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SHRI Research Bulletin #6 Update #1

December 8, 2003

Much has happened since the August 2003 9th Annual Human BioAcoustics Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Sharry Edwards, originator of Human BioAcoustics, has appeared in several new venues, reaching additional alternative and complimentary researchers with her message, “The beginnings of Life and the roots of Physical Theory are in harmonics…” and making important new contacts at each.

Ms. Edwards new Cube Technique™ (taught at the conference) is proving itself, over and over.  As she teaches, "It is all in the numbers..."  She is also continuing with her research of the harmonics of the genetic code and can now prove that "Ladies came first..."

Ms. Edwards has also been busy exploring the Nanobacteria Matrix™ that she began to develop last year.  We are happy to report that so far, trials by Ms. Edwards and certain of her Certified Human BioAcoustics Researchers have given significant information beyond anything we previously expected and the connection between nanobacteria and tooth plaque can now be seen in the numbers.

Ms. Edwards' article on Decloaking Pathogens, published December 2000 in Nexus remains available at:

Her latest statement on Breaking the Sound Barriers of Disease is at: Vocal Profiling.

Ms. Edwards has discovered the progression, in sonic frequency, from simple element to complex life-form.  She has decoded the Biological Frequency Matrix and can show a real world equivalency to the fundamental frequency basis of Physical Theory, with its multi-dimensionally vibrating structures, existing as the deepest level of the reality we inhabit. The area of scientific research she has initiated, Human BioAcoustics, with its elegant multidimensional Matrix of Frequency Equivalents, begins to define the new Periodic Table of the Frequency Domain, uncovering the specific vibrational states of the chemical compounds that interact in the mystic dance of Life.

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