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Vol 1 No. 4 -- August 18, 2001


Definition of BioAcousticsä
The Seventh Annual BioAcoustics Conference


Definition: "Sharry Edwards IS BioAcoustics!"

Merriam-Webster ( defines "bioacoustics" as: "a branch of science concerned with the production of sound by and its effects on living systems." This term, as applied to humans, now refers specifically to the research initiated by Sharry Edwards in the 1970's, of voice spectral analysis and the presentation of sound frequency to support normal form and function.

BioAcousticsä is a trademark of Sharry Edwards, although it has been used in various spellings by certain former students without permission. Properly speaking the term applies only to the research initiated and continued by Ms. Edwards.


Seventh Annual BioAcoustics Conference
August 2 - 5, 2001 -- Marietta, OH

Marietta is a small college town located on the Ohio River in southeastern Ohio. If it weren't for all the cars, you'd think you had time warped back to the late 1800's as you walk the downtown streets. Tall brick buildings, classically designed and decorated, once were offices and shops where ladies bought long satin dresses with bustles. Today these shops are filled with antiques and restaurants. We arrived in Marietta on Wednesday, August 1st in sweltering heat. After checking in, we walked the downtown area and found a restaurant along the river where we cooled off, enjoyed dinner and anticipated the conference ahead!

One of the best experiences at Sound health conferences is walking into the conference area at check-in and recognizing so many wonderful and familiar faces! Thursday morning was filled with hugs and shrieks until we finally settled down and Sharry welcomed us to the Seventh Annual BioAcoustics Conference. She hinted at "great surprises ahead", went over the conference schedule and then opened the afternoon session with "Sharry's You Asked for It!"- a melange of topics requested for review by us.

Sharry began with "Three in One", three unusual cases related through the numbers. From there, she reviewed techniques for dealing with spine related energies and discussed both the vertebra energies and the nerve energies associated with them. She talked about "Substance P" in a vocal print and the sorts of pain it indicates. After answering questions, she went on to discuss the importance of using analog sound to deliver Frequency Equivalentsä (FEs) to subjects. Robert Becker has written that the body perceives and heals itself in analog fashion. Digital Sound does not produce analog harmonics and it is the harmonics that make BioAcoustics work. The digital carrier wave is in a range we associate from research with prostate cancer (this disease has increased significantly over the last decade, especially in men under 30). Sharry explained how the even harmonics of analog sound match the even harmonics of the human body, while the uneven harmonics of digital sound match the uneven harmonics of pathogens. Feeding digital sound through a speaker will not remove these digital problems: "Garbage in, garbage out!" warned Sharry. [A further statement by Sharry about this issue can be found at Digital.]

Sharry continued by discussing markers in the Krebs Cycle associated with cancers as well as the stressed nutrients seen in these charts. She spoke about "belly fat" and its association with a certain substance and suggested FEs for research for same. She also discussed "why the belly and this substance" and the relationship of this problem to a probable inflammation.

Several associates raised questions about a pixel problem in the Genesis 2 program and Sharry went over the steps necessary to print reports from same. No more problems. She handed out a list of books that we might find useful in this research and Dr. Terry Bugno added a few of his favorites to the list. Tommy Priakos shared his method of changing icons on a computer menu, and Glennora Broadwell shared a wonderful video of "Larry the Doubter and His Legwound" and the very successful research she conducted over several months. Larry is no longer a doubter.

Liz Lonergan suggested the use of certain rollovers in cases where a subject's issues are not readily apparent. She suggested using these rollovers for about a week to bring things to the surface. Sharry discussed two substances with which smokers seem to have issues. The FE of one of these substances appears to greatly diminish cigarette cravings, though Karen Almashy said she stopped using it on herself because she missed the cravings. So I guess we need an FE to stop the craving for the cravings!!

Though firmly rooted in science, BioAcoustics is both an art and a craft. The craft lies in knowing the equipment and acquiring fluency in the programs. The art lies in reading the voiceprint and the data and determining what to do with it. I am most fascinated with the case reports because they reveal how each of us approaches a subject - how each research associate thinks; what each research associate considers. Sharry, "The Master", can't help but be extremely auditory. Those very special ears lead her through harmonics and she is blessed with a genius beyond us all, to interpret same. She is Godsent. I am Godoccassionallyvisited. I do not have her gifts. I am forced to be more visual. I like to turn the voice print sideways and observe the spiral and the overall shape and look for irregularities in the geometry before I have picked points. I also look for certain likely FEs (for certain toxins) before "getting down to it" because they are likely to affect the whole picture/sound. Thus, I found Anna Rogers' report on her son's pneumonia most interesting. Anna allowed us to follow her thought processes through this case and explained, not what points she pulled, but why she interpreted a changing situation the way that she did. Why did Cezanne focus on glaring sun light? Why did Monet use so much blue? Why did Rembrant focus on eyes? They were all working with a canvas and paint. They all worked masterpieces. Yet they did their work in very differing ways. So when I was called next to present two cases, I threw aside my list of FEs and focused on what I saw. Thank you Anna! I reported on a case of aflotoxin poisoning (the man with the mushroom stained torso!), one of those rare and easy cases with which we are occasionally blessed, and a more complicated case involving a Chiropractor with multiple issues, unique and interrelated, which forced me "not to follow format". Throwing aside the FEs was also important for another good reason! It was 7 PM. We were all starving! We piled into cars and headed for dinner!

