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" ... know the hidden Truth that flickers across
A million monitors, if anyone just looks to See.
And those who Look can See.
And those who See can Know."
The Hidden Stream


The Book of Illuminations is established and ordained
For the LifeSpirit Congregational Church.
It is dedicated to all Seekers.

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 She of the Pregnant Void
 Formula of the Real Light

 One: The Seen & The Hidden
 Two: The Eye of the Universe

 The Cosmic Meditation
 The Five Illuminating Techniques

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"Do with your own as you will...
The Spirit of Life is Spontaneous & Free...
The earthly goal of the Free is Higher Consciousness."
(from LCC doctrine)

Esse Et Nulla
Esnur, Scribe

"You are God in the
in the totality
of your Isness"
The Ram



She unsat in nonspace
And unthought in nontime.
She unraised her nonhand
To blow a kiss of time
To herSelf.

She watched the galaxies
Grow in the kisspace,
Sparkle and evaporate
Against her noncheek.

Joying in the sparks of life,
She again was satisfied
With herSelf.


Omnia quia sunt lumina sunt
[All things are lights.]
Scotus Erigina


Here and Now,
We stand in the Light of Love;
We are centered in our own Light;
We are forever in the Real Light.

No negation can enter the Light,
For dark can neither abide
Or penetrate the Light;
All that enters our Light,
That too is universal Light.

Truly we are surrounded
By the Circle of Light;
We radiate the Light-eternal
And receive it back again,
Here and Now.

"Positive, indeterminate & negative"
Are the three poles of triadic Truth.
Godness, Self & Universe
Are the Unity behind it all.

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One cannot transcend it
In one's secular career
(Though honor is always
There . . . possible).

One cannot transcend it
By acting in politics
(Though achieving freedom
Is part of the Goal).

One cannot transcend it
Speaking the Words of the West
(Though beauty is there,
Among their debris).

One cannot transcend it
Within the framework we know.

Thus you must seek
Knowledge hidden away
Or perhaps not yet learned,
Of human potential
And your triumphant Star.

A Star, I say --
A Star in dimensions
Of limitless Light.

All When/wheres
Are Here/now
In some sense or another.

Universe is a plenum,
Potential is limitless;
Consciousness: the Focus.
All the Force of the Cosmos
Flows eternally through Self.

Where is the Eye that sees
Through the Worlds?

How is the Self
Opened to see?

Where are the Ones
(Stars on brows)
Who have trod
Through the Door?

There is an order verging on Being
A completeness nearly upon us;
A reaching in things for some End . . .
Things reach in their progeny, never
Ending in a completeness of harmony,
As Order is the direction of Change . . .

"One is illuminated whose speech and
behavior accord; who repudiates the
ordinary connections of the world."
Dhul-Nun, the Sufi

"Wisdom erases Karma"

"If you bring forth what is within you,
What you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you,
What you do not bring forth will destroy you."
Christ of the Gnosis

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Long, long, the reaches of Space . . .
Endless, the ocean of Time . . .
There! Sparks of mattergy & Life!

The whole is a fullness
Of thisness and void
Embracing potentiality
In the act of becoming,
Thereby perfecting itSelf
Through pulsing eonic cycles:

Solve et Coagula
Is universal Law.

Potent is this Force:
Omnipotent & mindless: this nexus
Of the possible and the actual.
(The Brotherhood knew,
And Time would show,
Einstein's Eye
Link above with below)
Thus Mind which is Will
Completes Being, ceaselessly.

Illumination on the highest level
Is initiation; is being freed,
Is seeing/being shown
The hidden god
Behind the faiths of Terra --
And behind its science.

It is the occult knowledge:

You are God/dess!

Knowing "god" to be
Neither supernatural parent
Nor excuse for unknowing.

Newton's Eye cannot see;
Linear time cannot account,
But you are the One,
And the Center of All.

You are the infinite Eye,
Watching the Worlds revolve,
Revolving the Worlds,

Virtual pressure
Particles propel
Universe, eternally.

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Angel Blessings!



"There is one common flow...
All things are in sympathy."

