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Editor's Note: A number of people have asked Ms. Edwards to clarify the issues involving digital vs. analog sound in the field of BioAcoustics. Here is her response to the HealingMusic e-group. For a report on the 2001 Seventh Annual BioAcoustics Conference, shriconf7.html.

From: "Sharry Edwards"
Subject: Re: [HealingMusic] Brand new
Date: Fri, Aug 10, 2001, 11:08 PM

This is in response to your query about the healing potential of CD's. CD's are digital. We have investigated many low frequency claims (Sound Wave Energy being one) about healing using CD's. This is more consequential for those using low frequency sound claims than it is for music in the vocal range. The following may help you decide. It is part of a presentation that was delivered at our annual BioAcoustic Conference last week.

Sharry Edwards
------------------------------------------------------------- ã 2001

Digital vs Analog as a Healing Potential

CD's are digital with a digital pulse. Live music [when using non electrical instruments] is analog. Your singing is analog.

Bob Becker, MD makes a strong point in his book "Cross Currents" that the body perceives and heals itself in ANALOG fashion.

Analog is faithful through the ranges. Digital is faithful in the vocal range but estimates (sometimes even simulates) highs and lows.

One of the most significant factors is that Analog has even harmonics - like the body. Digital has uneven harmonics - like invading pathogens.

Digital has a "digital pulse" that carries the information -
40K in older versions. [The mathematical relationships of this frequency has been correlated with frequencies associated with prostate cancer.] 94K is just beginning to be used in newer versions.

Digital can be very accurate in the fundamental frequency but lacks the purity of harmonic content which is actually what influences the healing process. Analog can be very accurate but only over small ranges unless digitally controlled.

Unfortunately, Digital is often chosen over analog for several reasons:
- digital is less expensive to build and/or duplicate
- digital is more accurate overall over a long range but the lows and highs suffer.
In other words digital is cheap. There is a bigger profit margin in digital.

We have attempted to make digital work with our technique and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to build low frequency digital generators. We abandoned the idea because of the lack of response. Digital may give you some results but you will see far greater results using Analog.

Three examples of digital versus analog

1) You and I talking on the telephone is digital. You and I talking in person is analog. You still recognize my voice but something is not quite the same.

2) Look at a watch that has second hands. You can see the seconds sweep by. Look at a digital clock. From one minute to the next, you don't know where in the minute you are. The same with digital harmonics. Not only are they less accurate but many harmonics are missing from digital signals.

3) It used to be that you could work with and tune in a radio station because the dial was analog with continuous choices. Now you tune in digitally in small increments that don't always allow you to be dead on what you are trying to receive. Those small increments are no longer an option. Such is digital.

An Analog system is designed to transmit the whole waveform from input to output. Don't be fooled by those who say that once a signal comes out of the speaker, it is analog again. Garbage in, Garbage out.

Sing to yourself or moan or hum or whatever. It is the best sounds for you at any given moment. If anyone is interested, I can post an article that can help you learn a simple and easy technique to hear and duplicate your own Signature Sounds. For those who want tapes or CD's, Steve Halpern did Spectrum Suite and Crystal Suite in analog format. He may be able to give you more options than these two.

Again, this is not about music (except the digital phase information) but those tapes and CD's claiming to facilitate healing using low frequencies.

The first rule for anyone interested in healing is "
Do no harm."
Sharry Edwards

From: Marcie
Subject: [HealingMusic] Brand new
Date: Fri, Aug 10, 2001, 7:09 PM

Hello! My name is Marcie and I am new to this group.

I hope to get some opinions on the various healing music tapes that are on the market now- what really works? I have heard of Vulcan's Child and Sound Wave Energy ( which requires a 2nd income to afford...) and recently purchased something by Tom Kenyon. There are so many to choose from, all making claims- but I would love to hear some actual feedback from real users!

Any help appreciated!
Marcie : )

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