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SHRI Research Bulletin #6 (Vol. 1, No. 6)
2003 - 9th Annual Human BioAcoustics Conference
The Wellness MatrixSM and Human BioAcousticsSM
August 2003 - Cincinnati, OH - Covington, KY
Photo Montage of Ms. Edwards teaching Sound School.

    At 5:00 a.m., Cincinnati city center was ablaze with lights as we zipped through on Route 71, headed for the 2003 BioAcoustics Conference.  We had been driving through the dark of night (stopping in Columbus for Drew's White Castle fix!) and now the lights splashing on the skyscrapers were almost blinding.  The raised concrete roads wove through and crisscrossed each other and there should have been shadows, but everything appeared lit-up and sooooo clean! I am used to New York and Philly and their less than scrubbed appearance.  Cincinnati was a pleasant change.  By 6:00 we had crossed the river over into Kentucky, located the hotel and were checking in.  It was Wednesday, August 12th, and I knew class would begin in a few hours. Some of us had requested time for special projects and the marketing plans we are developing, so we showed up the day before the actual conference for review of same. 

    Over the years, those of us who have remained "stuck" on BioAcoustics have developed a deep love and respect for each other. So one of the best experiences every year is that first walk into the conference room, seeing familiar faces, hearing shouts of greetings and exchanging hugs!  Sharry Edwards' eyes were twinkling! "Lots and lots of great new stuff!" she hinted, as we settled down. 

    Sharry began by discussing a few recent cases and Liz Longerin talked about how quickly BioAcoustics had helped her knee injury.  Unfortunately, she had not taken pictures so we could not see the "before" and we decided right there that we would never let Liz forget to take a picture again! 

    Sharry continued by leading us through the marketing book she had put together to help us with our plans. She listened to stories about various research projects and gave suggestions for dealing with these. Judy Chambers has already begun working on several grants and is now looking for grant money for studies of learning disabilities and she is beginning to get feedback. Sharry has recommended that anyone needing help in speaking in public about BioAcoustics contact Sharlene Simmons. Sharlene is a student of homeopathy and has spoken about BioAcoustics at her school. She shared her presentation with Karen Holmes who also used it successfully. Sharlene was also the taskdriver who made us send in those biographies that helped us get to know each other better (thank you! Sharlene), and she has been keeping us organized on Soundnew.   We broke up at dinnertime and headed back to our rooms to get rested for the conference ahead. 

    After Thursday morning registration and lots more greetings, the Ninth Annual BioAcoustics Conference opened at 1:15 p.m..  Laughing, Sharry warned us that there was much new information to share at this conference and we would likely feel some mental or physical discomfort during the long hours ahead.  She had Liz open a box of massage tools and pointed out a massage table in the rear for anyone who might need it! Shona Zeek from the Davis Center, volunteered to massage away any aches or pains!  This made Shona veeerry popular!

    Next, Sharry welcomed everyone and announced the usual "Beginning of Conference Changes in Schedule" and warned new people that printed schedules are only there for the 'appearance' of organization!  Then she passed out Rubik's Cubes, suggested that we play with them, and hinted that some important new info we would be learning, related to a Rubik's Cube! We took discs out of our conference packets and Sharry demonstrated one on the screen. These are recordings of a slide show explaining BioAcoustics. We can put these on our own websites or show them to clients.  Sharry noted that the cases demonstrated in the show featured both before and after pictures, unlike the case involving Liz's knee!

    After a break, Sharry showed before slides of Bob Bethel's extensive motorcycle injuries, casually noting that having "before" slides made the "after" slides so much more impressive!  Liz agreed.  Bob stood up and talked about his injury and the miraculous changes he experienced using BioAcoustics. 

    Next, Sharry began explaining the new directions she had taken over the past few months, in developing this art/science!  She said that she found herself thinking "in a new space" during work she was doing over the magnetic conductivity of skin.  The Rubik's Cube her granddaughter had been playing with suddenly made sense to her and pointed her in a new direction.  This matched the way she put formulas together, and helped her to figure out how to aim at a particular target.  Because of this, she has also had some major breakthroughs in determining the multiples in the new organ formulas and their relationships to each other, as they are traced through the body/matrix. 