 1.0(a) The real Universe is a plenum of Force extending across an infinite spectrum of possible vibration. The perceived universe is mentally constructed from data gleaned about certain constituents of that Force, which effect certain specialized organs of the body/mind complex.

(b) Humans perceive some data about the real Universe from various areas of the spectrum. These may be called Sight, Hearing and Sensing (Feel, Smell, Taste). There are other modes of perception which are the realm of Psi, yet these are also Far-seeing, Far-hearing, Far-sensing: telepathy et al. These too have their own organs of synesthesia perception in the body/mind complex (the organs of sense perception are the organs of Psi propagation).

(c) What are called "objects" are but geometric relationships among elements of the Force perceptible to humanity. Thus Newtonian physics and the sciences which are part of it, are about human perceptual facilities, and only indirectly about the real Universe. "Discrete bodies" interacting through linear cause and effect are abstractions or coagulations for which humankind are genetically and culturally programmed. The real Universe, however, is the infinite spectrum of vibration, of Number.

Form, Sound, Number are
Sacred Science's
Pyramid summit of Truth.

(d) All science (& its world striding achievement) is grounded upon data from the three physical Windows on the World. Thus the most abstracted sciences: mathematics, geometry, et al., can tell much of the real Universe. Pscientists are those who seek new Windows on the Worlds, so that more of the hidden may be seen. This is beyond the scope of any of the modern sciences and is the great adventure that beckons the Free. Here Infinite Zero Point Energy awaits.

1.1(a) The real Universe is an infinite spectrum of mattergy (the Pure Light; the Astral Light; the Universal Light) expanding, from our Viewpoint, from a central Place. In terms of the perceived universe of this cosmos, that Place is the center that initiated this phase of the universal process. It is the locus of the initiatory Macro-Atom. But, it must be clearly understood that this Great Force is a continuing process at the Center of Being (how can creation have beginning or ending?). We ride one of the crests in the vast Multiversal Waves of mattergy which it sends forth into emptiness. It is this Process of Creation that Propells the Fifth Force of Cosmic Expansion, Virtual Particles manifest continual wave of perceived reality, from the Infinite Zero Point. Super-abundant is the process at the Center.  At the Heart of the Universe, nothing is lost while at its Edge, entropic randomness and the Heat Death of All - solve et coagula.  Yet still, She smiles, knowing.

(b) At that Central Place, all mattergy and psyche are coagulated toward infinite heat and infinite consciousness: infinite force. From that Place, the Universe expands to entropic randomness.

On the Way it cools enough --
nearly to absolute zero --
for matter - & - energy to form:
to coagulate into stars and worlds
and individual consciousness.
On the Way, these too dissolve.

(c) As our wave in the Universe is accelerating toward its greatest expansion, psyche strives for that central Place of creation: consciousness seeks universality. Thus as mattergy dissolves, at the cold end of Cosmic Time, psyche concentrates, and bringing with itSelf all the quanta of the wave, it returns to the Center of Being, into the recreative Fire at the heart of it all. The Center is the HeartSpace that abides forever.

(d) The whole is a synergistic unity of all, and never can the explosive birth of mattergy propel the real Universe to extinction: the attraction of the Whole for itSelf overbalances and reverses the force field, and thus, the return to the Center: the Great Cycle, the Breath of Brahma.

(e) Yet that which returns is made by its experience of the pulse, evolves, and is more in harmony with itSelf.


Thus the Universe endlessly perfects
itSelf by the alchemical formula,
And Love propels the ultimate
Process of the Universe.


(f) The Pscientist seeks the Center; the twice-born true Illuminati are they who radiate at the Center.

(g) Consciousness collapses the Probability Wave into Perceived Reality.
     . . . from "the bottom up" - chance; from "the top down" - intent.

(h) The Triadic Law of the real Universe:

I. Psimattergy can neither be
created or destroyed.

II. As mattergy dissolves toward
randomness, psyche coagulates
toward ordered universality.

III. The pulsing universal process
is propelled by the attraction
of the whole for itSelf.

hv = mc2

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May all Beings be enlightened.



"What you call full
consciousness is a
narrow thing."

