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Ministers' Links & Regulations
"Expressing our Beliefs through our association..."

The organization of the Church is structured with independent Local Congregations and their integrated auxiliaries and church-affiliated organizations relating through central church organs (the LifeSpirit Organization) operating through the First Congregation and the Trustees. The central church organs include the Congregation of Elders (all of the Elder Members of the Church meeting at the Annual Meeting in September of each year), the Council of Elders (representatives of the local congregations overseeing joint financial concerns), the Council of Trustees (overseeing the operations of the Church) and the Council of Prophets (the Founders as High Priest and Priestess, overseeing the Doctrine of the Church and the Orders, as Ecclesiastical Supervisors thereof).  The Church as a whole, through the Trustees, has authority to ordain Ministers to oversee Local Congregations.  The Local Congregations have authority, under the oversight of the Trustees, to license and ordain Minister Practitioners.  Provisions are also made in the By Laws for Student Ministers. Theological education is through the LifeSpirit Theological Seminary.

Revised "The Special Legal Status of Churches, Ministries and Church Related Expressive Association under United States Law"
[08/17/09] See: http://www.lifespirit.org/Church-Legal-Status.html

LifeSpirit Theological Seminary

LifeSpirit Local Congregations' Gateway

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 Sacred Texts
 Sacred Texts

 Church Ritual

 How to become a Minister Practitioner


   Religious Injunction Against
   the Abomination of Vaccination



Goddess of Mercy

The Canon Law of the Church
for the New Millennium

 Issued by Authority of the Councils of Elders and Priests

Canon One:  The church is established for religious, charitable, educational and literary purposes and is a non-governmental organization governed by these Canons, the Rules and By-Laws.

Canon Two:  The Founding Trustees and the successors to the Lineage upon which the church is established, are the Ecclesiastical Supervisors of the church and its institutions, including all local congregations, associations of the church, any integrated auxiliaries of the church and church affiliated organizations established for the management of church funds and retirement accounts.

Canon Three:      The High Priest and Priestess serve for Life.  A majority of the surviving Trustee(s) have authority to appoint a successor.  Each successor serves for Life.

Canon Four:  The church, its local congregations, associations, integrated auxiliaries and church affiliated organizations, shall be established and governed as autonomous bodies, by Charters, Articles of Association, Letters of Direction, Resolutions and other such appropriate documents issued under the Authority of the Trustees.

Canon Five:  The local congregations, associations, auxiliaries and affiliated organizations shall operate within the limits of their establishing documents, the applicable secular law, these Canons and overriding Ecclesiastical Supervision.  Whenever the Trustees, unanimously, in their own discretion, determine it prudent, they may intervene by Resolution to reorganize and manage the affairs of any such association, auxiliary or affiliated organization, the terms of its establishing documents not withstanding.

Canon Six:  The Trustees have authority to ordain and license ministers and members of the orders of the church, issuing Certificates and Letters of Direction therefore.

Canon Seven:  The Beliefs and Sacred Texts of the Church shall be as provided in the By-Laws and as set forth on the official church web site, www.lifespirit.org, and include The Book of Illuminations and The Book of Passages.

Canon Eight:  These Canons are the supreme Law of the Church and may be amended only by unanimous Act of the Trustees and Council of Elders.  The Acts of the Ministry pursuant thereto are part of the Church's Expressive Association.  The Church reserves all rights, public and private.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Minister's Code of Conduct from the Certificate of Ministry:

 1. Ministers shall always abide by the injunction, "non-aggression against non-aggressors."

 2. Ministers shall, when acting on behalf of the Church, practice "Retreat from the Evils of the World" and not seek confrontation with the instrumentalities of coercion.

 3. Ministers shall be guided by the knowledge that Illumination is the Goal of the Free; they shall expose illusion, coercion and falsity, condemning these as violations of the LifeSpirit.

 4. Ministers shall, when ministering to others, always act with informed consent and shall Do No Harm.

Vaccination Pastoral Counseling Training


Roster of Local Units
as of November 2019

First Congregation (Sussex County, NJ), www.lifespirit.org/lifespirithome.html

      LifeSpirit Center; Golden Apple Library
, www.lifespiritcenter.org

Earthbridge (Milford, PA), http://www.lifespirit.org/earthhome.html

[Retired] PAR Awareness (Bergen County, NJ), www.lifespirit.org/parhome.html

[Retired] Northeast Holistic Center (Essex County, NJ)

The Legacy of Rev. Caroline Bayard - Holistic Synergy
www.healnhc.org, www.lifespirit.org/nhchome.html

Lightwing Center (Morris County, NJ), www.lightwingcenter.org, www.lifespirit.org/lighthome.html

Odiyana Khandro Ling (Holy Garden of Angels / Benson, VT) - http://www.OKL.guru

Roster of Ministers
Please Contact the Local Congregation
To Verify Ordained Status of Minister

The use of the honorific, "Rev." ("Revelator" - one who reveals, through thought, word and deed, the high ideals of Church doctrine) is reserved for ordained Ministers and Minister Practitioners.


Church Ritual

The Church Ministry sponsors traditional religious rituals. These include Marriages, Memorials, Namings and traditional Solstice and Equinox celebrations. Samples of such rituals can be found in The LifeSpirit Commentaries, the compilation of early LCC publications, Comments.  This 170k .htm file is bookmarked and indexed. You will find articles on sacraments and ritual and, in its appendix, the following:

Ho'Oponopono of the Spirit of Life
(a variation on the traditional Huna cleansing ritual) - Comments.htm - HoOp

Heart Chakra Opening Dance - Comments.htm - Heart

Wedding Ceremony - Comments.htm - Wed

Circle of Light Ritual - lightform.html

We have also published a personal spiritual Clearing Ritual, Clearing.html.

Our Ritual (Instructions) for passing from this Life into the Other is found in
The Book of Passages, BofP.htm.

The Circle of Light Ritual is the fundamental LifeSpirit Ritual, and the Making of the Circle has been repeated hundreds of times by Church communicants at many diverse locations, including, of course, the Crystal Dragon Circle medicine wheel at the LifeSpirit Center parsonage, TriPod Rock, while circling the Rock - www.tripodrock.org, and at the Moment of the Harmonic Convergence Sunrise in 1987...

More can be found at the Peace Prayer pages, including links to ritual archives.

Weekly Intentionality Circle - http://www.lifespirit.org/LifeSpiritPrayerCircle.html




LCC Sacred Texts
The Book of Illuminations
The Book of Passages

Other Primary Texts
The Hidden Stream
The LifeSpirit Commentaries
Close Encounters Journal
Haiku for Godlings
New Age Rune Poem
Meditation on the One

LifeSpirit Teachings Page

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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