    The most requested subject this conference was "BioAcoustics Made Easy", so Sharry went over the Client Assessment Flow Chart with us. Next, she opened up the Genesis and showed us a whole, fast new way to look at a chart and choose numbers!  She explained the meaning of rhythm in the harmonics and faults and how to relate these to acute issues, as well as how to read them for root octave, and how brain dominance affects these relationships.  This new way of reading results gives us the ability to pick out the most important frequency equivalents in a matter of minutes and to be doing tone trials within about 10 minutes of hitting that calculate button!  More information:

    Sharry continued by introducing a technique for locating important issues quickly, to expand on the former technique.  She pulled out sample cases and went over these new techniques, using the vocal prints she pulled.  She had us turn to our books and reviewed the "Quick and Easy Client Evaluation Steps" and related them to another case.  By this time, we were all on "overwhelm" and amazed by the new direction Sharry had taken her work.  When she finally closed the day's session, we were cheering and applauding!

    Thursday evening, Andrea Stern demonstrated some of the information she found while dealing with her parents' sicknesses.  She discussed markers for circulation problems and links between and among various substances.  We finished up the evening in the hotel bar, where we attempted to clear our brain fuzz by adding more to the mix, and we made sure we discussed the importance of taking those "before" pictures with Liz!

    The Cincinnati Airport Holiday Inn is a large hotel, used to hosting conferences.  Our conference room was comfortable and well lit and the hotel provided water, tea and coffee to keep us going. I am going to insert here (and the other Joiseyites will back me, I am confident!) that the coffee in Ohio is a rather weak drink, akin to colored water.  I have noticed this every single year. So next year I am bringing the cappuccino maker so that Ralph can make his great cappuccino which will help to keep us alert and I won't have to drink twenty cups of that weaker stuff to try to get that same "zing"!  By Friday morning I needed that "zing" because I was seriously losing the fight for sleep with a really stubborn, very impolite and overly firm hotel bed!  Fortunately, Sharry was ready and able to keep us all going on her voice and lots of new ideas! 

    Sharry began on Friday morning, by announcing that she would be introducing her new updated Svani Program.  She discussed some of the books used in the office for research and passed these around. She went on to discuss the voiceprint and a shortened way to examine same.  She then began her introduction to the new Svani Program and discussed the harmonics it represents.  Eric Kalugan was dealing with a very bad cold/smoke allergy (Eric, by this reference, your nasal drip is now BioAcoustic history!) and Shona pulled out his voiceprint to use as an example. The process indicated that he was having trouble using Vitamin C, and indicated ways to feed energy to correct this. Sharry walked us through this and several other cases on the Svani and then we took a break.

    During one of the breaks, Sharry used the new programs on Kaj.  Kaj has been living in a state of constant stress, due to the chronic sickness of her partner.  Sharry found that her adrenaline frequency equivalent level was very high-- but not being used. Giving her supporting sounds allowed her to use her energies more efficiently and relieved her stress completely.  We have all been aware of Kaj's anxiety over the past few years.  It felt good to see her looking so completely relaxed! Much love, Kaj! And I missed your mellow French Horn this year- hope you have it with you next conference!

    After the break, Sharry continued to show various things the Svani could be used for, such as checking for substance cofactors and comparing nutrients, looking for precursors, and even helping you to move away from the matrix direction you were taking to explore new avenues!.

    We broke for lunch and returned and discussed various cases we brought with us.  Liz, notorious for forgetting to take "before" pictures, talked about her use of the spine rollover and certain frequency equivalents that she considers favorites.  Lita Lee, Ph.D. Biochemistry, discussed the frequency equivalents for inorganic sulfur and organic sulfur and their activity in voiceprints representing injuries.  Other cases were shared and then we broke for dinner, agreeing to return afterwards for a Friday evening session.  Dr. Lee's web site,

    About this time, Ralph returned from playing Laser Tag with Drew and a bunch of teenaged Godzillas who had beaten him up.  Attempting to escape from certain death, he had walked into a wall and now his head was aching.  Sherry did an immediate voiceprint on him, programmed a tonebox and the pain disappeared rapidly. 

