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This portion of the LifeSpirit web site brings together links relating to New Age spiritual and religious teachings, from both within and without the LifeSpirit community; where there are external links, they are to third parties whose ideas we find interesting and truth worthy, but for whom we take no further responsibility than that of providing a few more links, in the long chain of ideas that grew from the earliest preliterate tribal cultures to the new electrically literate, Internet interconnected civilization developing around us.

LifeSpirit Religious Injunction Against
Vaccination and Other Abominations

LifeSpirit Theological Seminary
A New Age School of Theology

In part, this page began a process, in the Sixth Year of the new millennium, that manifested a LifeSpirit institute of higher sacred knowledge, a seminary where the different LifeSpirit local church congregational institutions can offer their Teachings to communicants, to better educate the Ministry and issue appropriate advanced degrees under "18A:68-2. Right of seminaries or schools of theology to confer degrees... ...with all honors, rights and privileges usually incident to them when granted in and by universities or the schools of theology in the United States." The Seminary and its Institutes were formally inaugurated on January 6, 2008. While the Seminary does not issue bachelor degrees (due to a limitation in current NJ law) it does issue certifications, masters and doctoral degrees.

The entry page for the Seminary is: LifeSpirit Theological Seminary

The Charter of the Seminary is at: LifeSpirit-Theological-Seminary-Charter.htm

The Legacy of Rev. Caroline Bayard - Holistic Synergy:  http://www.lifespirit.org/RevCarolineBayardLegacy.html

In 1974, after a series of private Symposia at the University where several of us were or had been students, a small group of incipient New Agers formed what has become the LifeSpirit Congregational Church -- the LifeSpirit Collaborating Congregations or LifeSpirit Organization. Our Exempt Status was recognized in 1975 and a Group Exemption was issued in 1976.  The LCC currently includes a half dozen active congregations, providing New Age teaching and ministerial services, and such religious activities as Marriages, Memorials, Namings and traditional Solstice and Equinox celebrations.

For information on becoming a LifeSpirit Minister Practitioner, see:

LCC-minister-application.htm  -  Church History - Church Canons

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Toward a LifeSpirit Theological Seminary

The Global Event Predictor
From the Global Consciousness Project

Your DADA Personal Predictions
From small entertainment

Rune, Tarot & I Ching Readings

LifeSpirit Teachings
Primary Church Materials and Holy Books

LifeSpririt Church History

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Some of Our Favorite Teachers

The Dalai Lama


Robert Anton Wilson

Dr. William Tiller

Sharry Edwards MEd

Nancy Orlen Weber

Caroline Bayard

Lita Lee PhD

Starr Fuentes

[More to be added.]

A Meeting of Beautiful Minds . . .

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Homilies for the New Age

Alchemy, Homeopathy & Frequency...

Alchemy Lab



Mises and the Buddha
Video Version:


Earlier Homilies

The Secret within the Secret
Rewiring Reality

On Holding the Light in Dark Times
The Matrix Reloaded and Goedel's Theorem
Defense from Dark Forces

Bulletin Archives

Previous Homilies are Archived at: homilies.htm

Only Love Prevails -- 10/02
Attitude is Everything! - 06/18/02
Mirror Technique - 12/01
Leadership and Self-Deception - 10/01
The Time Out of Time -- 03 & 06/01
Close Encounters Journal -- 12/00
The Lifespirit and the Secrets of the Kabbalah -- 09/09/00
Evolution and Change into the Year 2012 Gateway -- 06/01/00
May 5, 2000: The Final Alignment! -- 03/10/00
Elegy for the Millennium -- 12/7/99
The Power and the Glory -- 9/20/99
Preparing Body, Mind & Spirit -- 6/14/99
Frequency Protection -- 3/7/99
Millennium Madness -- 9/23/98
One Thousand Days 'Til the Millennium -- 2/10/97
The Holy Graal and the Quest for Self Sovereignty -- 2/29/96
Chaos and Manifestation in the New Age -- 8/30/95
What Happens Next? -- 5/16/95

Solar Changes Lead to Earth Changes
Millennial Earth Changes! Urgent Warnings!.

Global Consciousness Events Predictor
This button is provided by the Global Consciousness Project

 Blue starts to fade in at 90% and above.
 Green represents about 50%
 Yellow starts fading in from green at 40%.
 Orange fades in at 15% or so.
 Red is 5% which is regarded as "significant".
 Bright red is 1%, or odds of 1 in 100.

The color of the button shows the approximate coherence vs randomness of the data being generated by the 65 random number generators, worldwide, that are part of the Project.  Green is random, red indicates the high level of coherence that has been seen to predict immanent events that register in global consciousness.  Such coherence has occurred up to 24 hours before such an event.  See the GCP site for details.  Currently the button does not work with all browsers; we find that it works with Firefox.  The data you see is about 12 minutes old. 

For our views on Global Consciousness, see: Rewiring Reality - http://www.lifespirit.org/lsbcurrent.htm#Rewire.

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Tapping to Release Emotional Trauma
Emotional Freedom Technique

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How to become a Minister

Only Love Prevails

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 18 - "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance."

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How to become a Minister
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