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Dear Friends,

We are gathered here today to join together [this man and this woman] [these individuals] in marriage;
an estate instituted in love, occasioned by joy,
and honored and renewed by each man and each woman
who pledge themselves to one another.

It is, therefore, not by any to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but
with discretion and reverence for its responsibility, as well as with praise
and delight for its inexpressible gifts.

This celebration is the outward token of an inward union of hearts, which
religion may bless and the State make legal, but which neither State nor
religion can create or annul, a union created by loving purpose and kept by
abiding will. It is for us merely to acknowledge the true marriage that
already dwells in these two hearts.

From the beginning, marriage has been an occasion for joy and celebration;
today we carry on that ancient tradition. It is altogether fitting and proper
for two people to formally solemnize their union in public before their
families and friends, and that is our purpose here today.

Though times and people may change and old traditions give way to new,
the reasons for celebrating remain the same.
And so, in keeping with the spirit of our age-old wedding traditions,
let us all share in the happiness of this moment
and join together to make this a truly memorable wedding celebration.


We have come together this [evening] to join together YY and XX in marriage.

Will you YY take XX to be your [wife/spouse] and will you promise to be to her a loving, faithful and respectful [husband/spouse]?


Will you XX take YY to be your [husband/spouse] and will you promise to be to him a loving, faithful and respectful [wife/spouse]?


What symbols of your love and commitment do you offer to each other?

{These rings}

And so be it! By whatever authority may be conferred by church or state,

By your own words and pledge to one another, I pronounce you married.

You may call yourselves [by those two old and respected names--husband and wife] [by that old and respected name, spouse]. [You may kiss the Bride.]


And now, our Ceremony ended,
let us wish, by What we each hold sacred,
Long Life and Love, Freedom and Plenty,
to these, our dear Friends, YY and XX.
Please join us at the Wedding Reception
to celebrate this happy union
with good food and drink!

May the Spirit of Life be with us all, evermore.

Goddess bless!

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