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Current Executive Summary (February 2011)

Valley of the Moon™ Eco Demonstration Project
The Grand Opening was August 8, 2010
The BeyondOrganic
Restaurant & Internet Cafe
The Dr. Rima Institute
Volcan, Panama
Restaurant Main Page:
Opening Day Videos:

Valley of the Moon All Natural Coffee -

February 2010: Report on the Natural Solutions Center

February 2010: Report on the Valley of the Moon

08/10/09 - Dr Laibow: Volunteers for Health Freedom Needed

08/07/09 - Report on 2009 Summer Internship Program, Discovering Natural Solutions:

06/02/09 - Trustees Report (Introductory Link): 
[3 minute introduction links to 44 minute report]

01/17/09 - Message from Dr. Laibow and Gen. Stubblebine:

PowerPoint presentation of the Project:

The Natural Solutions Foundation (NSF) is an international NGO (Non Governmental Organization) founded in 2004 by Maj Gen Bert Stubblebine (US Army, ret) and his wife, Dr Rima E Laibow, MD. focused on health and food freedom. We are active and registered in several countries and a not for profit 501(C )(3) tax exempt organization in the United States. The Mission of the Foundation is to discover, develop, document, demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions to the issues which threaten our health, food and freedom, achieving and maintaining a healthy self, community and world. Since its founding the Natural Solutions Foundation has pursued a vigorous program on many fronts, including natural solutions to significant social problems involving health and wellness. We consider health freedom to be part of those solutions.  The threats to health and freedom are both domestic and international, as are the solutions. We have over one hundred ninety thousand people on our Action eAlert supporter list. Individuals and other organizations are welcome to participate in our many programs and action options so that netroots and decision makers share the same information and conclusions about the solutions to problems touching us all.

Among the innovative solutions we are pursuing are "Mouse Warrior Campaigns" which allow anyone with Internet access to communicate their opinions and needs for health freedom with decision makers, members of Congress, Executives and other people making decisions about health freedom policy. We urge everyone to join our free, secure Health Freedom eAlerts by visiting our home page,  and signing up there. The International Decade of Nutrition Program and an alliance among Health Conscious Nations expressed through international cooperation at Codex (the World Food Code) and the creation of demonstration Beyond Organic, BioDynamic, Zero Emissions (tm), Ecologically Sound communities and schools for farmers to share high impact, low technology natural solutions to permit economically and environmentally sustainable, chemical free farming.. Among these, we consider Fr. Godfrey's UN recognized Songhai Community in Benin to be an outstanding example and we have formed a strategic alliance with that Community, sponsoring BioDynamic methods testing.. The Panama Natural Solutions Foundation is establishing an Eco Community in Central America.

You can read more about the proposed Valley of the Moon Eco Community
Demonstration Project in the Chiriqui Highlands. Click Here.

To see more about the Songhai Community, see:
Or directly to Part One at

For the International Decade of Nutrition, Click Here.

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They include photos of various places that have been considered for the Natural Solutions Eco Community locations.

Additional photos:



The Foundation Trustees are:

Maj. Gen. Albert N Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.) Trustee and President
Rima E Laibow, MD, Trustee and Medical Director
Ralph Fucetola JD, Trustee and Counsel
Larry Deckerhoff, MIM, Advisory Board Chairman.

About the Foundation:

The Future of the Foundation: The International Decade of Nutrition

Further Information on the International Decade of Nutrition Projects:

Consistent with the Natural Solutions Foundation's breadth and width of vision, and unique among health freedom advocates, we seek to identify health and freedom issues and then find global, sustainable and practical solutions for them. Hunger is a health and a freedom issue. Sustainable agriculture supports not only the bodies of the consumers who eat its fruits (literally), but the communities which produce it, the environment which supports it and the economies which depend upon it. With the increasing (and increasingly destructive) industrialization of the global food supply, farmers are being driven off the land to the cities where they become part of the urban abjectly poor, food stocks are increasingly degraded through chemical and industrial agricultural techniques... Farmers are being driven off the land to the cities where they frequently become part of the urban abjectly poor. Biotechnology and GMOs (genetically modified organisms) renders food and the environment increasingly toxic on both a short and long term basis.

