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Defense Against Dark Forces

Rune of Life & Protection
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 Real Light Formula
Three-Clap Technique
Grandma White's Technique
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General Bert on Intentionality
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Defense Against Dark Forces

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Real White Light
for Meditation
The Eye of Ra dispells all negativity.
Solar White Light Image

I AM a Light which
Is part of the Light of All
That is -- Merkabah!


This is a Technique we use when we feel the need to spiritually clear our surroundings. See "Defense Against Dark Forces" for more details on the concept of Psychic Self-Defense.  Our technique consists of three aspects, Clearing, Releasing and Protection. Here is how we do it:

1. Get quiet within yourSelf; center yourSelf.
Gazing a bit at the Solar Real White Light image above may help.

2.  Use the "Three Clap Technique"

3. Then say the following, aloud if possible:

Clearing & Releasing Prayer
Protection Ritual - 2018

 I ask [the God of my Being,] my Higher Self, to clear [me, my room, my family, this house, business, property, place, humans and animals, our world, etc.] of all discarnate entities, all dark forces, all separates, all satantics, all negative aliens, and all negative thought forms whatsoever, in all possible dimensions and timelines, here & now, with harm to none.

 Bless them and send them to Real Light, to their highest Place of Being. I ask that they be removed from here; that they understand that this is my space and time and that they may not return. I ask for protection from same and others like them, here & now, with harm to none.

 Bless and protect this space/time and fill it with protective Real Light, here & now, with harm to none.

 I, for myself and all my relations and incarnations, forgive them and ask that we be forgiven. I trust Spirit to include all that I have failed or neglected to include in this clearing, here & now, with harm to none.

 In Love, I thank you All.

In the Names of all the Powers of Real Light, so be it and it is so.


4. If you are so inclined, you can check the need for a clearing -- and the results -- with a pendulum. You can also work the Clearing before a sacred image, talisman or Rune, light a candle, burn Sacred Sage, or do whatever moves you.

5. Utilize the Formula of the Real Light for further protection.

White Light Meditation Video
A Quarter Hour of the Frequency of White Light

The Divine always answers prayers for Spiritual Protection.
Love Always Prevails.



. . .
Three-Clap Technique

  This is an old technique to dispel negativity. . .

Use when confronted with any form of negativity, including fears, thoughts, images, external manifestations, or whatever.  Just take a deep breath and clap (or snap) sharply and quickly, three times. Three dots have the same salutary effect .  .  .

1...  2..  3.

Take another deep breath.
Know you are free. . .

Thereafter, use the
Clearing Prayer
. . .

The LifeSpirit Formula of the Real Light,
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Another form of Clearing, based on the Huna Ho'Oponono,
can be found in the Appendix
at the end of the LifeSpirit Commentaries,
Comments.htm - HoOp under
Ho'Oponono of the Spirit.

LifeSpirit Sacred Texts: 
 The Book of Illuminations and
 The Book of Passages

"Here and Now, this day, I AM and have always been, for as long as I can recall,
and forevermore, frequency specific and resonant with Perfect Protection."

(After J.Z. Knight - www.ramtha.com )


                         . . . Grandma White's Clearing Technique: "Removing the Evil Eye"

My grandmother, who my generation called "Ama" and my son's generation called "Grandma White" (due to her hair color) knew a bit of what was probably a family tradition of folk magic, what the local priest would probably have called "superstition." I recently recalled several incidents from my childhood, over a half century ago, which I can now interpret as as a Clearing Technique. She called it "Removing the Evil Eye." To do this, she would recite a prayer and then make a motion with her hand, making a sound by snapping her middle finer across her forefinger. Crossing and uncrossing the fingers being a way of cutting the connection, if one views the "Evil Eye" as a type of connection, or as the Huna would have it, an Aka Cord, allowing negative thoughts to flow and have access. The technique disrupted the connection and allowed for a normalization of the energetic environment.

General Bert on Intentionality

"Defense Against Dark Forces..."

We have always affirmed that the Multiverse is a Friendly Place with which we are frequency specific "...And when you trod / Through the Door, / You will find... / Friends..." (Book of Illuminations) and that affirmation is powerful protection.

Nonetheless, the brighter the Real Light, the deeper the Shadow.  Light workers need to sharpen their mental defenses against manifested Shadow.  The more you do the Work, the more you need to be aware.  Other people (consciously or otherwise), discarnates and negative place conditioning or energetics can all contribute to what one might perceive of as a Dark Forces attack.  Remembering always that every "attack" is also a message, offering valuable teaching, one can, nonetheless, respond.  This response is what we can call Psychic Self-Defense (PSD).

There have been questions about what is meant by Dark Forces.  I sometimes use "Universe" instead of "God" when discussing Divinity, since "God" is understood by most to be Enlil/Yahweh/Allah -- EYA -- who I consider to be the false god-of-this-world, or Demiurge, the Gnostics warned against. He is the Annunaki Prince who has established the false light and the false religions of the Jew, Christian and Moslem.  I include EYA and His minions, negative people, negative discarnates and negative place conditioning or energetics as a part of "dark forces."  Also included are separates, satantics, negative aliens and all negative thought forms. Remember, places can become conditioned to intended thought forms, as Dr. William Tiller has shown. Such conditioning works "both ways" and the Wise always consider the thoughts they are allowing in the places they choose to protect.

