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A View in the Chiriqui Highlands

To discover, develop, demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions...


2011 Private Eco Community Update:

Valley of the Moon™ Eco Demonstration Project
The Grand Opening was August 8, 2010
The BeyondOrganic
Restaurant & Internet Cafe
The Dr. Rima Institute
Volcan, Panama
Restaurant Main Page: www.MyValleyoftheMoon.com
Opening Day Videos: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=6069

Valley of the Moon All Natural Coffee - http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=1130

February 2010: Report on the Natural Solutions Center

February 2010: Report on the Valley of the Moon


08/10/09 - Dr Laibow: Volunteers for Health Freedom Needed

08/07/09 - Report on 2009 Summer Internship Program, Discovering Natural Solutions:

06/02/09 - Trustees Report (Introductory Link):
[3 minute introduction links to 44 minute report]

01/17/09 - Message from Dr. Laibow and Gen. Stubblebine:

PowerPoint presentation of the Project: http://web.me.com/dr.laibow/Site/Valley_of_the_Moon_Eng.2.ppt.html

The Natural Solutions Seed Community... a place of refuge, renewal, restoration, revitalization...

The Natural Solutions Foundation is an international NGO (Non Governmental Organization) active and registered in several countries, including as a “nonprofit private interest foundation…” in the Republic of Panama (called the "Panamanian Foundation" on this site) and as a not for profit 501(C )(3) tax exempt organization in the United States (called the "US Foundation" here). This memorandum outlines the intent of the Trustees with regard to the Foundation’s Valley of the Moon Eco Community (VOTMEC) demonstration project for private inquiries. This is not a public offering and, consistent with the laws of Panama and the United States, the Trustees are not offering any ownership interests in the Foundation.

The Mission of the Foundation is to discover, develop, document, demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions to the issues which threaten our health, food and freedom, achieving and maintaining a healthy self, community and world.

PHOTOS ON THIS SITE ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. They include photos of various places that have been considered for the Natural Solutions Eco Community locations.

Some additional photos: http://web.me.com/dr.laibow/Site/Valley_of_the_Moon_Photos.html

Information about the Community can be found at:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Natural-Solutions-Panama-Pictures/ (pictures only, non-moderated)
Demonstration Project donations: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/index.php?p=715

See: BO-DY-ZE for BeyondOrganic-BioDynamic-ZeroEmissions Statement of Principles and Farm Trust

You can purchase VOTM Coffee here: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=1130
Shade Grown Coffee: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/index.php?p=1344

Can VOTM be a Haven for your IRA or 401 Funds?

A Natural Solution to the IRA/401 Threat of Government Take-Over


Overall Plan

The Foundation is seeking grants to support the project. Grants and donations to the Foundation are tax deductible in the United States.  Supporters in the United States who wish to enable this project may become both a donor to the Natural Solutions Foundation in the United States and a Contributing Participant in the Seed Community initiated and supported by the US Foundation and administered and developed by the Panamanian Foundation. This is a Private Association. Contributing Participants will have certain unique benefits consistent with the purpose of the Demonstration Project and both the Panamanian and US Natural Solutions Foundations. While there are tax and financial implications to becoming a Contributing Participant, the primary reason for such a choice should not be financial, but rather values-based, expressive association and should include a high valuation of the opportunity to create a model sustainable, ecologically and socially responsible community in which personal health, liberty and outstanding agriculture techniques combine to create a fully sustainable, zero emissions community whose successes and techniques can be disseminated globally while its residents have the benefits of these capacities, advantages and advances through local input and international cooperation.



The Foundation Trustees are:

Maj. Gen. Albert N Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.) Trustee and President
Rima E Laibow, MD, Trustee and Medical Director and
Ralph Fucetola JD, Trustee and Counsel
Larry Deckerhoff, Advisory Board Chairman.

You can read about our qualifications and experience on the Forum.

Also see the About Us page from the Foundation education site:


Mission and Vision Statement
From the draft Community Charter

Mission. The Association is established exclusively for charitable, educational, literary and scientific research purposes, and for the mutual private benefit of the participants in the Community as private expressive association activities. The Primary Mission of the Association as a private international association is to discover, develop, document, demonstrate and disseminate Natural Solutions to the problems facing us and threatening our health and freedom, achieving and maintaining a healthy self, community and world. In accordance with Escritura No. 16996, the “Foundation is constituted with the purpose to promote, develop and execute projects with charitable purposes in Panama and in other countries around the world.”

Vision. The Vision Statement of the Association and Community is:

 We strive to create a demonstration Seed Community – serving multiple purposes:

 - A sustainable residential community for people who chose to live close to the land in a region of virgin soil where they can pursue their chosen arts and sciences in a wholesome environment while making substantial contributions to the surrounding community

- A better-than-organic farm providing a full food supply for the members of the community and the surrounding areas

- An educational center for local, regional and international farmers to create and share advanced better-than-organic farming techniques helping farming communities achieve the economic and social stability necessary to sustain their farming and social structures in the face of the pressures which they face from the industrialization of the food supply

- An advanced wellness center which would serve the needs of the residents of the community, the local area and those people who will come to the facility for health and healing

- A net energy producing, low-resource consumption, energy-independent community using accessible technology to meet its needs without drawing on the power or petroleum grids

-An arts and education center where creative activity can be woven into the life of the local and larger communities

- A nature preserve and wilderness area holding land in trust for future generations

-A seed community holding and exploring the accumulated wisdom, vision and technology of an advanced and aware group of people in a time of global turmoil

- A source of positive influence on local, regional and global practice and policy in health, food, arts and community


The Natural Community Seed Community farming activities are intended to be BeyondOrganic, BioDynamic (BO-DY)™ Zero Emissions - Ecologically Sound demonstration projects. This is a private, confidential and privileged communication to persons interested in supporting the work of the Foundation and is not an offer of securities or any investment. While the trustees and others involved have substantial experience in organizing projects, advanced health care options, developing real estate and community oriented commercial or nonprofit activities, there can be no guarantee that the project will materialize in the manner suggested in this initial informational memorandum. Final development will depend on funding, through donations, grants, beneficial interests and loans both from private sources and financial institutions, as well as legal development requirements.

We see the successful Songhai Community in Benin, Africa as one model of what can be done and endorse the Songhai Principals of Passion, Perfection and Profitability. You can see more about that Zero Emissions community at http://youtube.com/naturalsolutions.

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