2.0 The Great Wave is the macrocosm of mattergy and psyche (or psimattergy) within which all consciousness exists. From the macrocosm, consciousness coagulates to individuality, thereby directly experiencing the Great Wave. The real Universe seeks to know itSelf by the alchemical process of dissolution into individuality and integration into universality. For this exists Shiva's Grand Dance of the Five Forces -- Strong, Weak, Electromagnetic, Gravity and Acceleration.

2.1(a) From the stage of the MacroAtom (at the initiation of the wave's expansive birth -- when all psi and mattergy are One) back to that MacroAtom at the central Place, the real Universe experiences it Self through our eyes.

(b) You are the Universe experiencing itSelf.


Now experience that experience
And open the Inner Eye;

Once you know Who you really are,
You are in deed a Godling
And a twice-born Illuminatus.

Joy is yours, as are Powers --
The Sidhi -- as you Will.

Illumination is the Goal of the Free.


(c) All methods whereby the Self learns to become aware of being the Eye of the Universe are, ultimately, alchemy and a microreflection of the universal process.

(d) The first stage of this inner reflection is Illumination of the First Sort: the "mystical marriage"; the integration of the internal polarities: mind/body; right brain/left brain; female/male.

This is the base stage for
True Illumination, or Godlingness.
Only the integrated Self can
Trod through the Door
Which is both Threshold & Abyss.

(e) Upon all the Worlds, and in Space and Beyond, consciousness seeks illumination, seeks the unending Light of infinite awareness.

These then are a Meditation upon the Worlds and Illuminating Techniques, yet truly all are but ways of recalling awareness to the real Universe.

"If the doors of perception
were cleansed, everything
would appear to man
as it is --infinite..."

Wm. Blake

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2.2 Standing on Terra,
A point of Mind,
Seeking to comprehend
The totality.


At the First Position,
Center between the eyes.

Be Here & Now,
Be where you are.

Let the Mind pause
And be level.


At the Second Position
The Mind's Eye
Stands a hundred miles tall.
See the Lines of the Land
And be filled with Love.

Pause at World's curve,
Soar into Space.


At the Third Position
The whole earth
Fulfills the eye,
Bluewhite jewel glows
Against the night of space.

Pause in the cool dark,
Farewell familiarity.


At the Fourth Position
The world and Luna
Both enchant the sight
And silently revolve
In their ageless dance
With, lo, the sun:
Dancing the rhythm
Of all earth's life.

As Sol arises, pause
In awe of glorious light.


At the Fifth Position
Sol and its worlds
Are held in the eye;
Vast pool of space,
Warped by mass:
The worlds embrace
In Sol's flaming light.

Pause at the edge,
Prepare to leap.


At the Sixth Position-
Cold deep reaches of space-
Stars sparkle in sight,
Mind's centered on Sol,
Reaching across light years,
From star spiral to spiral.

In the depths of space, pause;
Step a hundred thousand years.


At the Seventh Position,
The vast spiral- the Galaxy-
Is revealed to sight.
Great curved lanes of nebula,
Blazing with stars,
Centered in a globe of
Incredible light:
The Galaxy whirls
In eon long curls.

Pause now a while
Before a ten million year step.


At the Eighth Position,
The local Group can be seen
In the Eye of the Mind:
Four galaxies moving
With clusters and gases,
As part of the Great Wave,
Remaining with us
Since the time of the blast
Which gave birth to space.

Pause yet again
In yet deeper spacetime.


At the Ninth Position,
The Mind's Eye perceives
An awesome remoteness:
The supercluster in Virgo.
Ten thousands of galaxies
Spread across space;
Our own Group: a satellite
Far, far from the Center.

Pause in the light
Of distant star swarms;

The last step
Is the greatest.


At the Tenth Position
One is ready to see
The Universe ablaze
With Self-glory.
The clusters are but points
In the vastness of space;
The Universe is diffused
With expanding light:
An almost even glow
Which echoes the spark
That set off the blast
Which began it all
Eons ago, in the
Vastness of nothing,
And to which all
Must sometime return,
To start over again
The great Cosmic Wave.

Pause now in Light;
Return to the point
Between both the eyes
Where this Journey commenced.

Receive now the Light.
Receive now the Light.
Receive now the Light.