    After dinner, we continued using the Svani to compare lists of various nutrients to a client's voiceprint. Sharry then began to discuss the Krebs' cycle, promising more and very pertinent info about this on Saturday.  A bunch of us headed for the bar, where we sipped drinks and shared stories.

    Saturday morning we were alert and ready for more 'good stuff' (in spite of the coffee!).  Bob Bethel and Liz Longerin opened the session with stories of injuries (Liz included nice client picture portraits in her studies, but no pictures of injuries-- but it's a start!) and BioAcoustics.  Sharry handed out a list of frequency equivalents to look for in emergency situations or problems requiring first aid. Next, cell salt information was shared and discussed and charts were handed out. The importance of certain minerals to the nervous system was discussed, along with the common substances that help minerals to work.

    Dr. Roman Chrucky from New Joisey got up and discussed tremors, how and where they occur and the nutrients that help them. He also discussed the most recent advances in chelation therapy, along with some of the problems that have occurred in the past.

    Sharry talked about 'death'. She mentioned certain things in the voiceprint that might indicate that a body is dying. She then switched to 'life' and the Krebs' energy cycle.  She referred to the matrix and the directions the cycle could take as well as the major crosspoints. A large chart helped to put things into perspective. Sharry explained various acids and their interrelationships and pathways, and then she introduced a Krebs' Rollover.

    After a short break, Sharry continued by sharing advances she was making in understanding the energies of cancer. She discussed certain foods made by the body that would make cancers grow and the effect of certain nutrients on same.  She talked about areas where the Krebs' cycle can break down as indicators of energy problems, and how some of these may also relate to cancers.

    Sharry then introduced various new programs both for us and for the public. These include The Prevac™ Program, The Muscle Program™, The Pathogen Program™ and Toxin and Weight Programs, along with a Provider Program™ for Doctors.  The Prevac Program is particularly significant at this time since so many children appear to be having negative reactions to vaccinations.  The voiceprints of many children also indicate problems with the insulin frequency equivalent, and we are seeing a major increase in juvenile diabetes.  This needs further study.

    We broke for a quick lunch, followed by a study of a leaky gut case.  Glad I took my enzymes!  Sharry then switched to a discussion about "Math as Chemistry", using calcium matrix examples.

    Ralph Fucetola, JD updated current law matters for the group, entertaining us with slides from recent court proceedings (lots of  cheers and boos here!) and then he turned stand-up comedian as he discussed various materials “them that be” leave behind  to make things easier for us when lawsuits are necessary!  His primary presentation was entitled Human BioAcoustic Evaluation is not Medical Diagnosis, and he answered questions from the audience.  Ralph's paper is at:

    It was a very full day.  By mid afternoon we were tired, and glad for a few hours break duirng the meetings of  the Board of Directors of Sound Health, Inc. and, separately, the Board of Trustees of SHRI.  The Corporation increased its Board of Directors to include representatives from government, the isurance industry, the grant writing field and new investors. 

     During the break, many napped. Some swam in the hotel pool. Ralph and I took Drew off to the local Newport Aquarium. This is along the riverbank in a complex of restaurants, entertainment facilities, shops and outdoor spaces in Newport, just across from Cincinnati.  The aquarium is wonderful and features heavy acrylic tubes that pass through the tanks so that you can walk through same and see the sea creatures from various directions.  Even Drew appeared to enjoy it and he is usually a fifteen year old grump!  We left the aquarium and drove back to the hotel, just in time for the Banquet.

    The Holiday Inn was catering a huge wedding- so our banquet was moved to the Marriott, a short distance away.  A buffet of various salads, fruits, meats, fish, vegetables and yes, desserts, was provided and the room was beautifully arranged.  Sharry did her usual "eat dessert first so you know you have room for it" thing.  The coffee was weak, but we didn't care. We were ready for whatever was planned!