For convenience, and as a preliminary map, we can divide PSD into three parts:  (1) Clearing; (2) Releasing and (3) Protection.  Each contributes a different aspect to a total PSD response.

1. "Clearing", as expressed in Three-Clap Technique, above, sets the stage for further protective work...  It removes the immediate energetic problem with immediate energetic, vibratory action. A more extreme example of Clearing technique is using Static Charge to drive-off obsessing or possessing entities (the suggestion that such entities can be driven off with Static Charge is found in Edgar Cayce readings; a quartz sparker can be used at the Crown Point). Another way to generate a small static charge is with the use of magnets. The green/south/negative side toward the body over the sternum and the occipital; this increases the Zeta potential of the blood flowing by the magnets and produces a static charge. Magnets and/or Crystals may also be used to charge water which can be used for cleansing and drinking. Toning right at the juncture between B+ and C- is considered by some researchers to be a Real White Light frequency of Clearing and Protection. Any harmonious toning or singing will impede disharmonious energies. Toning the Mother Sound, Om, is powerful as an initial Clearing Technique and also in sealing the work at its end.

2. "Releasing" is another part of the formal work, starting with some of the language in the above Clearing Prayer, "We, for ourselves and all our relations and all our incarnations, forgive them and ask that we be forgiven."  As the Hawaiian Kahuna have taught, releasing negativity starts with forgiving.  This is needed to cut the energetic links (what Huna calls "Aka Cords") that allow access by negative forces. A more ritualistic version of this technique can be found at the Ho'Oponopono of the Spirit, Comments.htm#HoOp. Releasing is an active defense that removes the frequency connections that may allow access by Dark Forces.

3. "Protection" is the shield you leave in place to prevent further access by Dark Forces.  Any ritual, charging or meditation technique can be used to set the Guards; we choose to use the Formula of the Real Light, lightform.html to create a "Globe of impenetratable Light." We have also established the LifeSpirit Meditation Path with crystals and sacred images that completely surrounds the LifeSpirit Parsonage, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Lmm4uTKiio .

You can focus protection into a ritual place, object, Rune, talisman, image or crystal. Vibrate your intent into it.  It is your intent that matters.  In fact, as noted above, matter and space can be impressed with intent.  This is called Conditioned Space.  See Dr. Tiller's site, www.tiller.org for more information on Conditioned Space; one specific article is www.Tillerfoundation.com/PaysonTheoryIII.pdf. Protecting your space is an important part of this aspect of PSD.  It is also explicit in our Clearing Prayer, "Bless and protect this space/time and fill it with protective Real White Light, here & now, with harm to none."  Magnets used as in #1 above (alone or with Quartz) can help create an energetic bubble of Protection. You can make your Protection as elaborate or simple as you believe you need.  Considering the Feng Shui of the place is a part of nourishing Protection.  So is your positive attitude.  

You must believe yourSelf to be worthy of Protection and the Universe will respond by protecting you. Ultimately, the most potent protection is truly understanding that -

You are God/Goddess
In you full Being - Master, 
There is no Other!

And thus in the Formula of the Light we further affirm:

"No negation may enter our Light,
For dark may neither abide
Nor penetrate the Light.
All that enters our Light,
That too is universal Light."

Om ...


Rev. Esnur

Declaration to Evict the Dark Forces / Entities / Beings and Archons🙏🌌✨

True North 🌟 Visionary Alliance 💫 Action. Recommended as often as you feel compelled to do so on a daily basis (ie 4 gates of the day)

INVOKE YOUR PROTECTIONS FIRST (ie Angels 👼, guides😇, ascended masters🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️, Creator, God, violet flame etc).

Must be read/said/prayed out loud, individually, practicing free will and choice.

The objective is unity consciousness in a clear, concise, coherent confluence of co-creation to evict the dark forces once and for all 💯🌟; as they are the root cause of the evil being perpetrated on humanity. Please circulate far and wide, if this resonates with you, to whom you deem it appropriate. 🙏

“We the people of earth do not give you, the invisible, the dark forces, beings and entities, permission to control us in any form imaginable.

We do not give you permission to make us war against each other, to poison our food, and water supplies, to poison us with chemicals that harm the human body, the animals, and the environment.

We the people do not give you the permission to hold our sovereignty from us or to govern us through heads of state that profit from the people energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and any other forms of vampirism.

We the people now take our planet earth back under our control for the betterment of all the citizens on the planet and demand you, the dark forces which are part of the invisible, to leave this planet with immediate effect.”

This Declaration was posted online during May 2021.

How to become a LifeSpirit Minister Practitioner

Ministry Training is handled by the LifeSpirit Theological Seminary
Through the Lightwing Ordination Program.

The Lightwing Ordination Program is here:  https://lightwingcenter.org/minister_ordination/

The Seminary home page is: www.LifeSpiritSeminary.org


Eris, Pancreatrix

Eris, Pancreatrix

Remember, Only Love Prevails

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 The Prayer Wheel radiates Om Mani Padme Hum,
 which may be translated as
Om, the Jewel is in the Lotus Blossum.
It is a prayer for the enlightenment of  all beings.
Thanks to Osel Shen Phen, http://www.fpmt-osel.org/.



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