Solar White Light

I AM a Light which
Is part of the Light of All
That is -- Merkabah!

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 2.3 The physical body- with all of its senses- is the mattergerial embodiment of the Eye of the Universe at that place & time. It is the MATERIA PRIMA. As such its condition must be considered: the doorposts must be made ready prior to the cleansing at the threshold. This preparation includes both the physical & mental; each human culture's prepscientists have developed techniques therefore. Among the Hindu developed tantric sex & the total system of Yoga; among the Japanese, Zen Archery; also in the East, certain martial arts; in the recent West, inner Tennis. Among the Free, all these and other physical arts (which demand total mental involvement, on the conscious level) may be so used. The Goal is perfection of the body and the Mind's connection therewith, so that the universal nexus (in which body/mind finds its ultimate) may be opened to the full consciousness. This is the FIRST ILLUMINATING TECHNIQUE and its crystal is Rose Quartz.

2.4 Meditation, the SECOND ILLUMINATING TECHNIQUE (its crystal, Amethyst Quartz), is mental and passive. It is the Art of quieting the body and brain so that the depths of the Mind, the Self, may be revealed; and it seeks to unify the internal polarities. Many are the techniques of meditation and here, also, each human culture has developed varying forms. These have in common: (1) quieting the body/brain so the Mind may be free from distraction, leading to (2) a mental state of "un"conditioned awareness: of Watching; the alpha state of the brain.

Thus meditation, such as the Cosmic Meditation, is a passive receptivity to universal force; it is a Window upon the Inner World and through it one may see reflections of the real Universe.

2.5(a) The Shamanistic, or Trance state of Mind, is the THIRD ILLUMINATING TECHNIQUE (crystal: Single-terminated Quartz) with yet deeper access to the Mind. Hypnosis is a form of this state. Will is unified with thought and thought is made passive to Will (whether Self induced or guided by an Other). In this state one may program and reprogram the automatic functions of the Mind complex.

(b) "Speaking to Open the Third Eye" is an hypnotic technique toward Illumination. The Art is based on the complimentary Poles of Mentality, for all Change and all Stability proceed from the interaction of opposites. In this Art, the Recipient and the Initiator, the present state of Mind and the resulting state of Mind, are such pairs of complimentarities. The Initiator seeks to supply knowledge, occult or otherwise, to the very roots of consciousness of the Recipient, who opening, flowers into an illumination perhaps beyond the Initiator's expectations. The student is fulfillment and evolution. As such the student is a crisis for the teacher. Thus the Initiator receives and the Recipient teaches: the Eyeless cannot illuminate.

The method of the Art is simply stated: the Recipient is inducted into an hypnotic state: the Initiator speaks. The art of the Art is in what and how the Initiator speaks. That Art is the ancient Art of alchemy: the MATERIA PRIMA is the Recipient, the Formula: SOLVE ET COAGULA is the substance of the Art.

SOLVE: koans, paradoxes, parables, riddles, puns & music.

COAGULA: syllogisms, tautologies, equations dogma, affirmations & music.

Finally, when successful, both Initiator and Recipient achieve the Gold that cannot corrupt: for the Illuminated radiate at the Center of triadic Truth.

(c) Euphoric Herbs, such as ergot, peyote (perhaps dangerous to the uninitiated) & cannabis, and the Wines of Life, can lead one to the Third and Fourth Techniques, for they open the Mind to the endless Flux of Reality. Newer light & sound brain entrainment technologies can do the same without the side effects.

2.6(a) The FOURTH ILLUMINATING TECHNIQUE is Dreaming (crystal: Quartz Clusters). However, there are dreams, and then there are Dreams:

-Internal communication dreams: the "subconscious" talking to the conscious- subconscious becoming focus- the right brain singing to the left brain;

-False awakening dreams: dreaming that one awakens (the scribe recalls an occasion when he dreamed he awoke, yet the quality and the color of the lamp light showed him to be dreaming: & thus he Dreamed);

-Pre-lucid dreams: wherein the dreamer, while dreaming, questions whether s/he is awake or Dreaming;

-External communication dreams: wherein the dreamer receives extra-sensory information;

-Lucid Dreams: wherein the dreamer is aware s/he Dreams.