     Things quieted slightly since every one was eating and Sharry stood up to talk about a BioAcoustics success story, who we know as Willy.  Willy was beaten by a gang and left for dead at the age of 12.  After two years in a coma, he was sent home a tetraplegic, facing a life in a wheelchair with an assortment of life support gadgets attached to his body.  He could not speak. He could only move his eyes and part of one arm. He made it obvious that his brain was intact by communicating with his eyes, but he wanted more.  The family was moved (under witness relocation) to the midwest, after several serious attempts on their lives by the gang who did not want to be identified by Willy in court.  In his new home, Willy saw a news report about Sharry on TV and let his father know he wanted to meet her.  The father was  skeptical, but he contacted Sharry and she flew to meet the family and began to do BioAcoustics on Willy. Now, Sharry introduced Willy's dad to the audience and he told us about his first meeting with Sharry.  "I was really doubtful", he said, "and to make matters worse, because she could not get sound out of Willy, she had me sit and hold Willy's hand and make sounds myself. That seemed real weird to me.  Then she pulled out this little piano tuner box and let out a sound from her mouth and I was sure that she was calling hogs!!!!"   Willy has spent the last 9 years doing BioAcoustics.   He now communicates with fluent sign language and is entering college. He recently (helped by Liz Longerin) took his first walk around the block, and is now beginning to make sounds and taste flavors!!  Our love to you Willy, and I hope you come to the conference next year!!!!   See: The Story of Indomitable Will

    If there is one person doing BioAcoustics that everyone loves, that person is Tommy Priakos.  Tommy is just 'the best'.  He is also a very talented keyboardist and he and Sharry had something very special planned for the evening's entertainment.  Tommy had printed out the words and music to BioAcoustic songs we had created over the years, and put them in book form. This must have taken a considerable amount of time for him to accomplish- but that's Tommy!  These were handed out and then Sharry stood up and said that she wanted to introduce a very special person. 

    Tommy had already warmed the room up with some music  when Mortonette walked in.  Mortonette studied BioAcoustics with Sharry back in the early nineties.  She says that Sharry helped her to 'find her voice' (which happens to be so powerful that I can't imagine it getting lost or even 'hiding'!).  Mortonette has sung backup for many of the 'Biggies' out there, including Linda Ronstadt, Elton John, Carly Simon, and others, and she also performs a wonderful, one woman show which she has produced as a beautiful and inspiring CD. Mortonette has a rich full soprano- not my favorite kind of voice. I like those very high bell-like coloratura sounds that issue forth from Kathleen Battle and Sara Brightman types. So I was simply expecting something 'pleasant'.  There are times when it is wonderful to be wrong!  Sharry did the intro and Mortonette started to sing-- first softly and then she just started belting and wailing out those high notes and soaring with same-- and I got chills!  This woman could make 'howling' beautiful- she has incredible vocal control and uses her emotions truthfully and forcefully.  And besides an amazing voice, Mortonette has her values in order- so the music she chose and the music she wrote or rewrote was inspiring.  Tommy joined in with the harmonics (he does that fifties' kind of falsetto 'do wop wail' really, really well-- though I was worried he might 'damage' himself!)!  Well, we all started swaying to the music and feeling really good and as we clapped along, I turned to my son and said, "See? Your mom can move to the music!" And he gave me one of those devastatingly cynical teenage looks and said, "Yeah---- sure."  Mortonette, we have been playing your recording for our friends since coming home and everyone loves you!  Last year Mortonette had a "starring voice" in an Academy Award winning animation, ChubbChubbs, about aliens, with a great sound track,  Her current musical offering is What a Wonderful World - Live... Mortonette. It was issued in 2002 under her own label, manufactured by Crest National, LA., CA; one phrase from the dust jacket tells it all:  "lyrics have been adapted to support spiritual growth and transformation in our world and spiritual community."

    The program ended too quickly - next year we want more! Sharry handed out certificates and awards and made a point of especially thanking Bob Bethel, who has become official BioAcoustics Mediator and a true advocate for BioAcoustics along with doing a huge amount of work assisting our legal team!  The waiters began to fidget, so we all went back to the Holiday Inn and met in the bar and drank and shared stories.  Sharry and Bill showed up with photo albums from years past (Sharry working on celebrity clients; my Forum A class; a skinny Ralph - with lots of hair!), and we all sat around "remembering when".  Liz lost her shoes and the Hotel put out an alert for them from her description - she hadn't thought to have pictures... There is always something bittersweet about Conference Saturday Nights.  We can't take too much more in - the brains begin to scream. But we know we only have a short time left, so we kind of savor it, late into the early next morning.