By Friday morning, we were beginning to "Feel the Burn"!! Of course this was especially true for Hope Pantazi, who made her way to a local YMCA and lifted weights each morning at some "no human is meant to be up this early" hour, while we all slept. That in no way diminished the mental exercise we were experiencing however, and I visualized a billboard that read, "We're Sound Health Athletes -- Just Feelin' the Burn!" as I ate my peanut butter cracker and cola breakfast (yes, I took my vitamins!). Friday morning began (as do most Fridays in school) with a test. "List the Rules of BioAcoustics", and we did, probably creating a few new ones in our morning fog. Sharry went over the Federal Guidelines that make us a research project. Since following these Guidelines will ultimately confirm Sharry's BioAcoustics as a legitimate science, we follow them religiously! Sharry spoke on, reviewing the steps for dealing with a client. When she got to "point pulling", Karen Almashy, "Point Puller Extraordinaire", took over and reviewed the secrets of "walking the program without getting your feet wet"! Sharry talked about patterns in a voiceprint and demonstrated the subtle differences between toxic compound patterns and toxic pathogen patterns. She then announced a break, promising that something very special would follow.

Twenty minutes later, Sharry and Karen demonstrated the incredible, new and improved, "BioAcoustics Genesis Plus 2 Program" (lights, whistles and fireworks here!). Captain Kirk and maybe even Spock would be impressed! The new program shows you both the rhythms of the voice and the sonastats. It creates rollovers, pods and pulls common FEs out of the various patterns created, so related substances stand out! It will analyze all the substances in root rollovers and point out the FEs common to all! It shoots out personalized note correlate reports based on the individual voice test. It prints out reports for the Practitioner, Client and Provider and even prints out reports predicting the client's challenges in the month ahead. If you don't recognize a substance it names, just click that mouse and a definition will cross your screen along with information, on related substances and cofactors. It includes Sharry's new BioAcoustic Genomesä FEs (more about that later), as well as new pathogen FEs and expands on the nutrient, muscle and other categories of FEs already in the older program. It does your research for you, so you can spend your time doing that artwork I mentioned before!

After lunch, we were treated to more of this program by Jennifer Butz and Annie Palmer, Research Associates and employees of the Davis Center in New Jersey which includes BioAcoustics in its spectrum of sound related services and is the business of practitioner and audiologist Dorrine Davis. Jen and Annie got to the new program early and their knowledge of it was impressive! They demonstrated how it is being used to study autistic children at the center. They were followed by Lita Lee who discussed the power of prayer on water crystals accompanying her talk with before and after pictures.

Sharry demonstrated with a laser how to make BioAcoustic sounds three dimensional. Each change in frequency changed the patterns. They looked like a tiny, living creature dancing a graceful ballet. With each change of FE through the speaker, the shape would change along with the dance and we found that certain types of FEs produced stronger and more active shapes than others. We enjoyed these tiny "creatures" and finally broke for dinner.

After dinner we gathered back in the conference room for two very special treats! A few years ago, an English production company spent three days filming Sharry at work for a possible documentary. After filming, the director was determined to produce a major piece. While that did not develop as planned, some of his footage was used in a "Natural Mysteries" segment for British and European television. This aired some time ago, and we have been trying to get a copy since then, to share at a conference. After countless emails and phone calls to, and promises from, the production company and the BBC, we still had no video! Everyone assured us it existed, but no one seemed to no where it was locked away! Sharry got a brilliant idea! "Let's ask Jonathon Cohen, a practitioner who lives in London, to go and get the video and bring it here!" It worked! Jonathan searched out the video, freed it from its captors and bravely brought same over here for us to enjoy! We thank you Jonathan! After the wonderful video, came the second treat. Kathleen Nagy, known to all of us as "Kaj" is an extremely talented, classically trained musician. She plays a beautifully mellow french horn and she has entertained us in the past with her original meditations. This evening she shared with us an experience she had, playing on a bluff overlooking the Massachusetts coastline. Boaters were out "whale watching", but as she played her horn, the whales left the boats and came toward the shore where they appeared to be enjoying her music. A small group gathered and watched as she communicated with the whales. Kaj described this as a major life experience that left her feeling bonded to the whales and the sea, and she wrote a wonderful piece, evoking both, and shared it with us. The only thing missing was a mist of salt air. The music was beautifully haunting.

