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In 1974, after a series of private Symposia at the University where several of us were or had been students, a small group of incipient New Agers formed what has become the LifeSpirit Congregational Church -- the LifeSpirit Collaborating Congregations or LifeSpirit Organization. Founding trustee Ralph Fucetola (biogrf.htm), was, at that time, beginning a law career, representing small churches, holistic practitioners, alternative enterprises and political or social dissidents. Founding trustee Kathy A. Greene (biogkag.htm) was beginning her exploration of alternative modalities. These activities continued as the ministry grew. Our exempt status was recognized in 1975 and a Group Exemption was issued in 1976.  The LCC currently includes a half dozen active congregations, providing New Age teaching and ministerial services, and such religious activities as Marriages, Memorials, Namings and traditional Solstice and Equinox celebrations. At the same time, our personal spiritual quests continue and broaden as New Age phenomena evolve. The Spirit of Life quickens as we enter the New Millennium.  For information on becoming a LifeSpirit Minister Practitioner, see: LCC-minister-application.htm

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