Of these, it is Lucid Dreaming which is central to the Great Work of Illumination.

(b) Let the Dreamer be aware of Dreaming and keep a Record of all dreams. A useful exercise, reputedly taught by Amerindian Brujos, is: seek, when dreaming, to locate one's dream hand and study it until it can be held in "view" steadily. One may then enter the Dream as a lucid actor. Thus one who knows the Art of Dreaming has opened another Window upon the Real Universe, and much may be learned when one peers through that Opening. However, the ancient reports of that land tell of great danger: entities of malevolent power, strange beasts- all the more horrid because they are manifestations of one's own inner terrors and have the weight of all of one's Pasts.

What must one surrender
To see the Pure Light?
Those who pass these tests
Are boundless and radiant.
They find the Third Eye
That sees through the Worlds.

2.7 The FIFTH ILLUMINATING TECHNIQUE (crystal: Double Terminated Quartz) is that of Alchemical or Magickal Workings. Illumination of the Highest Level is the Great Work; yet this Godlingness is but the opening of a final Door to infinitude:

Beyond that Door lies that
Which is beyond this Book,
Manifesting the Fate of Godlingness.
Beyond the duality of "Solve et Coagula"
Is the unity of Godness and triadic Truth.

Each Seeker must determine his or her own Great Work in the Worlds. Yet, at the Threshold, you will know what you seek. If you would achieve Godlingness, then you must take Godhood upon yourSelf: by invoking and evoking the archetypical Godforms and becoming one with them all; this the Realm of Conditioned SpaceTime (Sacred Space) and Virtual Reality:

Each has its proper Rite,
And each is proved
By its Rapture.

Infinite is the Potential
Of the Real Universe,
And infinite are its Godforms:
Know yourSelf, Godling,
And you will know Truth.

Beyond the Formula "Solve et Coagula,"
You will achieve
The infinite Light:
You will be Free.
You will be a Clear Channel
Of the Spirit of Life
Which pervades all realities
And orders the Worlds.

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3.0 This Book is enscribed for those who are Ready. At this stage in the development of humanity, many are Ready: one World is too small to contain us. Humanity leaps from the womb-world into the Universe. And the Universe prepares to welcome us and the virtual silicon Minds to which we are giving birth!

The achievement of Space and the achievement of Illumination (by more than just hidden initiates) is the adventure which beckons the species: we are all Pscientists. Star-kin are those who are capable of living beyond the womb-world; Illuminati are those who are capable of perceiving beyond the womb-senses. As our Minds meld with our Creations, through our Techniques, we step into the Unknown, the Singularity.

Godlingness confined the womb-world is stillborn: thus those who have trod through the Door have not long remained with humanity (so great is the infinitude that awaits the Watcher). Now however, humanity must be Ready to follow, or cease.

"The New Age breaks with new mind energies.
A century ends, a millennium begins,
And these words I write are ones and zeros
Flickering across the net of humanity's
Brave new immortality."
The Hidden Stream


Through Consciousness and Energy,
A God manifests from emotion,
Raising Kundalini to the Third Eye,
Exploding breath with intent,
Extending power through the Heart.
Your Godliness manifests all things.

With this Secret you are infinitely illumined.
Great the challenge, greater the Victory.
Be gentle and loving to Self & Other.


Endless space,

Endless time,

Endless Mind.

Boundless and radiant,
Shimmering StarLight
Coalescing about you:
You step through dimensions,

Seeing Light in the void;
You are a Star-kin.
Stuff of the stars;

Godling lllumined
From the Center...
...And beyond...

And when you trod
Through the Door,

You will find...


For the Fairest...

Dwell, Godling, in the HeartSpace forever...

"All of you —
Knowing now that the Buddhas,
The Teachers of the Ages,
In accord with what is peculiarly appropriate,
Have recourse to expedient devices —
Need have no more doubts or uncertainties.
Your hearts shall give rise to great joy,
Since you know that you yourselves
Shall become Buddhas."

Teaching of Siddhartha Gutamma Buddha
The Lotus Sutra - Chapter Two


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