Sustainable agriculture is a natural solution to several problems at the same time and through a unified effort approach and is therefore a uniquely suitable approach for the Natural Solutions Foundation which seeks to find and apply effective solutions to complex problems through finding "lever points" which will impact the entire matrix in which the problem(s) is/are embedded.

Through our extensive contacts with decision makers in the developing world, including on-site visits to agriculturally challenged countries, we have learned that stabilizing social forces and improving agriculture are related. Therefore, in addition to the emphasis on nutrients and supplemental nutrition, both very important additions to the campaign for improving world health and eliminating preventable diseases, we have added a focus to our International Decade of Nutrition - IDN - program which will create sustainable farms and farm schools around the world.

By creating a network of such farm/farm school projects, including those we imitate and best-practices extant programs like Songhai Center, we can impact agricultural practices and, through them, health standards and health status on a global basis, as initially conceived in the International Decade of Nutrition at its inauguration.

The Natural Solutions Foundation is a uniquely dynamic organization in a constant state of productive evolution. As we uncover and discover problems which are either being approached through poor solution techniques (e. g, "health" care which promotes illness through the use of toxic drugs when naturals, safe, effective and inexpensive treatments exist; Genetic Modification of food, pesticide agriculture) or are not being approached at all (e.g., national options for higher quality food than provided by international standards to support health without costly "treatment" strategies... we incorporate them into our programs, refining and redesigning our activities to increase our reach and our impact in local and global arenas.

Truly, our Mission is to discover, develop, demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions.

For some of our accomplishments in educating decision makers see:

See: BO-DY-ZE for BeyondOrganic-BioDynamic-ZeroEmissions Statement of Principles and Farm Trust

Dr. Laibow



The International Decade of Nutrition

The International Decade of Nutrition was inaugurated on September 5, 2007. Here is the account we published on that day to mark the beginning of this ambitious and innovative program.


September 5, 2006 — Today is the first day of the Natural Solutions Foundation’s Decade of World Nutrition. We issued a press release announcing this innovation in world health today. By September 5, 2016 our goal is to make DSHEA (the Dietary Supplement health and Education Act of 1994) the global standard for dietary supplements. Nutrients will be treated as foods, not toxins, all over the world. Enhanced nutrient density in foods and dietary supplementation, chemical free farming, and foods free from irradiation and genetic modification can eliminate the global scourge of the preventable diseases of under nutrition. According to the World Health Organization they include:

What prevents the diseases of under nutrition?

What therapy "treats and cures" the diseases of under nutrition?

Here in the US we have a magnificent tool to help end world hunger and promote world health. Let’s make a gift of that tool to the rest of the world.


What’s the tool?

The Natural Solutions Foundation is spearheading this effort with your help and participation. Poverty, poor education, de-mineralized soil, nutrient-depleted, prepared “McFood”, toxins, poor storage and transportation infrastructure, war and famine all help to create under-nutrition. Dietary supplements (including herbs) can help eliminate it. Cheap, efficient, effective and easy to use, supplements are crucial to ending world hunger and promoting world health.

Here we go!

Ending world hunger and promoting world health in a decade may just be so simple it hurts and so easy it sings! Give high doses of good quality nutrients. Classify them as foods, not toxins. Make high potency, high nutrient-density supplements easily and readily available. In other words, make DSHEA the world standard for dietary supplements. That means spreading the word about the “Codex 2 Step”. That’s why we visit countries in Africa and Asia where the preventable diseases of under nutrition account, according to the World Health Organization, for more than 59% of the disease burden!

WOW! What a concept!
"Cure" under nutrition with nutrients!

As a nutritional physician, I know that high potency, high quality nutrients (like the ones you can purchase through us — prevent and treat the major killers listed above (and many other diseases, too) efficiently, safely and inexpensively. The only reason that we have open, unrestricted access to high quality, high potency dietary supplements and herbs is because consumers like us made enough noise back in the 90’s when Congress was fixing to take away all of our nutrients (just like Codex Alimentarius -- the World Food Code -- is trying to do now).

We, the consumers, made so much noise that Congress backed way, way down, did an abrupt about-face and passed DSHEA, the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act, by unanimous Congressional consent! Every single member of Congress said, “Right! Your supplements and herbs are foods, not toxins. Since they are foods you can have as much of them as you want. You get to decide for yourself, not have your doses fixed by some distant bureaucrat.” That precious health freedom gives Americans life-saving natural health options that I depend upon for myself and my patients. I am sure you do, too.

The Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline, of course, goes in exactly the opposite direction, treating nutrients as toxins and telling countries they must restrict them to such low doses that they have no effect at all. That’s why we have offered alternatives for Health Conscious Nations.


DSHEA is the key to promoting world health and ending world hunger! *
We’ve had it since 1994! It’s time to share it!

Together we can change the global face of illness to the face of health in the next 10 years.

Celebrate the start of the Natural Solutions Foundation
Decade of Nutrition!

To bring DSHEA principles to the rest of the world, we have to deal with the deadly Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline. Working with innovative attorneys in the health field, we've developed the “Codex 2 Step” to bring the gift of DSHEA to the rest of the world. To accomplish this, they drafted a model Alternative Vitamin and Mineral Guideline and a model International Dietary Supplement Act, based on DSHEA, but even stronger, for Health Conscious Nations to adopt.

Please help us bring DSHEA to the world to end world hunger and promote world health by the end of the Decade of Nutrition in 2016!

You know that the Natural Solutions Foundation, with your help, has studied Codex and the World Trade Organization (WTO) long and hard. You know that with our outstanding team of lawyers and the Citizen’s Codex Working Group we have found the solution to Codex which any country can use to:

Codex is about food. Health is, in large measure about food. DSHEA is all about food. Codex says you can’t associate health benefits and food components. I say you can’t separate them!

Let’s take American nutrient know-how and use it to eliminate the preventable diseases of under nutrition.

We’ve got 10 years (minus 1 day) to do it.

Let’s get cooking!

Yours in health and freedom,
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director


Food Freedom eJournal

Contents of Food Freedom eJournal, Vol.1 No.1:

Letter from the Editor:

Cindy Blackshear is a Master Gardener who will guide us through our Food Freedom Adventure. Her hands-on experience and outstanding communication skills will make the Food Freedom eJournal lively, factual and fun.

Video Classroom:

Chapter One: Intensive Urban, Raised Bed, “Square Foot” Gardening - 44 minutes

Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert discussing the Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project Intensive Urban Agriculture School in Chiriqui Province, Panama; They’ll be discussing simple greenhouse construction, applying the lessons of Intensive Urban Agriculture (IUA) to both greenhouse and open air gardening.

Chapter Two: Meet the Chickens - 8.5 minutes

Every garden needs nitrogen and pest control. One way to get them is by rearing chickens sustainably. This chapter introduces the relationship between the Demonstration Project’s chickens and IUA land, with a simple, easy to manage movable chicken coop.

Chapter Three: Dr. Rima Makes Her Rounds - 32 minutes

Dr. Rima discusses watering plants, focuses on gardening, preventative medicine and comments on the political nature of seed-saving.

Chapter Four: Lessons from the Sun, the Earth and the Rain

Dr. Laibow discusses some of the lessons learned so far in the project.


Contact: Ralph Fucetola JD, Trustee

58 Plotts Road, Newton, NJ 07860

Dr. Laibow's Blog
Ralph Fucetola's Blog

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* We recognize that DSHEA is not perfect in that it could offer even greater protection for our access to wholesome nutrition and natural remedies. Some friends of health freedom in Congress, such as Dr. Ron Paul, have offered bills to strengthen DSHEA. See, for example, Dr. Paul's Health Freedom Protection Act, HR 2117. We have drafted a model International Dietary Supplement Act based on DSHEA, but with additional protective language, for Health Conscious Nations to adopt and would be happy to provide copies to interested persons; it can be found in the Foundation's Codex Two Step eBook. Last year the Foundation helped to educate Congress on the need to keep DSHEA product protective language in the FDA reauthorization law that was rushed through Congress; that language was kept after significant public demand, although the usual "do nothing" nay-sayers told us it was not even needed. After all, the FDA would "never" abuse the new powers Congress granted it. We however, agree with Dr. Paul when he stated, for instance, that the infamous FDA draft "CAM" guidance of 2006 was an "abuse of FDA power." Please consider donating to Natural Solutions Foundation so we can continue to educate Congress, Codex and other decision makers about the need to protect and enhance health freedom: Donations to the US Foundation for Health Freedom education are separate from funding for specific IDN projects.