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 Rev. Starr Fuentes, Overseer
Association for Divine Intervention
5381 Izard Dr, Navasota, TX 77868

Re: Application for Aid

Dear Rev. Mother,

[ORGANIZATION] is a [TYPE, SUCH AS: recognized 501(c)(3) Exempt Organization, local unit of Divine Intervention, OR OTHER AFFILIATION] founded in [YEAR] by [FOUNDER(S)]. We have been students and practitioners of alternative and complimentary healing methods for the past [TIME PERIOD]. Our web site is located at [URL]. Our Federal Identification Number is [NUMBER].



We submit herewith:

(A) The Application for Aid and

(B) Our Grant Proposal, including (1) Summary of Proposal, (2) Background of Applicant, (3) Statement of Need, (4) Goals, Concepts and Implementation, (5) Conclusion, (6) Key Person Biographies or Resumes, (7) Sample Information and Program Outlines, and (8) Schedule of Funds Requested.

Thank you for considering our Application.

Very truly yours,



Grant Proposal

Summary of Proposal


This Grant Proposal seeks funds for [GENERAL PURPOSE OF GRANT]. Continued funding would be generated, in part, by the activities of the [ORGANIZATION], and we consider its ability to become self-supporting an essential element of our Plan.

We expect this Project to show that it is possible to establish and maintain a multi-modality alternative and complimentary healing facility, at which research into the benefits of such modalities may be conducted.

The type of Energy Work we do has been written about in a number of sources in recent years. Richard Gerber, MD's book Vibrational Medicine (Bear and Company, 1988) offers a good overview of the ideas in the field.

The [ORGANIZATION]'s web site can be reached at [URL].





At [ORGANIZATION], the Minister Practitioners do not diagnose, prescribe for, or claim to treat, prevent, mitigate or cure disease conditions, but work with vibrational spiritual energies with the informed consent of the [ORGANIZATION]'s clients. The [ORGANIZATION] urges anyone who suspects a disease condition to consult an appropriate health care practitioner, as its work is not a substitute for medical treatment.

In addition to the Founders, the [ORGANIZATION] has brought together a diverse group of alternative practitioners who work with the [ORGANIZATION] and contribute to its overall development. Some of these Associates of the [ORGANIZATION] are described in the Appendix. At any time, we expect to have available practitioners experienced in such diverse modalities as: [LIST]. More complete resumes of the Founders may be found at the [ORGANIZATION] web sites and in the Appendix.

Statement of Need

Based upon our interactions with active participants in the [AFFILIATIONS], and various Whole Life and New Life-type alternative expositions, we perceive a pressing need for alternative healing facilities in the [YOUR AREA] region.

While the general problem of acceptance of alternative and complimentary modalities by funding organizations such as insurance carriers and governmental programs is beyond the immediate scope of the proposed Project, we believe that the establishment of model alternative healing facilities will positively impact the national debate regarding the acceptance of such alternatives. A number of recent studies have shown wide interest on the part of the general public in alternative and complimentary approaches and the public is spending substantial funds searching for the best alternative approaches.

We suggest that our contribution to these issues, based upon the demonstration of the potential and effectiveness of the approaches we would feature at [ORGANIZATION], will offer unique perspectives toward the resolution of these concerns.

Goals, Concepts and Implementation

The Goal of the [ORGANIZATION] is to provide the facilities needed to permit individuals to reach their highest goals of wellness and personal development.


At the heart of these processes is the Life Force which energizes them all. The West's great Homeopaths taught that without sufficient Life Force, no remedy was valid. The Masters of the East understood that without Chi, no life was possible. Thus, in the Science of Chi, modifying the flow of Chi, and enhancing it, are at the core. There are various vibrational, Qi Gong, crystal, nutritional, breathing, yoga, tantric and other methods said to revitalize Core Chi; and many of these are secrets handed down through the ages. Others are as modern as the masterworks of Tesla and recent followers of his concepts. There are electrostatic spiritual devices which recharge Core Chi. Autogenic testing shows that when these are used, the energy levels of the meridians increase dramatically. Once vibrationally or energetically stimulated, the LifeSpirit responds. At the least, the Vital Force is energized and the subjective feeling of holistic wellness is enhanced -- whatever Complementary Modality the participant prefers is made more effective. At the core is the Divine Spirit -- enhancing It is the Mission of [ORGANIZATION].


With contemporary knowledge of vibrational bioenergetics, we can hope to improve upon the ancient approaches with more recent techniques, by providing the body and its brain, as the material seat of a Spiritual Consciousness, and the mind as its expression, with the specific vibrational bioenergetic balance needed to optimize wellness and the individual's natural capacities.

Our Plan of Action for achieving our Goals will be further developed as we raise the funds needed to realize the Goals. With generous donations, we estimate that the enhanced [ORGANIZATION] can be completed in somewhat less than half a year. The Plan will be implemented by the Co-Directors and Associates of the [ORGANIZATION], with such outside professional assistance as may be required. The results will be a self-supporting, economically strong [ORGANIZATION], owning its own facilities, and capable of providing private, leading edge, holistic light, sound and energetic metaphysical technologies to the spiritual community and all who are led to us.

It is our sincere hope and prayer that generous, motivated grantors will come forth to pledge substantial tax-deductible contributions to our initial funding Goal, so that the potential of [ORGANIZATION] may be realized.

Respectfully submitted,


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