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BULLETIN #3 UPDATE #1 -- August 15, 2000 -- Frequency and Physical Brain Dominance,

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Vol 1 No. 3 -- July 26, 2000

The Sixth Annual BioAcousticsä Conference

July 20 - 23, 2000 -- Logan, OH

"Sharry Edwards IS BioAcoustics! BioAcoustics, as a developing science, would not exist were it not for the tireless talent, the genius, the creativity, the stamina and the infinite curiosity of Sharry Edwards. Because of her many decades of research, a whole new non-invasive method of dealing with life's difficulties is developing. We are truly privileged to stand with her, at the forefront of a new paradigm. As Sharry develops her mathematical matrix of frequencies, all of the relationships and interrelationships in the life process are becoming evident. The Future will be a better place because of Sharry Edwards!"

So said Ralph Fucetola who opened Sharry Edward's Sixth Annual Conference to loud applause at the Brass Ring Country Club in Logan, Ohio. For four consecutive days, Sharry worked with her BioAcoustics Research Associates, bringing us "up to date" by demonstrating new techniques for old problems as well as new breakthroughs, new programs and new technology. All of these have been designed to make our research easier and more accurate!

Classes began on Thursday after check-in, with a review of topics about which BioAcoustic Research Associates had questions. Attorney Ralph Fucetola announced that new information would be available at this conference and passed out nondisclosure forms for Practitioners to sign in order to be privy to same. "Back Pain in a Hurry" reviewed certain proprietary rollovers, providing us with fresh ideas and the importance of picking the specific points which (studies have shown) appear to tighten or release muscles. We also discussed the importance of saving the data properly for this very important research project. From there, we reviewed several types of BioAcoustics rollovers, and Karen Almashy suggested storing general rollover info in the tonebox program in order to program toneboxes quickly. Andrea Stern discussed the relationships of substances in the Krebs Cycle and nutritional factors to investigate. Isolation Charts were discussed and techniques for using same were shared. These charts measure the effect of a substance in a person's body, and methods to activate inactive frequency equivalentsä (FE's) were shared. Frequency equivalent information which has repeatedly shown up regarding the thyroid, migraines, adult ADD, and arthritis were noted, and Sharry introduced the "G-out Box", a tonebox containing FE's that appear (in research) to stimulate the body system to remove the pain associated with gout. These boxes are now available on the Sound Health website or from practitioners, and the gout sufferers using them are reporting wonderful relief! Sharry reminded Practitioners that "Gout Survey Forms" must be filled out on any subject who purchases a G-out Box, so that their statistics will be included in the study.

"Is Your Computer Equipment Accurate?" was the title of David Alcorn's late afternoon lecture and demonstration. Also discussed were the many other variables that may affect accuracy and/or calibration, as well as potential corrections.

Friday morning began with a review and various questions were answered. Sharry then discussed a bit of the history of harmonics from Pythagorus on to the different types of musical and other scales used in this research. She talked about the mathematical matrix that has been built over the years from her research and the importance of the various weights we use. Karen Almashy works at the Albany, Ohio Sound Health Center with Sharry and she gave a very impressive talk on "Pulling Points" from the frequency evaluation program, stressing the importance of the various shapes that show up in a print. She reviewed recognizing predictive, present and long-term patterns in a chart and the differences in what appear to be viral or infection indicators vs. toxic poisoning indicators. The importance of slices was stressed and Karen demonstrated taking points from same. She also shared with us, some of the creative "tricks" she uses to explore a vocal print.

Then, Sharry stood up to introduce the new "Genesis" computer program. I looked at my watch and thought, "we break in 40 minutes. There isn't enough time to explain this program." I was wrong. The new Genesis computer program is so fantastic, so easy, that it "explained itself"! This program allows the researcher to find "root cause" with the push of a button. As someone who has spent many, many hours, pouring over numerical relationships and FE's, I was thrilled and amazed at what this program can do! And to top it off, the program will also create formulas from the information it delivers-- in a matter of seconds! I considered the many hours I have had to spend in the past, studying a difficult print and found myself laughing! Those days are no more!

After lunch, Dorinne Davis shared information with the group about the research she is doing on "Oto Acoustic Emissions". Dorinne hopes and expects that the results of her study will help to "legitimize" BioAcoustics as a science, so it can be more easily assimilated into mainstream thinking. Lita Lee shared nutritional info with us with emphasis on food enzymes and certain nutrients and their relationships to the Kreb's Cycle. As an "aside", she shared a "rosary of roses" which she recently won. The plastic encased rose petals each have a tiny religious carving, front and back, and are said to bring healing and luck. Lita brought them to the conference to share the positive feelings she has experienced from handling them, which she hopes will spill over to BioAcoustics!

