your products

Health claims and marketing literature
cGMP - SOPs - Standard Operating Procedures formats
Adverse Event Reporting (AER):

FDA & FTC Regulations
Outline of my standard SoPs; Employee Manual

Email me to request my 7 page White Paper
Getting to Market: New Vitamin Product Requirements

What to do if you are raided
by the FDA or FTC


 Marketing support

Protecting intellectual property
Pricing strategies
      What to do when your distributors deep discount your product
Check and check mate; your competitive advantage

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Vitamin Lawyer On-Line Seminar
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 So now you have made your mark -
 how do you conserve your assets?

Family trusts
"Onion layers" to distance you from liability
Tax strategies and company succession

Asset Protection
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