Saturday morning came too soon, but that early morning cola really wakes you up! Sharry opened the session by talking a bit about the beautiful BioAcoustic Pictures created with water and laser the day before. Karen Horbatt spoke about setting up web sites, answered questions about same and offered advice. Sharry discussed a few unusual cases, including one with a child, small for his age, missing the human growth hormone FE and others. Feeding him the missing energies in his voice has resulted in his growing half an inch in the last month! Sharry then introduced another wonderful surprise- "The BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling Systemä "!

Those of us who have been doing this awhile, remember using a Korg program that didn't indicate specific Fes, but it gave us a picture of the shape of the client's voice and it gave us an idea of where most of the problems might be found. It was also great for retesting and determining brain dominance in difficult to figure people! The Korgs we used are no longer made and Sharry was not happy with the programs available commercially, because they were not "in time" and not so accurate musically, as in required for this work. So she began to design just what she wanted in a program and her requirements kept growing (you know Sharry!) until she came up with a new program that is way beyond any program I was begging for! "We have been held hostage by other people's technology," announced Sharry, "but now we will be working with superior technology created just for us!" With that, she introduced a representative of the company that is writing the program according to her instructions and the representative amazed us with what this program will do! It is SOOOOOOOOO outrageous!! First of all, it is a time domain program, which is the only type worth using. It will eventually tie into our current Frequency Program and then both will be tied into the Genesis 2 Plus (or whatever number is current at that time!) Program. A "precision sampling" box will be attached to your computer in place of the sound card to better calibrate the actual frequencies. This program will overlay both voices and data templates, and accept vocal prints from Providers (Doctors, etc.) from their offices, for analysis. It will print out reports for the practitioner, the client and the provider. It will send data automatically to Sound Health's Research Data Base with a simple click of the mouse! Analysis functions in the program will set parameters according to sex and age of the subject, and eventually, you will be able to choose to pull points manually or automatically (or both!) with this program. We will have it in a few months. Big, Big Smiles!

After a needed break, Sharry discussed pathogens, chronic disease and inflammations. She spoke of various toxins and where they settle in the body. Then she discussed the latest FTC/FDA fixation, "Operation Cure All", which is aimed at energetic alternatives such as Hulda Clark's work and Bob Beck's devices. She reviewed the FDA Guidelines for Research and the Public Guidelines for Research, and reminded us that only practitioners who keep up with and submit their research will be permitted to continue participation with Sound Health. She ended the session with discussions on blood types and various viruses.

Karen Almashy followed with a short demonstration of the Genesis Provider Program, which gives Providers (doctors, dentists, etc.) a program to test voices with, so they can then forward same for analysis. We ended the morning session with a short film involving one of Sound Health's clients.

After lunch, Lita Lee spoke on various enzymes and their effects on both the physical and emotional bodies. Hope Pantazi has been studying many alternative therapies and she introduced the work of Dr. Devi Nambudripad ("Say Goodbye to Illness") who works to clear allergies and other problems by clearing physical and emotional blockages using subtle energy and a tapping technique. Hope and Sharry came up with a rollover that uses enzyme FEs for desensitization. Combining the tapping technique with the rollover appears to have eliminated many vocally identified allergen reactions. Hope believes she used this technique successfully with her allergy to poison ivy! She demonstrated the technique on Glennora, using a glass of milk as the allergen and dairy enzymes to build Glennora's tolerance to same. Sharry keeps telling me that I have to watch dairy, so I'm going to visit Hope when we get home and have her tap my back while I'm holding some Stilton!

Guy Danowski spoke next about some discoveries he has made about our "holographic bodies". He has been using muscle testing to determine FEs needed by clients. He takes these FEs from different parts of the body and then matches them against a vocal print and he has been astounded at the accuracy of the body to reveal what it needs! We ended the afternoon session with a lecture by Terry Bugno, M.D., on "Biochemical Diversity", how changes in genetics and geographic diversity affect our nutritional needs. Terry introduced a lot of his personal favorite products as he spoke about the importance of "rehydrating" and detoxing. After Terry's lecture, we all retired to prepare for the evening ahead!

Saturday night is "Banquet Night" at Sound Health Conferences. We share a dinner, much laughter and we each get recertified for the year ahead. I sat between Lita Lee and Liz Barr and looked about the room and shook my head. "Enjoy this, ladies," I said, "because Sound Health is about to soar in size and future banquets will probably be huge!" "OhmyGod!" Lita responded, her eyes growing wide, "we'll have to have special gatherings, just so our little group can get together!" Liz and I nodded agreement.