After a break, Karen Almashy discussed cases involving migraine headaches. She discussed finding markers for same in vocal charts and talked about the different reasons they occur. She shared a list of FE's found in the charts of people experiencing these migraines and discussion was held about the best ways to research this subject. When she finished, Dr. Terry Bugno, a Chicago Medical Doctor specializing in Oncology who has been researching with Sharry for several years, spoke on "Energy Medicine". He recommended a long booklist to the group and discussed the changes in attitude and awareness going on about us. He talked about the voice as a holographic representation of the energies of the body. He quoted Robert O Becker's description of the nervous system as being two distinct nervous systems: a binary, or digital system and a system of perineural tissues that work in analog. Sharry has stressed that the brain "takes in analog information and turns it into digital information. The body has a great deal of difficulty 'taking in' digital information." Sound Health BioAcoustics Research Associates work with analog technology. Other practitioners, who use digital equipment such as digital toneboxes or CD's, cannot be effective or get the same results!

Saturday morning was spent in review and answering miscellaneous questions that had popped up. Andy Sylvia talked about the importance about brain dominance in choosing FE's and about the incredible power of the SMAD in producing effective sounds. He talked about the relationships between emotions and the vocal print and the importance of recognizing emotional issues in same. Andrea Stern reported on research she has been conducting regarding the relationship of birth notes to a vocal print. Considering the thousands of Fe's that exist, it is remarkable that a large percentage of birth notes show up in a voiceprint! Andrea asked that Practitioners send her copies of their client's birth/voice info, to add to this study.

Charts were handed out regarding poisons and their by-products and how to recognize them in a chart. The group discussed detoxification and some of the products available to accomplish same. Co-factors for vitamins and minerals were discussed. Glenora Broadwell spoke about the work she does at the Davis Center with ADD. Then she talked about the success they are having researching a series of "Regeneration Sounds" created by Sharry. Copies of this list were handed out and Practitioners listened to the sounds in toneboxes. The sounds are very 'energizing' and are mathematically correlated to affect several systems at once. The research on this will be fascinating! I am certain that we will ALL get very personally involved in this study!!

Sharry began the afternoon session by lecturing on "Resistant Pathogens". We watched a recent video of the protein barrier around a virus apparently dissolving in response to sound. Bacteria then moved in and 'finished off' the virus. Sharry reported on an office study of a very toxic virus that had recently hit the Athens area, putting many people, including her father, in the hospital. By interviewing and testing about fifty subjects, they were able to determine an FE for the virus. Out of that study, Sharry developed a new, experimental waveform, which she taught us and which is intended for research purposes.

Dr. Terry Bugno and Liz Lonergan have been conducting a study of breast cancer patients. They shared vocal prints of these women with us and discussed their responses to sound. Dino Dean handed out charts of harmonics and discussed musical scales as 'nature intended'! This is a subject we need to become better acquainted with-- I suspect that there is much here for us to work with. Kathleen Nagy, better known to all as Kaj, ended the Saturday session by playing elegant and soothing harmonic pairs on her French horn. The annual meeting of the Sound Health Research Institute trustees was held after the session.

Saturday evening we enjoyed a banquet at the Country Club, received our yearly certifications and shared stories of our experiences with Sharry and BioAcoustics. Tommy Priakos played a mean piano and Donna Young belted out a mellow "Calibration Blues" and they performed wonderfully together!

Sunday morning, David Alcorn talked about the importance of shielding you and your equipment from electromagnetic emissions. Ralph Fucetola updated the group on the status of Sound Health legal matters as well as the status of alternative practices about the country. Judy Chambers talked about "Getting the Word Out" about BioAcoustics and Sharry talked about geometric shapes and the sounds that they emit. She then introduced her new Korg program which promises to provide an accurate "in now time" picture of a client's voice, along with a psychological profile of same. The program will also have "overlay" capabilities so that charts can be compared. Sharry had hoped that this program would be available for this conference. Unfortunately, it won't arrive for a few more weeks, but I'm sure that this program will be well worth the wait!!

The conference ended Sunday afternoon. Before leaving, Sharry whetted our appetite with hints of what is to come in the next few months. More new programs are in the works, along with more new technology (a tonebox that holds more information and perhaps a SMAD that does rollovers!). New techniques such as formulas for "spot reducing" and exercising with muscle stimulating sound will also be taught. Developments at Sound Health have always been exciting and they promise to become more so in the years ahead. We must continue to work together to maintain high standards for this technology and to prevent its misuse! We must work together to realize the wonderful future Sharry's technology is capable of creating!

For Harmony!

Kathy Fucetola

PS One final word: many thanks to Karen, Wanda and the Sound health staff without whom there could be no annual BioAcoustics Conference! Sound Health, Inc. can be reached through

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