    Sunday morning the light through the window was glaringly bright, bringing back the outside world. We were so cocooned for several days that the outside world had not mattered. There had been a massive energy blackout over much of the northeast, including parts of Ohio, but we were not affected and were barely aware of same.  Hope and I had sat together through most of the conference and now, after a late night/early morning, we really lamented that coffee.  "I think they make it with coffee bags," said Hope, "like teabags only weaker- and they use them over and over..."  Still, we drank it and managed to wake up for another incredible session!

    We applauded as Sharry introduced the new "Genesis Pro" Program™ with lots of special features and an enlarged database!  She demonstrated that this is NOT an upgrade of the old program, but an entirely new program to deal with the new information.  The program works best with the new XP platform, and Sharry and Karen Holmes discussed installing the program into various computers.  We have been doing nutrient data sheets which are turned in to the office and then given or emailed to each practitioner.  Tommy had just finished a data sheet on Biotin and shared it with the group.  Sharry reminded the group to include wheels, rollovers and cascades in these proprietary data pages.

    Next Sharry got into a bit of "vocal psychology". She demonstrated how lying and denial are heard in the voice and seen in the voiceprint.  She laughed about those commercials where you know that the actor doesn't really believe in the product!  Next she spoke of the nanobacteria gene and its activator, and those substances that aid in activation.

    Sharry continued with some odds and ends, including some info on various mushrooms and their frequency equivalent interrelationships. She spoke of Lyme disease and certain nutrients that appear to make one susceptible to Lyme, if they are unbalanced.  She mentioned the problems with certain B vitamins that some who have Lyme experience and suggested these as markers in the vocal print. She also talked about feeding certain energies for Lyme (as found necessary from the vocal print).

   Next, Sharry reviewed dealing with "bad genes" and "good genes". At this point, someone came into the room and asked if anyone was missing a pair of shoes, and barefoot Liz jumped up to claim them!  Sharry continued by announcing that she will have a featured page on the Alternative Medicine website, and she will post articles and case histories there.  She spoke about the matrix and its relationship to the Rubik's cube.   She recommended the book "Molecules of Emotion" by Candace Kirk and "Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance" by James Oschman.

   Sharry finished the session by speaking of "emotional responses". She explained that the vocal chords lay next to and vibrate with the vega nerve and the vega portal. This is why toning is so effective. It is the vega nerve that makes you respond emotionally to stimuli. We had certainly had a stimulating conference.  I think that the 2003 conference was perhaps the best yet.  Sharry introduced us to whole new matrix pathways of BioAcoustics! We were a very focused and positive group stimulated by lots of wonderful information!  I wish I could give comfort to those of you who missed this one, but this simply was NOT the one to miss!!!  So eat your hearts out and make sure you get out to Ohio to learn this stuff!! We are so very privileged to have come in contact with Sharry Edwards and to be a part of this wonderful and important work! 

   Next year we will celebrate ten years of BioAcoustic Conferences.  Liz Longerin is planning something very special (perhaps a cruise?) Let's just hope she remembers her shoes---- and her camera!

For Harmony, Kathy Greene Fucetola, 

PS. It is now September 6th and I have just used Sharry's new technique on a very complicated case!  In a matter of minutes, I had 8 test numbers and was ready for tone trials!!!!   I am going to make a confession, anal as it may make me appear! In the past, when a case was complicated, I would print out the 24 pages and then spread them over a large table extended with a massage table!!  Then I would look for similarities in the numbers and, like in the card game solitaire, I would line up pages with other pages they related to (if they were in the same wheel, or a marker for the same matter, etc.) This helped me to make frequency equivalent choices but it could take many hours because I had to keep printing out wheels to check the numbers. This is the "whole-brained manic" approach to BioAcoustics, wherein one has to see the "whole picture" even if one has to give up normal functions like sleeping, eating or going to the bathroom!  Anyway, while doing it, I realized that Sharry's easy technique was giving me much that I searched for in my "maze method" --only Sharry's way is SOOOOOOOOOOO easy!!!!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Sharry! 

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