Last August, after the banquet, Tommy Priakos pulled out his electronic keyboard and began to play wonderful music. Donna Young (who had been pretty quiet most of the conference- I know- I was sitting near her!) got up and wowed us with her beautiful, buttery voice. These two made up songs like "The Calibration Blues" on the spot! They are really, really goooooooood! Someday, in the not so far future, when there are 10,000 people attending Sound Health Conferences, people will boast, "Yes, but I experienced "The Soundbites" LIVE!" By then, the Sound Health Emporium will include cassettes (no cd's here!) of these two in its catalog! Anyway, these two talents stayed up all Friday night writing songs like "Wake Up Little Tonebox", a new version of "The Calibration Blues", "By By Korg" and a song dedicated to Karen Almashy about walking the voiceprint in galoshes! After playing everything twice (this just HAD to be videotaped!), they took requests from the audience and a few daring souls joined them up front! Glennora harmonized beautifully with Donna, Kaj is always wonderful and Karen Bainbridge did an impression of her son telling a joke, twisting her face in a way that we will never forget! As the hour grew late, many retired to bed, but about a dozen of us who weren't ready to call it quits, took over the back room at the bar and spent the night sharing stories and laughs. Jonathan was amazed at just how much we all had in common, and Tommy turned out to be a comedian as well as a musician! Terry and Liz shared some elegant oils they carried with them as well as a rich Madeira wine. The staff finally gave up waiting for us to leave and went home, and when a stranger wandered in yelling at us, "No wonder I can't get served, the entire staff is back here partying!", we figured it was time to call it quits!

Sunday morning and that cola zapped me awake once more, and that was important because Sharry got right down to business with lots of new information. She announced a new relationship between Sound Health and Capital University and then went on to review some markers in a prostate case, anti-aging information, Lupus markers, and various viruses. Then, she floored us once again (!) with her latest research into BioAcoustic Genomesä and FEs. She discussed her research using the genome FEs of various chronic diseases and gave specific ways to find these FEs in the voice and unusual suggestions for dealing with them successfully. She discussed using a certain octave to stimulate the brain to jumpstart certain FEs (Ah! The analog brain! And aren't we lucky to be using the right equipment -- especially with this new info!), and gave us directions so we can begin tracing genomes in our research subjects. Sharry has broken the codes of over 100 genes, and the accuracy of her work was recently confirmed by a woman referred to her by a physician. The Doctor sent no paperwork or data about this patient to Sharry. The woman has an extremely rare disease and the Doctor was amazed that Sharry was able to accurately identify it from this new research.

Sharry continued by discussing a study of more than a dozen fundamental rollovers that contained a specific substance and how to use the rollover database to compare FEs. Karen Almashy discussed the connections between muscle FEs and fat and biochemical issues and what other substances would likely relate to these FEs. Last, but not least, David Alcorn enlightened us all by showing his work with sounds that are found in the environment that can influence the frequencies of the body. It was amazing to see how much frequency interference can be created by a heater, or appliance that we don't even consider as a source of environmental pollution. This led to a discussion of frequency as a source of energy pollution.

The conference ended with a forecast from Sharry about what she is planning for the next decade. Sharry intends to make the public aware that each individual carries his/her own healing capacity within his/her own voice, sometimes aided by the BioAcoustic technologies she is developing. Sharry stated, "We each must have the right to Self Health. We each must take responsibility for all that we are on personal, professional, environmental, social and political levels."

The conference was a huge success, partly due to the positive attitude of those attending and the strong feeling of camaraderie, but mostly due to the Sound Health Staff, Wanda, Karen, Brenda, Tina and Barb, who spend many months preparing this gathering, printing out pages and pages of information, reserving rooms, meals, equipment, making sure everything gets to its proper place, creating a program and figuring out who says what and when, checking out places and towns in advance, having nightmares about incomplete papers, projects, videos, and doing ALL this, while running the office, the classes that go on there, dealing with clients who come there, and keeping track of the very right-brained Sharry! They deserve huge applause, as does conference regular Dan Wallace. Dan is the pleasant guy with the nice smile who stands quietly in the rear and videotapes our conferences year after year!

Conference over, we piled our gear into the rear of Hope's car and headed back to Jersey, stimulated by all that we learned, and wondering what could possibly come next? FEs for a third set of teeth? FEs to restore hair color? FEs to simulate colas, should they ever take them off the market? Knowing Sharry, no matter what we come up with, she will go far beyond it and still amaze us all! How wonderfully lucky and privileged we all are - to have discovered and experienced Sharry and her new science, and to actually use her research in our lives! I look forward to seeing you all again at the next Sound Health Conference.

Much Love!

Kathy Greene Fucetola


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